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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Donation and Something More Precious Than Gold --- Thank You!

By Anna Von Reitz

I was recently interviewed and will be making that link available. In the interview I was asked honestly and frankly --- how do I demonstrate to people who are totally asleep that what I am telling them is true? That I am not just a nutcase?

This was reasonable to ask and I immediately thought back over the long, long process that brought us here and the "pivot moments" when I knew for sure.

There was that sick, sinking feeling in the IRS Office, when they refused to sign off in writing on what they had told me verbally.

There was the similar sick moment when I got out my magnifying glass and looked at what appeared to be the signature line on my "personal" checks and saw that it was a line of micro-print endlessly repeating "Authorized Signature" and wondered why it was there and why was it so tiny?

There was the stupefying moment when I realized that: (1) there was no Declaration of War related to the so-called American Civil War, and (2) equally stunning, no Peace Treaty ending it.

There was the moment when the Congressional Research Office replied that yes, I was correct, the bulk of the Reconstruction Acts were still in full force and effect. Never repealed.

There was the moment when..... on and on.

Both according to the things that were there and equally, the things that weren't in the Public Record---- inexorably, the story that I am telling you was told to me--- not in some free-flowing narrative, but fact by fact.

That fact by fact narrative is still standing there for all of you to see for yourselves and I cherish all who make the effort to do the research and see it for themselves.

To be honest, I was caught somewhat flat-footed in the interview and just grabbed some of the most obvious things to direct attention to.

Yet, today, in the mail, I received a donation and an Atta-girl that answered the question far better than I did, an answer that is literally more precious than the "gold" that came with it.

It's very brief and I will quote:

1. "Inhabitants" = loyal to the King [George III] 1783 Treaty of Versailles, about fishing rights: people = sovereigns & inhabitants = loyal to the King.

2. Northwest Ordinance also supports this in that people had a different requirement to meet to be able to vote/elect than the "inhabitants".

3. Rule of Law = Commercial Law, according to John Codman Hurd, Counselor-at-Law, The Law or Freedom and Bondage in the United States, 1858.

These and other references including the The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, leave no doubt that there are two populations on this Continent and always have been.

As The Definitive Treaty of Peace describes these two populations -- we have the "free, sovereign, and independent people" and the "inhabitants" --- British officials left behind after The Revolution to provide "essential government services" --- as later described in Article IV of the Territorial Constitution.

So, if I am "crazy" and don't know what I am talking about why weren't you taught these facts --- any of them --- in school?

It's simple.

Criminals in Britain (includes Scotland), France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy were intent on defrauding you and hooking you into paying their debts and "voluntarily" enslaving yourself for their benefit through ignorance of language, ignorance of history, ignorance of public finance, and plain old ignorance, full stop.

These vicious criminals deliberately made sure that unless you educated yourself by reading dusty old treaties and moldy law books, you would never know that there are two populations here, and would not be enabled to easily discern which population you naturally belong to.

The same criminals were busy falsifying all the public records related to you and your name, so as to build an alibi for themselves and their grotesque mistreatment of their hosts and employers. Theirs is a criminal Breach of Trust, carried out over the course of decades against an innocent unarmed civilian population.

No shame is deep enough for them.

Our only crime was to employ them and trust them to do their jobs. We should have kept hob-nailed boots on their necks and an army of Forensic Auditors on their tails

This is the reason you have been taught to parrot things like the "Pledge of Allegiance" --- a veiled feudal "pledge" to the British Monarch --- and to unthinkingly identify yourself as a "US Citizen" without asking --- which United States?

This is why you were never told to record the names and parentage of your children with the land recording office as soon as they were born.

The sympathizers and collaborators of these criminals on this side of the Atlantic played their role, too, pretending to be loyal Americans to the Public, while taking in the European Payola and pillaging us for their masters in Edinburgh, Whitehall, and the Hague.

Bankers, politicians, members of the Bar --- and even some ranking members of the American military colluded against our lawful government beginning in 1860. And they progressively, deliberately played this long charade for all it was worth, false taxation, false regulation, false arrests, false imprisonment, phony "wars", fraud, fraud, and more fraud and all accomplished under Color of Law.

So what are we going to do about it?

I can tell you this much --- anyone who wants to speak to me about "The Rule of Law" had better be prepared to have it stuffed down their throats, sideways. And "Lucifer" better run.

Our Living Law Firm is The Lion in the Door. Our Counselors-at-Law are doing battle every day. Our bankers are in the fire fight. Our friends are answering the call. We are in it for the duration and determined to end this criminality once and for all.

Are you with us?

PayPal: and via snail mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


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  1. So are we in Texas and league of the south ! Loaded with attorneys , PhD in history.and a mature historians and law research ppl like me.i contribute to Anna too.

