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Monday, December 18, 2017

Why a Woman?

By Anna Von Reitz

The more chauvinistic elements of the Jewish faith and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Faiths  have asked me-- why would God choose a woman to act as Fiduciary for Our Redeemer? 

I answer that He has always chosen women to be the keepers of His House.  Uh-duh....

The wisest among you all have always known that this particular position would be held by a woman and most definitely not a man.

There is a reason that all the top financial decisions among the Israelis are always made by a group of elderly women. 

And what am I? 

An elderly woman. 

Hello?  What is so strange or even questionable about this? 

It is the Divine Feminine that is the caretaker of the House and the Body.  It is the Divine Masculine that is the caretaker of the forest and the field.  Thus He ordained it from the beginning and so it is to this day. 

Men think in terms of machines. Women think in terms of life. 

The correct balance is achieved when the needs and perspectives of both are honored. 

How do you make sure that both are honored?  Put the woman in charge of the purse strings. 

Her love of her husband will cause her to honor him and his needs, and her love of life will lead her to honor life, so that all things are fulfilled and sustained in balance. 

Men, generally speaking, do not have the rounded edges that come from many years of cleaning up baby poop and dog vomit, of trudging to the market, of buying and preparing food, of housework and nursing the sick and caring for the dying and tending the garden. 

In a sense, the world that most men live in is not real.  In the ultimate sense, then, they are disconnected and ill-prepared  to make choices about the true and actual value of investments. 

Our Father knows this. So do we, if we stop for five seconds and think about it. 

The Israelis are not the only ones to know and honor this truth. Traditional Native cultures around the world follow the same pattern. The Clan Mothers make the financial and investment decisions. 

Over the course of the past year I have had many male (and some female) bankers approach me and try to bamboozle me into various kinds of usury and investment that serves to benefit them and their schemes, and only secondarily produces any good result for the world at large. 

They are always amazed when I see through them and gently let them know that I am not deceived. 

They think that their world of high finance is so complicated and advanced -- how could a little old lady see through it all? 

It's because she sees with the eyes of God, not men.  

Indeed, a spider's web is complex, but it is still comprehensible. It is still just a spider's web.  And a children's game, even a children's game that is unfamiliar to you, is still just a children's game. If you observe it being played you can deduce what the goals and rules are, and then you can tell when a child is cheating, also. 

No big mysteries. 

Think of your own Mother or Grandmother when you were little and you tried to get into the cookie jar or steal away with your brother's favorite toy truck.   Did she always know? 

Same thing. World finance is as simple as that. Anyone can understand it. 

This is not a job I wanted or which I chose for myself. It is the job I have been given and appointed to perform. If anyone wants to argue, they can argue with Him. 

Nobody could be more amazed than I am myself, but it is what it is. 

I turned to Our Father in gratitude one day and said, "You have so greatly blessed me. There must have been a reason? There must be something You want me to, whatever it is, here I am...." 

And here I am. 

That is the long and short of it. I was willing to go and do whatever He wanted me to do, and He sent me.  Simple as that. 

Now it is up to the rest of the world to come to terms with the work to be done, the restoration and reinvestments to be made, and the mechanics of it all. 

Rest assured that I am divinely guided and not the Author of what I do in this regard.  Rest assured that just as He sent me, He has sent others to help and to make sure that nothing goes astray. 

And be assured that despite whatever evil men may say or do, His Will for the Earth and for Mankind, not theirs, will be fulfilled. 

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  1. I would disagree a woman is a womb man it is fiction. Females rule when living males don't do what is right, it is a curse for females to make any decisions concerning males.

    1. Mr. Mattson, your comments disgracefully lack wisdom. It is difficult to listen to knuckleheads like yourself support their chauvinistic tendencies by exalting the male species. Your mind is the playground of darkness and the way you express your deep rooted hatred for women who are smarter than you is at the heart of what is wrong with our world. So please keep your ugly biased bullshit to yourself.

    2. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

      It's not about the flesh of mankind! It is about the spirit of mankind!

