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Friday, May 4, 2018

About the Art of Bunk

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a book called "Bunk" by Kevin Young, which explains the "art of bunk" in detail.  He explains how, to be successful, every con game has to involve elements of truth. 

Here's how it works: Amy Shipton is seen walking a Saint Bernard down Main Street.

This fact is true. 

Pretty soon everyone "knows" that Amy has adopted a Saint Bernard.

But has she? 

We don't have enough facts to know.  We only have enough to assume so.

It's this gray area of "plausible assumption" that the shysters use to deceive and defraud and defame. 

There's another resource, a movie called "The Masters of Deceit" that I wish everyone in America would watch. 

It explains how advertising and propaganda work, and how these devices are used to manipulate everything from elections to public opinion to which hamburgers you buy----and how these same tools can be used to accomplish much darker ends, too.

You have the equivalent of a dashboard in your mind that you have to learn how to control, or others are going to take over and run it for you----and not necessarily in your best interests, either.

Some of the best advice I can give my Readers is to learn how to control your own dashboard.  Learn how these fraudsters make a living off of lies. 

I found out years ago that the evil "System" of registering and bonding babies was engineered and pioneered by certain factions in the Roman Catholic Church.

So I put on my combat boots and complained directly to the Pope. 

Who else is responsible for bad things going on in the Church or as a result of Church laxity?  Answer: the Pope and the Cardinals---unless you are dumb enough to gripe at God for the faults of men. 

You can get the flavor of these acrimonious on-the-verge conversations from my Letter to Cardinal George (Chicago) which is published on my website:   None of the members of the Church leadership wanted to hear my message; once they heard they didn't want to believe it; and once they believed it, they didn't know what to do. But, somehow we have all stumbled on (and what many, many Catholics have taken up doing the hard work of) reforming both their Church and the world at large.

After some investigation, Pope Benedict XVI concluded we were right, and began immediate corrective action --- for which he was blackmailed. 

He asked for my help to inform his employees and members of the Church about this horrific disservice to humanity, and I have done so. 

I would have done so anyway, but since this was evil perpetuated in the shadow of the Church, I have admittedly spent more time taking the issue directly to Catholics. 

All this, and I am not a Roman Catholic.  I am a card-carrying Lutheran since age seven.  And I have never been paid by anyone for my work, except for the freewill donation of many good people worldwide who have seen the necessity for reform and correction of both their government and their Churches.

The Roman Catholic Church has been used and abused in precisely the same way that the good government of The United States of America has been used and abused by the same con artists and for much the same purpose ---- as an unwitting storefront for evil.

As an American who has been deliberately confused with Territorial United States Citizens and "mistaken as" one, my sympathies are with the Roman Catholics who have been similarly confused with Satanists who have infiltrated their Church.

This battle began in the First Century A.D. and is no surprise to any diligent Christian, because the genesis of it is firmly recorded in Acts 8, where Peter confronts Simon Magus, a newly converted Samaritan Magician--- a Satanist, in other words.

Simon Magus's assumption was that the Christian Fathers had stumbled upon a great con game opportunity, and he wanted in on the action.

He didn't believe in Jesus or His message, he just wanted to learn the tricks behind all the miracles and get a percentage selling the new snake oil.

As the centuries wore on, Simon Magus wasn't the only one with this attitude and these suppositions and goals.  In fact, we have been told by many former Satanists that infiltrating the Roman Catholic Church has always been a major goal of theirs, and that before one can become a fully-fledged priest of Satan, one must first complete all the rigors of becoming ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.

So, there it is.  No secrets.  From the First Century on, this has been a constant problem and in recent years, (which for the Church means the last 150 years), the situation has clearly gotten away from the sincere members of the Church leadership-- so much so, that Satanic practices and symbols and beliefs have infiltrated St. Peter's and demons have been parishioners along with saints.

Is the Church to be condemned for the malice of Satan?  No.

It is only a matter of logic that the Roman Catholic Church would be a prime target for the Satanists and that they would use all their guile to "mirror" the Church in the same way they have "mirrored" our government and our money and even our own "persons". 

They have very cleverly stolen everyone else's identity and moved right in as quiet parasites -- pretending to be Americans, but not being Americans; pretending to be Jews, but belonging to the "Synagogue of Satan" instead; pretending to be Roman Catholics, but not being Roman Catholics; pretending that their fiat "FRN" I.O.U. has the same value as our Silver Dollar, and so on and on --- deliberately pretending to be something or someone that they are not, in order to profit themselves. 

