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Friday, August 10, 2018

How to Deal with a Dysfunctional Media and Press Corps

By Anna Von Reitz

Recent attempts to let corporations --- Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- censor free speech have sparked much controversy.  

As corporations they can set their company policies and ban things like "hate speech" --- however, as corporations receiving the benefits of bankruptcy protection and the "corporate veil" under our delegated authority (now returned to us) and as businesses making use of our public airwaves to deliver and sell their products --- not so much. 

In fact, all segments and franchises of the Federal Government including Territorial and Municipal franchises --- are required to obey our Public Law -- which guarantees the right of Free Speech to all Americans. 

Now all you have to do is stand up and reclaim your political status as an American and not a "US Citizen" ---- and tell President Trump that these yahoos are attempting to censor your Free Speech.  

That's offense enough to justify liquidation of any corporation.  Plus fines. 

Remember that corporations can be organized and incorporated for any "lawful" purpose --- "lawful" not merely "legal".  They have to honor our Public Law or get smashed flat as pancakes.  

All President Trump has to do, is do it.  In our behalf.  Thank you, very much. 

This comes on the heels of general discontent and disbelief with regard to the Mainstream Media.  Everyone above the age of 14 knows that it is for-entertainment-purposes-only and that it is mostly anti-American screed, but few people know why.  

(1) The Press has been under gag orders since WWII so they can't print any news that might in some way affect "national security".  

That accounts for why all we hear about are car wrecks in Duluth and Kim Kardashian's latest nail polish. 

The US Army in its utter brilliance has been defining us, their employers, as "the Enemy" and protecting us from ourselves by censoring everything down to cotton candy on one hand and running unlawful surveillance schemes against us through their agency contracts on the other.  

If it weren't so stupid and at such cross-purposes, it would be funny, but as it is, we prefer to regard it as a stellar example of grotesque mis-management of manpower and resources. 

(2) The Press organs are largely owned by six multi-national conglomerates that have no loyalty to this country and are run by foreigners. 

We are about to start charging them for the use of our air waves and mandating standards that respect our right to free speech and open communications.  And if they don't like it, they can sell out their interests in our communications industry to an American Company that will respect our rights and pay what they should for jamming our ears 24/7. 

We could also bring anti-monopoly charges against the Six Little Piggies and bust them up like Ma Bell, forcing them to sell out and sell down so as to promote (and allow) competition and varied market sources. 

The Army can establish its own standards for its own employees and keep their pert noses focused on their actual business, which is not promoting domestic political agendas here in this country or anywhere else.  Our Constitution provides for them to "defend" us --- not dabble in big business, censorship, and fake Radio Free America crappola. 

Please share this information with President Trump.  He seems to be having difficulty with "The Press" --- without realizing that the American Press got sick in the 1930's, was finally murdered during World War II, and is still awaiting resurrection.  

Most likely he doesn't realize that the U.S. Army has such a strangle-hold on the Press --- and that it is not entirely the fault of the Press that things are the way they are. 

After all, it doesn't make much sense for us to blame the Press for failure to do its job, when it is being prevented from doing its job by an Army that isn't doing its job. 

We give President Trump our free and full permission to begin anti-monopoly action against the Six Little Piggies --- the foreign multi-national media conglomerates clogging our airwaves with vacuous nonsense and sales ads and inappropriately slanted political screeds. 

We give him our free and full permission to get the U.S. Army out of the censorship business and stop pretending that James Comey's personal welfare is a National Security issue.  Instead, they can start protecting our right to Free Speech and clearing our airwaves.  That is, after all, part of why we pay them. 

We give him our free and full permission to lock down foreign media outlets and/or charge them high tariffs to operate in this country and to use our Executive Power to do so, without need for any reference to the Washington DC Municipal Charter and no permission from the Territorial "Congress" is required. 

If the FCC doesn't like it, fire the whole lot of them.  If the Territorial "Congress" complains, who cares? 

If they want to sit around and be snarky and make fun of everyone but the in-crowd they need to pay through the nose until they bleed. If they want to push anti-American crap on our airwaves they need to be charged so much it puts them out of business.  Period. 

These are our airwaves.  We can determine who gets the use of them or not and at what price.  With or without the blessings of the Territorial Congress, and without the need for any special agency Nabobs.  Again, thank you, very much. 

And as for the National Press Club, the Journalism Schools at all the Public Universities, and the "American Press Corps" --- we encourage them to remember what their job is supposed to be, that editorials belong on the editorial page, not commingled with the news, that journalism is supposed to be a "noble calling"  and not an excuse for political grandstanding, pandering, and payola-mongering. 

If you are an American Journalist you owe it to yourself to resurrect The Fourth Estate in this country and reclaim your self-respect.  And if you are not an American Journalist, what are you doing on our airwaves? 

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  1. Re: "Now all you have to do is stand up and reclaim your political status as an American and not a 'US Citizen'" - Absolutely agree to the "reclaiming"! ......... If only this message could reach the US citizen commentators who are all over this "much controversy" and who so ardently believe that they have the same Rights of the American people. .........

    All I can say (after having some direct encounters with some of these "citizens") is Good Luck with cutting through to the core beliefs that apparently have possessed some of these citizens to resort to the same or similar "speech" practices that they say are offensive! No wonder that "A Course In Miracles" refers to "thought corrections" as miracles! U.S. "citizens" most desperately need miracles!

    1. Just note that 'course in miracles' is bullshit. Good for starting a bonfire.

    2. While not a particular fan of "Course in Miracles" in general, I know people who have benefited tremendously from studying it....religiously.

  2. We need to get this message to Mike Adams of NaturalNews who’s being censored by YouTube and Google and Facebook. He has real
    Now. We could put all Anna‘s videos more videos on his channel that’s not being censored by the vermin swamp Butt holes.
    Anyone know how to get a hold him directly ?

  3. WOW, Anna, your a Pitbull to there Poodle. Yea it barks a lot but you will win hands down. It's gotten to the point that what I hear and what I read in the newspaper and online that I can't trust a word. They say that every lie has some truth in it. We have to learn how to find the truth. Your blog is the answer. Thank you. I hope you get a lot of donations. Any amount will help Anna and the work she does. We are blessed to have such a wonderful person willing to help us leave a better world to our children. Please donate every month. She is there for us. Let's be there for her too.

  4. Absolutely true. One of my best friends attacked me early on and I mean, she flew at me like a Mama Bird protecting her nest and she practically screamed, "That can't be true!" and she was really, really mad. She didn't want to believe that "her" beloved country was in such a deep quagmire, that her government could be so messed up.

    But the rest of the story is that she was really very scared.

    Anger and fear are two emotions that go together like carrots and peas.

    She took the copy of my book that I offered and she stomped away. I honestly didn't know if I would ever see her or be able to talk to her again.

    It was months before I heard from her again.

    Thankfully, she may not have understood it all or believed it all, but she caught enough of it to know that "something was wrong" and she had enough faith in me to come back and say that she loved me and believe me even if she didn't get it all.

    There are moments in life when someone just knocks you flat. You just shake your head and feel so humbled.

    My friend is a Great-Grandma like I am. She is not the same kind of person I am. Not intellectual. Not academic. She's "just" a really good woman--- better than I am. Devoted to her family and her country and as kind and compassionate as anyone could ever be, always thinking about and helping others---- not in the airy-fairy realms of international intrigues and politics and commercial law --- but day by day and close to home.

    Somehow, through the years of our friendship, I passed the test.

    And I am grateful. And I am aware that not everyone gets this happy ending. Many relationships have been destroyed and never mended because of this information. Families have been destroyed. Marriages and friendships ended. I was just lucky and blessed that somehow, enough water had passed over our bridges so that my best friend no longer had to "understand" it all. She could just hold my hand.

