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Friday, August 10, 2018

By Operation of Law

By Anna Von Reitz

I highly recommend that those who are just encountering this information read our book, "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" as a starting place.  It gives the overall basics in an easy-to-read illustrated format and provides very handy information in the Appendix.  This book gives references and citations as it goes through its narrative.  It is available on as are all the other books. 

If you are a more hard-charging "Just the Facts Ma'am" executive type, the same basic information is covered in a sound-bite format in our book "America: Some Assembly Required". If you need to get up to speed fast and can take in information in 30-second or less increments and build the picture as you go, this book will summarize the situation and the history for you in about an hour and a half.  This book doesn't give a references and citations that have been provided elsewhere so includes only one or two new citations covering additional topics. 

Behind, before, and underlying these two books is the first book, "Disclosure 101", which is the history of how I got involved, how I addressed the problem, and ultimately where it all led.  This book includes publication of basic documents I or others issued in pursuit of remedy and gives eleven pages of underlying citations and references. 

President Trump has, since the publication of these books, sicced teams of lawyers on the information and combed the National Archives. As a result, it has all been newly confirmed. At the highest levels of international government there has never been any disagreement about the facts, there has only been a divide between those who knew and those who didn't know.  President Trump now knows and has the proof of the facts we have brought forward. 

Despite what is apparent in the external world, many people think that our country functions under one government.  It doesn't and except for five years early on, it never has. 

Examine what happened between 1776 to 1781.  During those years The United States of America [Unincorporated] was the sole face of our country to the external world.  It was and is an unincorporated Federation of States, which are also unincorporated entities.  The members of The United States of America Federation are known simply as: Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, and so on. 

Five years after the States and the original Federation were formed, a
Confederation of States of States was formed under The Articles of Confederation.  

The members of the Confederation were all doing-business-as entities belonging to the Federation States.  These "States of States" did business as "The State of Florida", "The State of Wisconsin" and so on.  They were all members of the "States of America" and were called "Confederate States" long before the Civil War. 

It was these original States of States that were party to The Constitution for the united States of America and they, together, were intended to exercise the nineteen Powers delegated to them by the sovereign States and The United States of America. 

And then came the Civil War.  The Confederation of States of America was torn apart.  After the mercenary conflict (never a true war) ended, the original States of States needed to be "Reconstructed" --- hence the "Reconstruction Era". 

Britain saw its chance to usurp --- again --- against our lawful government, and  via fraudulent means substituted Territorial "States of States" to replace the actual Federal States of States, and used that as a means to commandeer our Federal Government and exercise our Delegated Powers for its own benefit.  The Territorial "States of States" have operated under names styled like this: "the State of Vermont", "the State of Florida" and so on ever since.

Millions of innocent Americans assumed that the "State of Florida" was the same as "The State of Florida" but in fact a terrible change had taken place. 

The actual Federal States of States were moth-balled and converted into State Land Trusts doing business as, for example, the Florida State, the Ohio States, and the Michigan State. 

And every year the renegade Territorial United States Congress votes to "set aside" the actual Constitution owed to our General Government and pretends that our Federal Government  --- which never exercised anything but Delegated Powers in the first place --- is "in abeyance" and that their Territorial Government therefore takes its place. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

In fact, by Operation of Law, when an agent exercising delegated authority becomes incompetent to exercise that authority, it does not evaporate or bump down the railroad tracks to the next lower level of government.  It reverts to the government that delegated the power in the first place ---- The United States of America and its member States.  

The problem is that we were never notified of all these changes purportedly being made "for" us and were in fact purposefully deceived by international Trustees acting in Gross Breach of Trust against us and against our interests.  

As a result, the "Reconstruction" of our Federal States of States has remained incomplete since 1868.  We were purposefully misled into thinking that the Reconstruction was over and done, but in fact, nothing but a fraudulent substitution had taken place. 

In the last two years both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have been bankrupted and also become incompetent to function under their own power, albeit for different reasons. 

So all three levels of the Federal Government created to exercise the Delegated Powers and manage the Territorial Possessions and provide a government for Washington, DC, have been rendered incompetent. 

By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers have reverted to The United States of America, it's member States, and their People.  To us, in other words.  We have stepped forward in a timely fashion and acknowledged and accepted the return of our Delegated Powers.  We have arranged for President Trump to enter the legitimate though long-vacant Office of the President of The United States of America and extended a month-by-month service contract in support of the American military and basic services as outlined by our original Constitution.  

Everything else that you are seeing go on -- all the fire and nonsense of the political parties, all the investigations into this and that, all the fear-mongering and posturing and arguments ongoing in Washington, DC --- are the stuff that dreams and illusions are made of --- the corporate politics of legal fiction entities. 

