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Monday, April 2, 2018

Stop Imagining That "America" is Mystery Babylon

By Anna Von Reitz

There are some very well-crafted and well-reasoned videos out on the market that analyze the status of ancient Biblical prophecies.  Those prophecies indicate that "Mystery Babylon" will suffer the loss of power--- as in electrical power due to some eventuality like an EMP attack.  She will go dark and into darkness.  

The producers of these Biblical Fear Monger videos seek to sell good decent people all their "secret" survivalist knowledge --- at a price calculated to benefit only themselves, especially since all this special knowledge turns out to be pablum any average Boy Scout knows and which farmers, hunters, loggers, naturalists, and even a good many day hikers would laugh at.  

You will learn such "precious life-saving knowledge" as the need to boil or otherwise treat surface water for drinking.   How to dig a latrine.  How to re-use plastic bags. The fact that vinegar kills bacteria. 

Frankly, if you don't already know these things, you are too stupid to live. 

But that is not the worst of it.  These videos invariably portray "America" as the problem and "America" as "Mystery Babylon", the Great Whore, the Mother of Abominations---- and she is not.  America is, again, being confused and mixed up with her ugly little British step-sister from Hell, the [Territorial] United States.  

The Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly a representation of the Ancient Babylonian goddess Ishtar foisted off on the good people of New York City as an emblem of "liberty" which they mistakenly thought of as "freedom".  

In fact, liberty is what British sailors are given as a reward when they reach port and nothing resembling true freedom at all.  So "Lady Liberty" is an obscene fraud promoted by the P2 Freemason Lodge and their brethren at the Grand Lodge in Paris.  An inside joke.  A defamation.  A Phoenician "road sign" saying, "For a good time, stop here!" 

They must have just about pooped their pants with glee when they pawned that one off and all the silly sentimental ladies gushed and wrote stupid poems about "lifting her lamp beside the golden door"--- those same nineteenth century matrons would have shoved their umbrellas up the rumps of those same men if they had only known what the "Statue of Liberty" really is and what it really stands for. 

But they didn't ---and so, the statue of The Great Abomination stands in New York Harbor, like a piece of physical graffiti, standing --- as Jesus said it would --- where "it should not stand".   Thanks to our gullibility and innocence, all "she" really stands for is just how virtuous and kindly and yes, ignorant, we really are. 

The only righteous answer is to take it down and pack it up and send it back to France with a polite note saying, "Now that we know what this really is, we don't care to have it associated with our city or our country.  Perhaps you can melt it down and make some more useful birdcages, trash bins, public urinals, and park benches--- all of which you seem to be in need of." 

No, America is decidedly NOT Mystery Babylon and our Righteous Redeemer and Our Father are fully aware of our innocence and who is actually responsible for that offensive statue.  Have no fear.  The guilty ones can be identified nowadays with astonishing precision and the "darkness" is likely to be short lived so long as we all keep our heads in order and say our prayers.  

So where or what is Mystery Babylon in the present world?  Well, it's the back end of the tribe of Manasseh, which was split in half, with one half remaining true to the True God and the other half following after the gods and goddesses of Babylon.  
That much is obvious, and its even obvious that Manasseh is largely encamped here in this country---- and still split, with one portion (the Territorial and Municipal United States) being devoted to Death and the Devil, and the other, larger portion, devoted to Life and Jesus.  

It turns out that if Mystery Babylon exists in this country at all, it would have to be located in the District of Columbia.  After all, "Columbia" is just another name for Ishtar, Semiramis, Cybele, Astarte, Ashtoreth---- the Mother of All Harlots.  And it is true that Washington, DC does "sit on the waters" --- as it was literally built on a swamp, and it does have "seven hills" though they are  so negligible as to invite mockery. 

All in all it looks like Washington, DC is being set up as a target for Divine Wrath, a decoy with a big sign out front seeming to proclaim that it, not Rome, not London, is "The" Problem.  But, as usual, the P2 Lodge and their pals in Paris totally underestimate our God, because theirs is so very petty and unconcerned about Truth.  What can you expect from people that worship penises and a giant python?  