    1. I am waiting for one of those moments...being the lone awake voice can sometimes be lonely.Yet here I am and here I shall stay.

  5. We give him our free and full permission to get the U.S. Army out of the censorship business and stop pretending that James Comey's personal welfare is a National Security issue. Instead, they can start protecting our right to Free Speech and clearing our airwaves. That is, after all, part of why we pay them.
    How much do "we pay them?" Our air waves?
    "If they want to sit around and be snarky and make fun of everyone but the in-crowd they need to pay through the nose until they bleed. If they want to push anti-American crap on our airwaves they need to be charged so much it puts them out of business. Period."

    Free speech? Pay through the nose for free speech?

  6. There is no such sanction called "Free Speech"

    It's Freedom of Speech. There is a difference. Why can't everybody just take a chill pill and leave things in place just as they are. The American system is exceptional just as it is. If it aint broke then don't fix it. Don't complain about Facebook. Create your own social media platforms instead.

    1. That's just the problem, Kerubale. It is broke and you simply cannot or refuse to see it.

    2. What makes the American system exceptional is it's Nonprofit sector. You refuse to see the nonprofit sector's ability to take on the burden of the government.

      I think what you want is National Socialism or a Theocratic Government.

      Every citizen or even legal permanent resident each has the ability to be social entrepreneurs (people who establish nonprofit orgs).

      There is a reason why people are able to get 50% deducted from their income taxes when they donate over a certain amount to a charity each year. It is because charities take some burden off what would otherwise be a socialist government.

      Many of you overlook this and overlook the indisputable fact that it is our nonprofit sector that sets us apart from other nations. We have the largest nonprofit sector proportional to forprofit and public organizations in the entire world.

      If you want to make a change then realize your TRUE birthright. And keep in mind that a household includes you. You are in fact considered a 1 member household as far as the IRS reporting guidelines are concerned.

    3. But hey.. I get it. This is all politics as usual. Many resort to the "if you can't convince them then confuse them" tactic to make incremental changes. I just think it only creates more confusion. Fighting fire with fire works in wildfires. Perhaps it worked in getting us to this point in the U.S. where school children are at risk by simply attending schools to learn and what not. I guess I'll just remain alone and pursue my intellectual passions alone cause I do not want to engage in politics.

    4. 1FreeMan, so since Facebook is broke as you claim or since facebook does not have policies that you like, then it should be nationalized?

      Facebook is not a government agency. It is a private entity with share holders.

      However, since facebook's platform is being abused by unreasonable people such as you, Anna, and Russian trolls, then facebook takes it upon itself to cooperate with the Federal and State authorities. Facebook also exercises its right to censor whom ever it likes.

      But here you and Anna are misquoting the constitution that you claim to be advocates of (i.e., this free speech nonsense that's not even written in the Bill of Rights). And you and Anna then use this fallacy as a basis to suggest facebook and all other social media platforms be nationalized.

      You simply don't get it. Uncivilized bastard. How many generations of Americans have you resulted from yet still have a third world mentality? haha! What are you like a 5th Generation American? And you still don't get what it is to be american?

    5. When have I ever mentioned Facebook? And how have Anna and I misquoted the constitution? Explain. And when have I ever called you names? Have you been drinking again?

    6. I forgot to take my daily dosage of medication today.

      Any how, just nevermind haha!

    7. Well, that explains it. I forgive you.

  7. I have a better suggestion, why not have that touted and flaunted "Michigan Jural Assembly" that gets peddled so much on this site to issue indictments against these companies for violating OUR "rights"!!!??? After all, this would PROVE that the contents being peddled here are valid or that it is absolute fraud!!! I am beginning to lean towards "fraud" because it all comes down to the same "begging sessions" to petition these people/corporations-Trump, UN, the queen, the Pope, etc. etc. to DO something. If what is peddled here really is TRUE and it WORKS, as so many of the toads on this site hop up and down telling people like me to "read and get educated" in what is presented here, WHY isn't this stuff WORKING!!!??? The proof has been in the pudding and NOTHING has been done or changed with the information that is claimed to be "liberating" us!!! And ALL of this "suppression" of speech and what have you is being done to us by queen ann's favorite people group-The Chosenites"!!!!!! Check out WHO owns these companies and you will know what I have stated is true, but ignorance and stupidity is bliss on this site so enjoy your suppression!!!

    1. It's not working because it was designed by special interest not to work. Anna is a national socialist. She believes that Facebook is a government agency (or that it should be) and that facebook is obligated to protect "free speech" of who? U.S. citizens? Last time I checked the 14th amendment guaranteed equal protection of laws.

      I'm telling you. Anna's content on this site along with many other sovereign movements is designed to confuse and ensnare people. It is so inconsistent. Anna wants you all to believe that a private publicly traded company such as facebook is obligated to protect your "free speech." Let's not even mention that the term "free speech" isn't even in the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech is). Let's just forget that facebook is a private publicly traded company.

      One can only conclude that Anna wants to nationalize facebook and other social media companies. No different than what Hitler and his national socialist did. At what point do people realize how idiot the stuff Anna is peddling on this site is? It's all meant to throw people off balance.

    2. If there is anyone who is a potential tyrant, then it is Anna and her die hard fanbase. They basically want to replace the existing system with a tyrannical government. They use their fallacies as a basis for their conclusions. They conduct paper terrorism if they don't have things their way. It's just a bunch of clowns on here. Sorry sore losers.

  8. how could one ever be sovereign if they cannot enforce anything? one of the most basic tenants...

    1. Exactly. People are not being honest with themselves. I think it is cognitive dissonance. People are claiming to be sovereign and yet they can be held in contempt of court lol! How the hell does that work.

      The proof is in the pudding. The U.S. federal and state governments ARE the only sovereigns in town. And the domestic terrorists such as Anna are suffering from amnesia when they claim that being what they perceive as tyrannical disqualifies the sovereign status of U.S. federal and state governments.

      Domestic terrorists like Anna will then say "how can a corporation be sovereign?!" It's like they try to use any excuse to convince themselves that the government is not sovereign when EVERYONE with eyes and ears can see and hear the truth for themselves.


    2. In the meantime the Roman Catholic Church and Episcopal Church and all other mainstream churches in the U.S. are rubbing their hands together grinning because they have people like Anna on the payroll to distract people from reclaiming their birthright to be HEADS OF RELIGIOUS HOUSEHOLDS under a RELIGIOUS SOCIETY and thus proper custodians of real property.

    3. Unknown....there is way more than "freedom of speech" at stake here..!! How long do you think your system would have lasted if Hillery was elected...!! Of course if you changed your church to be a Muslim ideology you might have been fine, but if not , do you really think they wouldn't have broken up your trust...?? I agree with most of what you say, except for the first time in over 200 years of bondage, we can finally get rid of these chains, and it's all because Trump was a wild card the "globalist" never expected to win....!! Maybe we are fighting windmills, but we see it as one last chance to be FREE of BANKERS and attorneys.....and that's free enough for me...Its worth fighting for just this one time...!! If we fail, then we will take your approach, because there won't be anything left to fight for....this is it..the final battle...!! And it's in your best interest if we win....!! After this I'd be willing to try anything not to be bothered....!! It's time to root for the good guys..!! And for your information, Anna is not our Queen or her husband, isn't our King..!!
      All she is is an "informer" and that's it...!!

    4. I do not say the U.S. Federal and State governments are Sovereign out of love for them. My respect comes from FEAR of THEIR power.

