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Monday, January 8, 2018

America's Grandma

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By Anna Von Reitz

Someone recently sent me snippets of stories and blogs where I am being called "America's Grandma"--- but, no, that title belongs to Irene Ryan, co-star of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Daisy aka "Granny" Moses, Jed Clampett's Mother-in-Law, earned the title long before I came along. 

Here she is, in the photo above, perfectly reflecting how I feel most of the time. 

This country and this whole world is in such a mess that I get up in the morning with "my hair on fire" feeling like I just spent a week thumping on a mule's butt with a tennis racket. 

Most of the people who are on our payrolls--- I am talking worldwide--- are a rare mix of incompetent and crooked.  I constantly run into "government employees" and "bank officials" who have been crooks so long that they don't even know that what they are doing is criminal. 

They literally don't know that creating bogus public trusts and plundering them is against every law from here to breakfast, both public and private. 

They don't recognize what they are doing as identity theft.  It takes a washboard and a jug of whiskey up the side of the head before they even stop and think twice about what all these "uniformed officers" at the hospitals are doing to our babies--- much less what they are doing to adults on a daily basis.

Once people understand what has been done to us and done "for" us and done in our names to others, the outrage is deep and wide.  The sense of betrayal and confusion and anger is real.  It deserves our understanding and our respect.

But those feelings need to pass swiftly and our brains need to wake up and start dealing with the consequences and the practical issues.  Just like Granny, we need to set our jaws, concentrate our thoughts, and get moving. 

The first step is to declare your political status, and if you are not a federal employee or otherwise encumbered, come "home" to your birthright political status as a United States National, aka, state national---- a Wisconsinite, a Texan, a Vermonter, an Oregonian, or whichever state you were born in, that's your nationality.  Claim it back and don't be content to ever be called a "citizen" or a "Miss" or a "Mister" or a "Missus"---- all foreign titles in the Queen's Service--- ever again.  You get yourself an official copy of your Birth Certificate and you put together your own Certificate of Assumed Name to claim back your Common Law Copyright to your own given Trade Name and all the other NAMES and variations of names derived from it.

You record your claim of your birthright political status in as many ways as you possibly can.  You give notice to the office of the Adjutant General in your state and to the State Secretary of State that you are a United States National (aka state national and native of _______whichever state you were born in) and have retired from any obligation of United States citizenship, whether territorial or municipal. Now it is their business to keep the records straight and protect you and your assets.

Former military personnel--- they never properly mustered you out.  When you joined the Service, another layer of federal presumptions accrued to you.  When you got your Discharge and your DD214, they never changed your political status back to your original birthright status.  It was more profitable and convenient for them to just claim you were a lifelong "volunteer" working for their corporation(s) without rights or wages--- a slave, in other words.

You have to give Notice to the head of your branch of the military that you have returned to your birthright status as a United States National and are now a non-combatant civilian who has retired from the obligations of federal citizenship.  

The second step it to assemble with others of like mind and like political status wherever you may be living now, and set up your County Jural Assembly.  The Michigan General Jural Assembly can help you with this all-important task. The information to contact them is posted on my website:  There is a weekly teleconference every Thursday night. 

Please note that I said "Jural Assembly", not a "Jural Society".  There is a difference and plenty of Queen's Men have tried to confuse generations of Americans into forming Jural Societies instead of Jural Assemblies.  Forewarned is forearmed.   In order to make the progress that needs to be made, we must all take care and know the rules and the words and understand the jurisdictions involved.

It is our responsibility to self-govern.  That in turn requires us to educate ourselves about the history, function, and law of our own country and government--- something that was never actually and honestly taught to us in public schools. 

Better late than never, folks.  As Granny Clampett famously said, "I been up the hill, down the hollow, and up the other side!"  Put her feisty spirit and gumption to work in your own life this week, and realize that as difficult as this situation is, we can rise up and grow roses out of any manure pile.   

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  1. I Love it!!!! Thank you Grandma Anna!!

    To help support the actual substance work being done by Anna and the Living Law Firm, you will need to make your donations  directly to her via the PayPal info and snail mail provided below.
    Excerpt from article "This time of year" by Anna Von Reitz:

    "We now have almost 200 former judges, former Bar Attorneys, paralegals, financial auditors, volunteer CPAs, court administrators, and historical researchers working full time to save America --- and it is because of their work that we have been able to develop the knowledge base we have been able to share with all of you.  We   just ask among all the other needs and appeals that come at this time of year--- remember our guys out here in the field. I continue to act as Paymaster for everyone.
     My Paypal is and my snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652."

  2. Sorry to have to inform everyone here but since that illegal alien poser of a prez, Barry the Fairy, AKA DBA Odummer et. al, all one can get now is a "certified statement" that there is birth record on file and the county clerk will testify to that. My mother got my short form birth certificate 20 years ago and when it was destroyed in the flood in Harvey, I went down to the very place my mother got a copy and all I got for $23 was a "certified statement"!!! I was told that they could not give me a copy of my birth certificate, and we all know why!!! It might be different in other States but here in Tejas, it is as crooked as ever!!! I call it the "Texas Sidestep"!!!

  3. Get that clerks name and File a criminal complaint which after 30 days becomes a regulation. An obstruction of justice.

  4. When i recently asked for BCs Authenticated (not apostilled!) from Alabama Dept. of Public Health, they said guidelines had recently been changed so 2 types of Authentication were available: 1) apostille; and 2) Exemplified, so i ordered exemplified ones. Received today with Alabama Sec of State's sealed testimony certifying duly appointed State Registrar of Vital Statistics by Name, who sealed "an official certified copy of the original [Certificate of Live Birth] record" with her signature stamp. Now i believe one needs to forward to Sec of State in Wash. DC and obtain that 3rd certification/ authentication; will study more details on that so i'm sure to get it right this time with my corrected record with Mr. Mnuchin et al. ALso need to notice state Sec of State where i now live of my birthright political status as state national, peaceful civilian flying civil peace flag, and Alabaman. Still searching for assumed/ fictitious name in sessions law pre-statehood for complete accurate claim on name/NAMEs reference, to add to Washington state and Alaska cites for comprehensive Certificate of Assumed Name with Writ of Habeas Corpus.

    Does a woman claim complete maiden and also married Names/NAMEs therein, to cover all bases?

  5. The days Hollywood was actually pro American .John Ford, John Wayne , Bob Hope , Bonanza , Walt Disney all gone. It must not die has to be recreated via inner net like minded ppl.flock together .

  6. Elite'so worst nightmare is moral ppl.

  7. Absolutely Bubba!!! Its time to be morally, ethically accountable individually and to hold others accountable to the same standards. Truth and honesty WILL always prevail!

  8. Oprah Winfrey want you, and you, and you! to correct your legal status, and vote for her.

    1. Oprah is a ''token'. She was brought to the forefront of society the same as obumbo was; well rewarded with untold wealth, made popular till they have a huge following of the ignorants, then they get Used to promote ungodly bullshit.
      So, oprah was used to promote her whacky 'course in miracles' which is why so many now think they 'can be their own god''
      which is leading into the wiping out of The Real they think, lol.
      Nah, big mouth oprah is a No Go; she is our enemy, and is part of the problem, never the solution, just like all the other elitist club members.
      Surely, you gest here.

  9. I feel sorry for her boyfriend who is nothing but a shadow in Oprah' s presence...!! She never even talks about him.. Some love relationship.. He must be totally submissive!!!!


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