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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Not Alone

By Anna Von Reitz

I used to feel alone.  I used to sit in my office known as "The Toad Hole" because it was in the basement, and pour over documents like the IRS Code and feel utterly forsaken, scared, and alone. Faced with a lawless and an unaccountable and out of control government, how is anyone supposed to feel? 

Once I realized that the IRS was being run illegally, the bottom dropped out. My faith in law and government was forever decimated. My innocent belief that things were as they should be was shattered. I was left to contemplate the "rest of the story".

If the IRS was a racket, what else was a racket, too? 

And what to do about it? 

The IRS Code alone is thousands upon thousands of pages of the worst legal gobbledygook known to man.  Imagine me, sitting in my little basement office in Big Lake, Alaska, confronting the entire bulk of the Congressional Record and Federal Code?

Consider it a feeling of hopelessness and sheer, awful, gut-wrenching panic.

Not only was the government clearly being operated in a criminal fashion, but the rest of my countrymen were sound asleep, functioning on automatic, unaware ---- as I had been --- that anything was wrong, and mostly ill-disposed to hear any bad news about "their" government. 

Everyone --including me-- had enough on their plates without having to take time out to delve into government corruption and what most people consider to be dull, musty history.

So I prayed for help.  What does one do in such a hopeless situation? You reach out to the Infinite and admit that you are just one little small dot in the universe, unable to deal with what you are facing.  And that is what I did.

I did that again, just recently.  I prayed for the manpower and researchers and money I need to finish the job and nail down the genesis of all this corruption.

Now we know that the worst of it was created by purposefully obfuscated and undisclosed Voter Initiatives at the Territorial State of State level, which were then misapplied to the living people in violation of the actual Constitution owed to them and their States.

The researchers are coming forward in greater and greater numbers and in more fields of endeavor; as they do, more and pieces of the "puzzle" are falling into place.  What emerges is a vast tableau of self-interested corruption, breach of trust, and purposeful deceit ---- mostly by Bar Association members, who were the only people aware enough of the legal niceties to pull off such a color of law scheme.

Sometimes I get mail from people who apparently think that I have or am doing all this research by myself.  That is not true.

My early efforts were guided and comforted by a great many Americans who were on the road long before me ---- heroes from the 18th and 19th centuries who blazed the trail and marked the dangerous place, more heroes from the 20th century who connected the dots.  At the very beginning of "You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" we paused to remember and name just a small number of all those many whose work contributed to our work and understanding.

That same debt has continued to grow as more and more people join the effort and come forward to add their knowledge, their research, and their experience ---their piece of the puzzle--- to the whole picture.  Together, we are building a factual history of America and American politics and American government for the past two and a half centuries. 

It's not always a pretty picture.  It is certainly nothing like George Washington and the Cherry Tree.  But it is what it is, and knowing what it is enables us to move forward with a firm foundation and understanding that wasn't possible while we remained asleep and in the dark.

Little by little and bit by bit my days in "the Toad Hole" have morphed into a small part of a national restoration movement that is now impacting every facet of government and every portion of society. Millions of Americans are now on the road and pushing forward, taking up and shouldering their portion of the burden, sharing their discoveries, and taking action to restore their rightful government.

A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct sense that we have reached The Tipping Point and from here on, the snowball rolls --- maybe not on its own, but under its own weight.  The change we needed was us, Americans, waking up and minding our own store.

With every one of us who reclaims their birthright and who "returns" to the land and soil of their birth, the future of our nation is secured and the downfall of our enemies and those who would profit themselves by our demise is assured.  One by one we are coming back to life.

And that's a good feeling.

Much has been learned. We now have the secure means to stand on our own feet and on our own jurisdiction again.  We have claimed back our Delegated Powers.  We have claimed back our assets.  We are learning how to make the U.S. Treasury and the banks come to heel.  The nightmare of lawlessness and government oppression is receding. 

America -- the real America, not "the US" -- is rising, because all of you are rising, and because I got up one morning and took a walk, too.  We are not alone anymore. 

