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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Thank You and a Call to Action

By Anna Von Reitz

First, I want to very much thank everyone who has dug into their own "Cookie Jar" money and those who continue to do so, to help fund the operations of The Living Law Firm and make possible the progress of The American States and Nations Bank.  

Both efforts are crucial and both are still in desperate need of funds, because our fake government has made such a mess of things that our assets have been falsely involved in their corporate bankruptcies. I am still the Paymaster---- Paypal is: and mailing address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

The work load is unbelievable, so I very rarely get a chance to send written thank you notes, but I always FEEL the gratitude to each and every one of you and often send my silent wishes and blessings across the miles. 

The first important "Call to Action" is for everyone to reclaim their original birthright political status and get their Good Names solidly back on the land and soil jurisdiction of their State of the Union.  The second is to gather together and "populate" your County and State via the lawful assembly process.  Go to or contact 

The third is my personal plea to all of you to take the time to check all the disinformation about me that is flooding the internet, thanks to my exposure of the banks and the Satanists and all the other crappola.  

Please note:  

1. I do not recommend that normal average Americans set up Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA's) which are meant for Federal employees and dependents and those who --- for reasons known only to God --- wish to buy Treasury Bonds. 

2.  I am not a Bar Attorney.  You can't be a Bar Attorney and serve in any capacity related to the land and soil jurisdiction of this country.  Thus I am not a "Judge" in their system.  Please note that there is a difference between the "Alaska State" and the "State of Alaska".  You have to be sharp enough to pick up on these differences or you will be misled and fed all sorts of poppycock. 

3. There is a difference also between the word "person" and the word "people" as I have recently pointed out yet again.  A "person" -- like a US citizen -- has no rights guaranteed by any Federal Constitution.  Only "people" have such guarantees.  So if you want the protections of the Constitutions you are heir to, run-don't-walk back to the land and soil of your birth and teach others to do the same.  

4. The UN Corporation is an evil thing, an uber-militaristic mercenary operation not to be confused with the United Nations organization.  

5. We haven't had an actual United States Treasury in this country since 1924.  The IMF has served as the treasury since 1946.  All mailings from entities pretending to be or to represent any US Treasury are fraudulent and need to be attacked under the provisions against mail fraud. 

6. This morning I was awakened by this blurb from Paul under the heading, "This one will get you going...." and this link:

Obviously, whoever wrote this is in La-La-Land and "wiki" needs a wake up call.  But I don't have time to do it.  

Please, my readers, feel free to join in the real battle for planet Earth--- which is a battle of truth against lies and love against hate?  

Correct this "wiki" posting for me?  Let loose on "Virgotriad" and "Manna Trust" and all these other agents of disinformation?  Just squash them flat. I have given you all more than enough information to defend yourselves, and also enough to defend me, too.  

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. paper war in a paper matrix .the big corporate money runs the northern trust inc that runs the
    crime syndicate Janet reno.butcher of waco.jogn ashcroft calls anybody who disagrees with gov.domestic terrorist . Yet the gun running human trafficking is part and parcel to thair crime fiamly.

  2. Does everybody know that not one attorney is licensed to practice law? They are only issued a membership card by a private association called the BAR association. They are not issued a state license as required for any other profession. So in court, the minute the attorney opens their mouth, say "Objection! Counsel is testifying. I request the court take judicial notice of Trinsey v Pagliaro which states "An attorney for the plaintiff cannot admit evidence into the court. He is either an attorney or a witness“. (Trinsey v. Pagliaro D.C.Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647). Keep objecting and if the judge continues to allow him to speak, state "Your honor, I must object for the record. Counsel can only be an attorney or a witness, as judicially noticed by this court in Trinsey v Pagliaro, and since counsel simply cannot be a witness because he does not have firsthand knowledge, I need to request that counsel produce their state issued license to practice law and their bond to determine whether they are indeed a properly licensed attorney." Then when they cannot produce it, move the court to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted under FRCP 12(b)6 or your state equivalent.

    1. Thank you for that, 1FreeMan! Indispensable information there.

    2. 1FreeMan awesome find! Thank ya!
      Also that asking for the bond they are supposed to have works for;
      County Clerk
      Your employer giving you tax forms
      Anyone dealing with comerence!

    3. Sounds like one of the very best suggestions (possibly The Best!) on directly facing the "accuser" and calling his bluff, for the record(?) and with witnesses to boot!
      Thank You Very Much 1 FreeMan!