And all of it is completely foreign to us.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with our actual government.  It's the Kitchen Staff amusing itself and beginning to sober up after a long debauch and improper occupation of the actual Landlord's estate. 

Our Government is not and has never been a "democracy".  Our people don't "vote" --- they elect.   We don't convene Congresses of "States of States".  We convene Congresses of States.  Likewise, our Congressional Delegates are "Deputies" of our State Legislatures --- that is, Fiduciary Officers owing their allegiance to us and our States, not "Representatives" owing allegiance to political parties and corporate bottom lines. 

It is this last point that deserves special Notice and mention.  A Fiduciary Deputy 
working for our actual State of the Union is accountable for the way they spend your money and can be "recalled" by the State Legislature if they fail to meet the Prudent Man Standard.  

A mere "Representative" claiming to "represent" your State of the Union in an agency capacity has no such accountability or office, and as a result these Territorial Congressional Delegations have been spending like drunken sailors and racking up Odious Debt against you and your State --- and getting away with it for 150 years --- simply because you didn't wake up and object.  Instead, you were misled and duped into participating in their fraud and thereby seeming to support their insubordination. 

And now we come to a New Day, not a New Deal. 

The Delegated Powers have returned to us and to our States by Operation of Law. 

You have been informed of the situation and are called upon to correct your political status records which have been conveniently falsified "for" you, and to return to reclaim your birthright and operate your actual State. 

The means to convey your Trade Name back to the land and soil of your birth state and to seize control of your affairs and to assert your "reversionary trust interest" has been provided for you.  Go to Article 928 on my website: and record your claim to your Good Name and Estate. 

Recording your claim to your own Name and re-conveying it back to the land and soil jurisdiction of your state is Step One.  Seizing control of all the Derivative NAMES and expatriating them back to the land and soil jurisdiction is Step Two. 
Denying all Powers of Attorney and assigning your Trade Name as the only Attorney in Fact is Step Three.  Rebooting your lawful County Jural Assembly is Step Four.  And Reconstituting your State Jural Assembly is Step Five. 

This is a lot to take in and a lot of work to do.  

But Americans have done more with less. 

All of you who have ancestors who were living in this country prior to the Civil War are automatically "grandfathered in" to the guarantees of the original Constitutions and the National Trust --- you merely have to accept and claim your birthright and heritage and record a "Claim for the Life - Lineage Treaty". 

We took the pre-caution of locating a cadre of men qualified to claim each and every State over two years ago, so that under the Last Man Standing Rule, we have effectively claimed back the entire country from the verge of loss to foreign bank creditors.  That does not relieve anyone of their responsibility as Americans to assemble and operate their lawful government. 

That this situation even exists should be eloquent enough warning to all of you to (1) take action to preserve your own protections and exemptions and property rights and (2) pay attention and get involved in assembling your local county and state units of government.   

Those things operating "as" counties and "as" States of States aren't your government.  You are your government.  That is what "self-governance" means. 
So get your records straight and get busy, or a bunch of European sharpies will be more than willing to claim everything you think of as yours as payment for debts you don't owe. 

And now one final plug.  The research that led to these conclusions and actions and which have served to protect you and your family and bring forward the actions that have been taken to preserve your country and your property rights and your State of the Union --- has all been done by people like me, working away for free for years at a time, not all those people on your payroll.  

We get nothing ---- no pay from the renegade "government" and in fact, many of us have suffered and died and been attacked by these criminals and prosecuted under deliberately constructed false legal presumptions.  Many of us have spent time in jail --- not for our "political beliefs" --- but because we had the temerity to assert our birthright and claim our property and our exemptions.  

In doing this, we protected all of you and even protected those persecuting us, because without this, all our land, all our rights, all our freedoms would have been lost. 

The international bankers actually thought they were going to pull it off, and claim that our entire continent was "abandoned" assets, up for grabs. 

If you have any sense of just how close this entire country and the rest of the world has come to disaster --- get going.  Reclaim your Good Name and your rightful political status and then, boot up your local assemblies.

And if you can, send a donation our way.  Because our accounts were commandeered along with everything else and bungled up and commingled as part of these infernal bankruptcies --- we still have no money to operate on. 

Everything is being boot-strapped. Everything is being done by volunteers.  Our researchers and our lawyers are making huge sacrifices.  The least we can do as a nation is to pay their out of pocket costs --- materials, court fees, postage, travel, electricity. 

Our PayPal is the same as my email address:  Snail mail for donations is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. Page 1 of 2

    CASE NUMBER: ______________________

    I; John Mark Doe, would like to enter into evidence the following...

