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Friday, May 4, 2018

An Explanation of the May 3 Letter and The Delegated Powers

By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent from the questions we are getting about the May 3rd Letter to Donald Trump informing him that THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ---- another "governmental services corporation" formed in France  over the weekend --- does not have a contract, is confusing people.

The United States of America (Unincorporated): Our original federal Union of land-jurisdiction States delegated nineteen enumerated powers, all of them in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

As a result of the three Constitution(s), three distinct branches of the federal government were created, all of them represented by States of States, and empowered to exercise jurisdiction over specific administrative areas.

The Constitution for the united States of America was the National Constitution and the powers delegated through it were exercised by the original Confederation of National-level States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio and their Union created by The Articles of Confederation.   Those National-level States of States have been moth-balled since the 1860's and secretively replaced and usurped upon by the British Territorial United States.

The Constitution of the United States of America was the Territorial Constitution and the powers delegated through it were only supposed to apply "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" and to the "Insular States" --- Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia.  However, following the so-called Civil War, the British Territorial United States usurped and substituted their own Territorial "States of States" --- for example, The State of Georgia was replaced by the State of Georgia, and the land assets of The State of Georgia were rolled into state land trusts operating as the Georgia State (land trust).

The Constitution of the United States (notice --- no "of America") was the Municipal Constitution, and the powers delegated through it were only supposed to apply within the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and Washington, DC.  This is the oligarchy granted to Congress at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

So things have been off-track for 150 years, with Territorial States of States substituting for National States of States, and both the Territorial and Municipal "Governments" operating far beyond their appointed jurisdictions and physical boundaries and also, since the late 1860's, operating as commercial corporations in the business of providing "essential government services".

The authorities and powers vouchsafed under The Constitution for the united States of America were thus improperly usurped and exercised  by the British Territorial United States acting under conditions of constructive fraud and Breach of Trust and the whole National level of our "federal" government was moth-balled pending a "reconstruction" that never occurred.

So color that vital part of the government, that was supposed to exercise our delegated powers, effectively "gone" and never restored---until now. 

Then in 2015 the Municipal corporation running the Municipal Government entered bankruptcy.

And finally, in 2017, the Territorial corporation entered bankruptcy.

Thus, all three levels of the original government entrusted with exercising our Delegated Powers were rendered incompetent. 

At the moment the Territorial United States declared bankruptcy, ALL the powers that were ever delegated to it reverted to the organization that delegated those powers in the first place --- The United States of America (Unincorporated).

This is the way that all contracts that delegate powers work. If the entities enjoying the delegation cease to operate, the delegated powers revert to the issuer.  They don't just drift around in hyperspace waiting for some other unknown Johnny-Come-Lately organization to form and "pick up" the contract by assumption of the duties.

That precise situation is what we were witnessing last Saturday, when Presidents Trump and Macron, created the French governmental services corporation merely calling itself "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and both apparently thought that the French were going to slink back in here and start exercising our abused delegated powers with nobody being the wiser.

They hoped to do this by a "process of assumption of contract".  Basically, the new corporation comes back in, starts doing the work, and establishes an "implied contract for services".

So when we published the May 3rd Letter to President Trump, we posted International Notice that we have received back our abused Delegated Powers thanks to the incompetence of the service providers, and we are not allowing THE (French) REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to finagle any assumption of contract or presume to have any right to exercise our Delegated Powers.

Instead, we have summoned the actual States to Assemble---which they are doing--- and they will then meet for the first time in more than 150 years, to consider the fate of the federal "contract" government.  The constitutional form of the government has been preserved by agreements we entered into with the American Native Tribes prior to the other federal entities going into bankruptcy, but it is clear that the federal government has failed and become hideously corrupt and it is also clear that in the past 200-plus years, the circumstances that compelled the adoption of the constitutional form of government have changed.

The Federal Government and its various "States of States" have always been under contract to provide services to the actual States and to their lawful unincorporated Union known as The United States of America.  Like any other business contract, these instrumentalities are subject to review, renegotiation, and if necessary, dissolution.

The co-terminal bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States corporations, the criminality of the banking system, the Birth Certificate scandals, the widespread crimes, the human trafficking, the corruption of the courts--- have all weighed in, together with our growing awareness of the Gross Breach of Trust and legal chicanery that has been employed to rob and enslave the American People and the history underlying all the above.

This "offer" to boot up another round of the same old fraud, exploitation, and manipulation of our country by a European power merely calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA deserves a swift kick to the curb, and that is precisely what has happened.  We aren't deceived. We are standing on our own land jurisdiction and are owed its return plus all else that is rightfully ours, absent any more meddling from Britain or France or any other party.  

Mr. Trump has been offered the actual Office of the President of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and in that Office, he would be one of three Officers responsible for the care and protection of this entire country and would have access to the tremendous wealth and credit that the American States and People are owed.

Instead of relying on his own States and his own People, Trump has instead gone crawling to Macron for help and has apparently supported yet another betrayal of our interests to those of European con artists who have robbed six generations of Americans blind. 