They are still at it, in Washington, DC, in Cairo, in Mecca, in Japan, yes, all around the world.  There isn't a religion, a country, or a race free of this plague.

There is a reason I said "some factions" of the Catholic Church engineered the system of selling babies into bondage for profit --- the Satanic factions. 

If the Roman Catholic Church has been most severely infected and targeted and attacked by these Tricksters, it should be no surprise to anyone, and least of all to the Catholics themselves, who had fallen asleep at the wheel in the same way that we Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel and let our lawful government run off the tracks.

And who is -- predictably -- screaming most stridently and accusing the Church of evil in the loudest voices?  The same Satanists who caused the problem and profited from it.  They are the original masters of the Hegelian Dialectic.

That's part of their whole Schtick.  Pretend to be your enemy.  Do horrible things in his name --- without him catching on, if possible.  And then leave him to take the blame and pay the debts. Just like the Americans are being targeted to pay the debts of Territorial United States Citizens.

So, please, stop falling for this crappola. We know who they are.  We've known for centuries.  We know how they operate.  We know what they do and how they do it.  Recognize it.  See it for what it is.  And learn to see what is right in front of your faces.

When you see some big-mouthed, red-faced ignoramus shooting off his spleen in a very self-righteous, holier-than-thou manner --- you have cause to know that you are looking at one of two things: (1) a true ignoramus who has been deceived and doesn't know any better, or (2) a skillful Satanist, cynically pretending to be a blowhard.

When you hear some "anonymous source" spreading what appears to be "plausible" information --- train yourself to recognize the wheedling voice of the shyster, encouraging you to make assumptions without all the necessary facts and the whisper of the gossip-monger trying to slither their way into a seat at your mental dashboard.

Both ignorance and gullibility remain two of our greatest actual enemies, but we can defeat them in our own lives and change our entire world in the process.

We can learn to look around the corner-- as my Mother used to say -- to perceive the Bad Actors among us and discern the often-exactly-opposite identities and agendas in play all around us. 

Once you understand that we are in school and that we are called to learn what evil is, called to recognize it, and called to put an end to it, then our life on Earth and the conditions we face here begin to make a lot more sense.

You all have a mission, a job.  That mission includes becoming fearlessly honest and educating yourself so that you can recognize solid facts versus hearsay and gossip, and to become wise in your own right--- no longer relying on anyone else's opinions or group prejudices; no longer accepting circumstances, roles or appearances at face value; and becoming aware of it when you are making an assumption about someone or something that may not be true. 

When someone shows you a picture of the Alaska Supreme Court members and the fact that I am not among them and then accuses me of claiming (falsely) to be an Alaska Supreme Court Judge --- it's time to set your Shinola Sensors on "High". 

Which courts have I always told you I serve on?  The Alaska State Superior Court and the Third Postal District Court.  Not the Alaska Supreme Court.

Where did that piece of misinformation come from?  From someone putting together a video for the Republic of Texas.  Not from me at all.

If people were really paying attention, they would have noticed that that same slide said I was a "retired" Alaska Supreme Court Judge --- and I am obviously not retired, either.

In each case -- the assumption that I "must be" a Catholic and that I "must be" on the Pope's payroll, like the assumption that I "must be" making a false statement about being an Alaska Supreme Court Judge -- they were deliberately encouraged by people who had cause to know better.

So what does that tell you about them?

The same people will be standing on the rooftops defaming the Catholic Church, and encouraging you to think that Catholics are bad people because their Church was used to hide a great evil. 

This "blame the victims" mentality is also part of the Satanist's Standard Operating Procedure. 

You let them into the Church, they will say.  It's your fault. You should have shut the Satanists out.  You should have recognized who they were and what they were doing. 

It's your fault, Americans, for not watching more closely and discerning more wisely. You let Satanists and fools take over your government and use your sons and daughters as fodder in wars for profit.  You let them put a statue of their Goddess of Sin in New York Harbor.  You didn't even recognize who she was. You're all a bunch of yokels!  It's all your fault.

It is a vicious cycle of lies used to perpetuate other lies, as all things perpetuate themselves, with Liars also engendering more Liars.  These are the "tares" and the weeds among us, those who eat but give nothing back, those who speak but say nothing true, those who blame but accept no fault of their own.