    "The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution grants me the right to know the nature and cause at this action you are bringing against me, and it grants you, the court, the duty to tell me. I do not understand the nature and cause of this action which has been brought against me."

    Under a criminal action...

    "The Constitution grants this court 2 different criminal jurisdictions: One is a criminal jurisdiction under a Common Law, and the other is a criminal action that constitutes a condition of contract under the criminal aspects of a Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction. Under which of these 2 jurisdictions does court intend to try this criminal action?"

    Not Under Common Law But Under Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction...

    According to the Law Merchant Codes, the very law that this contract was made under, there are certain things that constitute a valid vs an invalid contract. You must realize, that no court has the authority to enforce an invalid contract; and I deny the validity of the contract that President Roosevelt entered into with the international bankers. He borrowed bank credit on the promise to redeem in gold coins. Creating credit out of thin air, the bankers had no risk and no interest, because they didn't loan anything of value, and thus had no interest in the loan being paid: it was a 'no interest 'contract, and thus void by the international law of Nations. Therefore America owes no legal debt ."

    Page 2 of 2

    "... And now since America only owes the debt by an invalid contract, how am I as a sovereign man , legally compelled to perform to an invalid contract under the Admiralty jurisdiction of this court? You must realize that no courts in America have Admiralty jurisdiction without also having valid international contract in dispute. And I'm not aware of having entered any international contract. So I deny that any such contract exists.

    If the prosecuting attorney disagrees with my argument then...

    Instruct the "prosecuting attorney" to inform this court that there is a valid international contract in dispute, and to place this alleged international contract into evidence, and explain how I can be a party to it, and how I am compelled to perform under it.

    If the prosecuting attorney cannot comply then I request a "Motion To Dismiss"

    _________________________________________ _____________________
    Johm Mark Doe Date

    1. One can't fail to miss the irony of this post, which is, a contract was made by the operation of law concerning the ROLB, held in protective custody by the Registrar of the State/DC. Every hospital is a port of entry into federal territory and one must declare everything brought in through customs. Notice of the National war powers Act are posted as a emergency for all who enter. Mom leaves a special deposit and signs as informant, subject/matter=State and church. Baby leaves with mom, mom, dad and baby have no declaration of allegiance to the union state, by default, all are considered stateless and wards of the court. DC is a stateless position/no standing. As a stateless ward, can a judge hear a ghost? Really. We are dealing with genius.

    2. Thanks for this, Bohdi. Looking forward to hearing how this works for you.

  2. Bohdi Malmberg, have you personally used this form in court, and what was the result?

    1. Not yet but looking to use in the future and will post results. I have also recorded the required documents and officially drop off as register voter and plan to record that document also. Having more is good...

  3. Anna,

    Thank you for your never ending work in educating your fellow Americans. Without the knowledge, facts of history and Law that you have shared on your website of the importance in correcting one's political status, in 2010, I personally fell victim of asserting my birthright in claiming and using my US Treasury trust property. All my actions were done in truth and with full disclosure (no bank fraud at all). I used my real name, real address, proper bond numbers off my birth certificate and social security card, etc., nonetheless, and unfortunately for me and my family, without having corrected my political status, this action left wide open the door for the foreign corporate agents to arrest me, publicly desecrate my good name with a mountain of lies and unlawfully throw me in federal prison for six years. This was after twenty years of studying the fraud of the so called US Government. Your information has brought home all pieces of the puzzle that many have been searching for. Since being released from prison in January 2016, I have corrected my political status and can clearly see this is the only path for true Americans to help stop this Beast System of liars and criminals wearing black robes and suits representing the dead (uneducated masses). Know that I stand with you and The Living Law Firm. We are moving forward to establish the Louisiana state assembly and help expose the fraud that has entrapped the masses. Thank you for your continued assistance to educate. Blessings to you always, Louisiana Tim

  4. There is absolutely no mention of either an "unincorporated" or corporated" United States of America...!!
    If they were so smart why didn't they just say that those 19 delegated service agreements, represents the only part of our govt that is corporate...the rest of America and it's 50 states united, are unincorporated....!! Instead they call it a "continental " congress, which means nothing to the average individual...!! Anyone reading it would never associate continental with "unicorporated"...!!Unless it was in plain English that everyone could understand...!!

  5. sorry to hear what you had to go through, but the Corp. STATE is fighting back harder than ever, just making laws and rules as they go....make no mistake, they are more dangerous than ever...!! A wounded animal will fight for his life....!!

  6. George is we have to do it ourselves
    George is leading across the swamp.
    George is adelson's puppet.
    George is under oath to that corporation! Would it be treason for him to do work for us?


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