The more obvious target of Divine Wrath in my mind is Rome, because Rome has tolerated and profited from and promoted all this lawlessness and debauchery ever since it sacked Carthage and caught the "disease" of Babylonian religion and began (in about 200 BC) to hire priests of Cybele (another name for Ishtar) to collect taxes for them. These "priests" were professional liars and tricksters who wore black robes and bleached their hair white --- just like British Barristers do to this very day, only the Bar Members wear wigs and unfortunately, no longer castrate themselves in honor of their "goddess". 

Rome is part of the Italian Peninsula and it is most certainly "surrounded by waters" and "sits on seven hills" and far, far more than poor America, has a history of debauchery and slyness and criminality and greed and lust for power and vanity and also, far more than America, has controlled the wealth and commerce of the world. 

My vote for Mystery Babylon goes to Rome.  

Though, in fact, the Inner City of London could also qualify.... it has seven hills and sits on an island surrounded by water, more than any other entity, it has controlled shipping and commerce, both.  Plus, it insists on openly worshiping Satan and keeps a big statue of His Ugliness in public view.  So, here's my ranking of the possible candidates: 

1. Rome, because of the falsehood of the Church and using the Church as a storefront for illegal, immoral, and disgusting activities. Plus, it meets all the Biblical requirements. 
2. City of London, because it also meets all the criteria of "Mystery Babylon" and deserves destruction almost as much as Rome. 
3. Washington, DC, a distant third and Weak Sister throughout, because the American People are basically so naive and good that instead of being bad, they wind up just being stupid and led astray by the other two monsters.  If we suffer, we suffer for that, and it will be the District of Columbia/New York City that takes the hit. 

Besides, Our Divine Family knows what's what and who is who in this little drama. Your Creator and Your Redeemer, both of whom are kind and just and now in control of this planet--- can read your history and intent and culpability (or lack thereof) at a glance.  Nothing escapes either one of them.  

They are not fooled by the gambits of men--- like putting the "Statue of Liberty" in New York Harbor in the hopes of defiling America and shoving the blame for all this depravity off on the Americans.  They are as far above the P2 Lodge and the Grand Lodge Paris members as the sky is above the Earth; there will be no mistakes and no laughs for the fraud artists. 

Finally, there is a very, very good reason why America as a whole is unlikely to be the victim of an EMP or other similar attack ---  Our Father has made it very, very clear that He is not here to destroy the Earth --- only the "World"--- the fake illusory man-made world of commerce as-we-have-known-it with all its violence and oppression---THAT is what is on the docket for destruction, along with the lies and oppression and violence that has gone with it.  

Biblical prophecies, every single one of them, will be fulfilled, but not necessarily in the ways we assume or imagine.  Always remember that Our Father does not think as we think or do as we do, but you can count on Him to do the right thing and to do it perfectly.  

Now that He is here on the Earth again, I have no fear for the future at all.  Sure, it makes sense to set aside some extra food and fuel and take precautions for social upsets or natural disaster-type upsets, but not to brood and fret and be fearful. 

Dad is home.  Our Brother, Jesus, is home at last. 

To me, that is a very welcome and comforting thought.

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  1. I agree with your assessment that America is NOT mystery babylon. As you state, there are indeed elements and controllers here who are minions of, &/or adherents of the old 'gods' (Satan-led) and there vile ways, as symbolized by their 'Colombia' statue, the layout and statuary of DC, etc.(including a giant phallic monument 666 feet tall [tho 111' is buried below ground]).

    On the other hand, 'mystery babylon', I believe, is a SYSTEM, or THE system by which they rule, and not necessarily any one PLACE; a collective system of lies and deceptive institutions created & maintained by those who seek to rob, kill and destroy. You mention Rome, London and DC as potential candidates. I say it is all three, and more. This system is world-wide, yet can be primarily attributed to be a function of these most powerful centers. It goes well beyond, though.

    But, ALL these are all under the control of the Adversary, the rulers and principalities, etc., per the scriptures. They use and control the greedy and despicable humans who are richly rewarded for their evil doings, as their servants (e.g., Soros, Obozo..).They purvey their power through control of corporations and 'governments' by controlling the politicians with vast wealth/power, and the intel agencies that bribe and/or blackmail them to do their bidding. (Think S.E.S)

    INDEED there is much evidence that Rome is both the Mother of harlots and the rider of the Beast [system]. So many scriptural & historical parallels suggest its SYSTEMS comprise Babylon the Great, at least up to this point in time. THAT CITY, or that city-state-CHURCH SYSTEM, or the mystery STATE [system] will fall in one hour.

