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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No Hate or Fear Mongering Here

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't hate monger or fear monger. I don't feel either one of those emotions and it is certainly not my intention to engender them. 

My point is to wake people up. 

They have fallen asleep on a railroad track, so the fear in the situation isn't caused by me grabbing them by the shoulder and saying. "Hey, Buddy, you gotta move!" 

The fear is caused by the approaching train and the whistle blowing in the background.

Many people--millions of people worldwide-- are hearing what I am saying, but they are suffering cognitive dissonance. 

I am telling them that they have to reclaim their Good Name and estate and have to declare their political status on the public record to protect themselves and their assets--- and they say, "What? I am Jane Marie Parker, an American from Point Hope, Indiana.  Isn't that self-evident???" 

It should be, but it is not. Others have made sure to muddy the water, so that they can take advantage of you and steal from you, Jane Marie.  

They say you are a different Jane Marie Parker, one born in the British Territorial "State of Indiana". 

According to their Master File, you make your living peddling drugs.  If that's not you, you have to get evidence of who you really are on the Public Record. 

And yes, you do need to wake up and do the paperwork and educate yourself and get off the railroad track.  Or these criminals and liars and thieves will happily prosecute you as a criminal. 

Then stand there when they are caught and say, "Oops! I made a mistake!" 

See how they are working it? The pot always calls the kettle black. They are criminals so they accuse you of being a criminal. And they concoct evidence against you the better to grease their scam.

I tell people, hey, you have to get busy and self-govern. You have to organize your own Jural Assemblies and operate your own separate land jurisdiction court system. 

They look at me and say, "I am already paying through the nose for those government services!  Why should I have to volunteer and organize Jural Assemblies and volunteer to serve and provide another whole court system on top of what we've already got?  We have too many lawyers and statutes already!" 

Understandably, they are incredulous and not happy, but-- hear that train whistle? It is getting closer. 

All those courts you are paying for aren't your courts. They are the King's courts. 

And that "United States" they are talking about? That's not your "United States" either. 

What? What! What???

It's all hidden in plain view. I have explained it until I am blue. The  Brits acted in Breach of Trust, commandeered the so-called federal government under conditions of fraud and deceit 150 years ago, and have been bilking and abusing Americans ever since. 

And now they say that you abandoned your estate and that it is fair game for their creditors to come collect against you and your assets. 

After all, you just voluntarily donated all your assets, even your name to QE II, didn't you? 

Well, if not, it's time to speak up. 

Entire Counties in this country are tagged for sale as "real estate".   You know what "real estate" is?  It's "royal estate"--property belonging to the British King.  

And you? You are all deemed to be sharecroppers, mere feudal tenants living on the King's land, ready to be evicted under Color of Law when his creditors show up on your doorsteps. 

There's a train coming and you are still standing there in the middle of the tracks, disoriented, wondering what to do. 

Our legal team is running full out, doing all that they can do to protect everyone.  But you do have to wake up. Because you are still standing on the railroad tracks. 

You have to get your own paperwork on the record as evidence countering their false claims and presumptions.  

You have to organize your own lawful land jurisdiction courts so that you have the means to arrest and try these criminals. 

Some of our guys jumped the train and pulled the brake switch.  Hear all that screeching?  That's the sound of the guilty banks howling.  
The Big Sting isn't going as planned. 

But there are still millions of people in harm's way.  And these venal foreign courts are still operating on our shores.  

And you are still on the tracks being "mistaken" for a British Territorial Citizen, an "inhabitant", a "dependent", a "resident", a "person", a "volunteer"--- anything and everything but a living breathing American, one of the free, sovereign and independent people owed every square centimeter of this country. 

That's the one thing you are not being labeled as: an American. 

So you have to label yourself, Jane Marie.  Like this: 

Say it loud and strong: "Exempt. Unincorporated. American." 

Not real estate.  Land. My land and soil.  Not the Queen's. Not the Pope's.  Not anything subject to the Territorial United States or the District of Columbia or any corporation anywhere. 

I am a private "person" and this is "private property" and I will ream anyone who says anything otherwise.  And no, it is not mortgaged. I am very much alive. 

Did you all hear that loud and clear?  Alive. Not decedent. Not incompetent. Here in the flesh. 

This is an American State not a British "Commonwealth".  

If I wanted to be a Communist, I'd move to China, thank you. 

And I am not a resident. Not an inhabitant. I am Native  to this country and my State of the Union.  I am not a Territorial or Municipal Citizen. 