With prayers that continue to be answered, often in the most unexpected ways, and with faith in justice and love and what is right, we continue to move forward and make gains every single day.  We are doing this together, as a vast unincorporated team --- Team America.  It doesn't have one face or one color.  It doesn't have a political party.  The Declaration of Independence is its only Mission Statement.

And despite all the odds, here we are. And we are winning.

The part that the historical researchers and The Living Law Firm are playing in all of this continues to be very important --- maybe not in terms of ultimate success, for I have to believe that even without our efforts the rest of our countrymen will guarantee ultimate success---but in terms of getting time-sensitive pieces in place and laying foundations.  And for that, we need your support for our efforts.

My husband and I don't have access to the assets owed to The United States of America, though we have secured them. As a result, we can't pay people for what they are doing and all the sacrifices they are making. This is all being done out of pocket by retirees and yes, a lot of younger people who still have families to support. Your donations to the effort allow us to pay court filing fees, postage, printer ink and paper, travel costs, and to meet emergencies that otherwise threaten the work these volunteers are doing. 

In the past two weeks, my readers have learned more of real substance about their history and "how things work" and how to protect themselves and make use of the remedies that are on the books for them to use than has ever been published by any single source anywhere. 

This isn't because I am so brilliant and did it all by myself!

Some of you reading this are barely surviving and we don't ask for anything but prayers from you.  Send your goodwill and blessings on the effort to restore a lawful government for America.  Hold that goal in your hearts. 

Some of you are engaged in your own struggle with the Beast.  We understand that, too. 

But to all the rest of you, who have the peace and largess to send a donation, please look into your hearts and do so.  There are many, many good and worthy causes -- but none that underlie and support and protect all the rest of what is worthwhile, like the effort to restore good government in America. 

Without this effort, the criminality of the courts and the government will only continue and grow.  Without all of us pulling together and educating ourselves and each other, we are all at the mercy of petty tyrants, arbitrary "taxing authorities", mercenary police forces, legal chicanery, wars for profit, and other evils.

If being a helpless chattel and guinea pig is not a life you look forward to, weigh in. Help. Send what you can.  I am still the Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Pay Master for this operation, still managing the "unofficial payroll" as best I can to keep noses above water every week. 

All the money from my book sales and a big dollop of my own retirement goes into supporting The Living Law Firm and our historical researchers every month.  My husband and I are doing all we can, and that is not enough--especially not with all the new research and new court cases coming on board. So I will leave it with all of you and with God:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  PayPal: .

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website. 


  1. Forget more research on the genesis of the matters; focus on the Exodus.
    (but then, some of us already have our Exodus in the works, and our new government, too.)

  2. Pay her so she can continue to mislead you.

    1. I gladly donate to this important work. We all love Anna. We are all one. UCADIA Ecclesia Foundation, we know what foundations do. Go poo-poo some where else. May God love you, work in your life, and convict your heart in the holy name of Jesus! Take that UCADIA. U in trouble now.

    2. A message from the Globalist's via this shill org. to -
      "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."


  4. Hate to make everyone here take note that not everything that is published on this site is the "gospel Truth" and as usual I have to add a few facts. Yes, the IRS Code is "thousands upon thousands of pages long" and it is written to be confusing, but one person HAD sorted it all out and that person is Pete Hendrickson, of Lost Horizon fame and his website for all irs code matters is here:
    I ran across his site about 15 yrs. ago and have bought his books and hate to wake anyone up on this site but the code IS constitutional, you just have to be aware of the LANGUAGE that is being used to understand what it is saying and WHO the code applies to!!! In legalize, white can be black or purple, depending on who writes the law. Reading it in plain English will get you in trouble, you HAVE to go by the definitions that are supplied in the code!!! So, dump this site for a while and go to Pete's site and learn the Truth of the irs code and then come back here after you have been educated. Then you will see that not everything on this site is the Truth!!!

    1. Very true for US citizens and residents in the US dba District od Columbia. It is legally correct. Its all about them defining the words they are using and us assuming we understand when we dont.