    HOWEVER, at the time of its ultimate demise, it also is clearly stated to be located at, or to be centered within, Jerusalem, (spiritually Sodom & Egypt); Specifically, the very place where the Son of Man (Messiah) was slain,

    Therefore, one must comprehend that the evil system, and its ruler[s] will be based in the city of Jerusalem, AND that in the prophetic end-time, the ruler of the system, or Mystery Babylon (the antichrist) will be centered there.

    Knowing that Rome, &/orthe Vatican and the church-state [mother of harlots] has been maneuvering for control of Jerusalem, for centuries through its various political & religious machinations, and the recent advances towards internationalizing it for the UN [which it controls], it all makes sense; 'They' will use it as the capitol of the NWO to-be-established there, as an international center of power. Such a conclusion is supported by prophecies re: the Temple and the antichrist revealed there, as well as the desolation [abomination of] & the self-proclamation of 'godhood' that will occur therein. Everything points to a move of the SYSTEM, and its rulers, to that 'holy city'...

    1. That's why I have consistently said that Isreal is not this so called protected holy land which America should protect or we will be destroyed....the entire Christian narrative constantly and insesently claims that Isreal will be saved in the end times and that we should protect it or be judged ourselves...hogwash..!! There are no professional theologians today...NONE..!! They have all been deceived to if they think that Isreal is the sacred holy land...!! Two thirds of Isreal will be consumed by fire before the last third finally accepts Jesus as Lord and God....Those damn Jews are stubborn..!! As far as the US is concerned, you forgot one passage judge Anna...."who can make war with the beast" one!! That tells me it can only be one nation...America(no matter what you call it), because of its massive industrial military complex, that no one in the world can challenge and win...!! Trump even has Kim Jung in coming to the negotiating table...a first in that country for decades now..!! But I agree with you about our ignorance and how easily deceived we are by shysters with convincing LIES..!! We might have to answer in some way for that, but nothing like the people who first deceived us... and one more thing..he absouluty told us who will be judged the hardest....both the attorneys and especially the judges, since we refuse to do it ourselves...Trump, you need to kick out every single attorney and judge in this country like your mentor , Andrew Jackson, did, or you are not honoring his legacy..Can you imagine how much power people will have without corrupt judges sitting on the bench...All we need from now on are small and large claims court, where a judge is nothing but a referree..He can never again make "judicial decisions" ever...!! Not unless he "Bonds" himself for several million dollars" for his "liability" in the case. And the same with any prosecutor, with an extra clause that if the prosecutor charges an innocent person and gives them a life sentance, and later found to be innocent, both the judge and prosecutor will have to take their in excuses, like all the evidence pointed to it...hogwash..!! Either both take "full liability" or find another job..!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I hate to disappoint you, but Jesus is not here. His holy spirit is here in a few people that actually follow his word and believe him.
    For every positive, there is also a negative. Satan‘s evil spirits are here as well causing havoc throughout the world. The next spiritual entity to show up here, defacto, will be Satan himself, kicked out of Heaven by Michael the Archangel, (Rev 12:7 has not happened yet, but will), and come forward, claim to be Jesus, and command that everybody worship him. That is when the Mark of the beast will be in full effect. (...and he caused all to receive a mark in the right-hand or in the forehead). When somebody holds up their right hand, it is a symbol of power or force. What is in your forehead? Your brain. The Mark of the beast is believing Satan is Jesus and helping to do Satan‘s work here on earth; false teachers, preachers, etc. The Bible says people will be delivered up to death. Death is one of Satan‘s names. God‘s elect will be delivered up to testify against him, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through them as a witness against him.

    Satan has been waiting a long time to play this role. He wanted to be the Saviour all along. The reason being, he wanted to sit on the mercy seat of Christ in heaven.
    It would not surprise me one bit if him and his angels show up in highly polished bronze craft, as Ezekiel described.
    He will show up just in time to heal the deadly wound that takes place to the one world political system as it is about to solidify. After this is when I believe the two witnesses will be preaching against him, exposing him for who he really is. Then, he will cause God’s two witnesses to be put to death. Their bodies will lay in the streets for 3 1/2 days. After 3 1/2 days, Jesus returns to earth to kick butt. Then Satan and his angels are bound in the pit for thousand years. The Bible says that people will come up and look at him and say, “ is this the man that deceiveth the whole world?”