      All of mankind, female and male, is one in Christ Jesus.

  2. Good spot for insider tradeing.any stock tips?

  3. And remember, of all of the disciples, only one woman, Mary, recognized that Jesus was going to die beforehand (Jn 12:1-7; Mk 14:1-9). And she was also the first person He revealed himself to after His resurrection! (Jn 20:11-17)

  4. I have to say I only agree with the "men in general" qualifier in this as I am a man with a very balanced masculine-feminine perspective and essence. I think in terms of life as well as having a penchant for machines both biological and mechanical. So, as much as I agree that women are better guardians and caretakers and nurturers of life in general, i have known too many whacked-out women who could never be money-managers or life cradlers...we live in an age where men and women as individuals have just about equal opportunities and chances to be yin-yang balanced. Many of the Earth First and Greenpeace potentates were men...Noah was a man, and saved 2 of each lifeforms on Earth, etc., etc. I know it's fashionable to trash men in this paradigm and current epoch because they are mostly the "swindlers," and I do resonate with the sacred grandmother spirit as the essence of protective love, but I just can't get behind the genderalization (my word) of either men or women. Yeshua was a man -- but he had his Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of the sacred feminine. It's all about balance, is what.

    1. I appreciate all the recognition "about balance"!

      I'm especially looking forward to the evolutionary change that is expected on a genetic level (in the coming generation within a decade) that will essentially allow more emotional balance.

    2. Chef, what 'they' have planned on a 'genetic level' is nothing short of a nightmare, and totally unacceptable. Transhumanism and man tampering with the Mind and other such mind controlling is not at all a good thing.
      There is no need for any of that to attain 'emotional balance'. People are 'out of balance' due to pharma drugs, mind games our leaders have been playing with us, and shear tyranny.

  5. Anna,

    Please, please show chapters and verses of this claim.

    All you have said is heresay, anyone can do that, many are doing exactly that.

    Last you told everyone to focus their minds on deviating the tropical storms away and then boom, came Maria and devastated the area. So what happen to the mind powers!!

    Does man really have such power?

    Should i love my enemies or buy a AK47 and kill them? Thats what Paul recommends. What say you?

    It is required of you to show everyone on this forum from the Bible that you are who you claim to be . But i already know you will not be able to do this.

    When the saviour returns it is outline in the Scripture what will occur and i have not seen it happen yet. Your assessment of "man" is the typical assessment of woman in general of men since most women have not met a real man, especially a spiritual man. What said Sarah to Abraham and Jobs wife to him 'curse God and die". Adam failed to correct Eve and since the forbidden fruit woman has risen up to the occasion. This is the stage.

    For those of you willing to hear their is great revelations going on here about the Beast System, but the connection to the Most High God is not here


    1. Its all a matter of perspective. Spiritual knowing and wisdom from within is impossible to "prove" to a unhealthy, well trained egoic mind. This mindset always demands physical proof in everything, and still denies or twists the proof of evidence to meet a self serving justified explanation.
      The great news IS that spiritual knowing wisdom is so clear for its bearer's, that no interpretation is needed. No dictoinaries needed either! All communication spoken has a clear spiritual essence/energy attached and those with eyes to see and ears to hear from this depth within have no trouble at all discerning language that is service to self based(diminished or void of spirit) or in service to others (spirit filled) biblical scriptures take on a completely clear essence of learning the lessons of our origins, staying true to our origins, and learning how we all have the promise and power to overcome. The spiritual essence of the lessons is based on
      God is pouring out grace and mercy on us all NOW. Everyone has the fee will choice to choose. for those that have chosen to fully awaken in their spirit, the evidence, proof is very clear to see and observable in our physical world indeed!

    2. *The spiritual essence of the lessons is based on Gods Love. That love is being felt for many on a physical deep level for the first time. It is truly a intense and undescribable feeling.

