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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a treaty that Trump has deliberately been kept unaware of, but so what? ALL of this is rooted in fraud.  If all those making a treaty are factually and actually acting in fraud and within an over-arching matrix of fraud---- you tell me what such a treaty is worth?  Why should we care and who will honor it and on what basis?  A presumption of honesty among thieves?

This is all preposterous nonsense being offered as an explanation for evidence of vast planetary-wide crime that has played out over many, many generations. 

The origins of the crimes committed here did not begin on Earth and the solutions will not come from Earth, either. 

For the last sixty years world leaders have been looking at the "heritage of Marduk and his son, Satan, and his grandson, Lucifer" trying to come up with some way to excuse it and explain it away, but when you look at millions of metric tons of gold amassed for no apparent earthly use or reason-- what do you say? 

 Interdimensional beings -- renown psychotic criminals who can live for thousands of years- came here to collect souls and steal gold? 

Or do you make up other less terrifying stories--of which there have been plenty already?  Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck, for example.  Or now it's Kim Goguen and Thomas, claiming to own the so-called "umbrella trust"?

Does it matter if they call it the Global Debt Facility, the Global Collateral Accounts, the Unum Sanctum Trust, or Manna World Holdimgs Trust?  

The plain fact of the matter is that off-world pirates -- thieves and criminals -- amassed all these vast storehouses of gold, all these intricate fraud schemes, all these unholy "laws"--- Marduk, the Grandfather and original creator of all this is dead, his son, Satan, is bound and will be bound for 1000 years, and grandson, Lucifer, is still at large. 

So, there you have it, and along with it, the mind-bending reality that these things that have served as symbols of wealth -- gold, silver, etc., are actually in over-supply while millions of people needlessly suffer--- and the governments of the world are bankrupt and stymied.

Hello? Helluva party we've got going on here....

So that is why we have all these self-professed saviors and "philanthropists" showing up and claiming that they are the long-lost Trustees and Owners-- which means the same thing---wanting to begin sharing out the misbegotten wealth back to the people and countries it came from. 

It's a noble enough desire to the extent it is motivated by a desire to end suffering, but all these efforts so far have come with strings attached-- and those strings may not be obvious. 

This most recent round would have us agree that these entities had a valid claim against us, but they generously released their claim to Donald Trump--- when I say, get behind me, Lucifer.  You, your Father and your Grandfather have no claim here; this world belongs to the one faithful and true, our righteous redeemer. Not to you. 

These beings claim what is not theirs, even to give it away. And what do you have when you receive it, but receive stolen goods? 

Any Christian should know better. 

I repeat-- these troubles did not begin on Earth and the solution to them will not come from Earth, either. 

Be patient yet, a little while, and borrow in your heart what you need, for He is gracious and kind and gives you all that you need so long as you ask the true Lord who has fought for you --and do not steal from Him or think you can just do as you please. 

We all need to face facts and stop listening to nonsense and excuses and stories of the kind they use to delude children.  Such stories may be comforting, may be what you wish to believe, but they are not the truth and they cannot form a foundation for us to go forward. 

So-- listen to the small, quiet voice and know the truth. This is just another version of what we have already heard and seen. 

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  1. Mind blowing movie the 4th. Kind a hypnotist discovered a cause of all sleepless in nome alask

  2. Abduction by annuiki.who were stealing children and using was taken from actual recording of hypnosis sessions .
    Speaking in dead language of 6000. Years ago.all sync with Zachariah sitchen's.massive work.

  3. I agree with Anna . The kingdom of God is within. All else is spin. Are you listening Abby ? Reading books is fine , all books contain a little bit of truth. That is why God was not stupid enough to give all knowledge to one sect. Why are there 140000different sects in the world ? Look inside your self, you are your own authority. You must however abide by the ten simple laws God had commanded us to follow.

    1. God's message is indeed within in all of us, but it isn't through works....its been permanently "inscribed" within our own DNA weather you belief in in him or not...and geneticists are discovering layers now of messages within the DNA (the genetic code of all life) by God...we are indeed all connected by the "word of God" pre ordained by him when you were can hate him all you want, but you can't get rid of his footprint within the code within you...the DNA!!!

    2. James, I don't happen to believe this. Remember, this stuff comes from scientists. I don't see any proof of ''words' being in our DNA.
      What I do think though, is that we are all born with some sort of innate ''knowing' that God exists.....its that ''something' that causes us to seek Him.
      That is what the bible indicates, and nothing more. I am suspicious that ''dna' is a word intended to replace the word ''soul'' in the minds of mankind.
      Dna probably distinguishes the differences of one person from another; but what scientist has the capacity to interpret what all that means? It would come down to mere opinion.
      For example, triplets that were on TV, had each sent their DNA to and each of their tests came back totally different from each other, not even showing they were related in any similar way. So from that, we can see 'reading ones DNA' is nothing more than opinion.