Enough is enough.  None of them have a contract with us.  None of them have any right to be here any longer. All of them owe us recompense for this situation, not the least of which is the return of our confiscated gold and the return of all our land patents and titles and the return of our people to their natural birthright political status via international correction of all the falsified public records.  

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  1. Where and when are the actual states assembling, and which states are they? If this is actually happening, I want to be there.

    1. and the call is thursday 6:00 pm pst. Go to the forum and read what you can.

  2. Clear vision! like old time common law oral arguments ,Witt is what jurors appreciate .

  3. If we the people of the united States of America, own and hold the name The United States of America (unincorporated) as our property, then wouldn't this newly created corporate trade name be an infringement on our common law copyrighted trade name and any and all variations and derivatives thereof? Can we the people then not collectively sue for infringement of our trade name and demand treble damages? And if they are not immediately paid within 30 days, file a full lien against them? And if they still will not relent, then foreclose on them and start selling their assets, like the White House, the Capitol Building, all federal district, state, county and municipal courthouses, municipal buildings, etc?

    1. Yes, yes indeed!! But it takes Us to stand up in correct capacity and each nation state to Enforce it!!
      United in Each state Will enforce our Will!!

  4. Anna, thank you a ton. Now THIS is what should have been posted yesterday in the first place. Naming names and precisely what is going on, and what actually happened - - instead of that glib info yesterday that told us nothing.
    Now, we know the Names of just WHO is working against us: Our own president Trump, who could have helped us to solve this mess when Anna first offered him the position to do so! Now we find out for sure that he is NOT for The People as we now see he is part of the Stumbling Block we and Anna and Team have been hindered by. ! !

    For the past year now I've had this damned feeling in my 'innards' that there is something not so good about Trump, something very fishy, thats why we haven't seen any real progress Now, dammit, once again I am proven right........and I was wishing I was wrong, for all our sakes. (most of you know how I have not spoken favorably of trump for a good while now. And so now we know why)

    I liked Trump, voted for him, and hoped he was a God-send to turn things around, and give us at least a reprieve so we could wind up on the winning end. He surely had the fortitude and toughness to do it, but now he has proven himself to be no different than any other politician; all blow and no go. He has now made himself an enemy of his voters, and disgracing himself more and more with each day; sort of like shooting himself in his own foot.
    Bottom line, I feel like he has insulted our intelligence; trying to walk the center of the road to please the devils, and thought he could throw us a FEW CRUMBS to make us think he was doing us favors. What an INSULT that is.

    1. Abby, Trump is a corporate lackey. The LEGAL FICTION CITIZENS voted... HE has no loyalties or obligations to the living souls.

      The first thing we have to do is stop Voting for corporate officials. It's Kindergarten again. Call The NAME and raise your hand... Show a STATE ID to verify the NAME.

      See what we get! Nothing!

      I don't believe he can hold both positions. A man can only have one master and he was well aware of who he was going to be serving when he ran for that office. He is only lying to the LEGAL FICTION so who cares... The masses need to be educated and they will stop expecting Corporate Officials to care about anything on the private side.

    2. Annie, I just always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and a chance to prove themselves; a chance to put their money where their mouth is. I never ''put all my money on any one horse' lol. I still maintain a Plan B and even a Plan C.

    3. My thoughts are that most politicians don't know the difference including Trump. Let's face it, he was indoctrinated into business with the same advice as any of us, even schooled the same. He just needs to spend some time perhaps even at Camp David with Anna or go to visit with Anna in Alaska if she is back home and see the documents for himself. Letters here and there are not likely to motivate him any more that it would any of us without some kind of backup support especially from the Vatican.

    4. Hey dancarp, another possibility is that he knows darn well what is going on (most likely - he did not get where he is by being dumb) but is fighting the evil as best as he can without giving away his cover and exposing too much to the populace too soon. Otherwise he would not have asked Anna to spell it out for him in the recent book she wrote for him. Remember, he did not volunteer for this mission, they asked him. They being the white hats which consist of the military and money powers (like him) that do not want to be ruled over and destroyed by the bloodlines aka the cabal, i.e. Bauers (Rothschild), Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, Zuckerberg, Soros, etc. This is the real fight going on which they are losing and losing bad big time. Keep in mind that the cabal through the IMF used to control 90% of the world's money. After BRICS and AIIB they are down to less than a slim 25%. My numbers may be a bit off if anyone has more current numbers, do share. This is why they want WW3 to throw everything into chaos so they can do what they do best which is to rule out of chaos. But the major powers have already agreed that they will not allow WW3 to happen and every baltent attempt you have seen, already has been diffused. Trump is right now withdrawing troops from Syria back into Iraq so if Russia & Syria decide to attack Saudi Israelia for their recent massacre of Iranians in Syria, it has been agreed that the US will not interfere as long as they do not hit US oil interests. Trump has too big of an ego to volunteer for a mission that he knows will fail. Nuh-uh. He would only do this if there were certain guarantees made to him such as end to end military protection for him and his family and a sure outcome. Also, NESARA has already been ruled on by the Supreme Court in favor of the claimants and sealed from the public purview. The announcement was supposed to be made on 9/12/2001. That was the reason for that attacks on 9/11. They have had ample time to rebuild and restore the Nesara computer systems that were located in WTC7 and the pentagon wing that was attacked. There are already over 25,000 sealed indictments filed each one containing multiple perpetrators ready to go live any day now. When the dust settles, Trump wants to be the hero who did it and made America great again. Nothing less would serve his ego. And I have no problem with that at all.