  6. Was it a man or woman that Satan decieved in the Garden of Eden?

    Anna, Where did you get the folowing statement:"It is the Divine Feminine that is the caretaker of the House and the Body. It is the Divine Masculine that is the caretaker of the forest and the field. Thus He ordained it from the beginning and so it is to this day." My Bible seems to have left that out!! Show this info to Gpod, and maybe he will send His DAUGHTER, if there should be a falure by His Son to get the job done!

    1. Mr Dooly, all due respect, but if you have not gotten that much from the scriptures, how will you be capable of understanding the deeper things of God.

      You have an unhealthy sexist bent that only serves to limit you.

  7. Interesting perspective! Unfortunately for many women today, the different roles have all but been abolished, due to the failure of men to keep his home front secure. Many men today appear to have been neutered by the worries and chaos of this current world system. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE men, but unfortunately, the woman has had to 'fill in' the gap for them in many areas of life today! Some men basically need someone to light a match up their ass to get them thank God for the woman! LOL

    Hopefully some day soon, men/women will again appreciate God's beautiful differences and gifts he has bestowed upon both of them and their different positions in all of this. Until then, there will be women such as Anna and others, who have no choice, due to their innate fervor for truth, freedom and love for their families and country, to stay the path to the end. Knowing that the path will not be covered with roses, but thorns, which dig so deep, that many give up and assimilate themselves back on the farm. Until more men step up to the plate, the baton will continually be passed on to the woman in man's shame of not protecting her and their families. May God strengthen and guide women who have been put on the front lines to keep their families safe.

    1. kingsfamily, where are all the men who have abandoned their own children, do not care or nurture them and do not even support them, but leave them for the public to take care of them.
      Even some women are also guilty, having decided their own children were a hindrance and an obstacle.
      Two things that I find despicable - parents who neglect their children, and animal abuse/neglect. They all need to be 'shot at sunrise'.

  8. Well, I never get into the gender-ism thing. I take everyone as an individual, give them credit where credit is due, and have contempt for those who are flaky, liars, game players, deceivers etc., no matter whether they stand or sit down to pee.

    Anyone who loves their enemies, deserve it when they get stomped on by them, or shared or even killed by them. There is NO command to love our enemies; most misread that scripture. Even Jesus ordered his enemies to be brought to him and slayed before him ! Thats what ya do with them !

    Right now there are biblical things happening which are written of in scripture. Its called exposing the wicked and the evil deeds which have been done in secret, and then the end shall come.
    There is no way to reconstruct this world as it is right now, simply because there is no way to 'reconstruct' all the seared consciences of all the evil people among us.
    One of the fallacies going on is that far too many people think mankind is 'basically good'' but God says Man is basically bad. That kind of wrong thinking then leads to faulty judgement.
    Another fallacy is that far too many people see no fault in themselves and think they are ''good people' but according to God,that is not so. If it were so, he would not have said 'all have come short of the glory of God' and 'you must be born again, or you will not see the Kingdom of God'. (wont be part of it).
    So we can see right there that we were all born with a sin nature, and that very nature must be corrected, thus, 'repent and BE converted' God Himself.
    (all scriptureal)

    1. in my above posting, I don't know what 'shared' means. My typo,lol

    2. I tend to agree with the statement that people may not be basically evil, but they are certainly easily tempted and deceived to the dark side, so that everyone needs to be redeemed by the blood of Christ. There is no one living today without sin, no matter how small..!! And one thing is for sure, if i know one thing, i know that no one in this world is "innocent" one!! Babies and toddlers the only exception..!! But as far as the sexes, i dont care who is in charge, as long as they fix it...!! This should be a very interesting New Year..!!

