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Monday, April 2, 2018

America: Some Assembly Required --- Literally.

By Anna Von Reitz

The title of this new book is somewhat tongue in cheek, it's true.  

We DO need to "assemble" America ---- literally.  

This brief summary can help people at all levels of government and within the general populace understand why in only sixty pages, set up as fifty "sound bites" of information that, taken together, provide the business history of America.

I am hopeful that for many, many people this mode of learning will be engaging and user-friendly, as it encapsulates the main issues in bite-size pieces.  This tends to be faster and easier to take in. 

There are some people, who, due to their reading style, won't be able to make heads or tails of this book, because it requires you to take a bite, chew, take a bite, chew....and follow along with what you are learning as you go.  You have to relax and let the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle go together in your mind as you read.  It isn't intended to drive home in a continuous stream leading from a beginning to a middle to an end.  Instead, each one of the fifty pages is its own conclusion--- but taken together, they do come to a much, much larger overall conclusion.  

At the end, you can see the whole pattern of the matrix you've been living in, and understand how it works and how it came to be and what you can do to change things.   That's a lot to accomplish in fifty pages, one bite at a time. 

Strangely, this whole concept of "taking things one bite at a time" has pervaded every step we've taken.  The overall prospect was simply too big, too overwhelming to contemplate.  

My "Committee of One" was overwhelmed by exactly this enormous nature of the Beast in October of 2013, when I accidentally recruited my first helper.  I was faced with multiple court deadlines and important correspondences and I was completely overwhelmed, so I said to a family friend, "I feel like a mouse trying to eat an elephant." 

He said, "Move over.  I'll take a bite, too."   Thus, he became known as "Mouse, Too." or sometimes as "Mouse Also" and from that feeble impossible beginning there are now millions of mice chewing away worldwide.  

Here is the link to the new book, available on Amazon for $10: 

The sales go to support The Living Law Firm and our loyal publisher, David Everett Robinson, who has played such an important role in making educational documents and books available to the public.  

The "assembling" that America requires is the assembling of over 3,000 local county assemblies by people who claim back their birthright heritage, their Good Names (Trade Names) and Estates.  And, one by one, piece by piece, and bit by bit, it is happening.  

All over this country, Americans are waking up and answering the call to restore our lawful National Government and also the Land and Soil Jurisdiction Counties and States underlying it.  

How we got into such a ridiculous (and scary) state of affairs -- paying for the administration of a government that isn't ours --- is the subject of America: Some Assembly Required.  

The means to get out of this situation, which is to "assemble" ourselves and get back on track is covered by the Michigan General Jural Assembly in their weekly national conference calls.  

These take place at 9 o'clock, Eastern Standard Time, every Thursday evening: 1-712-770-4160, Access Code 226823#.  

To new attendees -- please be advised that new people are joining these calls every week and not everyone knows how to fit in right away.  This leads to a certain amount of chaos and some false expectations.  

These calls are for people ready to help restore their lawful local county and State Government .  These calls are not for people seeking help with legal issues or court cases or who have personal axes to grind. 

The Michigan General Jural Assembly has stepped forward to help organize the actual counties and the National - level State of State organizations we are owed, just as they have organized and operated their own since the 1980's. 

At the very beginning of most worthwhile endeavors there is chaos, but you will begin to see increasing order established as people find their own ways forward. 

Just yesterday, MGJA announced the launch of a new website and extensive discussion forum being made available at
You should look at these books and these calls and forums as tools to rebuild -- literally reassemble -- America. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. Where to get the packet from you all instead of puchasing it from the other guy april lajune is telling to go

  2. Thanks for the info. That 60 page Pdf was one of the best meals I have ever had.

  3. Congress will go kicking and screaming only we the fourth branch of government can do it.

  4. Hard concept for the novice yes the legislative can make law (but) being they incorporated in 1871 "we establish a body corporate ".just like ed Johnson said last night new Hampshire superior court common law court said sheriff's have no arresting power they are coeperate they took an oath to a corporate body.

  5. New Hampshire superior"common law court"....prove it..!! There are no common law courts in America.. And I want to see the court case that tells "sheriffs" they have no arresting power. And if cops arrest us, can we enlist the help of the sheriff's dept to arrest the cops that arrested us..????

  6. Ahain, where is our enforcement powers and power to "ARREST" anyone for what we know are crimes..arresting people with no "corpus delicti "...the Corp STATE claiming injury..!! We need and want the authority to enforce the law, even if that person wears a uniform and a badge without a "confrontation" by the cop. So if he arrest me, then I arrest you and no one is going anywhere until the military gets here with a "Povost Marshall " it officer!!! That's why I think it has to be mandatory to wear sidearm by everyone that is of sound mind and understands that we enforce public law, but you enforce "public policy"...sorry I win...officer you are sentenced to a year in prison and never allowed in any law enforcement activities again..!!

  7. Everybody can climb over one another seeking can have it all..But I want all the "Power"..!! Isn't that a fair trade..!!!

  8. Tell your Michigan "Jural assembles" to come to Calif. and see how fast they get arrested under "lethal force"..!!


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