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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I Stand Corrected --- Mysteriously So

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I got a message from a British reader informing me that (in regard to my article about peonage in our British-run jails titled "Prisons For Profit Run by Foreigners")  Compass Group, PLC, sold off its interest in prison services to this multinational conglomerate: 

Matt Sanford
Managing Director

Christopher Paldino

H.I.G. Capital
1450 Brickell Avenue
31st Floor
Miami, FL 33131
P 305.379.2322
F 305.379.2013

There's just one problem --- this acquisition occurred in 2012 and in 2018, Compass Group, PLC, is still appearing as the owner operator of Trinity Services and not H.I.G. Capital. 

Most likely, as is very and unfortunately common, H.I.G. Capital swooped in, gained control of a portion of Compass Group, PLC. by acquisition, gained use of the name and logos, etc., associated with one part of Compass Group, PLC, and continues to use the Compass Group, PLC, name as a storefront for H.I.G. Capital.  

Something similar happened when the U.S. Attorney General acquired Wells Fargo and continued to use the "Wells Fargo Bank"  name and trademark to mask a securities corporation owned and operated by the US AG. 

Who knows what H.I.G. Capital's stance on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is? 

Well, apparently, it's time we found out. 

At least Compass Group, PLC, had the decency to address the subject and have a published corporate policy about such issues.  

So the abusive service corporation running the Colorado jail kitchens is still, ultimately, a Foreign Service Provider.  It just may be H.I.G. Capital responsible for running the show instead of Compass Group, PLC.  

Again, and either way, have at it.  

I should also note that I got several questions about my statement that there are "25 million Americans in prison tonight" ---- from people bringing forward statistics indicating that the number is more like 2.5 million.  

They changed the names of most federal "prisons" to "correctional facilities" and that caused an instant and very dramatic drop in the official "prison" population!    

Hahahahah! ---- except that just as many people remain behind bars.  And those of us who know the verbiage routinely ignore their sophism. 

Let's also make it clear that I am including the populations of the federated "State of State" prisons and jails and "correctional facilities" and "reform institutions", for the simple reason that the people who are incarcerated in these facilities are suffering under the same system and the same false legal presumptions of the same parent corporations. 

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  1. Lawfare, rule a country with harsh police force the public relations firms will feed bread and circus meanwhile scared Ppl will not stop the fleecing .
    But we can read and communicate thus learn how to right back in the town square and court room.
    Learn how to assert your rights as a sovereign in a common law court you creat in your paperwork you file stating your one of the Ppl (not a citizen ) and in this court of record meaning common law court .bring your suit explain in body of letter.

    1. Bill thorton is experienced and lucid teacher of common law how to write your papers .

  2. "Corruptorado" private corporate officials acing as judges and clerks of court do not sign the so called "Orders" as required by Law, creating a counterfeit instrument. The beauty of the land disguises the Pure stench hanging just above the land, known as "Territory". 10,000 new victims relocate there every month. Easy picking for the pirates from those still asleep. I send Peace, Love and Forgiveness out to one Joshua Jay Williford, actor/judge of the Arapahoe County District Court. I place his heart in the hands of God. I will trust God with this man and move on with my life without the burden of judgement, stress and worry. May God change his heart. I forgive him for the damage he has done to my family as I have become awake due to his actions. The blessing is received, thank you

  3. yes, yes Yes, Annie!!! Blessings Be Now In Peaceful Abundance!!
    My heart Is celebrating with you Now!! :))

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

  4. Good thing it wasn't me, I wouldn't forgive the b'tard in a million years. Reap what he sowed, and ask God to pour out Vengeance on him. Letting the jerk off the hook will profit you nothing and just makes you appear to be foolish.
    He will still pay for his 'crimes against humanity' just the same.

    1. I was not his victim. It was not my case. I dwell on Delaware. It was a family member. He would have to fight and he is afraid of these people. I can't fight for him so after 3 years I have to move on. Forgiveness is for me to let go and let God. I can not live holding anger close to my heart. It's killing me.

    2. I've got to believe that God will change this man iF I let it go. I'm not the judge. I was brought up with the wrath of god, every body is going to Hell if you don't comply etc... I have to believe God is Love and that Love can change the world. I ask for nothing negative from the universe, lest it come back and be dumped on my head.

    3. Annie, I just noted you said it was 'harm done to your family' so I see that is the case, whether right in your household or within your family tree.
      Anyhow, according to scripture one is to repent of their wrong doing first, and then that is when forgiveness ''must'' be given.
      The opposite is also true, if one does not repent then forgiveness is not demanded by God. The reason for this 'process' to obtaining forgiveness, is to give the person the opportunity to repent.
      That 'process' is stated clearly in Luke 17:1-4. Repentance first, forgiveness second.

      There are a few peeps right in my own family who have been tyrants in my family, namely my biological father and brother, both having badly and unjustly mistreated my mother which she most assuredly did not deserve.
      And so I have never forgiven them, and it sure doesn't bother me or keep me awake at night; I simply handed them over to God and told him he could do whatever he wants with them, I washed my hands of both of those buggers and I don't even think about them.
      I know that He is a God of true Justice, so I know it will get taken care of properly. And I just moved on with my own life; walk through new and opened doors all the time, and thats how I handle that mess.

      P.S. My youngest brother was also badly abused by them both and God saw fit to enable me to recently bury him far far away from either of them; an absolute heaven on earth historical area to be envied.

      P.S. Justice is justice. There is nothing negative about try Justice. And to each his own, but in no way do I feel I have to believe either of them would change; I know they will never do so; they've had a half century to do so and did not.
      What 'we' believe has no bearing on whether a person will change or not; it is dependent upon what They do.

      P.S. There are a lot of people who get into ''legal problems' and unable to fight for themselves; they make it very intimidating. That is why I suggested there needs to be a whole lot of attorneys who will give up their Bar cards and become Law Counselors for such folks.

    4. Karma is karma Abby...Maybe some life after u reincarnate after ALL the stupidities u repeatedly post here & there - u might learn some humility:)

      The Audacity of Humility

      I walked up to an old, old monk and asked him, “What is the audacity of humility?” This man had never met me before, but do you know what his answer was? “To be the first to say ‘I love you.’”•-peosta-ia/

    5. Oh now we have the old 'reincarnation' junk, lol. Well I'm not going to reincarnate at all; I'm coming back as abby cause He got it right the first time, lol. And P.S. I don't happen to love you, so you might as well give up on that idea, lo.
      Those monks are not too bright.

    6. I love dogs, cats & idiots like u Abby, So does God ~ you old fool☇

      Yes, u r definitely reincarnating somewhere Abby. Jesus has a plan for u, too.

      And animals,

  5. I co-wrote this. Its worth sharing.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Or actually I think the posts were all on the 18th.

  8. Cheryl C. Here is the link to Tank...

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