    3. James, it is all about being born with a sin nature, and it is that nature that must be 'fixed'. That is what born again means; made anew, by God himself, who is the One who 'destroys' our 'old man (natural sin nature, and literally changes it) and gives us a New nature. Those people no longer have sin, as long as they do not relapse back to their old ways. This is done by the very work of the Holy Spirit, and it is quite real. They have had 'restraints' placed in them.
      The bible refers to them as 'saints'. No one can be both a saint and a sinner at the same time. It would be an insult to the Holy Spirit to refer to a saint as being still a sinner; it would be like saying the HS did a lousy job. So in reality, saints are ex-sinners and they are very responsible for keeping their 'sainthood' after having received such a gift.
      A saint is not at all what the world thinks a saint is. And no one can just decide to declare one a saint. That is solely the business of God and the individual saint, one on one, and must be dealt with before death.

  9. Reply to Comments seeking Biblical references--- there are plenty of Biblical references underscoring the importance of women and of their role as Mothers, Wives, Child-bearers, Housekeepers, and also abundant material on their role both ancient and modern in the Hebrew system of things as the principal carriers of lineage and property. The Hebrew society unlike that of Roman Catholicism is a traditional Matriarchal Society, not a Patriarchy. Anyone who is ignorant of these facts needs to spend more time learning about the culture that Jesus grew up in and more time studying the Bible, if they are Bible students at all.

    Beyond that, though, anyone who looks to a book written by men about God instead of looking for Him in the Creation itself, which is His direct instruction and revelation of Himself to us, will be well and truly deluded and confused and every insight offered by the modern scripture will yield a another unanswered question.

    This is because most of what we have been taught has been filtered as through a sieve and "engineered" to suit the agendas of evil men, just as our own history as a nation has been hidden and not taught to us so as to expedite fraud and theft of our assets. Our scriptures have been edited in the same way and to the same ends.

    It will be a great day when these errors and omissions are finally set straight and people can see the missing parts and the deliberately obscured parts of the scriptures in context. For starters, it will be a great relief when the bulk of Christians worldwide realize that the books of the Bible attributed to "Paul" were written by Paul of Ephesus, not Saul of Tarsus who became Saint Paul. These kinds of misunderstandings and constructive frauds are due to be aired and exposed along with all the rest of the dishonesty and confusion that has plagued the Earth.

    Until then, we will need to search for God not only in the holy scriptures of the world, but in our hearts and in our daily observances of the Earth and Nature.

    Anyone who denies the role of women as the keepers of the home and the body is in denial of easily observable fact. There are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking women fulfill the role of keeping the home on a planetary basis, and as only women give birth, their role as the keepers of the body is even more absolute and obvious--- not from any book, but from the facts of life in front of all our faces.

    Yes, Eve was fooled by the half-truths of a snake. She took her punishment and has borne it well and did not blame God for it. Adam, on the other hand, did not take responsibility for his own acts and decisions and instead tried to palm it off on his wife.

    Read that story again and think about what it implies.

    My point to you all is that women have always been fiduciaries, so it is not anything surprising that they continue to be.

    1. D-day, if you are referring to the bible, it was not written by men, but men wrote what God told them to write, as He actually spoke to them in that day so they could write it.
      ''for all scripture is given by inspiration of God'.

    2. WOW - for one who decides not to pursue the Spirit of the God of creation and salvation- you go waaay out of your way convince yourself of an accidental reality.
      It certainly isn't convincing folks that know and have experienced Him, His truth, His Love +/or His miracles personally.
      You'd do better to actually seek Him not try and convince people atoms+DNA invented themselves or that suddenly now "spontaneous generation" could be real when all know it's mathematically impossible.
      Once one actually experiences the revelation of Christ Jesus the material world grows into its proper perspective= very- small, shallow, narrow, and limited as are most all Atheist believers who have done nothing for greater good in this world. Tho many still champion Stalin, Mao, Chavez and Castro+Che'.
      You are the one hiding with a whole lot to learn.
      Everyone else aren't the dummies here; you should Google and play the BeeGee's song- "I started a joke"
      Many people have been like you and are now strong believers= it's you who decides for you not us...

    3. mDay, the one thing that bothers me about you, is that you have allowed yourself to be led vastly astray from the Truth of Gods Word. You have played right into the hands of the great Deceiver, satan, and you are giving him a Win; why do you let yourself be a pawn for him to play with?