      While we are on that subject - - NEVER sent your DNA to places like They can easily use it for very nefarious purposes.

      Now we know that ''life is in the blood'. If we loose too much blood, we die. If one bleeds out, they are dead.
      So there are some things to consider here, before we just quickly believe scientists who try to tell us there are messages in our DNA.

  4. The linage is just backwards. Enki/Lucifer has a son, Marduk, and Lucifer's first general is Satan. Just an FYI which I'm sure no one could care less about.

    1. Dead wrong marduk.was positively the son of Enki.
      Marduk. Murdered. Another crime in the great council condemned him to be the piramid
      Alive but was given a reprive.and eventually as his assumed birthright half lawfully half just taken,became ruler of Earth.and created Babylon now days Bagdad .but a globalist by today's standerds.

    2. Moral of the story anniki.were governed by the zodiac there is a time and a season under the sun.harsh military law was taken from the code of hammurab.babylonian.code of law.
      Sure because my friend tough law in the military.
      Law,astronomy , government , math,all domestic animals / grains music given one time at one place on guess who?

    3. I know this for sure. Not secondhand. Not a debate. Not based on anyone's interpretation. Marduk is dead. His son, Satan, is alive, but incarcerated. And his grandson, Lucifer, is still at large.

  5. Before I believe this, I need to weed out misinformation, if any, being introduced here. If part of it is wrong, how can any part of it be believed? The names, Marduk, Satan and Lucifer have been thrown out, and Marduk as being the father of Satan, who in turn is the father of Lucifer. I need to know where you got your information, because that would infer that the enemies of God can make more enemies of God by having children. That is not how I see it. I have heard of Marduk, but I don't remember in what context. From the Bible and the Book of Enoch, I understand that Lucifer IS Satan, and that all of the angels who rebelled against God (presumably because they wanted to have sex with the earthlings of the feminine gender - I think, from the Book of Enoch -, and Satan wanted to be God, himself, possibly because he saw that man was given higher priority than the angels, themselves, and he thought his way was much better), and because Jesus said, when answering the Pharisees about the 7 brothers who all had the same wife and no children, that the angels in heaven don't marry and, presumably, don't have children, either. On the other hand, we see in Genesis that the sons of God (presumably, the [fallen] angels) saw the daughters of man (women), having sex and children, resulting in the giants, which means they COULD produce offspring. There is a phenomenon in this world in which cross species mate and produce giants, depending on which of the species is male and which is female. Certain "ligers," for instance, are gigantic, depending on which is the male and which is the female. Other cross species are sterile and cannot themselves have offspring. So, this idea of Marduk having Satan as offspring, then Satan having Lucifer as offspring is a foreign concept to me, thus making me doubt this part of the article, and makes me suspicious of all the information therein. So, somebody enlighten me. Though Baspreena Barton attempted to clarify, he/she still has a different understanding than I do.

    1. Ys Geye, I thought the same thing as I read this Article. In fact I saw it as quite useless and uninformative of any Article I've read. IMO it is totally opinion of Williams, and has absolutely nothing to back it up.
      Satan/lucifer, all the same thing, were former angels in heaven thrown down to earth out of heaven, by God, free to roam the earth, going to and fro, seeking whom he can devour.
      That is from the Word of God in the bible.
      But this article seems like 'information' being passed off from Mythology and made to sound like it is fact, but there are no facts to back it up.
      Lucifer/satan became Demons; they are not 'interdimensional beings' since God already explained where they clearly came from. That is about as factual as we can get.
      Here, we see darkly, but then face to face. (scripture)

    2. Just as there are Children of God, there are Children of the Evil One. If that is news to you, you haven't spent enough time reading world history and scripture. There are two "Gods" in the Bible, and two lineages, plus the lineages of the Angels, Faithful and Fallen. These are realities, literal realities, but before you can see that this is fact and not "mythology" you have to undertake to know and ask and search. And just as it is said, those who ask receive. Those who don't ask, aren't told. Or are left to their own devices and limitations.

  6. Who has the wisdom to explain this to me? Is it right or wrong ?

    Jeremiah 51:44-46 Contemporary English Version (CEV)
    I will punish Marduk,[a]
    the god of Babylon,
    and make him vomit up
    everything he gobbled down.
    Then nations will no longer
    bring him gifts,
    and Babylon’s walls will crumble.
    The Lord Offers Hope to His People
    Get out of Babylon, my people,
    and run for your lives,
    before I strike the city
    in my anger!
    Don’t be afraid or lose hope,
    though year after year
    there are rumors
    of leaders fighting for control
    in the city of Babylon

    1. Babylon was once a physical kingdom, but in the Bible, it stands for a spiritual kingdom that continues to exist in secret -- Mystery Babylon -- and which continues to worship its evil god, Marduk, and continues to create trouble and misery. Many people believe that Rome is the "city of Babylon" in the current time, and that all the power struggles now on-going reflect verse 46.