    4. I have been running into the clerk of courts and other agents telling me they don't have a Bond number.and in the county ImI in the board of commissioners holds and issue the bonds for clerk of courts and sheriff's department.
      How can I get their Bonding information wen they continue to lie about it

    5. Holly, look online for a FOIA request form for your state and send it in with a Postal Money Order for the estimated amount of the fee. Find a FIA letter and request both a copy of their bond and oath of office. They have no choice but to respond and send you your requested information.

    6. 1FreeMan......I'll go one step more and OBJECT immediately as soon as the judge opens his mouth to ask you a question....!! Usually, they try and play it down by calling you Mr. Pansini, making it seem they are giving you respect and trying to be civil....But I would object immediately, and tell him one of two things..
      1)Excuse me your honor, but no one refers to me as Mr Pansini....
      My name is Jim.....and I would appriatiate if you just refer to me as Jim only....!!

      or option 2) Your honor has me confused for someone else...!!
      I am here on that matter before the court, only as a 3rd party intervenor for the accused to settle and adjust this account for full settlement and closeure of this account...!! If you want you can tell him you are working under the doctrine of "NEXT FRIEND"(find it in blacks law dictionary) and not as an attorney for the accused...

      The first thing he will probably try is to have you sign a "Farretta waiver" , which basically states that you will act exactly as an attorney. In other words, the court comes first, the public second, and your client last...and that you cannot bring in evidence against the court or State..!! But that's a trick, because you have no intention of letting this get further than your first appearance, so there is no need to sign that waiver or anything else they want you to sign...
      If some attorney steps forward to accept your case and starts to plead guilty for you, immediately "Object" and tell the judge you want to put this attorney under "Direct Examination " to see if has the authority to act not only as my advocate, but if he has first hand info about this case, and if he has a true license to practice law in California (don't say the State of Calif.)..!!
      He won't do it if he knows he's taking "liability" by holding your charges and he thinks you know enough to make him liable instead, because he is the "HOLDER" of that charging instrament, as well as all the charges and that come sentencing time if they plan on overriding all your objections and moving forward, than at your "allocation hearing" which the judge has to give you, just before he substances you...he has to ask you if you would like to make a statement...thats when you can let him know that he should direct his question to the attorney they forced you to take because he's the one "holding" the charges and you are refusing to stand for the sentencing...he took on the case and my charges, so he can take all the consequences for it too..!!

      But the very first thing you should do if you feel that they will force you into court no matter what you say or write to them, is tell the court you want an "appearance bond" posted, so that the bond fulfills the requirement of your appearance, without waiving jurisdiction...!! And if they refuse, than you have to make up a "Subrogation Bond" and name the judge, or any and all assignees other than him involved in your case "liable" on the Bond which spells out the conditions of your appearance....things like, this bond is filed in order to keep everyone in court, especially the judge that he agrees to the terms of the bond..

      Namely, that he agrees not to take "silent judicial notice" of ANYTHING and that he also agrees to adjudicate the case with "clean hands" and in "good faith" and with full transparantcy as to the "Nature" and "cause" of the charges, and not just the "letter of the law", which doesn't require a true injured party or "real party of interest"(FRCP 17 (a))..The State cannot be an injured party because it's a Corp. fiction...!! You can add other things but you get the idea...but you want to add that if the the conditions of the bond are not adhered to , he takes all the liability for the charges, along with the prosecutor..

    7. The nice thing about this kind of bond is that it isn't necessary for the judge to sign the bond because your signing his name for him under "subrogation" because we all know they will never sign that bond...!!

      As a side note...yes there is a difference between real people and "persons"...But there is also a distinction between a "person" and a "private person "..!! So much so that the penal code only mentions two people qualified to make an arrest.....a peace officer or a "private person"...PC 834..!!

      PC the circumstances where a "private person" can make an arrest.

      PC the pp making the arrest to summon as many people as it takes to make the arrest.

      PC 150 ....makes it a crime for refusing to help a "pp" in making an arrest and join his posse...!!

      You see, we actually have a lot of much as any peace officer if you are a "private person"...!! But this is where the patriot community always fail.. They won't stick together to come to another's aid, when he has the legal authority to actually make an arrest on even a peace officer if there is no injured many chickens....!! I can't even get my friends to show up to court with me as witnesses because of their absolute hatred of the courts and wasting their presious time in front of the boob tube..!!

      I'm told that that bond only needs to look like a regular court motion and kept simple, mentioning the terms of the bond....Oh, and I forgot to say to add the "civil liabilty" for dishonoring or intentionally ignoring the points mentioned on the bond....usually it is a "million dollars"..!! But you have to get the court clerk to stamp it , so it is in the court record....!! You can even put it on "bonding paper"...Yes, apparently there is a difference, but I have never looked into it yet...But I will..!!