      I have seen your condition way too many times; it is not new to me. First of all, you make the mistake of letting somebody steer you into reading atheist books, written by atheists who only write to gain followers so they feel better about their own wrong path. Why do you let yourself be taken in like that? Why don't you stand on your own two feet, and use your own brains that God gave you and think for yourself?

      People who do believe in the Word of God know it is true because they have had so much of it come to pass in their personal lives.
      Let me just give you an example: My son was in the OR having a 3 hr.+ very delicate major surgery. We got the best surgeon in our major city, who told us it would take 2 hrs. 15 minutes.
      When the 2 hr. mark came and as this mom was anxiously waiting in the waiting room, I suddenly HEARD these words:
      Go Pray!! Go pray!! It sounded extremely urgent, so I found myself on my feet, walking outside, and very empty headed, having no idea what to pray.
      I got out there and just started walking down the walk beside the hospital building. Then suddenly out of my mouth I found myself saying repeatedly ''God, guide his hands, guide his hands'. I must have said it nearly a dozen times.
      Those words never went through my mind, but only came out of my mouth. That was the very literal work of the holy spirit of God!....since I had no idea what was going on in OR.

      I went back to the waiting room and sat down. Surely enough my son was not out of OR as it was the 2:15 time given for duration of surgery. Just then, the nurse came to me and said 'the doctor just called with a message for you; everything is fine, but he just needs an extra hour''.

      After that next hour went by, this high profile surgeon came to me himself, and told me: "He is fine, the tumor was benign, but just as I went to close, I saw it had spread to the corner of his eye, and I have NEVER had that happen before, so I had to be careful not to damage his optical nerve; thats why I needed the extra hour, but it went well and his eye will be normal.''

      So you see mDay? When we realize the very work God was doing, not only overseeing this entire surgery in the OR, but also telling me down in the waiting room. He had it ALL covered, and especially, it was God who guiding that surgeons hands to do a part of the surgery that he had NEVER done before in his life !
      That was 16 yrs. ago, and is only one of the many incidences; and that is just one of the many benefits that God offers. Its what makes us ''know what we know' to be fact.

      It is of no consequence to me what you do or think; you are responsible for You. I do not seek any 'brownie points' so you are free to continue being hoodwinked by satan and his minions to speak for him, and for giving satan the Win. That is totally up to you; but as for me I will kick his ass, and keep right on kicking it, if he even tries to mess with me.

  10. Yes, yes and a huge resounding YES dday!!!! So well stated, thank you!! Much love and Peace

  11. I agree with anna, trouble is suffrage women today hate men and women who are happily married period, we experienced that with three women doctors who I call the three angels of death who falsely told others Gloria was dying and in excruciating pain, they forced her to sign a DNR and loaded her body with fluorides and morphine that crippled her and made it so she couldn'r breath and that I was going to shoot responders, they made everyone hate us so that a young responder deliberately punctured her internal jugular vein. Earlier Gloria told APS the woman doctor was "vindictive", that woman doctor made sure Gloria died, sexist women aren't virtuest by any stretch, they need exorcists.

    1. Doctors FH, Even though I am a woman, I reject all women doctors. In the past I got 2 different female docs and they were both dead wrong in their determinations; one said I had an ailment I did not have, as proven by a make nephrologist; the second one tried to minimize what was truly an ER situation. I reported her to her Firm and bluntly told them she was not fit for her profession, as her mistake was something that is covered in medical school 101.
      Even when I made an appt. recently with a Dermatologist Office I requested a male doctor and he was right on target plus he had people skills to boot.
      My bottom line, women do not make good doctors IMO. I'm done with them all.

  12. This is a vital distinction you make Anna! In my research it is not uncommon to read of great ancient civilizations often ruled or managed by wise and benevolent women, probably much like yourself; and wise men learned and followed.

    Thank You James and Anna.....

  13. I just wish God would have thought to put many more women on earth than men, so we can stop chasing and be more chased.... I can certainly love that...say 10 to one...!! We would certainly have a more calm planet..!!