      Just like how people feared Sovereigns in the middle ages. Just like Saudi Arabians fear their King. It is true fear. They strike fear in my heart because of how powerful they are.

      In this day in age a person with no real support network like myself can be buried in THEIR system if I make the wrong move. Who will bail me out of jail? Can I trust a Public Defender to represent my best interests?

      And then there is the law enforcement aspect where it's the investigator's word against your word. And if you say anything during an investigation, it can then be used against you.

      The past 3 years of my life taught me a huge lesson. It's not about what you know but who you know and how much wealth you have. This system can snub you out like a candle wick if it wants to. It's very distressing. And God forbid you try and go after state or federal employees Pro Se in civil court. They'll just claim sovereign immunity and use legal tricks and procedures to get evidence inadmissible.

      I learned the hard way. I'm speaking from experience. I have a pretrial against the public University on Monday. I feel defeated. I'm pretty sure it will get thrown out of court.

      All these trials and tribulations has lead me to the conclusion that there has to be a more proactive way. I'm sick of being reactive.

    5. Yes, they have power at the barrel of a gun and to print FRNs, but the minute they became corporations, they ceased to be sovereign regardless of what they claim. Even their own statutes state this and which you can use to easily defeat them in court. If you filed Anna's expatriation paperwork and got yourself a non-citizen passport, you wouldn't have to worry about all of this, now would you? You would be the Sovereign and they would be your employees. Instead, now you are the employee and they are your boss. There is a proactive way you can go after them and defeat them with a few simple steps, but you don't want to hear it, now do you? Let me know if you change your mind.

    6. I'm unemployed. I have no idea what you are talking about.

      IF a controversy involving me breaking Federal, State, or local statutes were to arise then I'd either be subject to the Executive or Judicial jurisdiction for that specific matter.

      This is done by virtue of the accord that I've agreed to enter as a 14th Amendment United States citizen. I was born in the U.S. Therefore, I am subject to the governing authorities of the U.S.

      If I go about my business and not break any laws then I am not obligated to perform. If I am accused or suspected of breaking their laws then I am obligated to follow their orders. If investigated, I can keep my mouth shut and ask for a lawyer (which is the wisest thing to do).

      Now this is where things get interesting. People like Anna want you to HATE lawyers. At the same time they feed you this idea that being subject to the governing authorities equates to being an employee of the governing authorities.

      So you get arrested and investigated by law enforcement and you decide to incriminate yourself because you have a false sense of security that you have filed paperwork that removes their authority over you.

      You get where I'm going here.

    7. I hope US CORPORATION'S 14th amendment's slavery clause serves u swell un:D

    8. Well I am neither employed nor unemployed. When did you ever physically agree to become a US federal citizen? Show me the accord and contract you signed to become a US citizen. You cannot be born into a corporation. You can only be an employee or a stockholder of a corporation but not a citizen. That's like being a citizen of McDonalds. Now you can of course agree to their presumption of you being employed for them as a federal withholding agent which they pretend that you are and agree to be the trustee for your NAME trust when you state your NAME for the record and plea to their charges, but you are only joining in their fraud. That is how they create the joinder in court, by joining your real name to your corporate NAME and divest themselves of the responsibility of being the trustee of your NAME trust and make you responsible instead for its bills and even jail. Very smart! I helped a man who was unwittingly railroaded into 2 felonies and a misdemeanor by CPS and in jail. He knew nothing about being a sovereign and I brought him up to speed as fast as I could. I told him to fire his public defender and never to state his name in court but to appoint the prosecutor as his trustee. The judge got so frustrated but there was nothing she could do. She could not get past the name because she could not contract with him or get him to volunteer to fork over his name which she had to do before she could require him to plea. She tried it once and he simply said that he was not there to plea but to have the case settled by his trustee which was the prosecutor. When she said he could not do that, he appointed her instead and she shrieked that she did not accept the appointment and adjourned the case. She kept adjourning his cases until they finally threw him out of jail. If he had agreed to a plea deal, he would still be in jail today doing up to a 5 year stint. Hiring an attorney is the worst possible thing you can do for yourself because they are an officer of the court and are only there to facilitate the process to surrender and deliver you to the system as agreeably as you will volunteer to surrender. I do not hate attorneys I pray for them. They are just as lost as you are. I pray for you too. You are lost in every way possible and are certainly not redeemed. You so called society cannot redeem you. Only Jesus can.

    9. Unknown you said "They strike fear in my heart because of how powerful they are."
      Well the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man were all fear stricken when they stood before "The Great and Powerful OZ" until little Toto pulled back the curtain to reveal the wimpy little man running the whole deception. That movie wasn't made as a little kids movie. You really should go watch it.

  9. Everytime some idiot (non patriot imo ) here posts something about the 14th AMENDMENT guaranteeing some rights...u know they r an advocate of the ongoing illegal US CORPORATION.

    The original 13th amendment ratified in 1819 shows the hypocrisy of illegal US CORPORATION to this moment still.

    1. And you will still be considered a criminal no matter what paper work Anna pushes you to file. 13th Amendment justifies the enslavement of people convicted of crimes. No matter what you do you can never EVER escape original sin in this life. You can be the most ardent atheist and still have the stain of original sin. Sorry if that bothers you but it just is what it is.

      Embrace it lol! Or be a contributing factor of original sin as you all are doing now. You folks dont realize the snare that you are caught in known as original sin. Keep trying to pull away the snare only get tighter and tighter around your necks til your human spirit is crushed by waves on top of waves of failure.

      You have the option to realize and embrace the 13th and 14th Amendment and live within that context or you can either choose to give the Secular government the opportunity to flex its sovereign muscle.

      Either way, I'm right here snacking on popcorn enjoying the show. The show titled "Epic Failure of Stubborn Sovereign Citizens." Hahahaha!

    2. His name is Jesus. Only he will let you escape original sin in this life and the one to come. But only if you are His.

    3. Jesus can help one out in the day by day karma issues for sure....but there r greater Masters of yore to help with Soul's journey to God°

    4. Sorry, Leland.
      “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12

    5. Sorry 1freeman: u speak astonishing well in legal matters, but in typical Christian ignorance here imo☇♩

    6. Well, Leland, I won't argue with you. You can take that up with the author of the above quoted verse which was stated by him as a fact. But not to leave you hanging, here is a similar one for you to ponder:
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

    7. 1freeman u r one of the most kindness, considerate humans I have ever met online. U remind me of my very favorite teacher (Rabbi) Reverend Swanson - from Christian Minnehaha Academy.

      I last physically met the esteemed Reverend after years of not meeting with each other - within moments after my beloved uncle - then living in Jackson Hole - blew his brains out via shotgun. The odds of me meeting my favorite Reverend outside Minnetonka's Costco after receiving a message on my Uncle's suicide from my older now Jewish brother (Dna wise his Jewish wife r a million to one.

      Spirit ALWAYS is there for true lovers of GOD☇♩

      We, however, TOTALLY disagree on Jesus being the onlybegotten Son of God & ALWAYS will.

      An example imo of Great Souls who have gone spiritly farther than Jesus is Milarepa, the GREAT Saint of Tibet♩☇

      Milarepa's amazing life story is recorded well here. Of course there r many others great Souls who have done the same imo.

