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Sunday, January 14, 2018

England, Again and Always

By Anna Von Reitz

The worldwide search for a factual international understanding of the history and mechanism of fraud we have uncovered is underway. 

And guess what? 

It is monotonous, but the chips are in.....England started the rot, England benefited from the rot, and England is still the chief proponent and apologist for it all, too.

This week brought it all into focus from two completely different perspectives.

One was an almost-accidental meeting with British-based researchers into the ESTATE scam we have so often described, wherein doctors conscripted against their will to serve as "uniformed officers", are obliged to register the names of American infants. 

A "registration" creates a joint interest in property.  Via this venal and undisclosed practice, the foreign Territorial United States  presumes to have an ownership interest in your Given Name, which amounts to an ownership interest in you and everything you are and everything you own.

This is a completely outrageous infringement and trespass against you, and is without cause or moral excuse in the vast majority of cases. It is so stinky in fact, that the perps actually falsify the public record of their activities by misidentifying the biological Mother as an "Informant" and by mischaracterizing her as an "unwed Mother".

These two lies are just the start of a long, long list of lies that the perpetrators heap on our backs and heads from then on, and this gross fraud has one purpose: to fill the pockets of foreign governments at our expense.

According to the British Territorial Government operating on our shores under our own delegated authority, we are a nation of bastards. Perhaps we should prove them right?  And give them back what they deserve?

Great Britain has contrived to illegally and immorally use America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa and numerous other countries as colonies for the past 150 years. What they could not win by force of arms they have wrangled by fraud and deceit.  All they had to do was buy off, compromise, and blackmail enough members of the  US Congress and enough members of the Roman Curia and that has not been difficult to do.

We have now discovered the full explanation of the situation according to English Equity Law of the Queen's Bench.  The barristers responsible for uncovering it were prompted to do so because they, too, were being "presumed" upon, and they are disgusted as anyone might be, but their loyalty to their Queen is such that they expose it with one hand and try to find excuses for it with the other. 

It's actually comical.  Imagine a man with a mouthful of pig poop spitting it all out, retching, and then gasping, "But there's a reason for it....."

I dare say there is a reason for pig poop. 

There is reason, so far as I know, for everything including warts and stars in the sky.  I may not know the reason and I may not care what the reason is, either. 

At a certain point, a mouth full of pig poop is a mouth full of pig poop.  Being an American, I tend to see the whole business with a practical, jaundiced, and coldly angry eye.

Via the misuse of our own delegated authority and because we were stupid enough to repeatedly save their bacon, the British Government and the British Crown have contrived to pillage and plunder our labor, our resources, and credit for fifteen decades. 

They have used the Territorial (Federal District) Government to do so. They've committed gross breach of trust, fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion of assets, kidnapping, involuntary servitude, press-ganging, racketeering and a host of crimes too numerous to mention---all on our shores, under the noses of our own sheriffs, and all the while pretending to be our friends and allies.

Now they propose that we should accept bankruptcy for their debts.

We have other suggestions.

So here are the British barristers and Commonwealth scholars who have uncovered the roots of this estate fraud scheme back farther in time than anyone in their right mind cares to go, and they are honest enough to admit it all for the good of people throughout the world, but also scared enough of being blamed for it to try to back-pedal and find a way to excuse it somehow.  

For myself, the only reason I can think of against removal of the Inner City of London, Rome, Brussels, the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, and our own "dear" Washington, DC from the face of the earth is that it would simply cause more pain and devastation in a world where there has already been more than enough of both thanks to these gawd-awful liars and thieves.

Imagine the irony?  I am listening to this bizarre Confession-Apologia going on with one ear and tracking the news that the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has been caught practicing for an assassination of Trump with the other ear.  Oh, flutter, flutter.....who could imagine that the US Navy would be involved in such a plot?

Anyone with a brain in their head. 

Why was there ever a British Territorial Government set up in our country?  Answer: our commercial fleet needed the protection of the British Navy.  Despite the fact that we have paid for it all, whose control is the US Navy under to this day? 

