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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Who or What is in Control of the "Federal Government"?

By Anna Von Reitz

I was having dinner with a very elite group of academics and high rent businessmen. Doctors, lawyers, and literally--Indian Chiefs, business moguls, heirs of great fortunes, clergymen of renown--- and suddenly, there was a brief silence.
Into that silence I heard my own voice tossing this innocent-sounding question: "Who or what do you think controls the Federal Government?"
Since the "Federal Government" has become a vast mish-mash of separate corporate interests and privatized agencies and foreign mostly British and French commercial conglomerates, this is a somewhat disingenuous question. I was asking it almost as a rhetorical query to see what they would all say.
The President, according to more than half of our experts, controls the Federal Government.
The Congress, according to about a quarter of the pundits.
Political Parties split the rest of the vote with "Private Business Interests".
Not one single person in that whole assembly came up with the actual correct answer, which is ---- the States.
Not the States of States. The States.
So while we are moaning and groaning and seeking answers, it seems that we need to do some remembering as well.
We, the People of this country, are in the process of reclaiming our birthright, We are assuming our proper political status and assembling our Counties and our States.
There are no "citizens" of our States, except those that serve our States in some public capacity or office, as I do. The Justices, Sheriffs, and other Public Officers are known as "State Citizens".
By definition, a "citizen" owes an obligation of service to the government, either voluntary or paid, but most people occupying our States are simply Minnesotans or Vermonters or Oregonians, New Yorkers, Floridians, Virginians and so on.
So far as the "United States" is concerned, we are known as United States Nationals, not United States Citizens, not citizens of the United States, and certainly not US CITIZENS.
This is not actually confusing. It's just different than what we have been taught and led to suppose.
To get to the truth about our government and how it is supposed to be organized -- and run --- and by whom -- requires us to delve far more deeply into our own history than US History 101.

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  1. The Free State Movement did a study and noted that all it took to "turn" a State to constitutional gov't was ONE county, and all it took for the country was one State. Trouble was, they couldn't get enough people to move to a State to turn even one county. They tried it in various States but TPTB was able to have these people branded by the news as neo-nazis, racists, etc. etc. and the bran dead sheeple attacked the very people trying to free them. So...we will be stuck with this shinola until it collapses as the sheeple love their slavery so!!!

    1. Indeed C. Johnson, lets hope enough people are awake. Let the action begin!

    2. Well said to unknown and others. However I beg to disagree on the subject of citizens entirely. Judge Anna here seems to forget another article she wrote whereby she states that we are no citizens at all! We are all sovereign, or those who actually do the work to reclaim it, amongst other sovereigns, and I will leave it at that. I believe in the true teachings of yeshua hamashia. I give no credibility with an alleged "holy book" that has been plagiarized, bastardized, canonized to the point to where it only fulfills a Khazarian mafia infiltrated Jesuitic religion for 2 millennia, other than possibly historical value. I do believe that there is only one true life giving creator, the energy has to come from somewhere, it cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. But if we were truly under His/Her/Its will alone and subject to Him/Her/It, then we would have no free will at all and we would never see this kind of evil in the world. On the other hand one cannot be an anarchist for long as eventually someone would turn to violence and do the very same thing we see now and that it trying to enslave everyone else through their craftily created fraud. So we create governments to serve as our employees to protect the other sovereign people as well as the other employees subject to terms of their employment contracts.
      The people are sovereign, that is a fact, subject to only the golden rule. Do what you may so long as you do not intentionally harm another with malicious intent, and do not infringe upon the rights of others. Simple as that.
      It is when the employees start treating their employers as if they are not, is when the trouble starts.
      Keep in mind, the employees can always quit their jobs and go back to being sovereign by nullifying their employment contracts and stop accepting the benefits. But how many really want to?

      I am not trying to change the world for everyone. I am trying to change the world for me. I am intelligent enough to make it on my own. I can provide for myself. I can wield tools of all kinds. I can and do choose to be and remain sovereign. But the employees, acting like unhampered children have found the keys to the house, locked us up/in, and taken the car out for a mayhem joyride.

      The Rothchilds, Morgans, Jesuits and the like have abused their sovereignty as well. However they as fellow sovereigns cannot nor will ever be subject to their hired servants and thus will never be held accountable by them. The only way we are ever going to see justice done to them is by common law courts, by common law juries comprised of other equal sovereigns, and common law Sheriffs to enforce the verdicts.