Learn to recognize them by their deeds and by their fruits and by their ways of thinking and speaking and operating. 

I have summarized their Operating Mode for you and given you good examples of how they use partial truths just like their Father, telling Eve she wouldn't die (right away) from eating the forbidden fruit--- and good examples of how partial truths are used to deliberately promote wrong assumptions. 

If you want to gird yourself against the snares of Evil, study the scriptures with an open mind, and be interested in learning how these creatures deceive you, so that you can be on your guard.

Keep your Shinola Sensors lubed and oiled, folks, and defend your own dashboards.  The trolls and the blamers and the nay-sayers and the do-nothings and the brainless gossips and the Satanists are all scrambling hard. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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    This may help someone;)

    1. Link can not be found. Some one does not this info out

    2. Hello BlueCollar - I get their newsletter. This article came in today. I tried this link and it worked. Has video and article. Good luck:
      Not to overrun the Judge's article but here it is if it is not available when you click:
      The 7 Walls of Your Mental Prison: Mike Adams “Counterthink” video teaches you the art of mental freedom
      Thursday, May 03, 2018 by: Mike Adams
      Tags: awakening, Counterthink, free speech, freedom, left cult, Liberty, mental freedom, mental prison, Mike Adams, Mindset, political correctness, Tyranny
      Image: The 7 Walls of Your Mental Prison: Mike Adams “Counterthink” video teaches you the art of mental freedom

      (Natural News) Most people live inside mental prisons, afraid to venture outside the walls that define the “boundaries” of socially acceptable ideas or speech.

      There are seven walls that define your mental prison, and there are seven enforcers who keep you imprisoned. Those seven enforcers use seven weapons to destroy any thoughts of freedom or self-identity.

      I lay all this out in a 47-minute video lecture that teaches you how to escape your mental prison and find true freedom. In this video, shown below, you’ll learn:

      The 7 WALLS of your mental prison
      The 7 ENFORCERS of your mental prison
      The 7 WEAPONS used by enforcers to keep you trapped in your mental prison
      Watch the video below and share widely. To continue expanding your freedom to think, watch all the counterthink episodes being posted frequently at Also, request a video content channel at, the new alternative to YouTube censorship, launching this July.

  2. Anna, there are 100 versions of the scripture plus the Torah,Talmud and Koran. Which one do you use? They are not all the same. I once read a book that claimed their were 1500 young Freemasons ordained into the Catholic church in 1939. Catholics are not bad people on the whole, the hierarchy, Rome,Vatican and Pope are certainly not too savory. Most priests are now out of Africa and can not clearly speak the language. Not all priests were bad or secular.

    1. Agreed ,his people are under protection within this church so all Roman Catholics should read "The Two Babylons" by Rev. A Hislop." and be prepared to come out of her my people !!!Anna has not gone deep enough!.

  3. Indeed they are all scrambling and flailing hard, unrepentant to the last, and vicious as ever. They are unchanging. No mercy should be held out for them, as they have had none for us. The swords of the Heavenly Hosts now be taken to them.

  4. The Catholic church is not Biblical. That ought to scare the tar out of any of them. The word 'catholic' means Universal.. if any one ever wondered. Universal as in acceptance. The New Testament Church the Bible teaches is found in Romans 16:16
    The word "Church" comes from 2 words:
    Ek + Klesia. Greek.
    Ek = "out of" and Klesia = "The called".
    When you understand what these words actually mean then you will better understand the Word of God on the matter. If they truly wanted to reform the 'great beast' Babylon they would demand the dissolution of the man-made office of Pope and Cardinals and return to New Testament teachings. The lineage of pope and their heresy will be another matter.
    "Foxes Book of Martrys" is an eye-opener and horrific. Reference is King James Bible 1605-1611