      As far as asking these judges for anything like their "oath of office" and bond (which none of the county workers have, because they are all "self -insured under their RISK MGT DEPT. under a "pooling of insurances by different companies..!!

      And i have personally seen other patriot sites who are all very intelligent, who ordered the judges oath of office, whereupon when he received it, the judge altered the very end of the oath, that usually ends in..."so help me God" to read.."SO HELP ME GOD"!!! They know the semantic game good..!! They can always come up with something to get around "libility"...!!
      You can't depend on those things anymore...!!

      Bonding has always been the answer to most of the problems we face in court...but none of us have been doing it...!! Some how some way, we have to make them "liable" , or they will always roll all over us...!!

  3. The Living Law Firm? This one bothers me too.
    i already have a Living Law firm.
    The Real battle for planet earth?

  4. DJT: "Objection! Counsel is testifying.
    RSM III: "but I digress"

  5. I’m confused about something. If Anna does not recommended TDAs, what is that whole business about surrendering ones BC to Steven Mnuchin and setting up an an account? Was that not for the purpose of setting up a TDA / ‘Accept for value’ or did I misunderstand something? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    1. Ellie, there is a big difference between a public TDA and the private Treasury Direct Account you are requesting Mnuchin to set up. There are always 2 sides to a coin: public and private. Just like the public side of your S-S-N and the private side of your SSN.

    2. And also , up to this point, we only had the option of being U.S citizen slaves....and if they insist we are and always will be citizen slaves, than we had to learn how to use those accounts (TDA''s) in order to access our "Strawman Account" for "discharge " of our charges, by using A4V..!! But know w ing exactly how to do it shouldn't be our Roger Elvick used to tell us, all we should have to do is request it and send it to the CID Dept. of the IRS, who are supposed to be th e experts at accounting..and if they need anything else to make it go through the "pass through window", they should do it...!! And at first they were...until a ton of people followed trying to make the same claim....then the law is thrown out the window and arrest start happening (unlawful of course) on patriots trying to use that remedy..!!

  6. Thank you for your time and effort. It is appreciated. I understand all you say here.
    For anyone else out there:
    I have, in fact, recorded my completed and notarized editable forms. I just want to understand if the 'Surrender via Steven Mnuchin / TDA account set up' is still a thing. Has Anna changed her mind about this step which she earlier recommended?

  7. I am referencing "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why"

  8. Ellie S, It is my understanding that Anna believes the game changed when the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION went into bankruptcy October 1, 2017. I filed my BC surrender and TDA setup in September 2017. Someone correct me if I am in error.
    Now we must ensure the assets are RETURNED to the American people from which they were stolen.

  9. So still no straight answer on the BC....
    All caps, really? DOG-LATIN

  10. It is a modified SPC process and NOT to be recommended. Not one person has ever benefitted from it. It would be tantamount to somebody saying turn your car title over to someone else and saying, here do whatever you want with it without qualification." If anyone thinks they know more and want to challenge the main detractor with more experience than anyone i know, call jonah bey any mon, wed nite 7pm hindsight blogtalkradio or fri morn 10am new evolution blogtalkradio good luck. Look forward to hearing a proper debate with anyone that thinks they know more.

  11. Wow c j that is more than a mouthfullllll

  12. C. Johnson: I had a good chuckle. Daniel was in a lions den and the Lord shut the lion's mouths and David fought against Goliath using a sling to bring him down with a stone (rock, Jesus) directed by the Lord and then killing him with his own sword by cutting off his head. Draw the parallels! Be Blessed!

  13. Here's what I don't understand...Washington DC is like any other corporation with the CEO at the top....Donald Trump..!! He could fire everyone of his "employees" but he doesnt....WHY!! If it is truly a corporation and all Corp. Safe run by the CEO, then why is Congress delibritly disrespecting him and outright defying him...if anyone tried that in his company you know he wouldn't tolerate it at all...he has the power of a "dictator" without enforcement rights...what is wrong with this picture...!! He would have that power if he was a democrate, but apparently not as a Rebublican...!! I would have terminated the entire CIA immediately for reasons of "National Security"....that agency works FOR the BUSHES...!!!

  14. Until then, I have committed to giving Trump $10/month to help his agenda and has a lot more power to get it done than Anna (even though I think Anna is truly a good person and her heart is good, she just can't pull off the things Trump is accomplishing)...And he is begging me and everyone else to help donate to his cause, because we finally have a president for the people..!! He just sent me another letter begging me to give him $20 a month for only two months because of the primaries coming up and saying we cannot let the democrats rule Congress anymore, and we could lose it if we don't match the "deep states" efforts to win this game..!! Can you believe the threats made to him and his family, including Barron Trump who is only 12 years old.....and no one is even arrested, let alone charged..!! That last tweet by Mr Fonda who has a movie coming out, was over the top, telling people Barron should be kidnapped and put in a room full of pedophiles....what a sick thing to say, not to mention it's a crime to threaten people in that way...!!