The Queen and her brood of hairy elves still command the US Navy, and the only reason they didn't physically overrun us in the wake of the so-called civil war they engineered on our shores was that the Russian Navy stood offshore and prevented it.

Yes, Virginia, there is a reason for everything.  There is a reason why a quarter of all the Admirals in the US Navy are under indictment for corruption---and the number may easily climb higher.  Why? 

Because the US Navy (like the US NAVY, INC.) is the creature of England, just as it always has been, and England is always at the bottom of every nasty dog-pile since the time of Christ.  Set your watch by it.  Take it to the bank.  Depend on it like snow in January. 

The Brits just can't keep their hands off of other people's stuff and their noses out of other people's business. 

We have to face the fact that the British Government has an endemic streak of criminality running through its core, all glossed over by a great sense of humor and a very thin, hard shell of civility.   They apparently can't help themselves and are hereditary con men and pirates in the same way that others might suffer from kleptomania; they steal and lie even when they don't have to.  They do it as an art form, as a game for entertainment.  Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare referred to them as "perfidious Albion"--- so it was, is, and apparently, ever shall be.

Was I surprised that the Office of Naval Intelligence was caught rehearsing for an attempt on Donald Trump's life?   Not in the least.  If I were to pin-point any intelligence organization most likely to spawn such a grossly criminal endeavor, I would point my finger at the ONI and would do so without any need of specific names or details.  It only makes sense that the Queen would seek to remove Donald Trump and that she would use what appears to be his own Navy against him. 

The British plans were foiled, once again, and as it was during the Civil War---- thanks to Russia. 

It's true that your "Mother" should love you and protect you, but as generations of abused children can attest, not every mother plays that role.  Some mothers, like England, prey upon their offspring, secretively sucking their energy and lifeblood like a vampire, demanding back a hundred-thousand-fold for every shilling ever spent and showing no gratitude whatsoever for the loyalty of the Americans, Canadians, Australians, and others who stood by Britain through two World Wars.

We have all been ruthlessly victimized and parasitized as a thank you.

 And yes, it is England at the bottom of the dogpile again.  

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  1. well said, Anna; maxim - Deceit is an artifice, since it pretends one thing and does another.

  2. How did you learn that the "Office of Naval Intelligence was caught rehearsing for an attempt on Donald Trump's life?" If true and if tangible evidence exists, this needs to be broadcast as far and as wide as humanly possible!

    1. They are starting to realize that Trump is being protected by God. And no one is going to be able to hurt God's annoited. Lucifarians can't seem to wrap their minds around that. It will come back to them 10 fold. If I were them, I'd be putting up the flag of surrender while they still can.

  3. This is all the more reason We THE People need to assemble and use our power! We can rid ourselves of this vermin without firing a single shot! The Lawful civilian authority can and will rid our navy of the Crown's control! But only if we have a majority of county and state assemblies reseated!

    Our last Thursday evening National Assembly Training Conference Call had 78 callers attending and most were asking very good questions. We need hundreds if not thousands on that call! If we are going to rid ourselves of this vermin, we need to act now!

    1. This is the only way and the real way we are going to end this mess! Anna will tell you the same thing! If most Americans actually have the ability to do critical thinking, they will see what Anna and I are saying is right and will get off their hind ends and get busy! We can lead horses to water but we cannot make 'em drink!

    2. Amen! I agree..
      with the blood sucking criminals at my front door, attempting to remove myself and family from our home of 14 years come may.
      I was so overwhelmed just last thursday, but had every intention on listening in..

  4. Great Article. Thank you Judge. Was that news story you were tracking based on this report put out by Stew Webb/Tom Heneghan by any chance,or was there another source you followed?
    "Tom talks about the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Plot to kill Trump by drones blamed on ISIS! These drones had very sophisticated guidance systems in them that relied on satellite navigation!