    1. Mustang, there was no more devout Roman Catholic than Martin Luther. But he discovered that the dogma and doctrine of RC did not line up with scripture. As a RC monk, he had access to all the old and original texts in Greek, Hebrew and those translated into Latin. He never wanted to leave the mother church but only wanted to correct the heresies they were preaching that kept all RCs condemned which is still their mandate today keeping all from becoming born again as Jesus told Nicodemus one must in John 3:3 "Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Luther's 95 theses were an open invitation to discussion like a redress of grievances to the RC hierarchy. It was never meant to take down the RC church. The reason it did was because the RC hierarchy knew that it could not afford to acknowledge or adopt these biblical truths because then they would condemn themselves and their practises and lose their position of power. Some of the most gracious people I have ever met are RC and I love them dearly. But that does not make them saved. The word tells us that all of our righteousness is as filthy rags before God. Only being born again can make us righteous not from ourselves but by the sacrifice and blood of Jesus. In John 3:5 Jesus emphasized what He said before: "Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water [the washing by the water of the word of God and not water baptism] and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." This new birth of being born from above by the water of the word and the Holy Spirit are never taught by RC priests to their flocks but instead they are told to just trust the "RC Church" for as they say that there is no salvation outside of the RC Church. This of course is a blatant lie as there can be no salvation in any religious institution but only in Jesus Christ Himself as Lord and Savior without any mediator in between.

  5. Mark Passio speaks a lot about Satanism, and claims he was once a priest climbing the ranks. He tell how the age old practitioners work to create in the masses self loathing, the idea it is all your fault, you are hopeless, helpless and so on so you will view yourself and others as faulty boobs, most likely giving up before you even get started if convinced enough by the lies.
    They nearly always show up on blogs cutting down someone, spreading false information, and of course have no plan for anyone, no knowledge to impart, only attacks on others.
    Go placidly among the noise and haste and avoid these kinds of trouble causers.

  6. Once again excellent piece, thank you Anna for shining the light.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. An approach to bunk:

    Plan A: Assume a good person with right intentions.
    Plan B: when plan A stumbles, Drop the assumptions of plan A
    Plan C: when plan B stumbles, watch more closely and astutely.
    Plan D: when plan C stumbles, decide on a strategy.
    Plan E: when plan D strategy stumbles, exit and regroup.

    How did this approach to bunk work in terms of our government?
    Plan A: Assumed a good government with right intentions. Worked for about 50 years.
    Plan B: worked for a brief period, moved into a period of denial
    Plan C: watched more closely for about 5 years now.
    Plan D: working on a strategy
    Plan E: leaving options open for an exit and regrouping.

  9. It is thought that Simom Magus is the (Peter) that began this Roman Catholic Church.) So is he and satan, at the root of the false church? And if so, look at the many daughters &(splits) this church spawned. including the Lutheran. i believe many of us have been led astray and away from His Truth. The disciples went into the world and into the "churches" and gave warning.
    This church (false) has been false from the beginings, it is nothing new, This church is a harlot and has daughters that are also harlots. Are there people who can be saved within?
    Of course there are.
    Now do not think america and so many other nations are not in bed with her.
    We are told this false churchand state will be exposed and destroyed,
    in His Timing. All things by His timing.
    Many will lament, some will rejoice. i do not believe True followers will dance on the graves yet we will rejoice.

    St. Peter went on to the Jews and the Tribes of Israel. Paul to the Gentiles, Rome Italy etc.
    And it is not just this church(The vatican) that has mirrored the True church. This world has mirrored the True church. Everything has been turned upside down. The world has renamed Judah Israel and in effect turned it into a physical Temple of sorts.
    Man still does not see the True temple that is or can be accesible within all of us.
    'True' Repentance is the only way, as Individuals.
    Instead of simply waiting for Him to return Seek Him.
    Does anyone here think that you must go through man's Govt. or the vatican, lawyers and judges , beuracracy etc. to get your name back or into the book of life?
    Yes,with His Holy Spirit, we must seperate Truth from lies.
    There is a reason for the leaders and the government we as people recieve. Deal with it.

    1. All this filing of papers regarding our Names, has absolutely nothing to do with getting yer Name into the Book of Life. Nobody can just register their Name in the Book of Life; there are requirements outlined by God himself, which tells us what it takes to have our names in that Book. In short, 'repent and BE converted'.

    2. follower, over many years I've had so many confused people asking which one of these churches is the true one. They of course are referring to these church buildings/organizations, and I tell them NONE of them is ''the one true church'.
      The Church as referred to in the word of God, consists of People; people who are saved/born again/children of God/saints/brethren. etc.
      Joining a 'church' just makes one a member of an organization, and nothing more. They have some like-mindedness; some are just there for social hour to meet up with their friends. Some are there 'putting in their time' trying to impress God. All sorts of different reasons I suppose.

  10. "Which courts have I always told you I serve on? The Alaska State Superior Court and the Third Postal District Court."

    All due respect, it really should be a simple matter to look and see, and so I did.