    8. Leland, you make me blush. Thank you for your kind words. I truly believe that you meeting your favorite reverend at the very time you needed to be consoled the most was no accident but perfectly arranged by our Father Yehovah. I am glad to hear that you believe in Yehovah as your God. This we can both agree on as I too believe Him to be supreme. Please keep in mind that you and I were both programmed during our upbringing. You were brought up,to be against Protestantism as I was too having been raised in the RCC by a father who had studied to be a Jesuit priest but never completed his studies. I got to hear it all the time how Protestants were no good, their churches were bare, their doctrine was flawed, they did not have the riches of being Catholic, on and on and on as I am sure you got an earful too. But that did not prevent me from marrying a Dutch reformed protestant girl who to me was the embodiment of goodness and purity and she was in love with Jesus which, as a Catholic, I simply could not fathom but it was so incomprehensibly attractive that it made her irresistible. Like any young Catholic man, I had my hesitations about dating her but as I stood in my bedroom one night pondering about her, God spoke to me and told me in no uncertain terms: "If you don't take her whom I have provided for you, you will regret it for the rest of your life." I was shocked as you can imagine but I was obedient and after 3 years we were married and to this day have never had one day of regret. But the real story is that as a Protestant she never should have married me because I was RC. But she was my angel (which really means messenger) who interceded for me every day before the Lord. Our first year of marriage was a real struggle financially and I had to work day and night. What I did not know was that she was on her knees before God every night interceding for me. One year later, we happened to be invited to a Christian worship service and the message was so clear that it all of a sudden made total sense to me. I was a sinner and God had given His only Son Jesus, who was His word become flesh, to come and pay the price for our sins by giving himself as a sacrifice on the cross to pay the price Himself that we could not pay. No more sacrificing the blood of bulls and goats that could never take away anyone's sins. God saw our hopeless and lost state that He did for us what we could not do for ourselves and sent His only begotten Son to save us if we will just believe on Him and accept His gift. But He did not do this in the dark. He foretold it in His word. See if you agree. This is from a very famous Judean prophet:

    9. Who hath believed our report?
      and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?
      For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant,
      and as a root out of a dry ground:
      he hath no form nor comeliness;
      and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
      He is despised and rejected of men;
      a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief:
      and we hid as it were our faces from him;
      he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
      Surely he hath borne our griefs,
      and carried our sorrows:
      yet we did esteem him stricken,
      smitten of God, and afflicted.
      But he was wounded for our transgressions,
      he was bruised for our iniquities:
      the chastisement of our peace was upon him;
      and with his stripes we are healed.
      All we like sheep have gone astray;
      we have turned every one to his own way;
      and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
      He was oppressed, and he was afflicted,
      yet he opened not his mouth:
      he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter,
      and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb,
      so he openeth not his mouth.
      He was taken from prison and from judgment:
      and who shall declare his generation?
      for he was cut off out of the land of the living:
      for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
      And he made his grave with the wicked,
      and with the rich in his death;
      because he had done no violence,
      neither was any deceit in his mouth.
      Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.
      He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied:
      by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many;
      for he shall bear their iniquities.
      Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great,
      and he shall divide the spoil with the strong;
      because he hath poured out his soul unto death:
      and he was numbered with the transgressors;
      and he bare the sin of many,
      and made intercession for the transgressors.
      This is from the prophet Isaiah in book number 53. Now who else could Isaiah have been prophesying about? No one else fits this description. And this is not the only prophecy. There are hundreds of them and many have been fulfilled to the letter. Now if you believe in Yehovah then you must also believe in His word. And if I can overcome my prejudice then so can you. But only if you are openminded and not willing to back off from the truth and let come what may when you start digging in the scriptures to see what is really there. I promise you will not regret it.

    10. Fortunately I don't waste much time in this particular lifetime perusing Biblical distractions (& it is quite oblivious u didn't remotely read that link I posted on Milarepa 1freeman♩)

      My very favorite Minnehaha Academy lady (whom I have only kissed in the physical once this lifetime & that was @ our 30th reunion!) was with me just before my very atheistic father translated. U can watch this amazing Pastor's daughter perform publicly here if interested♩

      Our paths may cross yet again physically this life☇♩

    11. Leland, I started reading it but it was rather lengthy and I wanted to respond to you first. I am surprised that you would be more interested in a story of a shaman than in the history of your own God and call it a waste of time and a distraction. Don't you want to know your Maker and who you will meet when you yourself translate out of this world to the next?

    12. Shaman? Lol. Soul is far, far older than any Christian/Jewish NONSENSE imo.

    13. I know you are stating your opinion but in your opinion are you calling both Christianity and Judaism nonsense which would include your heritage?

    14. As Soul none of lower mind religions ultimately matter other than to purify Soul's lower bodies - life after life.

      Some of Milarepa followers miss that p.o.v. as well♩

  10. Qanon's latest post is colluding with Anna Von Rietz here☇♩

    1. 1FreeMan and Lealand, as well as all Christian and other religious faiths that seem to get all their knowledge from just one BOOK, which only talks about one subject only...THE LAW, and that it...You don't see it for what it is....its a LAW BOOK...!! Does our legal system know anything about Biology, Physics, Electromagnetics, frequencies and vibrations, molecular science, chemistry , anthropology, Astronomy, Botony and all the other sciencies...No, none of you..You know why..!! You were to busy getting married, having kids, and afraid of being alone the rest of your lives, instead making your whole life dedicated to only seeking the TRUTH about everything, and knowing you are never alone ever...!! I have news for everyone that loves to quote scripture from different religions, right down to chap and verse....go be a pastor, or Rabi, or anything thing else and peace to the choir....!!
      If we were all to be like you, none of us would know any truths...your family and financial circumstances preclude you from your true journey of knowing all TRUTHS just to know the one...that all the sciences are for only one purpose that none of you will ever know or share with anyone else...that the proof of "Jesus" is written right into our DNA , the heavens, and our connection to nature and natures creations..!!
      Do you think it's an accident that trees and all greenery takes in CO2 and gives off life giving oxygen to us, while we do just the opposite for them..We breath in oxygen and give off live giving CO2 to the trees and anything else that has chlorophyll in it, which uses a complex method called the Krebs cycle in order to use the sun's light to convert its energy to support its synthesis...!! What the he'll did all of you do with your lives...Appearantly your greatest accomplishments in live was finding a mate so you wouldn't be lonely, and then having kids that you love more than anyone else's kids or adults....
      If we were all use your philosiphys, why don't we just use judge Anna's book of "You know something is wrong when..." to understand all the secrets of the universe....!!

    2. You all pretend to know everything about everything just from one book...i wish it were that simple....!! 1Freeman correct me if I'm wrong, but didn t Jesus say the best thing you can do is be single, but if you cant, because of your inherent weaknesses and drives that compel your every decision in live , except living on every word of God, then he gave you permission to satissatisfy your desires so you wouldn't commit crimes...but he still said it is better to remain single in order to walk with him everyday without all the drama that comes from being married...!!
      The so called "secular world" that dedicated their life to the sciences, know more about God and Jesus just from the sheer amount of evidence uncovered by them....!! Do any of you see me quoting scripture to prove anything, even though I know it..!! No..!! Because it makes all of you seem very arrogant and selfish at the same time...At one time, centuries ago before we had an explosion of knowledge in this generation we needed the bible, but not anymore ....especially to non-christians that will only hold a grudge if you try and outsmart them using only scripture...!! KesusJesus also had something to say about that....he called them all hypocrites, because they could all quote scripture backwards and forewards, but never practiced what they preached....!! Without giving people other avenues of understanding, besides just the bible, all your doing is creating more harm than good, while over- inflating your egoes..!! Your versed in one thing only and somehow that makes you God's of all knowledge...!! I wasted a lot of time in pre med school when all I had to do to become a doctor is to simply understand scripture...what a waste of my time and energy...!! My next life I'll know better....!!!
      In the meantime it's back to school for all of you...i mean it....quite working your asses off and start digging into all the sciences to prove Jesus is real because it's written right into your DNA...Yes, it's in Arabic ...!! Wasn't that the language Jesus spoke...!! From now on when you quote scripture, back it up with real world sciences or don't quote it at all...You are doing more harm than good....!! Believe it...!!

