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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Scam Artists Warning

By Anna Von Reitz

1. I never make phone calls soliciting help or donations.  Not ever.  Neither does The Living Law Firm or anyone else associated with me. 

2. If I get in trouble, I have four grown children, grown grandchildren, tons of face-to-face friends, and a few relatives still kicking who are all competent help me out.  I would not reach out to acquaintances from email lists or Facebook contacts. 

3. The Living Law Firm doesn't solicit business by phone or email. We are all far too busy for that.  A few of our guys help out with pro bono cases and "for fee" cases, but that's it. 

4. I haven't changed my contact information since Day One.  Donations go to either my PayPal at: or to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

5. I never promise any special gifts or privileges or services in exchange for donations. When I have ten minutes I write thank you notes and sometimes I send copies of new publications and that sort of "gift" back, but it is all catch-as-catch-can because of the volume of other work I have to do every day. 

That's it. 

Last night, I had some jackdaws from Mexico try to scam me, as me, to me no less. 

I was in trouble, I was told, and needed someone to post bail.  Just go to Walmart and buy gift cards and then call this number and give the reference numbers to someone supposedly serving as my Public Defender.  

Okay, folks, bail bondsmen post bail and appearance bonds and other kinds of performance bonds --- not Public Defenders.  Public Defenders are officers of the court and the court gets paid for services and insured against defaults.  They don't pay bondsmen for services. 

So these vermin were trying to get me to gift them $2000.  And if they got caught, well, hey, I bought the gift cards, right?  I called them up and gave them the reference numbers (in their dreams) and they are not liable for any of this.  All supposedly completely willful and voluntary ---- on the part of the misled victims. 

Who are these animals?  Well, sad to say, some of them are former employees of the federal territorial and municipal corporations who are now unemployed.  The bankruptcy of these corporations has left a lot of people -- both stranded Americans and foreign nationals in other countries -- at loose ends. 

Some of them are turning to crime using skills and data bases and security accesses and business accounts from their former jobs. The further "bad news" is that these people are well-educated, sound authoritative, and spin a tale that sounds reasonable -- if you don't know better. 

Evidence suggests that some of them can listen in on your conversations and spin off stories involving people that you actually know or that you correspond with.  They use tidbits of information gleaned off the internet and from other sources to appear to know credible people that you know, and then trade on that association. 

Never ever give anyone who just calls you up out-of-the-blue any information.  Never send money to anyone who spins you some sad story that is "urgent".  Never respond to being harangued or give in to anyone who tries to make you feel stupid.  

Walmart to Walmart and gift cards are all fungible and depend on "reference numbers".  Anyone who has the reference number can collect the money from the cashier at Walmart, or cash out the "Gift Card", whether you have the receipt and the Gift Card in your possession or not. 

Set your Shinola Sensors on "High" folks--- the vultures are out there and there's a lot of shinola being shoveled. 

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  1. Common element the untraceable gift card .start talking untraceable transaction you got a fraudster.

  2. You are absolutely correct Anna. I get phone calls from these people who claim to be from Mircosoft. They say that they are getting error message from my computer. They ask if I am at or near my computer and they will show me where the errors are. They get you to the computer log where even a brand new computer will have errors. Then for $250 dollars they can fix it within a few minutes. When they call me I tell them wow that's terrible. Which computer is it? They say my computer. I tell them that I have a business and that I have 15 computers so I need to know which one. I keep them trying so hard to get my business and then I tell them that I have a computer tech that will look into this matter. They get upset and that is what I wanted them to get. I figure that the longer that I can keep them on the phone that is less people that they can get to. I waste as much of there time as I can. Yes there is no end to scumbags.

  3. And you wonder why I want FRAUD to be a capital crime that cops have no choice but to deal with before even murder...!! Let's keep them so busy they have no time to write people up for infractions or anything else for that matter...Maybe then they will take fraud seriously and never say again, that's a civil matter sir....its to much work for us....!!

    1. Good luck with your wishful scenario James, and I can tell you it will never happen as the cops are "frauds" themselves and serve a fraudulent system!!! their sole duty as per a US supreme Court ruling is the ONLY thing they are charged to protecting is their corporate property and corporate employees, city workers!!! They have no responsibility to protect and secure any "private" person or their private property!!! THAT is OUR responsibility!!! That is why it is important to secure our gun rights, we are responsible for our own safety and security not the cops. Sadly too many people are deluded in this regard.

    2. the sheriffs were supposed to fill in that gap...maybe they will start getting it eventually.

    3. Our SHEREFF here in STATE OF DELAWARE is a CORPORATE FLUNKY, impersonating a PUBLIC OFFICIAL. 3 states have this situation. Report F.R.A.U.D. to a Fraudster.

  4. Become skilled in berating and insulting , they have a thin skin and will always fold when you involve their children , mother or spouse in your outrageous and profane insults sure before you open the floodgates..dont ask how I know that.

  5. "The further "bad news" is that these people are well-educated, sound authoritative, and spin a tale that sounds reasonable -- if you don't know better. "

    Just like Anna does.


  6. Anyone pushing the 14th amendment as anything but ongoing illegal US CORPORATION is a fraudster, too.

    1. Leland, thanks for the Crazy Horse link. Since my teens I've always admired Crazy Horse. Probably because we used to listen to "The Song of Crazy Horse" by J D Blackfoot. Have you ever heard It? If not you would absolutely love it. I could send you a copy if you can't find one. It is from I'd say 1973 or thereabouts.

  7. The Jesuits wrote the constitution of treason. 😇

  8. Illinios Attorney General, upon calling her after getting ripped off and discovering the phone office setting people up was in Chicago and not a secret at all. She said there is little they could and could no just go arrest the people and stop them from ripping people off. Said it was a big problem, millions ripped off by scammers alone.


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