    I was surprised to not find "Anna von Reitz" listed as either. Why are you not shown? You did not use the past tense "served" in the above statement so I think it fair for us to assume that you are currently serving. Am I looking at the wrong directory? Are you listed under another name? Would you please clarify this once for all by directing our attention to the correct official listing and/or name and thereby ending all the conjecture and contention. It needs to be done and seems to me to be so simple to do so.

    I am new to your website and not a troll. I am very interested in the work you guys are doing, but this issue seems to keep coming up, casting aspersions about your veracity, hence your integrity, putting a dark cloud of doubt over everything else you say and do, and it shouldn't because it is so transparently easy to prove. Please put an end to it. Please. If you can't or you refuse, or exercise "the right to delete any comment for any reason", then what are we to think? As you yourself just said "Keep your Shinola Sensors lubed and oiled, folks, and defend your own dashboards". That's all I'm doing here.

    Hoping you will clear this up for me so I can get fully on board.

    1. Reitz is her pen name. Try looking for her real name which is Riezinger.......if I recall the spelling correctly.

    2. That doesn't really matter Abby, because she said there are only 2000 people in the rural area she lives in and city hall isn't even big enough to call "city hall" because I called too....and she is the only common law judge in that small city....there are more people in the high school right down the street from me (2500). And i bet I could find anyone going there just by going to administration...!! And she has a law firm called "the living law firm" a city that small, everyone in town should know her like a neighbor....but no one seems to know who she is and have never heard of "the living law firm"....!! So what is up judge Anna..!! No excuses..ive asked you this before and never got an want us to believe in this filing process yet you can't even give simple instructions to prove you actually live in Alaska and that no one seems to know who you are there...i knew just about everyone in my high school of 2500 students....!!! Clear this up once and for all, or give us a contact number so we can verify who you say you are.....what happened to "clean hands " and "good faith"...!!....??

    3. What did you guys have for breakfast all of you. You are pathetic. Of course she is not listed in who's who of the statutory federal kind. Anna has already recorded and posted her status in the domain of the land and not of the sea or of the municipal or territorial federal US and you will never find her listed there. She has even posted her home address and telephone number several times in her writings. Come on guys. You are behaving like federal agents. You owe her more respect than this.

    4. 1FreeMan right back at you. You can suspend disbelief and accept anything she says if you want, including the argument that "common law" magically makes one completely invisible from any public listing or disclosure whatsoever. But we are getting into cult-like territory if that is the condition to sign on to this outfit. Good for you if that is what you eat for breakfast, but I think not for me. It is she, not I, who frequently and *publicly* asserts she serves on the Alaska Superior Court and the Third Postal District Court (whatever that is), not me. Since you seem to want to defend her statement please tell us what she intends by that statement. I get the part about the link I sent was perhaps to the "corporate" commercial courts, and that is why I ask for the proper link to the proper "land" court listings if that is where I erred. Is your argument now that there is no link or public disclosure of the land based judges? None required? I find that a rather incredible and specious argument, don't you? How the hell would one go about finding one if it is all a big secret until some individual decides to out him/her self as one of the chosen? How do they hold court if it is all secret and absolutely no public record of these so called land based common law court systems? Court recorders, public records? Nothing? Really? Why on earth does she say it if it can't be openly and publicly proven? The burden of proof is on the one who asserts the positive. She makes positive truth functional statements. She's been challenged on it. So until she adduces objective verifiable proof, "the jury is still out" on her credibility, pun intended.

      It was and remains a perfectly reasonable and courteous request. Send us the link for the so-called Alaska State Court system and a list of her and her fellow "Alaskan State Superior Court" judges. It is a simple request with no malice intended.

      And by the way, yes I have read and here is the link to her "Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz – Judge of the actual Alaska State, one of the Several States of the Continental United States."
      Posted on April 28, 2015

      It too provides zero evidence as to the existence of Alaska State Court system or the "Alaska State Superior Court". You just gotta accept it on faith. A whole court system without any objective evidence of its existence. That's quite a trick.