    2. This isn't only about the IRS code...the language is exactly the same for all the codes, rules, and regulations.....the penal code, the civil code, Federal, State and local codes , rules and regulations....we are surrounded by intentional semantic deceite....!! There's nothing lawful about...sure it's "LEGAL" because they are in charge of all the definitions of words , which we can thank the BAR association for.....and all their traitorist minions that they employ to be the ultimate rulers over all of us....but their day is coming to an end. And when it does they will all be trying to scatter in all directions for the spanking they have coming...If Andrew Jackson could do it, so can we with Trumps help....thats the only way people will have any peace.....!! Once you corrupt the law, you corrupt anything underneath the law with it...!!

    3. Sorry "unknown" - if its nit Constitutional its no law nor legal at all and all the bs to cover for it cannot change it to be so.
      Only Congress "can coin money".
      No foreign owned entities can legally infringe on that esp with faux/fiat systems run by world dominating systems and an IRS goon squad predatious super deepstate.


      Separation of church and state solves all your problems. People like Anna are practicing and have been practicing witchcraft. They prey on the weak. By default you all are attracted to the truth movement because you have suffered what you perceive as injustices. Many of your are financially hurting.

      What people like Anna do is exploit that. They provide a self destructive narrative. Once she sinks her teeth in you then it's almost impossible to free you folks from her grasp.

      The info she provides is toxic poison dressed up as medicine. Her National Assembly is set to fail because her approach will be considered anti-government. The authorities are on to you folks and many have classified you all as domestic terrorists.

      The solution is simple. Understand that it's ok to have beliefs and convictions of what is true and what is not. All religions do this. It's called having faith that something is true without proof.

      It becomes problematic, however, when one imposes what they believe as truth on others. This is known as a fundamentalist. So if one has strong convictions that it is true that a police officer cannot issue a citation to them for a traffic violation then technically a person with such convictions is imposing on not only the police officer doing his duty but also people sharing the roadways.

      These are tell tell signs of extremism. Also what strikes me is the way Anna's themes are always in absolutes. As if she is the authority of what is true and false and right and wrong.

      Notice, Anna does not assume a religious position. She's 100% secular though religious themes are sprinkled throughout her content. Hate to say this but I see nothing but desolation in relation to Anna's work. I pity her followers.

  5. Yeah...that's a fake UCADIA account. I doubt this person ever read The Cannons of Positive Law, which mirrors what Anna speaks of in the corruption of the law which we are subjected. I personally think One can actually go tick-for-tack between the two in the discernment of WTH us wrong and a "positive" solution.

  6. Two congresses operating simultaneously
    one british in NYC.execuiting enumerated powered with repisenitives
    The other in Pennsylvania with deputies controlling the non enumerated powers .then the agents in 1812 burned the archives and threatened the deputies .
    They rewritten the document to enumerate all the non enumerated powers . Stold power!

  7. Thus far I have been able to have my B/C authenticated and have had my name removed from voter registration. Now on to reclaiming my name(s)! One step at a time. Thank you for your guidance, Anna!

  8. Has anyone seen the u tube video on registering your fictitious name? It is very interesting, and not at odds with Anna's information, from what I can tell. Basically the premise is to claim your fictitious name before they do, and then use the paperwork to defend against attacks on the fiction. Check it out.

  9. What’s the u tube link??

  10. Do we have to record our BC in the same state that we were born in or just record it in any state? Just curious.

  11. Who is Virgo Triad?

    She is not Kim possible or Kim Guguen. Get you facts straight Anna.

  12. You attacked the wrong person with the wrong facts. You owe her(Kim) an apology.

  13. Abby,this might enlighten your poor soul.Though I much doubt it.

    30 July, 2018 13:01

    Last evening I took my kids to the beach on Long Island. The area we go to has a summer activity called “God at the Beach”. Various churches from the area go to the shore and gather their congregations for an evening mass. The energy is exciting as music plays and esteemed men from various faiths stand before an audience walking their partitioners through a ceremonial ritual with the added glory of God’s Natural cathedral.

    But this is what I see: Each group in their own way holding up a cross with a symbol of God manifested in the flesh-crucified. The church parades the symbol up and down the aisle declaring their victory having successfully killed the son of God. The focus is his death, rather than his resurrection.