  14. In all my life, most woman I have come across has been manipulative, selfish, egotistical, arrogant and plain hypocritical. Most are obviously a product of the project mockingbird, feminism and hollywood. But then I live in California, what should I expect. This is not however, why I am gay. That reason is a simple and plain truth. When the Annunaki created humans, humans of the male species created from the genetic manipulation of "Gods" existing man [neanterthals] and combining it with their own DNA, they only created the male species of homosapiens. For many generations of cloning and manipulation they only had each other.

    There was some evolement within that period in which some would become lesser dominant, and others more. It is my belief that Adam was chosen from the group of the lesser dominants because he would have obviously been more submissive and a better slave toward the Annunaki masters. So Adam went under surgery and his genetic material was used to create woman by also slightly altering the makeup giving her reproductive capabilities. After all, when a fetus is first created, they Y chromosome has not yet began to manifest and all fetus's are male until the second trimester when the Y chromosome kicks into high gear and the genitals start to chanage into female genitals and estrogen becomes a primary factor in their makeup.

    Now we have Adam and Eve. But there are still thousands of other Adam and Steves roaming around. As well as quite possibly other "Eves" because there is no way gentically speaking for one woman to create an entire species herself. There had to be genetic diversity in order to create such a vast diversity of skin colors, cranial structures, and abilities that differed from one another since obviously the Annunaki didn't just want black slaves doing their bidding above ground creating the pyramids and processing facilities. White slaves were needed to work in the mines underground mining for gold.

    So in all there was a mix. But gay men never died out of existence.
    They have been around since the dawn of time. There are many gay couples who are very wealthy. Many have children. It is only through this mass societal, and wrong biblical interpretations, that have kept them out of harmony with everyone else.

    I said that to say this. When you get right down to the "brass tacks" as Anna puts it, these bodies we inhabit are merely Avatars during our journey on earth. We are all actually spirits, in another dimension controlling these avatars. As spiritual beings we are energy. Created consciousness from the source "God". I really do not think we have a gender at all and quite frankly I think that previous to this generation gender identity came more from nurture than nature, rather than letting nature actually take its natural course. This is really a fine line between conservative and liberal thinking. In the past we have had gender identity beaten into us from the holy roller society, and lately we are getting it beaten us by the liberals to push kids into probably being gay when they are not and it it causing massive confusion, trauma and a complete lack of social identity with so many pan this and trans that.

    Apparantly I am on a soap box here. I am a libertarian. Do what thou wilt, so long as you cause no intentional harm nor tresspass upon the rights of others. I think I have achieved the balance of both male and female identities. And I exercise then equally when the demand is called for. If I care to be more submissive to my mate, I am an excellent house husband and my creativity side just flourishes. When I put my foot down on an issue my masculinity kicks into high gear and watch out.

    As for what you say Anna, that may have been true a LONG time ago. But I am following Q at the moment on It has become quite apparent that the real Khazarian mafia is being run by the wives of the degenerate families. So please be very careful about what you say.

  15. I prefer to think of God as the high heavens above all beyond the stars yet is in fact all things and everywhere, a kind of unconditioned consciousness neither male no female but perfectly balanced. I would have babies to let women off the hook but I was not made that way, I now some would prefer it but what can I do, feel guilty or accept things as they are. Here we reproduce and all creatures that do are similar in many ways. I grew up on a farm and have observed many creatures similar to us that have definite ways about them. A farmer would never put calves in with a Bull to be nurtured and raised after birth is just would not make sense. Eternal beings like God do not reproduce. I know a lot of the he, him, he, he, he goes around but think of it, was God at the beginning a man with a body, stomach, eyes, arms and all floating around in space? What would he eat, where would he get water? Man has created the concepts in words, many arguments concerning how we as creatures here want control over it and perhaps change ourselves in to some other creature entirely, like a Superman or Superwoman etc. Why not accept what we are and love ourselves as Jesus taught and we know is right.
    I recall as a child that when a man held me his scratchy beard was nothing like the soft warm touch of my mother. Later Dad taught me a lot of stuff, and mom too. Both were different shared in getting things done and did not try to switch one in to the other or complain of how they were born. While many gods did have wives and family, God is the first one that is apparently a lonely male, only one son no wive save for a lot of people who don't even care enough to say everyday, I love you God, thank-you for my existence.