    3. Fortunately as I have repeatedly written here in Anne's Paul Strammer's AWESOME website James, God gave ALL Souls free will.

      I am here to understand better how to untangle myself from Man's bogus laws. That is sometbing u happen to know alot about imo James. As for God's laws...I find those that quote the Bible repeatedly here often quite irrelevant, but not ALWAYS♩

      Good day to u☇

    4. Lealand....thats what we should be here for...ive had enough Sunday school. Although, it helps to pray when going against the very powerful Corp. STATE.....Especially our "courts" which I liken to the "lions den"..!! One thing is for sure...the courts hate pro se patriots, who know what is going on...because the stuff we know should only be talked about "in chambers"on the private side...But not in a courtroom that is public...but they usually don't give us a choice. I asked a judge one time , let's talk about this in chambers, since I was acting as the "attorney in fact" for my strawman...but he wasn't having it...!! But why not..?? He lets all these BAR card carriers go back there, and I have no history of violence, and for all intents and purposes, I'm an attorney, but without that all important BAR card..its a closed union shop..!! And even if you fill out a "farretta waiver", which they always get people to sign if you insist on moving forward and re-present yourself...It basically says that you will conduct yourselves as any other BAR attorney, and obeying court rules in a "public forum" and not exposing any fraud on the part of court ...!! But if you sign it, the judge still won't treat you like a BAR member and approve of your request to take this case into chambers, where you can talk freely because it a private forum. He wants us to agree to act as an attorney in court, but deny any of the benefits of any other attorney ....!!

    5. And of course you have to sign it under "penalties of pergery". So why should I sign your form when I take all the liability, but get none of the benefits from it....!! Don't sign it...!!
      The point is , people are still losing their homes in foreclosures, And other people are having trouble with their criminal cases...!!
      We need options if Anna's paperwork either doesn't work or they just ignore it totally and move forward like a freight train...!!
      Just because people do everything Anna says to do , doesn't mean the court will take "judicial notice" of it or act like it's a "get out of jail free card"..!! They force you into court for a reason...the judge wants to see if he can still trap you into jurisdiction by making just one mistake, that's all he needs, then Anna's paperwork will be moot...!! You guys have to prepare to know how to handle yourselves in court , because you will be tested...!! It won't take him long to find out that you may know law, but you are clueless when it comes to their proceedures...and that's the only thing they care about...!! So go ahead and fill out her paperwork, but be prepared for plan B also, which means knowing what to say and not say in a courtroom..!! It all seems easy until you find yourself in front of a judge for the first time in your takes practice guys because it's normal to be apprehensive and scared in a forum we aren't familiar with and everyone in there is your enemy...!! And to make things worse, every judge is different..Some are very nice while others have already convicted you before you say one word...!! So, unfortunately, you have to treat all of them like they are all bad and tread lightly in the "waters" until you build up some sorry to say that most of you will usually fail the first time, just like I did...!! But that's ok because that's how you learn...there is no other way to learn except through experiance...!! You just have to remember one thing...never answer a judges question with just a yes or no...!! You need to remember that the only why to make a judge "liable" for anything, is to get him to answer your questions.
      But Anna apparently doesn't think that getting your property filings at the county recorders office isn't that important ...It doesn't matter if your in foreclosure or not...everyone that owners a home or property needs to go to the CRO and get a printout of your property filings so you get to understand all the "players" involved in your property who are all claiming some kind of interest in it...!!
      You need to keep up with that office and start getting a yearly printout for only a few dollars to see if anything was added and who all these "parties" are and why...!!

  11. On paper, and historically, and in theory, I think Anna is correct. And I wish her and her Team, no ill; I have no problem with her Plan working. However, my problem is two-fold: First, I see a huge problem with enforcement. How do you plan to proceed to punish the breakers of this ''new rightful law'? If there is no workable enforcement, then you have nothing except 'freedom on paper'.

    Secondly, as much as people think this is insignificant in this whole scheme of things, it is actually at the very Root of all of our nation's problems. What is it?
    It is the dissing and ignoring of our very Creator; putting him on the back burner and even throwing Him into the trash; mocking and scoffing of Him and His Children, and His Ways. Morality has been extinguished from the very fabric of our society. I don't need to elaborate on the issue.

    But all the fixing being attempted, even if it would somehow come to the point that all the Utopian pie-in-the-sky adults living in fantasy land, STILL will not fix the gross immorality, which IS what got us into this murky murk to begin with. This is a fact whether anyone believes it or not. Truth is truth.

    You can think of all this as.......handing the People their real Freedom thru 'legal means' ......while they are sinking in quicksand (gross immorality and ungodliness, which God will not just ignore, never allows to prosper, and never rewards wickedness)

    1. Pretty good post Abby until u started 'speakin' for God as usual♩

    2. Abby,
      Good comments and thoughts.
      Been thinkin lately,
      There have always been consequences. 'His' consequences should have been enough. man's laws seem to be escalating as the people loose their knowledge and respect of Yah. True freedom is ignored, while men (mankind) continues promising freedom.
      This is starting to hit home. As in making sense.
      Not to many now fear man's consequences either, and as said, this is why we see lawlessness increasing.
      Lots of prepping going on, yet so many ignoring the Holy Spirit side of things.
      A one on one relationship with the Creator can bring peace in these times.
      We have been warned.

    3. Most of our problems are related to the word "FREEDOM"..!! Everyone seems to have a different definition of that word..!! But all definitions of it are nothing but a LIE and illusion...!! When has man ever been free truely free..??
      Even Adam.and Eve weren't completely FREE...!! BUT they only had to obey ONE rule, and one only....!! But we all know they couldn't even keep one rule, without being deceived...!! Since we are all creations of "the SOURSE", as Dr Wyann Dryer used to refer to the creator, then by definition we can never be totally free to do anything we want...!! We all answer to someone...Either it's the "SOURSE"(Creator) or its MAN....Choose wisely...!!

    4. I had to laugh, except that it really is not funny: Last week I was in the Marshall's (department store) and in the back of the store they have a short little inlet/hallway with two doors - which is their restrooms. I was trying to figure out which one was women and which was men........both doors had an icon of both, man and woman.
      Ahh, so Marshall's covered their azz by giving access to anyone to use which ever they wanted. Now how cowardly and quaint was that, LOL. Don't make the little boys and girls and ''others' cry by designating any preferences. Just a little bit of quicksand.

    5. Freedom is not free. There is only Free exercise of religion. There is Freedom of speech and the press.

      But seriously, does anyone want to join my religious society?

      I need 1 Provincial-General for each of the 50 states.

      There is an exam within the application. A few trick questions but it is open book and actually references where the answer can be found and which book it can be found in.

      All financial info pertaining to religious households will be encrypted and archived. Only people with access to the keys would be Federal and State Authorities but strictly under a court ordered condition.

      Let's unify and stand for effective change. Let's empower each other and help our communities. We can do this together.

    6. Guys, this is a bonafide religious society with USPTO trademarks to back it up. It is completely sanctioned under Chapter 61 of the North Carolina General Statutes. As a social entrepreneur, I've taken enormous personal risk pursuing this endeavor. I've dropped out of graduate school. Help me Help you all.

    7. HEck if Anna dials back on the extremism, I'd pass the office of Apostolic-General to her and become Provincial-General of North Carolina. She can arrange things with Frank O'Collins and Mr. Conant who's currently suing me for $10 million and asking a court to cancel trademarks.