      This is why I support Judge Annas' work and the
      Because quite simply, it is up to us.

    3. well written, with clarity and truth. i agree.

    4. First of all sovereignty does not come from paperwork or comes from within and the fact that you "ALWAYS keep your word, because your word is your "BOND"....!! And without that, sovereignty is just another word...!! By that definition, hardly anyone I have ever meet is sovereign...!! Your sovereignty shouldn't even start until your 25 , and until you prove people can count on your word as "gosple"..
      !! It has to be earned, like everything else in life...!! As soon as you break your word to someone, you are no longer a soverign, but a citizen/slave with not even "civil rights" as your remedy....people who cannot keep their word, should be branded by a red "S" like the "Scarlet letter" so people know what kind of person he/she is, and be avoided like the plaque....!! That way we won't have to guess if he is honest or a LIER..!! My guess is you wont find one in a million without a red "S"...Judge Anna, you seem to think that sovereignty is is automatic...a gift from GOD..!! You are going to find out one day that sovereignty doesn't even exist in heaven....except from the "sourse" itself...!! No one else qualifies without first being tested...otherwise, why give us "free will"..!! FREE WILL is a test of someone's true intent and the way he treats other people, as he would want to be treated...!! Without free will, you wouldn't be able to tell who or what a person is really like underneath the skin...!! Basically, there is nothing left for God to judge, because you already made your sleep in it...!! Without attorneys, we all understand between one another what someone else is talking doesn't matter if you call yourself a citizen, resident, or live in Calif. or the State of Calif. in everyday conversations with one another...does it..?? Language has been weaponized by attorneys so we can never defend ourselves when a legal matter arises...!! At least when I go to another country, I know I don't understand the language...!! But not to understand your own language is a "sin" created by people who think they have a special entitlement over the rest of us..!! That's why the original 13 amendment for "titles of Nobility" weren't allowed to hold any public office, or even work as an employee as a public servent....because their agenda is always to people higher up in the corporate chain, than to the people...!! And even if you did earn your sovereignty, you could always lose it at any time as soon as you break your word with someone...!! Especially when it comes to money...!! But that isn't the only way to break your word...!! But that is definitely the one that will earn you a red "S"...!! And everyone in Congress could easily see that there are nothing but red "S"'s all over the white house if that was implemented..!! So enough with the word "soveriegn"..!! Nobody is a wasn't hard for God to figure that out. That's why he always picks the KINGS , like king David..and Moses..!! They are far from being perfect, but they are always good on their word.. So it shouldn't be to surprising that God picked Trump for our deliverance..!! He's no saint, but what does that say about the rest of us....we weren't picked..!! It's time to help Trump...financially and for "moral support"..!! We only have this one chance...!!

  2. Truth unites. Falsehood divides. A penny saved will be taxed.
    Spent cents can't be seized. Buy now!

  3. "United States National" vs "National of the United States"...

    Are you talking about [8 USC 1101(22)(B)]?

    (22) The term “national of the United States” means (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States.

    Personally I don't think I should owe any allegiance to the outta control "United States" so I think I would be:

    (21) The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

    Notice: "state" vs "State"...

    (36) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

    "state" is undefined here so it is the common definition
    Websters #7:
    a : one of the constituent units of a nation having a federal government the fifty states
    b States plural : The United States of America

    This is complicated stuff please be very specific...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Don’t complicate it then. Nowhere has she ever confused the terms “United States National” or “national of the United States”. It’s a good point to bring up though, as it could be used against someone that didn’t recognize the difference.

    3. Very good, a few get it. USC. 26 describes nationals, people belonging to the union of states, as non-resident aliens which is correct. Alien to DC and not the thing identified-res-ident.

    4. Cube Sphere - where in Title 26 is this described?
      Thank you!

    5. See Weiss on this subject, here is a excerpt.

      (a) Classes of aliens. For purposes of the income tax, alien individuals are divided generally into two classes, namely, resident aliens and nonresident aliens. Resident alien individuals are, in general, taxable the same as citizens of the United States; that is, a resident alien is taxable on income derived from all sources, including sources without the United States. See § 1.1-1(b).