    5. I also had that gut instinct that Trump was not for We the people especially when he was dragging to the rich and the republRepub that he just made them a lot richer on that tax bill cut. Another thing told my instinct right when Trump chosed Dunford who worked under Bummer, who was supposed to Bring in the Republic before and no arrest has been made of none of the crooks in DC.

    6. So what was the for Hillary or just let that happen...that would have solved everyone's problem right....!! 1FreeMan is right.....he is surrounded by liers, theives, connmen, murderers, pedophiles, and slanderous bastards that will betray Trump with the least how do you play a game with nothing but cheater and being better at it than all of them...!! Any contract he makes that looks like he sold out America was done with his fingers crossed behind his back.....He has no intention of honoring any of those agreements, because these same people have been lying to him and his dad all his life...!! Make no mistake...this is more than about us....its personal to Trump..!! He is going to lie cheat and steal, but not for him, for us...and he is saving Israel for last, for obvious reasons...!! It's the only way he can stop war from breaking out in that region...!! What you don't seem to understand judge Anna is that we were betrayed by our own military when Lincon gave them the right to secure our gold when the war ended , and to keep it safe...Instead , they took the gold and went to England to cut a deal for themselves, and not the other way around...!! Now, all of a sudden they developed a conscious and have been asking Trump for the last 3 years to run for president..!! And he has the entire marine core behind him, because they represent the jurisdiction of the LAND...Its the "infantry" not the army to be the first ones in battle to take the LAND and the Beaches....!! And they love him..!! Semantics no longer matter anymore...anyone with half a brain can see the corruption and the spread of govt into every facid of civilized society...!! One think Trump knows for sure, is that contracts can always be broken and almost always are in one form or another....He doesn't care if there are 3, 5, or 10 United States...He is only fighting for the only country that made his father great and himself, when we had real money...!! Why would he approve a hospital at GITMO for $250 million if no one is there, except maybe 40 known terrorist...!! And send hundreds of troops there to get ready for mass arrest...??? And at the same time protect his family, by making it look like he is going along with the program...yes, it is confusing everyone, which to me is a major chess play or a good poker bluff if you will..he is giving the best poker face he can without putting everyone, especially he's family at risk...!! And he is getting our money back , trillions so far, which he is using toward the stock market giving the illusion he wants in order to get the rest of our money back when the "elitists" start using all their wealth to invest in since they are losing on every other front...!! When the time is ready, he will do the same thing to them that they did to us in 1929....and then they will lose everything and render them helpless to do anything else..!! Funny isn't it that right after he forced the IRS Commissioner, and the Director to step down, all of a sudden all our liens dropped off our credit reports...!! Trump has been in this circle of elites his whole life and knows them better than we ever will...He views this whole thing like a top secret "navy 6 seal team " take down...!! In complete darkness under the cover of night...!!

    7. james, do you believe your info comes from reliable sources? Just wondering. I generally go by what things ARE, and what I see. At the same time I am pretty good at 'reading between the lines' and can sense theres more than what is being verbally said; like a person's motives.
      With trump, something is not adding up and I think he is playing some cards close to his vest; either he is up to something 'good' or else 'there's something in the water' making him do stupid stuff and getting eaten for lunch.

  5. In the mean time , prepare for war....if you want peace .

  6. Americans are the descendants of the tribe of Manasseh, son of Joseph, grandson of Israel. Israel adopted Manasseh to be his son. We are Israelites. Israel functioned for 400 years with the Eternal (YHVH) as their king, ruled by a series of judges. Then Israel demanded a human king, and they got Saul, then David, then Solomon. Israel rejected God as their king! This upset God, but he gave them kings anyway. So since I moved back to the land jurisdiction of Israel (America), I am glad to have the Eternal as my king once more. This is a hidden opportunity. We don't have to make the same mistake the Israelites did. This deserves a longer treatment with scriptures, which I may well do.

  7. please please people look up power in the cyclopedic law dictionary 1901 . the power that be are using out inherent power by our power of attorney implied in the constitution they have breached so there for we must revoke that "inherent power" we lent them. see delegation of parties we are the donors of the power the monarchcy was the donee and the United States Corp the appointee to administrate those powers we must understand the power follow the power not the money Yah bless america

  8. the above may 6 2018 post is shown in 1 Samuel chap 8 . where the people wanted a man they could see as their king like all the other heathens so they were told what that would be like to leave the living Father of heaven and earth . so this is what has resulted . return to the true king of kings Yahshua the savior ( jesus) and be reborn into the kingdom of heaven regain you r inherent power that was given to the man king till you wake up and see the (open eyes) to what happen and restore the heavenly father as your true king and better your Maker Praise the true King the almighty!


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