    This country has been run by the Democrates no matter who is in office before Trump came along...!! We really need to get behind this President and support him not only on paper, but with money, because he is the only one that CAN do it.. one cares about us or what we file....!! This last election has changed the "rules of law" completely....Now , anything goes as long as it gets Trump out of office....until then, there is no "rule of law"...!!

  15. Fascinating who claims to have sponsored that outrageous article about Anna....

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. They denied my husbands subrogation in court saying it was an act of treason and then continued court and even waived my husbands right to a speedy trial for him and setting it from june 26th to now September of this year. He is forced to keep the public defender he tried to fire after being threatened by him! His public defender toldd him he was gonna extend his stay in jail so he could sit in there longer and he sure did! Then he gets a letter from the court saying they denied his subrogation on top of it all! Not one motion for modification of conditions of release has been entered for the past 6 months my husband has been in jail on these charges that they are guilty for! I can prove it! But they said they never got the evidence from me then later said got most of it! How is heresay enough to get a grand jury indictment 13 days after an arrest and how can they take a charge and cause it to be a historical prior when he hasnt been convicted of anything? I cant afford an attorney due to the duress and hardship caused upon my husband and i since his arrest. We have had 4 deaths in the family as well since his arrest also. Theres not anything i can do as they will get away woth sending him to prison for 9 plus years over something hes innocent of! I dont know what to do . they do whatever they want and get away with it! Even murder. ...

  18. Eve, since we last spoke I thought of a few things you can do. First get a POA (Power Of Attorney) from him. If they will not let him speak, you can send him the POA form and he can sign it and get it notarized by the inhouse notary which is every inmate's right. Send him a prepaid envelope with printed postage on it (no stamps because people can put drugs under the stamps) you can buy from the post office, for him to send it back. Now you can file paperwork into the court on his behalf. Next buy 21 pre-1933 Silver Dollars on Ebay for about $19 each and file a Silver Bond into the court as "Special Deposit". You keep the silver as custodian. Next you file a JN (Judicial Notice) & MTD (Motion To Dismiss) demanding his right of subrogation on the Silver Bond which they cannot deny. Next you file a small claims suit on his behalf against the officer(s) that arrested him and violated his Constitutional rights. Very simply state which rights were violated. Keep it under the small claims court limits for your county. He has a right to attend any court case in his name. Yet, the officer(s) will never show up in court because their superiors and attorney will not allow them to because then they will have to admit that they violated the Constitution. They don't show up and he wins by default. Next you file a MTD in criminal court and enter the judgement from the small claims court against the officer(s) and demand the case be dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted under FRCP 12(b)6. He should be ready to be called on the carpet before going to small claims court for negotiations. They do not want a judgement against them and will most likely make him an offer if he will drop his case. He should not agree to anything until and unless they are willing to drop all charges and eliminate the record. You drop your case and I will drip mine. At that point he can agree not to pursue criminal charges against the officer(s).
    At all times, he needs to assert the following while raising his right hand:
    "On and for the record, I have never elected to become a US citizen. There is no evidence that I have ever elected to be a US citizen and I do not believe that any such evidence exists." Repeat it as often as necessary and a minimum of 3 times. Whenever they start asking questions about his address or residency, he needs to state: "Since I am not a US citizen, I am not a resident and do not have an address." Again, keep repeating this as the response to any question about address or residency. They only have jurisdiction over US citizens and not over non US citizens.
    They will not relent if you and he stay on defense. You have to go on the attack or they will walk all over him. let me know if you have any questions.

  19. Good points, James. but I prefer to deposit a Silver Bond into the court based on 21 pre-1933 silver dollars. Then I am the only one in that courtroom with real substance against their fake bond. Now I move the court to dismiss for FRCP 12(b)6 and since they did not bring a bond, I win!

  20. PS: Trump does not need your FRNs. Let him take Anna up on her offer of real money owed to the American people in credit against the debt and Leo Wanta's 42 Trillion. You would be better off putting it towards your passport fund.

  21. 1Freeman, would you please point me in the direction of where to find out how to deposit a Silver Bond into the court?

    Thank you.

  22. Here you go, Genevieve.

  23. best reaction by state and additionally zone code, record the telephone discussion, track extraordinary calls, heaviest call times and substantially more!


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