    Now it's all starting to make sense why Bannon and his ONI buddies have been trying to take down Trump. Did you know the ONI was involved in 9/11, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin false flag. Here's more on this."

  5. Also that update about so many Navy Admirals involved in a scandal is known as the "Fat Leonard Scandal" I believe. Incredible the amount of treason involved.

  6. Where did Shakespeare say "perfidious Albion"?

      Perfidious Albion is an anglophobic pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to alleged acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to perceived promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of Britain (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest.

      Perfidious signifies one who does not keep his faith or word (from the Latin word "perfidia"), while Albion is a poetic name for Britain.
      The use of the adjective "perfidious" to describe England has a long history; instances have been found as far back as the 13th century.[1] A very similar phrase was used in a sermon by 17th-century French bishop and theologian Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet:
      England, oh perfidious England, which the rampart of whose seas made her inaccessible to the Romans, the faith of the Saviour has landed.

      The coinage of the phrase in its current form, however, is conventionally attributed to Augustin Louis de Ximénès, a French playwright who wrote it in a poem entitled L'Ère des Français, published in 1793:
      Let us attack perfidious Albion in her waters.

      The Idea and Slogan of "Perfidious Albion"
      H. D. Schmidt
      Journal of the History of Ideas
      Vol. 14, No. 4 (Oct., 1953), pp. 604-616
      Read Online (free):

    2. Well I guess James bond movies (007) are going to be looked at a lot different from now on...!! I know a family that came from great Brittain, living here now for almost 70 years... and the boys think they know it all because the father was a witness to all the fighging...but he only knows the actual fighting. But he has no clue to the true narrative of the seems all Brits are arrogant...!! No matter how many times I tell them , they are not our allies...and never been...but they are even lazier than their father when it comes to the truth. One day I was watching the movie...its a mad, mad, mad world...remember that movie. It was harlarious!! But at one point , the Brit wound up in the same car chasing everyone else, and at one point the comedian I can't think of right now turns to the complaining Brit and tells him if it wasn't for "lend lease" by America, they would have been talking german..!! My Brittish friend never brings that up ever, until I confronted him with it...and he knew about it and said they paid it back already...already!! They borrowed millions from us in the 1940's and it wasn't paid back until 2006. Great borrowers aren t they..!! My friend got all hot and bothered...!! He is going to live and die stupid his whole life..!!

    3. The Navy betrayed us after the civil war and they will continue to be our enemies if they face losing any more money for their war games..!!

  7. Wow, what is the source of this rat, what documents lead to this major piece of fact? Thanks

  8. Bringing Forward Vital and Important step by step A-Z Instructions as written, posted by 1freeman in comment section of this blog titled "Christmas Thoughts"

    Please send any donations to Anna as they should go to the cause where this came from. Here are the step-by-step instructions...
    Instructions to Zero Out IRS Account Balances
    First read and study Judge Anna’s step-by-step Instructions here:
    __Dear Lucretia -- Mortgage Relief -- and the Rest of the Story or
    __The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance
    When you are ready, and you have acquired your own account on a 1096/1099-A/1040-V to CID per the above instructions, pull out all the latest past due statements you have received from the IRS. Look at the bottom of the coupon for the last digits. This is your outstanding balance which, once you are finished with this process, will appear as all zeroes. If they are not current, call them and tell them that you are ready to settle the account and ask them to please send you a current statement and coupon. You can do one tax year bill at a time or bundle them all together on your 1096 but always only use one (1) 1099-A per tax year.
    1. According to Judge Anna's instructions, prepare a 1096, 1099-A and 1040-V. List the IRS office location (where the letter came from) as the Borrower and your NAME as the Lender. Fill in the amount of the outstanding balance on both the 1099-A, and on the 1096. If you are bundling several years together, use one 1099-A for each tax year and put the total amount of all of your 1099-As on the 1096.
    2. Send all forms to IRS CID in Covington, KY in a large brown envelope regular First Class Mail with a Certificate of Mailing or Registered Mail.
    3. Prepare a response letter, always polite and courteous, to the originating IRS office where your letter came from:
    __confirming receipt of their presentment of (__date__)
    __telling them that their presentment has been Accepted for Value and returned to them for discharge
    __noticing them that Form 1099-A was filed with IRS CID on this account and their Copy B is enclosed
    __asking them to coordinate directly with IRS CID on this account
    __telling them that they have 5 business days to reply if they disagree and that if they do not respond within that time, then you will accept their agreement that this account and the outstanding amount is settled.
    __thanking them.....
    (oops apologies didn't copy and post in full-my error)