    Anybody that reads this remember this one fact. If you can pinch yourself and it hurts, Jesus has not returned. At the seventh trump when Jesus returns, all souls that occupy a flesh body at that time will put on an incorruptible body, some with an immortal soul, and some mortal. 1 Corinthians 15:52 states as much.

    1. Sounds like you have been watching Shepard's Chapel. I believe Pastor Maury and his son teach the only teaching that is close to the truth. I have watched them for years. Broke my heart when Pastor Maury passed (the father)His son continues on and still shows a lot of his father's videos. If anyone wants to learn the truth, go to

    2. If you love truth, watch Curry Blake from John G Lake Ministries. He will knock your socks off.

  4. Did the evil element of Manasseh comprise the money-changers that Jesus drove from the temple ? Did they develop into the religious society of self-worshippers that blame God for their historical terrorism and who attempt to overtake Syria and the Middle East ?

  5. With so much twisting and changes the men in Rome applied to the Bible back in 325 A.D., its nearly impossible to get a clear view of things if you base your entire understanding on the finished product they produced. Most of the Divine teachings Emmanuel left us remain hidden in plain sight in the Bible and are rarely taught in Western Christianity. This makes having meaningful discussions extremely difficult. We must first identify the false insertions and remove them from our consciousness before we can address things. If the Jews are proven to be Khazars by DNA test whose to say Ephraim and Manessa are who we think they are? Our biggest challenge at this time is to acknowledge the errors.

  6. The Holy See can't float a loan to settle universal disputes.
    Elizabeth Windsor is a/k/a Queen Mean, slum lord, lizard breath.
    The District of Columbia is where Americans are pimped and sold.

  7. Anna, I dont know where you ever got your bible/spiritual/religious teaching from, but it is way off base, and you ought to abandon that source and pick up the real bible and study it.

    God has never left the Throne, Jesus still sits at the Father's Right Hand, and the Holy Spirit IS here on Earth ever since being sent to us on the Day of Pentecost at the Upper Room, where He arrived like a mighty rushing wind.

    God the Father is the 'CEO' and has and does design all Plans. Jesus is the Mediator between christians and our Father (no one comes to the Father except thru me, Jesus said). The 3rd part of the Godhead is the wonderful Holy Spirit, who carries out what the CEO Father wants done. The HS is who speaks to us 'when God speaks to us'.
    When christians pray, it is the HS that carries our prayers up TO the Father, he decides what to do with it, and responds back to us through that same HS.
    This is the ''order of things' as God is quite orderly. Since everything has to go thru Jesus, only christians can get through to God. Proof? John 9:31 ''now we know God heareth NOT a sinner, BUT IF a man be (1) a worshipper of God AND (2) DOETH His Will, him He heareth.
    Anybody that preaches to people as if everyone has the same stance with God, LIES to you all. And lying to people is very dangerous for them. They are led to believe God is looking after them, when that is not true at all.
    Am I being mean? No, not at all. I show you why God does not interact in your life, and it is VERY easy to make that correction. (this is a most valuable teaching that you will never get in any church; take it, or leave it.)

  8. Anna, God is not going to just pick a few targets and annihilate them. His Wrath is going to be poured out on the whole world. It is written throughout the Word of God. And I have never said God is going to destroy this world, but He is going to destroy everything ON it; wipe it clean.......and start all over, with JUST the godly people. Its the only way to get rid of this rampant evil. This fact should not disturb anyone; just make sure y'all are repented to God and tell him to change everything about you that He does not approve of. If that is asking too much of anyone, then you will deserve His Wrath to come. Your choice.

    America is NOT at all innocent; if it was, God would still be blessing our country. But instead, He has obviously taken his Hand of blessing OFF of America.
    There are two sides of this coin: First there is the political side, which is all that most of you are looking at, and you are all stumbling all over yourselves trying to ''correct'' that....blindly thinking you will then have utopia.
    Most people think world leaders or those in places of power are the problem. Well, they are a problem but you fail to look deeper; why are they so evil, do so much evil, and why is God allowing them to do what they have done?

    Here is the other side of the coin: the spiritual side. And there are two spirits at work here; one is the demonic satanic spirit, and the other is the Godly Spirit. Americans have made the huge mistake of putting God on the back burner, and gone about enjoying the bounty that he had blessed our Nation with. (look how far we have come from the old log cabin days; from the days of daniel boone, etc. And in such a short space of time.)