I am not registered to vote. I am a Sovereign body politic elector. 

I am not a volunteer in the British Merchant Marine Service, not a voluntary "Taxpayer", not a Withholding Agent, either. 

I enrolled in Social Security by mistake, based on false information given to me by undeclared foreign agents. 

I am retired from any and all federal service whatsoever. I waive  all benefits.  

I simply require the return of everything that was purloined from me under conditions of fraud and deceit. 

My Indemnity Bond is posted and my Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act Notice is recorded. 

I own my own name and all variations of it. 

And if any Prosecutor wants to address me, he'd better address my Proper Name and he had better have evidence of authority to address me and he had better have his bonds in place because I am going to take him to task. 

And whip his butt bloody from here to Texas. 

Yours truly,

Jane Marie Parker, born July 11, 1975, Point Hope, Indiana, United States of America (Unincorporated) 


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  1. I think that for most people the actions they have to take are too complicated. That what Anna is talking about is not simple stuff and the more so for people who are not used to contracts and "law language" and administration that they normally avoid at any cost. What we need is some newly set up juridical bureaus approved by Anna CS who offer to arrange the paperwork that has to be done or at least can assist preparing the paper work and support the people. When that being done I expect that many people will take action.

    1. Yes - that is the "parasites" planned advantage over regular folks most who feel they struggle enough and just want some peace + quiet from "it" all.
      A way must be found short of bloodshed to turn over the parasites proverbial applecart.

    2. Yes - that is the "parasites" planned advantage over regular folks most who feel they struggle enough and just want some peace + quiet from "it" all.
      A way must be found short of bloodshed to turn over the parasites proverbial applecart.

  2. Its not complicated.. start by revoking your "status" as a " voter" ... Augustus Blackstone " The Errant Soveriegns Handbook" has the template and exact instructions... it takes less than 2 hours to execute the whole thing and you are on your way...

    1. Blackstone's book is $19.95 on Amazon.
      Judge Anna's website is free.
      Judge Anna has 1300 posting on the subject.
      How many pages is Blackstone's book?

    2. Just drive to your local voters registration office and rescind your voting rights like I did...Easy!

    3. Pdf file is how I read fake name Blackstone's book years ago onlineđź’™"+The+Errant+Soveriegns+Hand&client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&hl=en

    4. I found Blackstone's PDF of The Errant Sovereign's Handbook just by doing a web search and didn't have to pay a dime. There are two books--Volume 1 and Volume 2. I've read both the books several times (I'm a slow learner), once just recently, and I heartily recommend them both. He offers valuable fundamental information about who we are, how to untangle ourselves from the deceptive system, and how to approach life as one of the body sovereign Electors. The books are not long and are jam packed with nuggets.


    6. Yeah Patriot? Every Right Winger should quit voting; that way all the snowflake communist demorats can vote in their communist left wingers into DC next month, and take over and destroy all that Trump is trying to clean up. Yeah, stop the clean up, load up the congress with these numbskull Progressives so they can flood us with foreign freeloaders, take down borders, and turn america the rest of the way into a 3rd world country.

      Go ahead, shoot yerself in the foot, lol.

      Never mind that we are at a Crossroads right now and Congress can easily get loaded up with these america- destroying Progressive Demorats - - if they just get a few more votes for their candidates come this November.

      Yeah, let demorats take those congressional seats, then DONT complain that the swamp didn't get cleaned up. This is where we are right now. This is the Crossroads at this moment.


    7. all you need to do is go to the county voters office and tell them to take your name off the voters registration. They will have you sign and that is it. no more jury duty notices.

    8. But that is our whole problem with this justice system...they don't have people like us that know a nd understand what the law should be and apply it in the case, no matter what the judges instructions are...!! That s the only place where one single vote becomes very important....then you can either have a hung jury or completely dismiss the case by convincing the other jurors to vote your way instead of the mob rule mentality that is so pervasive in these cases...!! And with a vote of "not guilty" you can actually change the law that day, after being on the books for years....!! That's how you really change law in this country....!! And you aren't taking any liability by yourself either, so you are immune from prosecution , just like they are....!! That's the only time you will ever have "immunity"...!! But someone , like the prosecutor, will try and threaten you if she doesn t get a conviction...!! Just tell her your immune from retaliation or prosecution of any sort or she can be convicted of jury tampering...!!