    1. ...for their assistance
      4. Include their coupon Accepted for Value with Judge Anna's red stamp on it. Be sure to add a date after your signature in blue (this is missing from Anna’s instructions).
      5. Also included their Copy B of the 1099-A which you are filing with IRS CID. (Do NOT include any copies of what you sent to CID)
      6. Send in a large brown envelope regular First Class Mail with a Certificate of Mailing or Registered Mail.
      7. You may receive a Letter 2645C, A.K.A. the infamous 45 day letter, from Fresno, CA. These are usually dangerous and are used against you if you do not respond and let the 45 days run out and must be responded to telling them to settle and close this matter immediately. These come in pairs on purpose to run out your 90 days which turns it into a collectible. Always respond to both immediately. If one of these letters says that they have referred it to another address, then respond to that address with the same instructions.
      8. Next you should receive a “no action” letter from them referencing your correspondence which they have received which will state "We reviewed the information you provided and determined no action is necessary on your account." Then look at the attached coupons, the area that always shows your outstanding balance at the end of the string of digits at the bottom of the both coupons, should show all zeroes. This is the proof that they have discharged the outstanding amount and set the balance on the account to zero.
      9. This should automatically remove any liens for the years discharged. If not, then file a form to request a Release of Lien and include a copy of this letter and coupons as proof that your balance is zero.
      10. If you do not get any response, file Form 3949-A with CID in Fresno, CA, requesting Emergency Investigation and Intervention.
      That's it! Timewise it should take no more than 3 months from start to finish. Now go to it!
      PS: Paul and/or Anna, perhaps this can be posted on the main site for others to be able to utilize as well."

      Thank you so much 1Freeman for your Time and thoughtful consideration of putting these important, helpful Instructions together for ALL to benefit and learn from!
      Much Love and Peace Always

    2. I would just like to add to these Instructions that is Vital that you do any of these mailings with Return Receipt Required. ALWAYS. You Need Legal Proof of Your Administrative Good Faith/Honorable Processes.

    3. correction Not "Legal Proof" but in Fact Legal evidence that a Registered or Certified mailing with the assigned numbers of the RM/CM either written or secured by the matching label attached (New Legal Security Instrument) Contract mailing now being clearly established. The New commercial Contract IS the mailing. The Returned, Signed/stamped Accepted Receipt IS YOUR Legal standing in their Corporate "Legal' Jurisdiction. Parties to the contract Are Clearly Defined and established The contents ARE Private and Confidential between only the named parties and should clearly state the subject terms and conditions expected. Precisely and specifically, giving them a specific date to either respond or comply to your terms/conditions and instructions. If they don't understand the terms and conditions of your 'presentment" than they MUST respond for clarification or missing info to be able to comply with your instructions. Remember it's ALL Just Commercial Banking business Administration. Take care of Your "Legal Entity" creations and properly Administer YOUR commercial business. (Your Trust Acct)

    4. Why do we have to Zero Out IRS Account Balances?

    5. Hello IAm,
      We zero out the account due to the nefarious "criminal charges" and odious debt obligstions that ARE in fact being attached to our “legal title entity “(privately) for private corporate profit and gain, without our knowledge or consent. Its necessary to close out and settle All public/private "charges" and have your account in balance. Starting at zero is always a good thing.