    What has happened, is Americans have all but forgotten God, and so God has done the equivalent; 'set Me on the back burner, I will set You on the back burner'. That's how God works.
    Americans do not need to try to deny that truth; our so called 'churches' are full of Apostasy, not God at all. Church goers go thru the motions, but they are empty dead men's bones and white washed tombs.
    'Going to church' does not impress God one bit; for God looks upon the heart, not the outward appearance. Nobody is foolish God. People 'go to church' but approve of so many of the wicked ways of the world, and that includes what the political side has initiated and brought about. Why do y'all fight against the political side, and neglect the Spiritual side altogether, and approve the wickedness they have instituted??

    As Man neglects the Spiritual side of the coin, and no longer puts God First in their lives above all else, then the demonic spirit takes over.....and it/he has. And THIS is where we are now, and WHY we are. People can live in denial and keep the blinders on, or they can open their eyes and put on their 'bold suit' and look at Reality.
    The Fact is, this World, and America, is in the very worst condition it has EVER been in. It is as Godless as it has ever been.

    BUT........NOW you know why, and how we got into this condition. As even Anna has indicated, we are now at the point of No Return; the Door is closed, the windows have been closed. I have been 'preaching this stuff'' for at least 25 years, and gotten mostly scoffed at and backstabbed by even those who profess to be 'christians'. When that first happened, I felt really bad about it, but within just hours, the Lord Spoke to me loud and clear ''they hated ME before they hated you' ! And I perked right up, as He was telling me I AM IN HIS HANDS. I have never again felt injured by anything anyone says; I just go, eh, well another one is biting the dust. Farewell and happy gnashing of your teeth.
    Carry on in the way you choose to go.

  9. A bunch of great commentary by the Awakened; well said all.Truth is being revealed and there is much increase in spiritual knowledge, by & through the pouring out of the Spirit. May the awakened be blessed and strive to share the new understandings...


    Judge Anna makes very interesting points about who might be Mystery Babylon.

    I happen to think that the center of America, which is generally referred to as the CORN BELT, is the WILDERNESS REGION Prophecy talks about where the people will flee to in order to survive and be safe as water begins to inundate the costliness. I also think that New York City and Washington will go under the ocean because of their debauchery with the AshkeNAZI Zionists, Sephardic Jews and Merovingian ASM Global Elite New World Order DEEP STATE who are in league with the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church (JROCCC) and England who are the New Babylon and Mystery Babylon. The JROCCC has always been an obvious choice for the New Babylon where the City with in the City of London does appear to be Mystery Babylon.

    It does not take a ROCKET SCIENTISTS to figure this out. All you have to do is look at PREHISTORY and HIDDEN HISTORY where you will discover the previous landmasses that were destroyed. Most of them were inundated under water. They where previous evil global New World Order locations where Alien and occult debauchery was happening long before the times we live in today.

    These previous destructions are a clear indication that mankind was given chance after chance to rid the world of these evil movements in the past. The end came to these evil movements and their global locations through nuclear and alien wars and global cataclysm's which include a Pole Shift.

    Look at Atlantis, which we now know today was the Antarctic. It was flooded and froze over which obviously happened do to a Pole Shift. Look at these underwater cities off the coastlines and the megaliths that remain somewhat in tack today. They were all known as the Regions of Atlantis in prehistory. History has a way of repeating itself. Pole Shifts and what appear to be prehistoric alien wars were the great equalizers. The cities most people think were Sodom and Gomorrah were clearly attacked with nuclear weapons.

    We can haggle over which is which because they OBVIOSLY ALL NEED TO BE DESTROYED. Keep in mind however that I am still convinced that the PISO Flavian family of writers contaminated the Bible and that includes the Book of Revelations.


    "For we are not fighting against people made of flesh
    and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities
    of the unseen world. Against those mighty powers
    of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked
    spirits in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

    Here are the titles of my books at Kindle Books:


    Here is the link at Kindle Books where you can order my books of articles that I previously published online. All you need to do is go to the link below and type the titles of my books into their blue search engine at the top of the page:

    Angellica Goodson Lord aka (Buyers Beware)

    1. angelica, I find your posting here to be a lot of opinion and guessing, as you present no facts to back up anything.
      Remember, we are held responsible for what information we pass on to others, especially publicly.

