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Friday, May 4, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

Why is Trump scrambling around listening to lectures from Macron, leader of a country that has owed us money ever since the Napoleonic Wars?

Obviously, if he is going to Macron for money, Donald Trump doesn't know how much money is owed to the actual States of the Union and is instead getting side-tracked and deluded worrying about debts owed by the States of States.
Let's see --- I have $4,778 Trillion in one pocket and vast, vast hard assets--- gold, silver, platinum---- in eight major banks right here in America, yet I scrabble around desperately trying to raise capital to pay off a $30 Trillion debt owed by the Housekeeping Staff? Hello, again?

Here's an idea, Mr. Trump---- take your actual Public Oath of Office, enter into the actual Presidency, and then, we take $30 Trillion out of our right pocket and transfer it to our left pocket....
What a concept!

Obviously--- Big D doesn't have a clue how much money he has available, and his Generals aren't telling him. But we know.

There's a cell of the old, nasty, corrupt Municipal United States DOD working out of North Carolina and they are playing for the wrong side. Everything they touch turns to lies and kaka.

They are doing their level best to make sure that Donald Trump remains ignorant about the actual finances of this country, and choking off and delaying and misdirecting funding that should already be available.

They need to be shut down. And he needs to be clued in.

White Hats? What are you waiting for? Christmas?

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  1. Gee, and we are led to believe from actual statements from THIS site that Trump HAS been "reading" these forums!!! so which is it, Trump has people READING this site and informing him, OR, we have to have "white hats" inform him!!!??? This is about as useful as that "hereditary Secretary of State" hokum that gets posted on this site!!! Time for him to issue another "decree" since all of the other "decrees" to the PTB have been ignored!!!

    1. I had asked Anna long ago, like last year, how she can be sure Trump is getting all of her messages she was sending thru to him and she assured us he was getting all of her communications to him. Yet there seems to be a huge gap and he does not appear to be cooperating.

  2. In the may 3rd EO, he signed as President of the United States of America. This is significant because he took the oath as president only of the United States.

    1. yep, and the may 3rd EO is very interesting in its content as well for religious freedom.


    3. We have seen yr after yr a 'national day of prayer' and each yr I have the same disgusted feeling about it. Our nation is a country that has slid into the dens of iniquity; has put Christ on the back burner, has allowed every kind of immorality imaginable; there is just about nothing left in it that has any sanctity.
      A nation that lives in the devils playground consistently, gets into trouble as a result of THAT; then declares a NDoP asking for God to help, is absolutely moronic. I can already hear him laughing at our calamity, just as he said he would.

    4. 1FreeMan, so what do you make of the prez signing this EO in this 'new' way?

    5. Not sure, Abby, but here is his oath of office:
      “I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,”
      There is no "of America" part of this. As such his oath is to the US CORPORATION and its constitution. So I could easily say "Not my president!" with all the other naysayers. Of course he could be referring to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION but it was not capitalized in the new EO. He did state "NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America," and signed it in ink as AR for "DONALD J. TRUMP". He has signed other EOs like this as well. On March 6, 2017 he signed an EO "By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,"
      Maybe Anna has some more insight on this.

    6. From Anna:

      "the United States of America" = British Territorial United States Entity

      "The United States of America" = unincorporated Federation of land jurisdiction States.

      He is still using the Territorial level office.

  3. USA isn’t run by executive orders!

    1. Cube, depends on which USA you are referring to.

    2. He is the first president in recent history that almost exclusively only uses the word America all by itself....i remember George H Bush give a speech and at the end said "God bless America" and immediately corrected himself saying, "I mean the United States"..that was good enough for me to know he knew the difference....i wonder how many other people at that time caught that...!!

  4. Well maybe EO's should be since CONgress is NOT about to help the American citizens.

  5. We'd best keep Trump on a short leash if he is our President, or even our spokesman. He might be conferring with Macron re plans to get militaristic with Iran as the lapdog for "Net". Start plans to control him now before it's too late. Jake Morphonious is worth listening to. Bolton brought on board w/ Trump lately is not a good sign. Iran is no threat to us, but its adversaries seem to be planning the war game for the globalists again... and Trump is not a globalist???????

  6. 2nd commandment:
    Never make for yourself any graven image (protip: This includes "legal" documents) and do not serve or worship them.

    How would one serve a graven image? One would work for its welfare and pay fees to it.
    How would one worship a graven image? One would say "Such and such has xyz power" or "such and such can do xyz."

    In exactly this way America has usurped Almighty God Himself and called His Law (which is eternal per Matthew 5:7-8 in the original language and which quantum science has discovered comprises the very structure of quantum existence and behaviors) void and null and powerless and impotent and imperfect. They also violently abuse His commandment, made twice just like Deuteronomy 6:5 and 11:1 at Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32. He did this because Moses added Divorce to the Law and Messiah had to take it back out (Mark 10).

    I've expatriated from the USA Inc. but it's time to give notice to the proper governing religion (the usa/unincorporated united states) that I am not a member of any cult which uses anything more or less than the perfect Law of Yahovah Elohim. I am not alone in this and we are all greatly frustrated. It would benefit all parties concerned if you would therefore assist us in moving to our adoptive homeland Israel. Will you do this?

    It is time that Rome was destroyed. The easiest way is by burning all their paperwork after declaring them a fraud. The hardest way is by war and bloodshed.

    1. Xera, why would you want to move to israel? They despise Jesus there; you cannot speak about the bible outside your house, their gov. is actually akin to a dictatorship, and they are fake jews; it is not a safe place to be; I could go on and on about that place, but I won't.

    2. It's time to kick the frauds off of our land.

      Maybe we'll wait for Palestine to do that. Maybe we won't.

      For now though I am completely fixed on kicking down false idols and unlawful systems of "law" which add to or take from the Law (Deut. 4:2, 12:32)


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