    6. Hello Kelli,
      Key words, "without our knowledge or consent".
      With all due respect, I hear (read) what you're saying. I've been involved for years. We've been robbed and defrauded and lied to all of our lives, the awakened now know and it isn't pleasant. We are the victims of all the crimes being committed against us in the "American Affidavit of Probable Cause" that are STILL being committed against us to this day. Who created this mess? Who is being held accountable for this mess we didn't create? How has all of this now become our responsibility to correct what's been done to us by criminals? That's why people are getting angry. I have stacks of folders of all the actions I have taken, but I'm still dealing with the same crimes, Personage and Barratry to this day. I'm not willing to do one more thing for anyone who is KNOWINGLY committing crimes against me, i.e., the BAR.
      An Update on the Living Law Firm, August 4, 2016
      by Judge Anna von Reitz
      "In other news, we have the Smoking Guns that show (1) how the crooked State Bar Associations claim to own everything and the tools they use to dictate who receives the benefit of your estate. (2) actual PROOF (in their own words) of how state and county bureaucrats are colluding and misusing and manipulating your birth, death, and marriage records to ENRICH THEMSELVES and CHEAT YOU - their employers - and helpless babies, widows, and the elderly. They discuss it all openly and leave NO DOUBT that yes, they KNOW what they are doing and they are doing it anyway. (That is beyond my comprehension.)
      The Bureaus of Vital Statistics and the hospitals and other agencies involved in HUMAN TRAFFICKING (slave-laboring for private FIAT debt notes) and enslavement/racketeering under the guise of doing a census and statistical research on population trends are running one of the biggest insurance fraud syndicates in the world right under our noses.
      The years go by and the crimes continue.....

    7. Iamtruth - You are exactly right. No disregard for Anna and all her hard work and her Team, but some of us have already seen the futility, while others prefer to hope in vain because they do not want to face reality of the way things really are.
      Sure, I wish it could all be accomplished just as much as anyone of the "fighters' around here. But while this fight is going on to battle this visible 'government' - the actual culprits are the puppeteers in hiding and remain nameless, dictating to those we see visibly. Judge Navaro is a perfect example of a puppet - and the Bundy's are a token of all of the rest of us.
      Meanwhile, our country has been handed off to the UN and will be used for 'fire power' when it comes to the final desired outcome designed by the puppeteers.
      The puppeteers are the engineers of the world and they do not flinch at 'our paperwork'. They do not care about the Law, the Constitution, or us; especially not us. 'They' work from behind the scenes; they have all the money in the world and can buy off anyone they need in order to get whatever they want. Nearly all of D.c. is paid off; this is why nothing ever gets done; we have not had any favor for decades.
      We are playing with a partial deck, most of the cards are hidden from us; we do not even know who our enemies behind the curtain are and nobody is telling.
      We can replace some of the puppets, but new ones will quickly become identical to the ones we replace. Money talks
      and we the people have no representation....anywhere. Deception of untold depths rules the day
      America is a rich nation; but our leaders have spent it all on nefarious projects and to line the pockets of 'their tightly knit club members' and left the people to eek out a bare living from friday to friday. How else do we think they have paid for the 100+ underground tunnels all over this nation? There is a whole other 'world'operating right underneath our feet and is full speed ahead. Yet the people languish and anguish trying to burst down such doors to see a bit of daylight.
      'They' play with our emotions by providing entertainment thinking we will be distracted from all their plots and schemes and make the unsuspecting gullible folks think 'everything is coming up roses and have a bright future'.
      For those who can see the clear cut road ahead and where this is all leading to, already have come to the realization that there is only One solution to this overwhelming problem, realizing it is unsurmountable, and there is only One who has the only solution to it all. There is no multiple choice here.

    8. IAMTRUTH: I don't fight about our land or property any more, with stubborn Deep State courts and jerks. That is why the Chinese, Russian, NOKOR, Indian, etc are doing Using BIG GUNS. I heard their ICBM's went up to 10X speed of sound, some went to 900X speed of sound. So, how can the Deep State catch up with them when they are too busy stealing our homes and jobs? We are toasted either way. Stopping NOKOR wouldn't do any good.