      Something has to change. Anna has social capital. So does Frank O'Collins. All I have are ideas on how to coexist peacefully and effectively with the existing system. I've done tons of research and continue to do so. I'm citing Roman Catholic Church encyclicals and researching Catholic Social Doctrine to find common ground yet stay separated as far as religious authority is concerned. I just don't want to be taken advantage of and hate to see others taken advantage of. I want American Households to thrive from the ground up.

      I'm updating this document on a daily basis. Chapter 2 is where the heart of it is at. I encourage you all to take some time and read. Also read the footnotes as there are many.

    8. VA disability cannot be garnished. And the books that Mr. Conant are claiming that he hadn't sold due to my registering trademarks well before he received right to sell those books from O'Collins have already been published and archived on the internet haha! So the judge will surely not grant him the damages.

      If the judge grants the cancelation of the marks, then I'll simply form another Society by a different name and not suffer from guilt by associate once and for all.


      ^see for yourself lol.. It's a frivolous lawsuit. But shows me the desperate lengths and willful misrepresentation and misinterpretation of the law that people who are known by the authorities as "sovereign citizens" are willing to demonstrate. Y'all are self-righteous and severely misguided. A menace to the public. Paper Terrorists.

      So, I'd take a forced cancelation of a few trademarks as a blessing in disguise. A divine sign that I should not associate with a term (UCADIA) that is known to attract sovereign citizens.

      I have always cited Frank O'Collins as the author of the works. This has been archived as well. I will continue to cite Frank O'Collins but this time I will explain he and his minions have gone through to attack me for exercising my rights. I will also explain exactly where I disagree with his "Sovereign Citizen" extremist approach and his tendency to surround himself with "people who do not or will not know any better."

      There is be a striking difference between my ideology and Frank O'Collins ideology for inquiring minds to discover. I DO NOT WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. It's as simple as that.

    10. I will explain *the great lengths* he and his minions have gone through to attack me for exercising my rights.

      There will* be a striking difference between my ideology and Frank O'Collins ideology for inquiring minds to discover.

    11. I will continue to discredit Frank's approach and ideology while properly citing his works regardless of whether I win or lose the case against me.

      There will always be a stark contrast between MY approach and Frank's Minions approach. Frank is chained to his minions. He shall suffer the consequences of the path that he chose. He knew what he got into before hand. He must lay in the bed that he made for himself. Always attached to the people he surrounds himself with. I'll be sure of this regardless if I win or lose the case.*/

    12. Kerubale, you are wasting your time preaching to a choir you have already thrown under the bus and insulted profanely and repeatedly and keep insulting and disparaging without letting up. Aren't you the one calling us domestic and paper terrorists to our face and insulting us by calling us sovereign citizens, an oxymoron? And now you want us to support you while you are trying to ride on and cash in on Anna's social capital? Hahahaha! Are you serious? Your pathetic attempts to recruit Anna or any of us for your fake so called religious Jeusit society foundation, calling yourself "The Most Reverend", will not work. You are on your own, bud. If you have stolen someone else's work and claimed trademarks or copyrights you never had and do not own and have no vested interest in, then you are accountable. There is no smoke without fire and for someone to stick their neck out and sue you for $10 million there has to be some underlying substantiation. The real question is, will you admit the truth in court in public and spiritually redeem yourself? Or will you outright lie and deceive and attempt to cover it up to save your own hide? I hereby challenge you and call you out to do the right thing and confess the truth whatever the consequences may be. It will be interesting to see how you will conduct yourself and show us all what you are really made of. Perhaps you can share the court venue and docket number so we can all see and read the case for ourselves? Please keep us posted and let us know the outcome and how you conducted yourself. O, not in our sight or the judge's mind you, but towards your fellow man in the sight of God and His laws and to whom you are ultimately accountable.

    13. Leland, wake up, I do speak for God, because I can speak for Him, because I know Him. And most of all I repeat what He has already said, so listen up:
      Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
      6 and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
      7 And the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth
      8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
      11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence
      12 And God looked upon the earth and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth
      13 And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them, and behold I will destroy them with the earth.

      And so we know that the Lord brought a Great Flood and did destroy the whole earth and every person on it, except for Noah and his family, a total of only 8 people.

      And you can see all the reasons why He destroyed it. Now today we have many more people and much more wickedness; if anyone thinks God will just wink and let this continue, then God would owe that previous civilization a huge Apology.

      That Flood is just one instance of Gods Wrath upon a wicked population; there are many many more. And He has not changed, nor has he lightened up, and in fact He is the same......yesterday, today, and forever.

      So take heed; repent of your mockery, yes, I do speak for God, because I can. And I just did.

    14. Abby, I suggest you read some encyclicals from John Paul II. He spoke of the Family Household being the central point of society. Now ask yourself why Anna is hell bent on directing people towards so-called solutions that not only are unenforceable but if actually attempted to be enforced just might land many in federal prison for . . . hmm . . . say . . . kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, Paper terrorism, etc.,

      It also sucks away at folks time and energy. It is meant to shatter the human sprit as folks continue to try and fail.

      The only solution to this madness is Religious Households animated with the same spirit. Doesn't even take many households. 30 Households across the country can make an enormous impact. But as long as folks like Mr. O'Collins and Anna are running the show, you can bet that no solution will be reached and politicians, law enforcement, Lawyers, and prison industrial complexes will continue to thrive. Morality will continue to deteriorate hahaha!

      The first person to blame for it will be the people who give power to Anna. People that give validity to her nonsensical theories. The second people to blame will be People like Anna herself. Government will not be to blame for the madness although people like Anna would love for you all to think so.

    15. Unknown, it can be noticed and noted from the Great Flood Event, that Noah and his family were the only Godly household; and they were the only ones who were saved from the worldwide disaster.
      The same scenario can be easily noticed today; we are right back at a Genesis 6 environment once again.

    16. Abby...glad u somewhat get the flood stuff a wee bit...Great book on it here.

    17. 1freeman... I have archived evidence of each iteration of a document that I authored titled "Case For Support" as it developed from Jan 2017 upto as recent as yesterday.

      I have Properly cited Frank O'Collins as the author of quotations that I have used to help explain myself in the Document.

      I have absolutely NO IDEA how one can misinterpret that as STEALING unless those accusations are coming from UNREASONABLE PEOPLE.

      Such a claim is entirely UNREASONABLE.

      Please learn U.S. Trademark and Copyright Laws (which you all seem to not even care about to begin with since you are all batshit crazy SOVEREIGN CITIZENS).

      Frank O"Collins is an AUSTRALIAN citizen. UCADIA BOOKS LTD PTY is an AUSTRALIAN COMPANY. Neither Frank nor his Company registered INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARKS.

      The first trademark (UCADIA) that I registered was in December 2013 for an Information Technology consulting and Supply Chain Management goods and services class. I then registered a trademark (Unique Collective Awareness of DIA) in February 2014 for the same goods and services class.

      I have since expanded on said USPTO Trademarks in March 2017 and May 2017 under more goods and services classes.

      Out of the woods, some dip shit named Mr. Conant registers a brand New Company in June 2017 and used that company to register another company in July 2017. Mr. Conant claims that Mr. O'Collins transfered rights to a number of books to Mr. Conant's company. Mind you, said books have always been in the public domain and are Archived on the internet for anyone's viewing AND citing pleasure. So why the hell would someone pay for something that has already been submitted to the public domain?

      $10 Million? You have got to be kidding me.

      Like I said, perhaps the Judge will side with Mr. Conant's company concerning the USPTO trademark cancelation order. If this happens then I have two options: Lawyer up and submit a Stay of Execution; or let this chips fall into place.