    5. BJ, as you say, you are new to this site. So take this with a grain of salt for now but where is the evidence recorded that you are who you say you are? Unless you have taken steps to correct your public record, you have zero evidence that you are even alive. All your record shows, if I were to look it up, is the dead fiction that pretends to be you. There is zero evidence that you are alive as a man standing upon the land. Again I don't know what you have or have not done to correct your record but if you will start combing through the records in Anna's county, as well as the records on this and Anna's site, you will find plenty of evidence on the books that she is more alive than you are. From the beginning of time, people were known by the craft of their trade, the baker, the butcher, the farmer, etc. Were these professionals ever registered until recently in a public domain record other then word of mouth? Just because someone is not registered in a public domain, does not change who they are and what their expertise is. Have you scrutinized the professionals in your life, your doctor, your accountant, your mechanic to such extent demanding to see their papers and credentials? No, you simply trust they have them and judge them by the work that they do for you. Those of us who work with Judge Anna and have followed her advice and zeroed out $100k+ of tax debt, know firsthand that she knows what she is talking about. You my friend have yet to learn this and you will if you are patient and will risk trusting her as you trust all your other professionals who, by the way, will sell you down the river at the drop of a hat, especially your tax accountant. A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.

    6. Here Here And Absolutely, perfectly stated 1Freeman!!!
      No offence intended BJ, and as I wholeheatedly agree "Experience" IS high and above ALL "theories" and biased "opinions" Always!!! Learning from those experiences ARE our true purpose to learn from and grow Into NOW!!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  11. My take: = corporate
    Anna's not corporate.

  12. BJ- "wrong directory" is your answer. "Superior Court" and "Third Postal District Court" jurisdiction(s) are of the land and soil, not the sea. We've been so overwhelmed by the sea jurisdictions, 'tis harder to recognize the land & soil, which do not have reference directories in the usual sense most are familiar with.

    'Twould be helpful, enlightening and entertaining to read Anna's "comic" book and other msgs on site Paul has donated to the people's cause of Freedom for the highest good of ALL, so one can become educated in such significant issues of our lives.

  13. It doesn't matter if it's LAND or Sea Jurisdictions...not in a town as small as hers...hell, everyone MUST bumb into each other at the local grocery store at some time...the Tax Court found her...why can't we...and Tax Court is Corpoate...!!


    Anna von Reitz writes that after you reclaim and reinstate your name and estate by recording the appropriate forms, you should cancel your Voter Registration Card as part of the process of attaining individual lsovereignty.

    Should you also avoid membership in a 501(c)(3) organization such as a church, temple or mosque, and as an alternative consider becoming a member of a so-called Free Church, to prevent possibly disqualifying or impairing your capacity, position and status as a sovereign?

    The following link and excerpt refer to an article that explains how a Free Church avoids registering as a 501(c)(3) organization, which may or may not be organized separately as a Corporation Sole for continuity and ownership.
    We're a "Free Church"; Not a 501(c)3
    Many people are under the mistaken idea that, in order to be tax-exempt, churches must file with the IRS as a 501(c)3. What we discovered through our research is that this is not the case. Churches that are not 501(c)3's (also sometimes referred to as Free Churches) have all the protections, and tax-exempt status of non-profit corporations (501(c)3's) AND many additional ones besides. (For example, Free Churches do not file tax forms, they do not pay property tax and they can only be audited if they are running "unrelated businesses" and not reporting income from them.)

  15. I like St. Paul for alot of reasons, but to keep things interesting here, I recommend this link to those stuck onlybegottenism ��

    "It was when Peter visited him in Antioch and became aware of the full extent of Paul's views that a serious rift began between Pauline and Jewish Christianity. At a second conference in Jerusalem (c.55), Paul was accused by James of teaching Jews "to turn their backs on Moses" (Acts 21:21). Again, however, Paul evaded the charge by concealing his views, and he agreed to undergo a test of his own observance of the Torah. His deception, however, was detected by a group of "Asian Jews" (probably Jewish Christians) who were aware of his real teaching. A stormy protest ensued in which Paul feared for his life and was rescued by the Roman police, to whom he declared for his protection that he was a Roman citizen. This surprising announcement was the end of Paul's association with the Jerusalem Church, to whom the Romans were the chief enemy.

  16. Raise your hand if you want to be a slave to the satanic child abducting, raping, sacrificing and eating cult . Keep your hand raised if you want to keep eating the pablum and lies they feed you everyday . How about keep your hsnd up if you are just happy as a clam paying your blood sweat and tears ( life ) to these same bastards . Name everything you own ...its a short list because everything has been stolen, everything. Put your hand down and start learning how it happened, who dunnit and how to regain EVERYTHING....I would start with the first article or maybe the book.


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