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Friday, July 27, 2018

More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitutions and Common Law

By Anna Von Reitz

More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitution and Common Law

We have long been aware of the "sea change" that happened in the American Court System circa 1965-66. We have been aware that the result was an unlawful conversion of the State of State Courts from operating in Common Law to Statutory Law and that this was accompanied by an equally unconstitutional and improper shift in legal presumptions about our "Persons"---in fact, an unlawful conversion and trafficking in our Persons occurred.

The organic constitutions under which our states (soil) and States (land) function all refer to "persons" defined as Natural Persons --- living men and women -- and "inhabitants" -- again, living people who have made their home (soil) and established their domicile (land) in one of the sovereign States of The United States of America.

So exactly how was this sleight of hand "redefining" Natural Persons as legal fiction "Persons" accomplished, and how was the Organic Constitution and Common Law overthrown? And why?

The why is simple enough. The Territorial and Municipal United States and their federated "State of States" business franchises had been operating on a fiat currency system for decades and draining away our American silver dollars via their inequitable "dollar for dollar" exchange rate established by the 1934 Emergency Banking Act. By 1965 they were looking for new actual, factual assets to "exchange" for their I.O.U.s.

Credit systems based on I.O.U's. are not real in the sense of having something of intrinsic hold-in-your-hand value to exchange. Having established a virtual monopoly on our monetary system and having removed both gold and (largely though not entirely) silver from circulation at that time, they moved on to the next obvious step -- creating the fictional Persons/PERSONS to go with their fictional money -- and seizing upon and subjecting our actual Natural Persons as the source of their credit.

So profit and control of our assets were the motives. That's why.

And here's how: an unconstitutional and undisclosed "amendment" to the State Constitutions, allowing the rats to tack on statutory law as an administrative option and allowing the commingling of "Persons"----which then allows them to use "judicial discretion" to unlawfully convert Natural Persons to legal fiction Persons and prosecute these under statutory law.

These "amendments" were presented as voter initiatives by the schemers who then purposefully misled voters as to the nature and affect of the proposed amendments to their State Constitutions.

We have it dead in the water in New Hampshire and it is being confirmed as a repeat performance at about the same time in all fifty States. This is proof of a nationwide conspiracy, promoted by local Bar Association members and allowed by politicians.

All these "amendments" are null and void for fraud and failure to disclose their intent and affect, and in violation of the original organic Constitutions owed to the States and People.

The paperwork related to New Hampshire's case is being posted on my website:

We need researchers in all fifty (50) states to examine the voter initiatives and constitutional amendments proposed in your states in about the same time period -- 1965-66 -- to nail down the same fraud being promoted in all fifty states.

These amendments allowing commingling of "Persons" need to be nullified by declaration from the moment of their adoption and brought forward for nullification by the courts themselves.

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  1. The rip in the fabric to drag you into the corperate world

  2. The deceit and contempt of putting 5 questions with one yes or no vote is fraud. I absolutely hate this process and it has been adopted all over the world. I speak from a Canadian perspective that this practice is rampant from Federal to Provincial to Regional and Municipal levels of government. How can you "yes" or "no" a single vote to a 400 page(or any number of pages) document??? When challenged later in any court they always come back to the very line that was buried in the massive document and say "see, it was approved" Hidden in plain sight!

    1. This process is pretty ripe with me at this time as last year a proposal of 150+ pages upon first presentation became over 300 pages in the amended second proposal and no disclosure for the reason for doubling of the size of the document. It was rebutted to have every single item proposed as a single vote yes or no and was vehemently opposed and even the press got in on the "riduculous" challenge of item for item to discredit the idea. Legal representation advised council to pass and deal with the fallout later! Now you know how this crap gets through!

  3. I read a "law" made up by the treasurer of Washington State that specified comingling of all governments funds for investment purposes. Comingling is illegal for real estate and other agents, the mixing and use of funds one is holding that belong to others. I am not sure what year at the moment, recalling treasury and links to RCW. Title 35 contains incorporation and fund comingling.

  4. Damn attorneys...they try so hard to make it seem that they are actually making it easier to vote by simply voting "yes" or "no" on an initiative, but intentionally using legalese and deceptively defined language to confuse the voter into accepting something they don't even understand....again, how can they claim they are working with "clean hands" and in "good faith"...!!!
    They entail the very meaning of "soresory"...!!

  5. The change actually happened between 1948 and 1955 when all judicial branch [ common law ] courts were closed and replaced by statutory [ legislative branch ] courts. It was the switch over in policy that was slow. The closing of the judicial branches of the states and the fed gov can only be done under military occupation where the constitutions have been over thrown. Simple fact. We have not actually been under the constitutions for that long. The unPatriot Act and NDAA were simple in-you-face statements that all rights have long ago been suspended because those acts openly state that even due process can be suspended and martial law imposed at any time. True rights cannot be suspended except under military occupation.

    If is so bad that if you petition the court to know what system of law it is moving under, a right under the rules of due process, the judge will deny you that information. If you don't know the rules of the law being imposed, you cannot make a valid and informed defense. That violates all rules of due process and can only happen under military occupation.

  6. I cannot remember the year 53-56 but I recall the congressional record labeling the bar as a "Communist organization bent on the the destruction of the constitution and overthrow of the United States of America" I would assume this got laughed off as McCarthyism but seems like is the Truth more and more these days.

  7. Sounds like treason or war crimes....My offer of building gallows stands.

  8. The the next occasion I just read a blog, I really hope that it doesnt disappoint me around this place. Come on, man, I know it was my choice to read, but I really thought youd have some thing fascinating to convey. All I hear is actually a number of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy seeking attention.


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