    In fact, the Pope use to wear a crown that said “VICARIUS FILE DIA” Vicar or Substitute to the Son of God. He donated this crown to the Smithsonian after a book titled Elohim the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe, written by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley was published in 1958, that pointed out that the Roman Numerals on the Pope’s crown added up to 666.

    Back at the beach the crowd was walked through a ceremony honoring the Mother of God, which is a Pagan symbol added to Catholic dogma to insert the Greek Goddess Helen of Troy. They reference Mary as an idol who intercedes for them to gain favor from God.

    Next to the Priest was a flag that represented the Catholic Church. A symbol that seemed to represent power and unity under one body, subtlety demonstrated how we’ve all been duped.
    Most of us would defend our selves and or our religion, believing that we haven’t been effected in our consciousness by the spells, hidden symbols, and contracts we’ve agreed to with our silence. But consider how important certain things have become to us that we now identify as facts when it comes to understanding God.

    I’ll use the Christian name for the messiah as an example. I had intended to list several examples, but there’s so many obvious flaws in each of these myth’s that it took up too much space.

    •The Myth – The name of the Messiah is Jesus.

    •The FACTS – There is no letter J or combination of letters that make a J sound in the Hebrew, Greek, or Latin languages, which are the three languages that were most commonly spoken during the time the Messiah was in his ministry, and the three that were used to inscribe “INRI” (commonly translated, “Behold Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”)
    •And yes that means, no Jehovah, no John, no Jerusalem, and no Jacob.

    •The Method – REPETITION
    the Bible actually states that Gabriel the messenger angel appeared to Mary and to Joseph, told them their unborn child was in fact the son of God, and his name would be Emanuel. This appears three times in the scriptures.

    •The name Jesus is repeated 983 times in the older King James Version of the New Testament, and 1273 times in the New International Version (apparently he appeared an additional 300 times as time has gone on).

  14. -continued

    •The origins of the name Jesus go back to the Greek term “Hail Zues,” so even if it’s a person’s intention to honor the messiah by using the name Jesus, we end up repeating and giving credit to another God altogether.
    •The most common argument given when this is brought up is that the “name doesn’t matter.” Well, it must have mattered to God because he included it in the most essential tenants of the laws he gave the Hebrews, the Ten Commandments – #3: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
    The literal translation means to falsify who God is and what He stands for.
    •So if I put my name on your paycheck, isn’t that falsifying who the credit for your work belongs to? In like manner, if we use another God’s name for the work done by Yahweh, doesn’t that mean we’ve taken his name in vain? Yes, yes it does.
    •And by the way, breaking one of the Ten Commandments was punishable by death. So it certainly matters

    This should be important to us so that we can become aware of the spells being cast on us. Because we could easily find ourselves bowing or kneeling to another God submitting ourselves unknowingly to our own enslavement. These practices get our consent to intercede, block, and disconnect our natural awareness, appreciation, and direct connection to the Source of all life and creation. Here in lies our approval to live as victims under the illusion of scarcity. Not having access to the unlimited wealth of our heavenly inheritance creates the powerlessness many of us feel to change our circumstances.
    Notice how all of the members participating in this service have submitted to the ceremony of kneeling to the Priest as he stands above them interceding on their behalf to communicate with God for them. Much in the same way an army would surrender to a conquering army’s leader by laying down their arms and kneeling, this congregation has done the same, thinking they’re honoring one God but paying homage to another.

    Consider that the scriptures say that we’re made in the likeness and image of our creator. Moses is given the Tabernacle Pattern on the top of Mt. Sinai where Elohim transfigured from his metaphysical shape and form into the Tabernacle Pattern. In the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle you have the clear and obvious ways in which this correlates to our head cavity. Your brain is gray and white matter, much like the cloud of incense that would rise into the MHP.