  11. Abby, with your 25 years of preaching your interpretation of what is written, maybe you can read these 2 bible quotes and enlighten me.
    Jesus says I and the Father are one...ok..when asked when he can be expected back he says beats me, only the father knows.This in and of itself makes me want to believe Anna more than you. Never underestimate the brilliance of the dark force. You are always adamant you are right. I think you are possessed. I believe it should have been written not that the word was made flesh and dwelt among us but the word was made word and was foisted (imposed ) upon us as flesh. No one would believe the word unless it was attributed to someone of great importance whether mythical or real. I do not deny Jesus existed. It is written in Mark10:45 that he did not claim to be a god.How can the KJV 1611 be so nebulous? we have some bad hombres in this Earth but i do not think creator God is planning to do the massive destruction you claim. He is most kind and patient but when he moves, you better be certain you have your spiritual usb cable plugged into the right port. You are not even aware that evil had full power over the Earth foe 100 years ( a short time ). You did not know because it did not concern you but there was a son of man that it did concern. He is not the messiah or the anointed one but could be the chosen one and his name is not Jesus. Speaks of him in Daniel and was preceded by Elijah who has come and has since departed mentioned in the last book of the Bible known as Malachi. I know, how dare I ?

  12. "Ishtar " is what is now venerated at the "Easter" celebration and is a false christian holiday meant to replace the original Passover Christ commanded true Christians to observe, once yearly... he who has the ears...

  13. Very entertaining as always when we enter into the religious abyss where everyone knows yet nobody knows, hence the concept of 'blind faith' a mind control matrix of the Babylonian Priests.
    Hard to verify much of any 'history' before the new history and Gregorian time line started with the Jesuits, the creators of our modern reality and current techno-corporate Babylonian system.
    LOL the Bible??? which one, which translation from which version, based on NO original currently in existence, and based on Constantine’s original political purpose of it to capitalize on the Christian movement and harness it for his political military gains, to control the masses by claiming his military might was through Christs Will. LOL he was simply being politically correct for the time and capitalizing on the new popular beliefs in Christianity.
    Funny to think that DC actually has more power then NYC the Dutch colony that never ceased being such, the independent Nation State home of the UN and Federal Reserve that funds DC giving it any substance and funding its capitalist wars, and enslaves all Americans through the BC bondage system where in the registry statutes NYC is defined as a 'State'.
    No mention of Switzerland LOl seams impossible, ground zero for the BIS that regulates at least 60 global Central banks including the Federal Reserve, where the birth of the Global Warming Scheme and Carbon Tax scam was hatched and current home of CERN, not to mention BIS responsible for funding the New Deal and Hitlers rise to power (the German New Deal).
    Or Spain or France 2 of the original Global Trusts along with Britain forming the 3 trusts represented by the Triple Crown of the Pope which he overseas.
    And of course the newest head of the Beast ...Israel!

    YES as stated already Mystery Babylon is a "System" not an exact location to try to play 'whack a mole' with and hope to kill one of the many heads AND I believe the beast had 7!

    The towers falling on 9/11 almost 2000 years after the birth of Christ was symbolic of the 2 pillars of masonry falling (church and state) and the birth of the new Age of Aquarius, burning into the ashes and now emerging like the Phoenix but into 1, the church and state merging into the NEW World Order of Corporate Technocracy , the Technocratic Elites are the new Babylonian Priest class and we have entered the new Age of Aquarius (water ,sea, commerce).

    The Corporate State is the NWO the new Global Religion, the true unified global language is Technology all systems communicate through computer language NOT the spoken tongue, this is the new universal language of Babylon while the Technocratic Priests emerge as the the Gods they believe they are and preach God-like trans-humanism as bait to entice the masses to give their blind faith to this new Religion.

    1. Mike, very very good and correct. I do however believe we were already for many years under the dominion of water,sea,commerce. I have experienced it in the courts and we were considered lost at sea after not claiming our person within 7 years as per the Cestui Que Trust Act of 1666. And I disagree with Abby ( always do ) This is very much on topic and very valuable to anyone who is even a little bit awake. Good work.