  7. 1,000 years is not nearly long enough an incarceration for Satan and his crimes. Annihilate "him" completely, I say. His crimes warrant the death penalty billions of times over, so I petition the heavenly hosts to undo him and all of his cronies and servants, write them out of the Book of Life forever. It's the only way to be sure that this verminous infestation doesn't rise up again and cause unimaginable evil in the future. "Never again," was the cry after the Nazi genocide...

    1. All these answers are right in the bible; ALL of them. It tells us these boogers NEVER were written in the book of life to begin with. Study would also tell you that satan is going to be bound for 1000 yrs., then get a short last hurrah, then get annihilated in the lake of fire which is forever.
      So you see, all your fretting here could have been unnecessary just by studying. So I just cut to the chase and saved you all the time I've spend to give you the Answer.
      In fact, its WHY I don't stress about any of the shit going on in this world; its because I know where we've been, where we are, and whats coming up ahead. Its also why I don't take most people seriously and why I don't think most things really matter.
      This Article make it clear just what a tangled up mess ungodly Man has made of things; so much so, that it can never be untangled. It is even to the point now where truth can hardly be found anymore, about anything. It reminds me of the childrens game, where you have 10 people; one starts with a few whispered words, and each passes it on to the next; by the time it get to the 10th person and they tell what was said, it is nothing like what was said, as is verified by the person who started the 'rumor' or statement.

    2. Yet the Children of the Evil One were not destroyed. The Tares were allowed to grow with the wheat, down to this day.

  8. Right on Chris. Totally agree. You know I read quite a few of Anna's thesis ( by no means all ) but this one in my opinion is probably at the top of the list. We as a species can not govern ourselves without God. One big reason I am so for it is because Abby finds fault with it. It is not in her Masonic bible I guess.

  9. Believe it or not in celestial, a star in stars that surround the north star, Draco, Golden Apples, and a few others as well as one called Satan. That star began to move and made mapping or using the stars for reference out of whack. Legend says that star became a thing not liked or had to be removed from the celestial garden of stars. As if people could remove a star like that in the first place. God certainly does live within and everywhere else also within the living and what we call dead. There is no way to hide or play games, but kindly, God never changes so we can count on em.

  10. hey AirCarvings where did you find this info, I would like to go deeper if you don't mind sharing

  11. Did I miss something here? One of Anna's latest articles was about a cache(?) or trust(?) held somewhere over in France worth $400+ Trillion dollars or FRNs, or ??, that supposedly belongs to WeThePeople of the de jure US of A unincorporated? Now this article is titled "Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust".
    I am having difficulty following all of this, and I have some questions that perhaps some of you in the forum can answer. If my presumption above is correct about the $400+ T, etc, and if it actually belongs to WeThePeople, what is it doing in France?.... for the 1st question for now...

    1. rational rebel, you will find most of the stuff in here gets mentioned, then blows off into the wind; never any straight answers to anything, never any follow-up. Reminds me of those shell games at carnivals.

    2. Best read the monograph I prepared for Trump--- America: Some Assembly Required, or you will never be able to keep straight the accounting involved. Suffice it to say that the $475 trillion that was being kept "for" us in the Bank of France is inheritance owed the actual states and people--which they never intended to tell us a word about, and which they attempted to claim as abandoned property. The World Trust, aka Roman Trust, aka Crown Trust, aka.... blah, blah, blah, is a different matter. It's a Holding Trust of great antiquity and evil that is finally being liquidated. All the assets are supposed to be returned to the people and countries the assets belong to, but be careful and wait and see.

  12. Personally any "Bribe" hush money offered as any "Settlement" to accept or "forgive" any "False SINS" passed onto us WILL BE REFUSED for Cause! I have NO INTEREST in their Debt "Obligations" or False "Promises" to EVER PAY any REAL thing "NOTES" and will ONLY accept COMPLETE written release of ALL my True Value and the Real Substance of my Energy and Labor created. That's it, NO THING else will Do at this point. "Fool me once shame on YOU. Fool me twice, shame on Me!"
    Never Again will I ever "TRUST" shallow words lacking any REAL depth or integrity. If I NEVER "sign" another signature again after ALL this IS Declared, reclaimed and FINAL, that WILL BE TRUE freedom to Me!!


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