  3. Do you want to make America great again?
    Want to end the American "civil war" without riots and bloodshed?
    Sharpen your pencil. (mightier than the sword)
    Put on your "legal eagle" hat.
    No one said it was going to be easy.
    Don't hire it out to some bar-jerk.
    Learn it yourself. Do it yourself. Get it right.
    Your final version will stand, along with a million others.
    Learn from Judge Anna and follow directions.
    Free yourself.
    Then, use your new knowledge to help free your friends and family.

  4. Another awesome article. Thank you.

  5. How foolish it is to run out and remove yourself from voting. Then who do you think will vote for Trump next time round? Snowflakes?? How do you think you escaped having hillwitch running things?
    Whats wrong with you folks?

    1. Hennepin County Government Center
      Office of Hennepin County Elections/Voter Registration
      300 S. 6th Street
      Minneapolis, MN 55487
      FAX: 612-348-2151

      ATTN: County Auditor

      RE: Changes To Voter Records; Removal of Voter Record

      Dear Elections and Voter Registration Office;

      Effective immediately, as of the above date, the undersigned make this written request for removal of the voter record for the name JOHN A. DOE from the statewide registration system. The last known precinct polling place where the name may have appeared would have been Birch Grove Elementary School, nearby the city hall of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

      Per this written request, the County Auditor shall remove the record of the voter from the statewide registration system.

      Please respond via Email to the following Email address to confirm immediate cancellation.

      This written request is made without prejudice.

      By: ____________________________________
      John A. Doe


  6. The Venezuelan

    Oct 7

    We live in northern California- we Venezuelans have uncovered this.
    A bit long, but please read.
    *The USA is on the verge of destruction *THIS IS THE MOTHER OF ALL TROJAN HORSES:
    After much asking many candidates running from different elections in Santa Clara County if they knew the name of the Electronic Voting system in Santa Clara County, no one could answer.

    We got the response from the Co. of Santa Clara itself. The electronic voting system is SEQUOIA, which is SMARTMATIC, a Castro Cuban Communist electronic system software engineered by ex KGB Cuban/Russian/Venezuelan communists to ensure Hugo Chavez would win the "elections" over + over + over again in Venezuela for the last years the Tyrant of Nicolas Maduro/Raul Castro + henchmen.

    Castro/Chavez to install as many of these machines in countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Nigeria, Nicaragua, in June 2, 2018 one month before Mexico elections they finished installing SMARTMATIC all over the Mexican territory,The Castro/Venezuelan communism also installed *SMARTMATIC/SEQUOIA in 17 states- USA* 1st city wis Chicago-2008.
    Everywhere installed some form of Socialism, or Communism "wins" = DEMAND THE US GOVERNMENT TO STOP ITS USE?

    Every Venezuelan, like me, knows that there've been no elections in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez was first elected in 1999, but we also know how the Cubans invaded Venezuela at Barrios Radio Stations, Doctors’ offices w/constant media info + programs about Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Communism, etc. They brainwashed the population+invented Smartmatic to manipulate the votes.
    May 20, 2018, Nicolas Maduro self-elected using Smartmatic/Sequoia. THE CASTRO CUBAN + VENEZUELAN THIEVES STOLE EVERY INDUSTRY USING CITGO IN HOUSTON TEXAS/PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA 100 billion dollars per year energy co. in the USA to buy candidates + elections to make socialism/communism popular + win in EVERY COUNTRY THEY'RE INSTALLED. CITGO provided financing to Bernard Sanders, Carte + Clinton Foundations, to Vermont, New York + Joe Kennedy for oil. CITGO paid for Antifa "leaders" to train in subversive movements in Cuba also providing training for Black lives matter.


    Smartmatic/Sequoia making the USA communist. YOU'RE VOTING FOR IT BY MANIPULATING YOUR VOTE

  7. mtnman, I totally agree, the voting machines are crooked. But that is the second part of voting. The machines are the problem and should be protested by the voters, demand clean voting. But that is no reason for voters to give up their Right to vote and have a say in whatever government we have.
    The point right now at the moment, is, that if we allow democrats to win seats in congress, then it will defeat everything that trump is trying to clean up. So we ought to vote in as many republicans as we can, within our means, and quibble about what kind of government we have, in a Sidebar afterwards.
    I dont think this is the time to run down to the Election Board and throw a fit and say 'you stink, this is not my government, you are fakes, and I want there'! Thats childish and accomplishes nothing except you got to throw your childish tantrum, lo.

    1. Abby, I think you are asleep at the wheel dear.

  8. Does anyone ever wonder why President Trump is always referring to himself as a National? Is he trying to tell the people something?


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