      Nonresident alien individuals are taxable only on certain income from sources within the United States and on the income described in section 864(c)(4) from sources without the United States which is effectively connected for the taxable year with the conduct of a trade or business in the United States.

      However, nonresident alien individuals may elect, under section 6013 (g) or (h), to be treated as U.S. residents for purposes of determining their income tax liability under Chapters 1, 5, and 24 of the code.

      American Nationals [stated as Nonresident Aliens] have the option to make an ‘election’ or not. If you are an American National and can choose freely to make an ‘election’ or not, which would you rather do? We don’t try to tell you what to do, but to show you the law and let you make up your own mind. What we can tell you is that everyone here has freely chosen not to make an ‘election’.

      You will now read another section of this regulation which, at first glance, may cause you to pause. Keep in mind the mirror idea and that any Nonresident alien [American National] must first make an ‘election’ in order for his/her income to be treated [meaning taxed under the FIT statutes] like that of a U.S. resident alien.

      (b) Classes of nonresident aliens — (1) In general. For purposes of the income tax, nonresident alien individuals are divided into the following three classes:

    6. (i) Nonresident alien individuals who at no time during the taxable year are engaged in a trade or business in the United States,

      (ii) Nonresident alien individuals who at any time during the taxable year are, or are deemed under § 1.871-9 to be, engaged in a trade or business in the United States, and

      (iii) Nonresident alien individuals who are bona fide residents of a section 931 possession (as defined in § 1.931-1(c)(1) of this chapter) or Puerto Rico during the entire taxable year.

      An individual described in paragraph (b)(1)(i) or (ii) of this section is subject to tax pursuant to the provisions of subpart A (section 871 and following), part II, subchapter N, chapter 1 of the Code, and the regulations under those provisions.

      [NOTE: This is absolutely correct IF such individual has made an ‘election’ under 26 USC §6013 (g) or (h)][verification can be found here.]

      Then this regulation continues and at 26 CFR 1.871-1 (b)(4) it addresses the matter of Nonresident Alien individuals who choose to expatriate. If Nonresident Alien Individuals were something other than American Nationals [those born in one of the 50 states of the Union], “Then how could they ever ‘expatriate’ and lose their constitutional U.S. citizenship?” Clearly, Nonresident Alien Individuals are American Nationals [those born in one of the 50 states of the Union] as they alone have a constitutional citizenship and not a statutory federal citizenship.

      (4) Expatriation to avoid tax. “For special rules applicable in determining the tax of a nonresident alien individual who has lost U.S. citizenship with a principal purpose of avoiding certain taxes, see section 877.” In the statutory sense, lost U.S. citizenship means one who has given up their former constitutional U.S. citizenship via expatriation.

      Think about this. Without a doubt, any time you read “Nonresident Alien Individual” just change it to “American National”. This regulation shows that American Nationals have no FIT liability at all UNLESS they make an ‘election’ to have their income and lives taxed like that of a U.S. Resident Alien — a foreigner from another country who lives and works in the Constitutional Republic or the District of Columbia.

      Then, if all Nonresident Alien Individuals [American Nationals] were lawfully and legally liable for the FIT, “Why spend so much time with all this detail in paragraph (b)?” Would it not be far easier, and much clearer, to simply say that ‘all Nonresident Alien individuals are liable for the FIT’ if they truly were all liable in the first place?

      What reflection do you see in Himmler’s mirror now?

      Many have challenged this fact only to learn a hard lesson. Some have attempted to study the tax statutes and soon realize the knowledge they seek has become very confusing. Others have resigned to paying the tax without knowing how tax liability occurs.

      The truth is in front of you as you stand looking into the mirror, so why are you somewhat unsettled at this point?

      Perhaps it is best explained by a few lines from the movie “Open Range” starring Annette Benning as Sue Barlow, in which her character stated:

      “I don't have all the answers. I do know that people get confused in this life about ‘what they want’ and ‘what they have done’, and ‘what they think they should have done because of it’. Everything they think they are or did takes hold so hard that it won’t let them see what they can be. It takes us awhile to see things clearly.”

      Look again into Himmler’s mirror of truth and try to see things clearly.