    9. IAMTRUTH re:
      The Bureaus of Vital Statistics and the hospitals and other agencies involved in HUMAN TRAFFICKING (slave-laboring for private FIAT debt notes) and enslavement/racketeering under the guise of doing a census and statistical research on population trends are running one of the biggest insurance fraud syndicates in the world right under our noses.
      The years go by and the crimes continue.....
      i have read that "census" is done under "war powers" i.e. commander-in-chief is the original "authorization" and the census is done by "executive orders" (whether formal, or done "executivally" in any case)

      trump didn't start it, but it is done under his office.

    10. lots of good info. (separate the wheat from the chaff) at

      no, i am not affiliated, not on anyone's payroll either, just providing a source for my claim, if you dig through postings, and some additional explanations behind 1099 "return to source" things, UNVERIFIED AND NOT TRIED BY ME.

      i do agree with the general view of that site, language is used to deceive. i would say from personal experience, i independently arrived at same theory "ricochets of trauma" is how i would describe it, is why i find that site interesting.

      not any mkultra "create split personalities and trigger them on demand" sort of thing, but seems to be a thing that traumatized people "echo" it.

      i would call it "you can tell how someone was bribed, by how they try to bribe you" :) not quite masonic "as above, so below", just simple common sense.

      not related to that, but interesting book, see the parallels between "identity theft", might be: Trance-formations Neuro-Linguistic Programming™
      and the Structure of Hypnosis
      it is more or less creating "associations" so i would say all the false ALL CAPS NAME is perfect example, putting people into a "trance"

      such things dont give any "remedy" per se, but useful to protect oneself if you "reverse engineer" yourself a way to avoid when people try it on you.

      if i didnt know better, i would say the most evil thing to do would be to program people to program other people :) why simply brainwash people, if you can brainwash them to brainwash other people for you, without realizing it. if i was an evil gazillionaire, that's what i would shoot for.

  9. See RCAGB1929 which changed to SERCO. What they run and for who, you can thank Abel Danger for the exposure.... Love you Anna from Free The People AK newspaper.... spreading truth how this comes to our communities and how we counter it locally.

  10. Reads like an Agatha Cristie.novel
    Micheal E. Jones said the WASP and the
    JEWS. have ganged up on the Christians .
    Christians world wide are under attack Mike Pence just saved some Christians in Iraq . Donald Trump is connected to the Catholic Church . Not part of cabal.

    1. bubba, the catholic church IS part of the cabal; a huge enemy of The People. I don't think Trump is connected to the CC except perhaps governmentally. Vatican = one world gov.

    2. Both are Satanists !!

      The Word of God warns us in 2nd Corinthians 11:13-14 that Satan and his false teachers always come to us in sheep’s clothing to deceive us …

    3. Pat Talylor: I agree with you. Like Trump, he is helping both sides: Good and Evil. I don't see how this will get us any where.

  11. The S.A.dutch were attacked so cicel Rhodes could have unfettered run of all mines down there.but do understand that lord Rothschild owns England like they bought Churchill and his father.
    To quote general Mosby ww2. Was for Jewish hegemony throughout the world .

  12. Ahhhhhh, ....... John Dees and perfidious Albion

  13. Ahhhhhh, ....... John Dees and perfidious Albion

  14. More considerations , the NAVY runs our space fleet not the air force. Michael e. Jones who rights plenty on the Catholic Church a brilliant man with a mind like a steel trap.says the wasp. Or. Protestant or British are at war with the Jews. Within the CIA.YOU tube his videos .

  15. All Christian organizations have been infiltrated monasteries , churches,trad cad knight writes for veterans today chronicles it .we have the anti pope in power.the church is the culture as it deteriorates is is just a civilization . That's why poland, hungry , except the take over the culture is strong.lead by the church.and not valuable to cabal.