    In the midst of your brain you have the Arterial Circle of Willis which is described as a stick figure of a red man in most medical books. This personifies Elohim sitting on the Arch of the Covenant as seen by the High Priest during the Flash of the Sheckoning on the Day of Atonement. Also showing that it’s God in measure in you who rightfully belongs in the place of your higher understanding symbolized in the body with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland responds to light which stimulates and sends messages all the way down to our sexual organs. Symbolically and literally showing something from an abstract idea, coming down into the flesh to manifest as a creation, much in the way a child is born.

    The Ten Commandments were placed in the Arch with 7 Commandments on one side and three on the other as the Master Law to Israel. In your brain you have the Pituitary Gland which is the Master Gland of the Body with two lobes secreting seven hormones from one side and three from the other.

    You also have two primary functions of your brain, motor or actions, and sensory, the giving and receiving of messages. These correlate to the two arch angels on the Arch of the Covenant Michael the Warrior and Gabriel the Messenger.

    Now on the Catholic flag that all of those people on the beach were kneeling to, there is one depicted that is above the throne where the Most High is supposed to sit in our consciousness. The Pineal Gland, where the Eye of Understanding is supposed to be stimulated by the light to bring forth creation is covered by a shrouded crown giving someone else authority over God in us.

  15. -continued

    The scriptures actually say, “It is the father, both to will and to do.” That means it’s God that is the free will in you making decisions to create or be enslaved, to speak or stay silent, to take a stand or take a knee. You may have been unaware of this reality before, and could therefore be excused due to ignorance. But if you know what you are participating in, and continue to do so now, you’re willingly choosing to serve man over God. It is in these choices that the mass consciousness can change or remain stagnant.
    It is our indifference to these acts that allows all other acts of violence, and perversion against us to be tolerated.

    If you look within yourself for an honest answer from God to ask if what I’ve written here is true, I guarantee you’ll see that is. The only question left is, does God want us to continue to bow down to something or someone who has exalted themselves above his Holy Name, our family name denoting the righteous character and reputation of the creator? Or is he the fire and the light that’s burning in our souls telling us to bow to no one, stand up for the family name, and make that name mean something again.


  16. Robert,
    i actually can agree with much of what you have posted and yet why did you feel you had to begin in this way?
    "Abby,this might enlighten your poor soul.Though I much doubt it."
    Still getting acquainted with Abby,(and others) and yet i know she sees much of what you post as truth also.
    And yet by beginning in the way you did, How do you think she will take it? That said,
    Now is it also amazing how many times lord is used in the Bible?
    What is the definition of lord in Hebrew? How many people know the answer? And does that not lead you to other questions? i have asked a minister if he knew the letter J does not exist in Hebrew, of course he knew!
    Finding a way to expose the Truth without turning people off would be advantageous.

    1. I have had my conversations with Abby. I have seen her posts. She is a closed minded woman who sees everyone else a lost. My choice to call her out. And I don't step back.

    2. Of course she is human like everyone else, but a little hard love would benefit her. Though she has made it crystal clear she will sit next to God and all will perish except her.

    3. As you stated you are still getting to know her. Most of us already do. Putting her off are the least of my concerns,and believe me it won't put her off,she will be rude and self righteous regardless. In her world no one is right but her.

    4. In her own word,I hate God and should admit it. She doesn't know me and assumes that she does.ohand that I am jealous of her....not.

  17. You also missed one more thing people have been deceived about, if you thing we have been deceived by just a name which he takes very serious according to you, then he really takes offence to the fact that we are disobeying his order to kept the Sabbath day holy...the first day of the week is Sunday...!! God created everything and tested on the last day, the 7th day....Saturday..!! So that now makes two deceptions that God does care about, or he wouldn't have put it in his commandments....!! Yet every single church celebrates Sunday as the Sabbath, except Johava Witnesses...!!
    Is this the "Great Deception" that has deceived even the most elite of christians.....?????