    7. If all of that is true, then why is it I could never convince a tax accountant when I showed him the same things and he still wouldn't file my taxes the way I wanted him to accountants and tax attorneys don't even want to pick up that book (title 26)..!! If they don't believe it, you can bet the court won t understand it either...everyone is running on auto...!! Just following the next soon as you have to explain taxes in a book with 3000 pages of "legalese" you know there is fraud being pulled...!! That should be self evident for any judge to see and rule against the IRS immediately and if you don't like it take it up with Congress..!!

    8. Great read!! Thank you for sharing this well written piece Cube!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and peace

    9. There is only us people here, the rest is make believe! James, It is all true, however, everyone who is a gate keeper for this system has to look the other way if they want to keep their jobs at the bomb factory, as a friend of mine puts it. The criminality is so deep, truth will be shunned at all cost. Do you remember the Credit River case? The judge was killed, the attorney disbarred? Summation is this, judge finds for home owner against the banks and gives them an opportunity to respond if they claim they gave consideration with FRN's, no response. Bank appeals even though they had nothing to claim. Court of appeals reverses the judgement and by this time original dead judge is replaced. Appeals court says dead judge lacked jurisdiction, however, new judge rules in favor of bank(same jurisdiction) and seals the record so case can never be used!! Thats what were up against.

    10. Look up the etymology of the word "People"
      From the Latin = Persona = Mask = Fake Being = A Fiction.
      "Being" = Existing = Alive = Living = Consciousness = Potential Energy = Have a Magnetic Field (MF).
      Thought alters the MF.
      Centrepoint of MF is Heart = NO Polarity (+/-) = Neutral = detached. (da Vinci's Canon of Man)
      Polarity (+/-)= disconnected from SOURCE = "The Father in Me that doeth the Works) = ripe for usurping of your Energy = You get battered = Your Battery is flattened = Energy lost/stolen.
      Thus, if you think and exercise this aspect = "Command Ye Me", what is the result?
      Self Empowerment = you play your game, not the game of the deceivers, dupers and usurpers who created all these fictions to befuddle all.
      i.e. you do not contract = CON-tract = Shrink = recede.
      You stand in your own power (sovereign?)
      = Master of all you survey.
      In Heart, Powerhouse
      Out Heart = Powerless
      Apply this principle and see onward progress to Self-Empowerment.
      One step at a time, detached, quietly speaking and LIVEing your TRUTH.

  4. I am a Dutch/American national or Californian...remember not only did they de-natonalize into a US citizen but they also created a new corporate political status by misrepresenting your "race" as in white or black for example. You are neither.

  5. Whose running the federal government? Oh thats an easy question. IDIOTS. Of course 99% of the People believer d.c. is the federal government, and they have no idea the States have any say in much of anything. I don't think the States have much say in anything, because we have a bunch of d.c. butt kissers with no spine. They too are mostly IDIOTS, as well.

    D.C. gets a stupid idea, they notify the States Governors Conference and they convene and tell all the governors to do stupid stuff like increase or decrease their interstate speed limits; or ban smoking in public places; raise all your State Tax on cigs so people can't afford them and will be FORCED to stop smoking.

    Oh they are all so caring for The People, that they don't want them to die of smoking, LOL. Never mind that they were the ones all along that put all the chemicals in cigs, which are harmful. Good example of their 'create the problem, then blame the people'.

    The States are just as bad as D.c. is. Time to dig into the CAFR secret stash of money they have bilked their ''citizens' out of. And while you're at it, how about exposing just how much the retired State employees are getting in their State Pension payments each month. Then compare that with SS checks.

    D.c. is an enemy of the People and SO ARE all the States.

  6. It is the masses vs the classes. George Carlin said it best, "it is a big club and you ain't in it " . Those that know will never tell. Mercedes is for the classes, the rest is for the masses. I heard it said and it is true.

  7. Here is what you are looking for if you want the correct answer.

  8. Theoretically.the people but in fact the CIA.project mocking bird .and the controlling or creator of CIA? The CFR rich rothchild Walberg brothmans.same ones who run northern trust inc that run the courts.

  9. I disagree with Anna's claim that we are "United States Nationals." It is claimed by the United States Government that "United States Nationals" owe allegiance to the United States. We are "American nationals." We are mentioned only once in the United States Code, at 8 USC Sec. 1502. The "proceedings in a foreign state" mentioned by that section include any proceeding in a U.S. District Court or in any "State of State" court, as such venues are foreign to American nationals.

  10. Joseph A., nice find, it's amazing what keeps getting found.


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