  16. Thanks be to God we have sources other than government to draw our sanity.


  18. The attempted assassination of Trump will not stop with the Navy...I wonder how Trump feels about them now..!! And our military in general....why does he keep praising them..he never gets tired of supporting them when all they have planned for him is a burial..!!

  19. Trump knows full well that the Corp "Legal Entity TITLES" are NOT and DO NOT represent the living men and woman actually "serving" in our Militaries honorably. He knows they too serve a "False Master" unknowingly and obediently by and through even more brutal mental programming and emotional conditioning techniques used on them to COMPLY. It breaks this mama's heart to see/feel the results of this conditioning on our son's and daughters. They ARE only following ORDERS (Just like we've been programmed to do) however those ORDERS are literally emotionally and mentally killing their conscience. The majority KNOW NOT who they are serving, or to what ends. They have been deceived, just as WE HAVE been deceived. Just by and through different means.

  20. Well, it's January 20, 2018 and the federal "government" is shut down. Right now is a good time for Anna, the Heredity Head of State, and all Patriots to go to Washington, D.C. and abolish this de facto government. Then re-institute our de jure land jurisdiction government. What say ye, Anna?

  21. Some may not like this..but lets take a close look at the 'standing for the national anthem': First of all the words of the song indicate protecting our homeland in case IT is attacked. Instead, we have let foreigners take over, have invited them in, and we have no National anything; and now it has come down to spitting on nationalists and treating them like the enemy simply because they want their own Nation, not globalism.
    Then we have part of the military that is for this Nation, mostly the Marines; while the Army and Navy are anti-Nation.
    This begs the question then: should we, can we really stand for the so-called 'national anthem', in good conscience? Just to be polite?
    What is it that we are really standing For? 'Land of the free, home of the brave....."? Really?
    If that is true, then why are we in this Forum having to find ways to get our Freedom from every aspect of Life? See the hypocrisy of the 'national anthem'? And the 4th of July is even worse, when you really give that some thought. Independence Day, while still being run by the British Bar Assoc. (British Accredited Registry)?
    We ought to dispense with the playing of the national anthem at sports arenas, the Indy 500 etc. It ought to be banned just like they banned the very misleading John 3:16 banners at these events. After All, a farce is a farce is a farce. IMO.

    (this is no way related to the NFL, where those nitwits have a whole other agenda which is racial)

  22. i have said it before, but below is good news to me and possibly a few others who have clueless "us citizen" parents, but the mother has blood "posterity" (in my case, before "independence")
    It is so stinky in fact, that the perps actually falsify the public record of their activities by misidentifying the biological Mother as an "Informant" and by mischaracterizing her as an "unwed Mother".
    for people whose parents are "us citizens" (unknowingly), but father and his blood is from elsewhere, this is good, because with common law, unmarried children "citizenship" (or "national" if you prefer) goes through mother instead of father.

    a "bastard" has no identifiable father, so the thinking goes.

    see "maxim", bouviers 1856,

    note: this may not meet the "natural born citizen" needed to be president, which some claim is "law of nations" (which just means, what various nations have done through history, so is assumed the rule if the "nation" does not specify otherwise) and some claim requires BOTH parents. for people not running for "president" should not matter.

    just noting one case this can be a "good" thing to have 'bastard' "us citizen" parents.

    1. To clarify, the true meaning of 'bastard' is: One who does not have The Father (God). This is directly from the bible.
      It is man who has twisted it and made it derogatory toward some individuals which is totally incorrect; everyone has a father but not everyone has The Father.
      And No government has the authority to assign such status for anyone.

  23. there is no royalty, if there is then why is lincolnshire police being run by G4S, who is keeping the queens peace in linconlshire? If there is royalty then why are powys county council using a magistrates court that is not registered with the ministry of justice and why are they holding this (kangaroo) court in front of the royal coat of arms. And why are they using another courts unique court identification number to give powys magistrates court legitimacy. Seems like abandonment imho. Salvage claim anyone?


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