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Friday, August 10, 2018

STEPHEN WILLEFORD'S STORY about First Baptist Church Shooting

Stephen Willeford -- a good guy with a gun -- describes what happened on November 5th, 2017 in Sutherland Springs, Texas at the First Baptist Church when a madman with a gun killed 26 churchgoers. Willeford, a trained, long-time NRA Member, engaged the active shooter thus saving many lives and setting a heroic example. Help us complete GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS featuring not only Stephen Willeford as a good guy, but Stewart Rhodes of OATH KEEPERS, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, Sheriff Mack and others. See for more information and how you can donate to help complete this important film.


  1. Thanks for sharing that Paul and Anna and Stephen.......i hope his daughter becomes proficient in her gun handling skills ,duty's n rights asap, too.
    I totally agree where he said the shooter had a [was possessed by] a demon. And, as Raymond grace says:" the number one way to depower an evil person is to de-posess[kick out the demon(s) from them] them.". If you don't know how to kick demons out, being prepared to stop a people possessed by one is essential. Get both skills. And, i hope that church now has a please carry n pray here, as for all churches throughout the country. Let's be good neighbor wherever we are.

    1. MK-Ultra will also produce demons mentally. And can be triggered by a word, sound, or symbols. Is the shooter another "Lone gunman"?

  2. Also, really, do you think? ' concealed carry' is the lie to match --r- substitute fraud for fact(natural unalienable right to self-defense/"bare arms", and protect one's own body, family/ neighbors and friends n community., Etc.). You cannot be lawed for exercising a right( see "the constitution man-carl Miller" on YouTube for the supreme Court cases n logic n street smarts to promote your unalienable rights.
    "Concealed carry"is a " contractual obligation", and they can and do law you forever over the horrid thing. It defrauds your right into a contractual( can you say gotcha?)into a contractual obligations. "Contract" without the spirit of the right. Bare arms is the honoring of our god-given spirit of self-defense, safety first........hmmmmmmmm, sad to see that crap hitting the fan everywhere n who, but really glad to hear Stephen's story. ....though a little appalled that his daughter woouldn't/couldn't follow that instruction....hope that gets remedied n quick.

  3. And to think that big daddy wants to take away the 2nd amendment.

  4. "Why do I need thirty rounds?

    Because the 2nd Amendment wasn't written so we could go deer hunting!" -- Michael Rivero

  5. Sorry to bust everyone's bubble here on this story, but as usual, I have to be the one to state the correct historical facts!!! The guy accused of the shooting did not show up until 20 minutes AFTER the shooting started and the shooting "CAME FROM UPSTAIRS DOWN INTO THE LOWER SECTION"!!! The guy that showed up was a patsy, just like the Nevada shooting!!! There were TWO women that survived this shooting that stated this on camera, which was not shown nationally for obvious reasons, and that is the reason this church is to be torn down to remove this evidence!!! We are being played by all of our so-called "law enforcers" people, time to wake up, but you won't!!! You can try to find their interview on you tube if it is still there. Just like the school shooting in Florida, there was teacher who saw the shooter in the hallway and it wasn't Cruz, it was a SWAT member in full armor and faceplate, shooting a weapon she never saw before!!! You can watch her interview on Good Morning, America, which I did!!! But, go back to sleep, nothing to see here folks!!!

    1. Yeah, every now & then I ACTUALLY agree with u unborn♩

    2. ^Not UCADIA for the record...

      Correct historical facts my ass. History is subjective. The story that a majority of the people in the U.S. believes is that the guy accused of the shooting is the guy who committed the shooting.

      But you are free to believe what ever you like. Just like the kooky conspiracy theorist who started the fire in California as of recent. Spout off your conspiracies all you like you are only alienating yourself and those that agree with you.

    3. Too many so called conspiracy rumor r now considered 'facts' for the record...



      For pdf access, follow the link below to a hidden page at our sister website. Download and save."


    4. From Gordon:

      The article about Williford explaining the murders in the Baptist church in Nov 2017, Sutherland Springs contained an interesting response by "unknown".
      Unknown brought out the fact that the attack in Lakeland, FLA in the high school was done by a man dressed in SWAT gear, and seen by a teacher. I tried to add that young CRUZ was accompanied by a girl student, was seen in the same clothes the entire time, and no one saw him with a rifle. Also several policemen were photographed out back of the school with huge zipper bags loading them onto a small truck that was waiting. Which suggested that several persons dressed as police were involved.
      CRUZ was clearly a set-up, using his cumulative police records, which may have been amplified in order to pre-convict him, using circumstantial evidence. Sheriff Israel´s leadership suggests that he was the local coordinator of the massacre.

      I attempted to add the info to the comment by UNKNOWN but was not permitted. Best Regards, Gordon.

      Posted by Paul for Gordon


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