  2. Just answered the call... and I am a canadian who so much appreciates your determination and resolve. God bless you and your team of Light Warriors!

  3. Long list of razzle dazzle.. Where is this living law firm?
    Im sure some people donate to anna..
    Dont see a spot to donate to law firm.
    Never full answers, always answers that a similiar to when my teenager was hiding something... Half a story.
    The last half story has people locked up for decades
    Is it just me... Or does anyone else wonder where this law firm is or the full truths?
    Im asking legitimate questions..not trolling

    1. It's not just you. I just thought i'd say that before someone comes along and chastises you for questioning the sainted Anna for all the hard work she's done for us all.

    2. Hard work? My mechanic does hard work...installed an engine.. I come at the end of the day, open the hood and wowww... A new engine!! It runs well.

      Vs bringing your car in for a brake job, the mechanic says all about your brakes.. He had joe do it and all is good... You pay, travel across country, and hear metal to metal... You pull the tires, and drums.. And see no shoes... $500 for hot air.

      You say she done hard work for you? But you didnt answer the question.. Where is this mythical law firm?

      Better yet why does the marshal have a marshals badge tatooed on her body?
      Why do they fly the corporate battle flag on thier badges?

      Why is there never evidence of outcome for all this hard work?

      Do you ask while free, or after sentenced to decades of jail?

      Im not saying anything bad... Im just asking to see the engine under the hood, and proof it runs...

      If everything is solid... Should be no problem

      I asked 3 years ago.. Anna had a coniption, along with bruce... Who now is doing 38 years..

      Dont you want reliable info? Dont you want to know when you are reading all these emails, that they are based in fact... Besides like this email that states it is... Yet still offers nothing...

      She wants donations for these entities, and payment goes into her pocket...why?

      You all state you want to be free, but wont ask a damn question, but rather follow blindly as the colorado 9... That should have everyone kniwing exactly whats going on, where monies go, the results etc.. This is how you get new people to join.. You want people to wakeup, yet business is more secrative than the govt you are fighting... Why?

      Just questions, nothing more

    3. Thanks.. So.. Seems like this is one big scam.. Too bad people are in jail for the rest of thier lives following what amounts to be an easterbunny tail... A male rabbit running around with eggs....from a female chicken... Something perverted about that

    4. Wanda.. What work? Where are the results? I can send my socks through the mail and claim i sent something and it really stinks...

  4. Awesome work Anna and crew! I'd just like to take this opportunity to say, again, your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. I doubt that there are many souls on earth or otherwise with a combination of the knowledge and moxy to achieve what you and your group have to this point. I look forward to enriching myself further by absorbing the information/knowledge I gain from reading these ongoing posts. I hope to speak with you again soon!!

  5. I saw that interview and thought Anna did a terrific job explaining such a difficult subject in a concise manner. I am so glad to see that her work is being given a bigger audience! I am so grateful to Anna and all!

  6. Lord knows Im in and thank you for your wisdom.

  7. i for one am very much obliged! Many Thanks to you & LLF!
    Next dono forthcoming soon!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  8. "This is why you were never told to record the names and parentage of your children with the land recording office as soon as they were born."

    The Powers That Should Not Be have foreclosed this option as well, and I believe Anna and others should stop recommending it until they can offer specific instructions on how to accomplish this in each union state. (And different processes may be required for each state.) There is no county-level land records office in Georgia where one can record the birth of one's children and their parentage. My private land domicile lies within the geographic exterior limits of Stephens County, a political subdivision of the State of Georgia, which in turn is a political subdivision of the corporate United States. In other words, Stephens County is a part of one big corporation. I have checked with the Clerk of the Superior Court and was told that the only documents accepted for filing pertain to "real estate" transactions, i.e. documents which memorialize the change from one fee simple tenant to the next.

  9. And another thing...

    Anna writes:
    "As The Definitive Treaty of Peace describes these two populations -- we have the "free, sovereign, and independent people" and the "inhabitants" --- British officials left behind after The Revolution to provide "essential government services" --- as later described in Article IV of the Territorial Constitution."

    Neither Article 4 of the Northwest Ordinance nor Article IV of the 1789 Constitution makes any mention of "inhabitants." These are the only organic laws enacted after the Treaty of Paris, which was enacted September 3, 1783.

    Article IV of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union mentions "free inhabitants," but that was ratified by all 13 states on March 1,1781. So there are no "inhabitants" later described in a Territorial Constitution.

    The free inhabitants described in Article IV of The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union are those free and independent sovereigns who did not delegate their sovereignty by taking an oath of allegiance to a new state constitution. There were enough people in the colonies at that time who knew that oaths were forbidden by scripture and that taking such an oath was an act of idolatry. An Article IV free inhabitant is a sovereign American, not a British official.


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