  18. How about the one that says "Thou shalt not kill"? I see no exceptions made to this statement, and yet I know of no organized religion that promotes veganism. Everybody has been taught since we were born that it's ok and normal to eat dead animal body parts and secretions. "Oh, they're just animals" is the mindset. Well, news flash y'all, SO ARE WE!!! So-called science is JUST NOW starting to admit that all beings are sentient and intelligent. They have feelings and emotions, just like humans do. In fact, we could learn a whole bunch from them if we would just take the time and make the effort to listen to them! They were put here to be our teacher, healers, and guides. No one is superior to another, and NO ONE has the right to take the life of another!!! That's what that commandment says. It's NOT a suggestion!! And yet humans choose to either ignore it outright, or give the interpretation they got from god knows where that it doesn't apply to animals that humans use for food. Recommended reading: "The World Peace Diet" by Will Tuttle PhD and "The Lost Religion of Jesus" by Keith Akers, both available on Amazon. Feel free to WITHHOLD your comments until you have read both of those books, and I suggest them in that order. Part of Jesus' (or whatever name you want to call him) message/mission on this planet was to save the animals. All of them. We will never have the peace on this earth that we seek until we extend love, mercy and compassion to ALL beings. Love and murder cannot coexist. There is no humane way to murder someone who doesn't want to die. They enjoy their lives just as much as we do, and we do NOT have any right at all to take theirs from them, no matter how we have been programmed. It's time to reprogram ourselves. This is also part of the message that the churches have kept hidden from us. The bible has been edited and re-written, first by King Constantine and his panel of Jesuit priests back in the 1400's. They REMOVED at least 10 chapters, maybe more, I don't remember for sure, but do you think there might be something in those removed chapters that they didn't want us to know about? (Lots of proof in the second book mentioned above.) They rewrote, edited, and put IN what they wanted us to know and obey. The bible is NOT the word of god, and all you people who go around quoting gospel out the wazoo have a lot to learn. You've been brainwashed and programmed, and now is the time to WAKE UP!!!

    1. And scientifically speaking, the anatomy of the human colon is one of the longest in the animal kindom...Which means man was created to be mostly vegetarians ...all carnivores are designed with short colons...!! We were meant to eat vegtables, fruits , and grains....But sadly they are using GMO'S changing the genetics of wheat and grains so they are trying to mess with our DNA...Eggs are actually the best food source we have... it's almost a complete meal...!!
      But it's almost impossible not to eat meat anymore....the only thing you can do is just cut back as much as you can...!!

    2. Anatomically speaking, compare our teeth with the teeth of a true carnivore (cats, large and small, dogs) vs. the teeth of veggie eaters (horses, deer, etc.) Whose do ours most resemble? (That's a big CLUE, y'all).

      And no, James, it's not hard at all to be vegan, and it's getting easier all the time. You just have to WANT to learn something new (reprogramming the old system). There are lots of meat substitutes for when meat seems necessary, and many large companies are coming on line investing in "fake" meat. Eggs are a by-product of chickens (secretions, actually a chicken "period"), and the poor birds that produce them live such horrible lives of torture and abuse in factory farms, the male baby chicks are murdered mercilessly by the millions because they serve no purpose to the factory farms. They are literally ground up ALIVE in grinders, or stuffed in plastic bags and suffocated or they have soap lather sprayed on them and are suffocated that way. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. These are intelligent beings who do not deserve to be treated this way!! Not to mention the salmonella issue. There is NOTHING natural or humane about the lives animals have to live in factory farms. And local farms aren't any better, although they claim they are. Don't believe them. In order to get dairy milk for humans, baby cows are stolen from their mothers within hours after being born and either stuck in veal crates or thrown away like so much useless trash to die alone of starvation. Recommended documentaries to watch: "Cowspiracy", "Forks over Knives", there's a new one coming out soon, I forget the name right now, but there are a host of them on YouTube if you are interested enough to see where your food really comes from.

      Yes, the chemical companies are trying to mess with our health in any way they can, and we must stand united against their efforts. They must not succeed!!

  19. My posts are simply to allow people another perspective should they choose it. As well as to call out the shinola, where it exists. I admire Anna and her effort to educate,wake up. But when she is wrong she also needs to be called on it.

    1. Robert,
      Are you ever wrong? Are you ever annoying? So you know her( Abby) and yet she only assumes to know you. lol
      Think about it.


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