      If I let the chips fall where they may then at least the positive out of the whole situation is that I now am forced to 100% disassociate with UCADIA and The Society of One Heaven.

      Does this mean that I must cease citing works that are already in the public domain? Nope. Does this mean that I cannot form a Religious Society with a different name? Nope. What I will do is thoroughly explain the situation in the "CASE FOR SUPPORT" and make it a life time mission to root out this Sovereign Citizen Nonsense. I will dedicate my entire life exposing this silly movement and it's toxic leaders and philosophies. I will site Roman Catholic encyclicals and the Bible. I will gladly pursue Sovereign Citizens in an intellectual playing field and expose you all because you folks make it too easy for me.

    18. Maybe you can use the same language with the judge that you've been using here. That'll convince him!

    19. Unknown....i agree with you on one thing...thst we all need the protection of a "group" so as to come to the rescue if we somehow run afoul of the Corp. STATE...!! But I do give you credit for digging in your feet and taking a stand...something sadly lackey in the "Patriot Movement"..!! And who knows , if you do lose and somehow wind up in jail, it will be for a reason you don't even know yet...God may be calling you to do something for somebody in there who will listen to you, or maybe he has greater plans for you..
      But if what you say about Frank Collins is true, than he is no patriot..!! Why doesn't he go after the govt. for doing the same thing with our names and our country...!!
      Our govt. loves it when we sue each other..!! That's the only time they can remain unbiased, when two slaves of the Corp. STATE fight each other than suing them and exposing all their fraud...!! But I've been in your shoes unknown and speaking from experiance, you need a break from this nonsense to just enjoy life for awhile, and forget every thing else and everyone else..because when I was in your situation and no one would stand by me, not even my brother, it is easy to start contemplating killing everyone around you like I not healthy..!! But losing the house was the best blessing the Lord every gave me...and this time I didn't go back to the same people who I had known in some cases since I was 6 years old....i found out the hard way I have no friends...And now I'm free from all those morons who never could help me in any way, not even for moral support...!! The result, I feel so much better and peaceful without all their drama, because when you come right down to it, everyone "wants to rule the world"..!! Everyone wants to be in charge and tell people what to do, even if you give them thousands Of dollars to get them out of a situation...!! They never appriatiate it, except on a very superficial and temporary basis..Until their next problem comes up which only money can solve....take that long needed break unknown for your own health...!!

  12. Trump will go the extra limb for a pastor. Just look at the trade war he begun with Turkey. Let us all return to the constitutional fold of government and proclaim our birthright to be heads of religious households.

    There is a ton of material concerning religious households straight out of Vatican written by Roman Pontiffs. We can burrow the positive aspects and leave the negative aspects with the catholics. Let us juice up the positive aspects of Catholic Social Doctrine with steroids or human growth hormones.

    Why must our priests be celibate? And why must heads of religious households answer to a priest the way Catholic Households do?

    Instead, Parents can be high priests for their dependents. No need to congregate with other families under one roof and under one shady priest. We can keep things at a household level. And have religious households function as 501c3 organizations.

    By default, Churches are not required to file ANYTHING with the IRS. Some do however, in order to prove to their laity that they can receive 50% tax deductions for their donations to the church. But by default, organized Churches DO NOT have to file any thing with the IRS in order for them to be 50% tax deductible orgs. Some churches do file with the IRS in order to be listed and searched for on a list as a 501(C)(3).

    1. Kerubale, true to your nature and character, you are not only confused yourself but spreading your confusion to others. True, churches do not need to file anything with the IRS since they are already exempt according to section 501(a). But for those who do file under 501(c)3, there is no 50% Limit on their tax deduction. It is only when all contributions to 501(c)3 organizations exceed 50% of total income that a 50% limit of income applies. See here straight from the IRS publication:
      The 50% limit applies to the total of all charitable contributions you make during the year. This means that your deduction for charitable contributions can't be more than 50% of your adjusted gross income for the year. But there is a higher limit, discussed later, for certain qualified conservation contributions.
      Better yet, exit the IRS altogether by exercising your Right of Revocation of Election to pay taxes as codified under 26 USC 6013(g)(4)(A) Revocation by Taxpayer and 26 CFR 1.871-1(b)(4). Now you are 100% tax free and not even allowed to pay taxes or file a 1040 ever again. Now isn't that a much better deal than what you are suggesting?

    2. Read about the process here though this guy charges $5k for a similar process Anna gives away for free:

    3. It it exceeds 50% of your income it gets carried over to a number of following years.

      You did not properly read my post. I stated that Churches are exempt by default. However, some churches do file on their own discretion in order to prove to their laity that their laity will receive tax deductions for a minimum donation per year. If you donate over a certain minimum amount to a church that has chosen not to file with IRS, all you would need is a dated thank you letter(s) from the church for the donation in order to receive your deduction.

    4. Man fuck Anna's bullshit process

    5. So if your donation for one year exceeds minimum amount required (i think like $350) and also exceeds maximum (which is 50% of your income) then the difference can be carried over for the next 5 years (if my memory serves me could be 4 years).

    6. Only a complete fool would follow Anna at this point. I promise you this.

      Only a complete fool would follow Frank O'Collins as well.

      But there is an unlimited supply met by an unlimited demand of and for fools in this world. So make your choice. Seems like you have already made it.

    7. I like my Revocation of Election suggestion much better.

    8. Return to the constitutional fold of government. Participate in society-at-large. Realize what makes the United States of America exceptional. Mwuahahahaha!

    9. You'll say "I DO NOT CONSENT!" a bunch of time. Judge and Marshals will shrug their shoulders like "so the fuck what?!" Hahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaa!

    10. Really, Kerubale? Then why did they just zero out my account from $121,000 to $0.00? And why would they send me a 96c letter telling me that my case has been closed? You see, a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.

    11. Just remember that what you "claim" as an experience is nothing more than a claim to others.

      It is fictional because others have not experienced what you claimed to experience. They will always get a second hand or third hand account of what happened.

      It has come to a point where actual proof itself is being easily ignored these days. People will see and hear what they want.

      I have no issue paying taxes where ever they are due. I have trust issues, so I don't believe your claims. They may be true but not worth the risk for me to take such advice. Everyone is free to take you up on it though.

    12. No, Kerubale. It is personal knowledge acquired by years being in the arena and fighting the battle and slaying the enemy firsthand with many scars to show for it. I have sent proof to many on this site who can all vouch for my claims. Yes, you do have trust issues, but that is because you put your trust in the wrong place.

  13. You all remind me of Black Lives Matters activists haha.. No fucking thank you! I've got my own meaningful order. I'm not convinced by the effectiveness of what you all are peddling here. I am proud to be a Federal, State, and local statute, 14th Amendment United States citizen. Anything else is absurd and I will continue to expose your absurdity.

    Take you down now, burn it all out
    Throw you all around, get your fuckin'
    What's it feel like? Took the wrong route
    Watch it fall apart now you're knockin' AT THE WRONG GATE!
    For you to pay the toll, a price for you alone
    The only deal you'll find, I'll gladly take your soul

  14. Unknown Kerubale, which is just as oxymoronic as sovereign citizen since everyone already knows who you are by now. What on earth would ever give it away? So, your true nature and character keep slipping and exposing itself. Tsk, tsk. You mean meaningless order? I see that you are back to quoting your Jesuit diatribe again. Wrong KeruBaal, it is your soul that is at stake here and as dark as the night. Time for you to repent and mend your wicked ways. And please go wash your mouth out with soap while you are at it.

    1. “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

    2. Yes yes. The authorities are well aware of the "oxymoron" comeback to their broad stroke paint over of you all as Sovereign Citizens.