    2. are so right..!! That is why the banks and the "syndacate" are throwing unbelievable amounts of money (they don't have) into tech companies..Tech will be the new God..!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Blue... Yes realize every new age or system has a lengthy transition period, as the Roman Empire did not literally burn overnight and it took a few hundred years to transform into the Holy Roman Empire. LOl What a program where you create concepts/predictions in a book and then have centuries to make the predictions work and well if they dont you have another century or 2 and in a few generations the sheep will forget anyway.
      The whole system is magic and make believe a CON game to enslave the mind by any means at hand, LOl we have a CON-gress in charge at the moment. Bill Cooper said the big secret of the secret societies is their is NO big secret, its the illusion of a secret to keep the idiots chasing the carrot, the system of deception is the secret and how to use it against the masses. In masonic symbolism the 'sea' is the sea of people, the masses, we are the commerce! The symbolic meaning behind Atlantis sinking was not into the water but into the people an uprising, their greatest fear is loosing control to the masses being swallowed by the 'sea'. And back to the Act of 1666 this was all the Jesuits they are masters of design of the current Corporate Matrix, DC is basically the second coming of Christ as I have stated before (Georgetown the Jesuit Corporation is right there pulling the puppet strings, Collage and Corporation are from the same roots all collages and Corporations are Masonic systems), DC was birthed from the Virgin Mary land of both Virgin-ia and Mary-land and the original are was actual called Rome, not to mention 1776 is official birth of the United States and the Bavarian Illuminati, two side of the same coin/agenda the exoteric external side and esoteric hidden side, Franklin was the mastermind he literally brought the light, the illumination, the truth , being 'Frank' is being truthful correct?

      James I told you your worried about the "chip" but everyone is already chipped through their smart phone everyone has already volunteered LOl and Crypto madness all the Patriots are on board it seems they have traded real gold now for digi-coins and all that is needed to loose everything is the power going out, pretty hard to access your digital wallet or any digital account with no electricity , you go from a millionaire to broke with the flip of a switch. the ultimate monetary plan is a 100% cashless society , no chip needed but most likely an internet ID just exist in cyber space (Facebook is already the platform),no real prisons needed execpt for serious capital offences , if you ID is suspended you cease to exist in Cyber-world and are in an open air prison exiled from commerce, they have already started facial recognition to access your online banking which was beta tested on Facebook a few years ago, pretty soon facial scans and retina scans will be your ID or signature, better online security and your total enslavement all at the same time.

    5. Go watch "Things To Come" by HG Wells a 1936 film and its also on Youtube, I just re-watched it again last night.
      This is basically an insightful prophetic propaganda film for the Masonic Techno-cratic NWO agenda, the actual Technocrat movement originally sprang up around this time. Quick review...Post WWI era tons of Fear propaganda then endless War/pestilence for decades then the downfall of humanity back to a feudal system. The techno-elites emerge to bring their new Order and in the end the agenda is proclaimed to try to take on the Universe because they do not believe in a God they are striving to be Gods. And a great scene where the techno elite first appeared and was basically enticing the Chiefs wife like Satan in the garden with Eve to come take a bite of what we are offering.

  14. This has nothing at all to do with the topic, but something important to think about, since we are in the Spring season when weather problems can cause electrical avoid burning your house down:

    Our electricity went out at 5:30 just as I had two stove burners on cooking. I took the food out of the pots and put it in the refrigerator, only partially cooked. I left the two pans on the stove.
    Electric was out for 8 hours, till 1 a.m. I got up and turned off all the lights and tv and the furnace, went back to bed, and the smoke alarm went off LOUD.
    I did not think to TURN THE BURNERS OFF as soon as the electric went out. If I didn't have smoke alarms, could have been a real disaster.
    Who would think of that. I didn't.

    1. Near miss. We had just gotten back from the grocery store by 4:30. Just cloudy and looked like rain coming. The 5:00 news said we are under tornado watch. I said aloud, Oh No Lord don't let us be struck by a tornado !
      Then 5:30 and wham, but we didn't know why the elec. went out since we have underground wiring on my block. Today we found out the main street we take to and from the grocery had just then gotten struck by an F-1. Swept down that street, took down at least 20 electric poles and it is a big mess.
      That street is just about 2 blocks over from where I live.
      So we got home just in time, or we could have been right in the middle of it.

  15. Bill Cooper's 5 part series 'Scarlet and the Beast' from Oct. 1994.


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