      But it's the best term to describe and capture your essence. Do they care that you think it is an oxymoron? Nope. Do they care that you all think that you are not subject to their authority? Nope. They will do as they wish. And so will I.

      I wish to be a Federal, State, and local statute, law abiding, 14th Amendment citizen. I also wish to classify you with a term that authorities use to describe you all - Sovereign Citizens.

      I don't care if the U.S. governments are incorporated. More power to them. It makes no difference to me how they are organized as an entity. All that matters to me is that they are in power and that bat shit crazy national socialists and theocrats like you all are not in power. This is simple logic that seems to easily escape you all.

    3. May your chains rest easy on you.

    4. I've been chained to the truth for the truth has set me free.

    5. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    6. There is always another heaven to to experience...No end of heavens♩

    7. Or hells either...Just look around you for proof....!!

  15. Today is my 6th year anniversary in redeeming my Membership to the Society of One Heaven. :-)

    1. Just one? Even St. Paul disagrees with u here unborn;q

    2. And I've nominated for membership in the National Geographic Society!

    3. Both of your are members of the Society of One by default. But not redeemed members.

    4. I'm a International Who's Who (cares?¿) 'OOBF' member since 1992...I even have a plaque for anyone's perusal via email if

      OOBF means 'Out of Body Freaks" in my little world:$

    5. Sorry, Kerubale, I am not now, nor ever will be, a member of any so called society of yours. Please take me off your mailing list.

    6. All unredeemed members are possessed by spiritual occupation forces known as "The Holy See of Unted Spirits." You shall be redeemed at the appointment of the death of your earthy vessel. Till then, you shall unknowingly do the bidding of the Holy See of United Spirits. This is simply my opinion. I find consolation in this.


    8. You have no idea of what the meaning of the word redemption is. No Jesuit or RCC or unHoly See membership or process can redeem any man. Only Jesus can redeem your soul from eternal damnation and only if you are His.

    9. Jesua can't redeem anyone....either...Just help one start the process.

  16. Stupidest post ever by u 1freeman^...I seriously advise u to stick with legal stuff where u can run circles around me for sure♩

  17. Stupidest? Clarify. I am quoting scripture chapter and verse which are God's law both OT and NT and not my opinion. God's law trumps man's law anytime. What is your source?

  18. "The Chinese secret society representatives also need to be reminded that during the Middle Ages, the Spanish Inquisition tortured entire families to death for reasons such as hanging out their laundry on a Sunday, and burned practitioners of traditional herbal medicine as “witches.”  This was all carried out under the guise of universal Christian love."

    PS For the record on any future conversation with me @ least dear 1freeman....I do not recognize whatever the Bible written by humans to be God's law whatsoever....And fortunately in this particular lifetime I never was programmed (or brainwashed ♩) to believe in that nonsense EVER☇♩

  19. I have Jehovah Witness family next door to me & their religious beliefs once taught that having a blood transfusion @ birth was a sin & thus made people like me unacceptable to join their nearby church.

    I find that hysterical as well...��

  20. "Why don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses accept blood transfusions?
    This is a religious issue rather than a medical one. Both the Old and New Testaments clearly command us to abstain from blood. (Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10; Deuteronomy 12:23; Acts 15:28, 29) Also, God views blood as representing life. (Leviticus 17:14) So we avoid taking blood not only in obedience to God but also out of respect for him as the Giver of life."


  21. To abstain from blood meant from eating it, nothing else. All the verses you quote above say the so. Since the OT states that the life is in the blood, it is holy to God and the shedding of it was the only way to be cleansed from sin since there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood according to the OT and NT. Hence the annual blood sacrifices at the temple that were required for all Judeans to be cleansed of their sins. The fact that Jesus came and shed His blood for all mankind was acceptable to God for the payment and cleansing of all sin. But it must be applied to oneself by faith and confession that Jesus is Lord and that He died for our sins and was raised from the dead so that we may be raised with Him. RCC and JH do not recognize this but then again Jesus did not come to establish any religious institution but rather to restore our relationship with the Father that had been broken by sin. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. In this the Father demonstrated the love He has for His creation. He further demonstrates His love towards us by giving all men full authority, autonomy and freedom to choose the path of our own life and our own eternal destiny whether it be for Him or against Him. But we will be held accountable for our choice which cannot be changed once we leave this earth. The NT says "It is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgement." There is no reincarnation as many believe. The only re-embodiment that will occur is when our body is rejoined with our soul and spirit at the rapture when Christ comes to gather His church in the air and take them to heaven or at the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millenium, Christ's 1,000 year reign on earth, to be judged and cast into the lake of fire. There is one more option and that is the judgement of the people who are still alive at Christ's second coming where He will separate the sheep from goats. The sheep are those who did unto the least of these His brethren as unto Him where the goats did not. The sheep will be allowed to enter the new kingdom on earth where the goats will be banned to perdition. Then Christ will build a new temple and gather all true Abrahamic lineage Hebrews to his new nation of Israel and appoint King David to rule over them. He Himself will sit on the mercy seat in the new temple and all nations once a year will come and bring gifts and worship Him while the whole world will be able to watch the events live on CNN (Christ News Network).

  22. Blood ritual nonsense continues in Star Wars, too, if u recall with Jedi wannabes being bloody certified by a blood testing Jedi Knight.

    "Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll hear them speaking to you."


  23. But quite adequate imo when discussing ancient blood rituals of antique religious orders that really have little to do with common sense in regards to onlybegottenism source materials. Beethoven 5th symphony did a better job of imitating cannons anyway♩

  24. Or was it William Tell's Overture?♩

    I forget! Beethoven 9th symphony was my particular favorite anyway ☇

  25. 1FreeMan....there you go again quoting scripture without validating it with actual science and evidence through Advantanced protocols using very sofisticated forensic techniques never before known to man until these days...why should any one believe you when all you do is quote scripture that some people just won't accept without further proof from the scientific community, who by now , they can't even argue the exsistance of God anymore....not with all the evidence now coming foreward..
    Using scientific forensics to prove it and not bible scripture...Do you think it's an accident that at the end times God promised to give overwhelming scientific evidence to prove he exsist, like the "Ark of the Covenant" unearthed by Ron Wyatt and his sons in Jerusalem in 1982, and proved it by taking a sample of his blood on the mercy seat which was analysed by a lab without Ron telling them where it came from so they would be honest...Well indeed they were a nd extremely confused because DNA testing of any normal human blood would have a total of 46 chromosomes...But his simply only had 23 ...only half the normal chromosomes...amd all belonging only to mary..!! Except one...a "Y" chromosome, that only a man (the Father) could give...a true immaculate conception...!! Don't underestimate doesnt
    lie...only humans lie..!!
    But that's ok FreeMan , go on quoting niblebible scripture as if this was a church and your speaking from the pulpit like all the other priest of this many people are you converting by just quoting guess is NONE..!! I'M not taking anyone's side hear FreeMan, but it seems that you were called to be a pastor and not fighting the secular world, or trying to convince people of your faith just like so many others who never once use all the scientific evidence God purposely put here as a testament to his holly "WORD" like he said he was going to do....But I guess you just refuse that special "gift" to us as a living testimony to his WORD...and the TRUTH..!! BUT that's ok because thatsthat's why he has people like me to fill in the gaps....!!

  26. From now on I'm going to refer to you as "PASTOR" Freeman....OK..!!
    When is mass.. hopefully on Saturday because that's the day the Lord made holy, the 7th (7 is the number of God) , not Sunday, the first day of the week....and I'm not even a Jehovah witness. I'm Catholic..!! But they did get that right...!!


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