    1. AC, lets not forget that God sent us the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost in the Upper Room, to reside here on earth, and who has been here ever since. The HS carries out what God wants done; this makes God as close as the air we breath; not out there in the distance.

  16. Hear me well friends. I think Anna is intelligent enough to answer for herself and i put the question to her and only her but i doubt she will. If we are going to reason these things out on a physical level, using your own puny minds you are doomed.

    What ever it is you all understand today you have learned from some source by reading or someone communicating it to you. This is the way the Creator has made things for us. Jesus is called the word and man is called to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. SO i require the words that qualifies Anna or anyone making such a bold claim. Even Jesus himself qualified himself with references from the Old Testament. If he did so than so shall Anna even more so.

    The words of the Bible are "spirit". The entire physical world is made out of spirit. The spirit is more real than the physical world. If you believe a spirit has spoken to you thing you believe you know, you better know what spirit it was or is speaking to you!

    Men in general have failed their wives as did Adam. When the men fail their will always be a woman to pick up the banner and run with it and when they do look out.

    However, when a spiritual man speaks he speaks with authority, an authority over a woman. This is the way God made things. Not that the man is greater than the woman, less anyone should make the claim i have said such a thing. First God, then Jesus, then the Man than the woman than the children. Very simple hierarchy ladies and gentlemen.

    So men step up to the plate gents and make your stance but before you can do this make your connection to your Creator first.

    I am not undermining Anna for she is a very talented woman but i am correcting her on her claim. Whether she accept this or not its up to her. She has a husband that should be doing this.


    1. DE, you are correct, that is the God given hierarchy.

    2. If this "hierarchy" is correct in your mind, how do you explain genesis 1 through genesis chapter 2 verse 3? I see only our God's pure thoughts/intentions created everything Perfectly. All was good.
      However "Lord god" gives a summary next that contridicts and apparently isn't complete in the opinion of this "mind". Is this the "co-creator" (ego) making its energetic appearance to manifest its physical interpretation of God's spiritual essence? Call me crazy but I've never "seen" Jesus in the old testament. Observed much about ego thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and the consequences of healthy balanced thoughts/beliefs and actions vs. The pain and suffering that transpires from becoming out of balance and giving in to all the temptations of the flesh by being led by unhealthy (egoic) thinking/feeling beliefs and actions of this "Lord god" physical co creation. It didn't work out so well which was evidenced right from the beginning.I fail to see prime creator God ever claim in the word, "Lord God" as Jesus or his/her son?

    3. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

      It's not about the flesh of mankind! It is about the spirit of mankind!

      All of mankind, female and male, is one in Christ Jesus.

    4. Net, not quite. We are not all equal in the eyes of God. Matt 7:21 Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH the will of My Father, which is in heaven 22 many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name have cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 and then will I profess to them, I never knew you, depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      Those are the words of Jesus himself. We cannot 'preach' all inclusivity. God is a divider and a separator; the sheep from the goats; the righteous from the unrighteous, good from evil, liars from truthtellers, the wheat from the tares.
      To do otherwise, would be to say everybody gets transferred from here to another location, and nothing would ever change. That is not the case.
      The truth is not pretty and people hate the divisiveness of scripture; but it is intended as a warning, for people not to just presume 'everybody's goin'. And yes we get bashed for it, but what does it matter; we are still responsible for telling it like God says it is. And we have already been given a 'heads up' telling us to expect to be 'hated for His Namesake'. (for telling it like it is)

    5. Net, the Galatians were all believers; they were being told they were all one IN Christ. It does not include everybody. Look and see who Paul was directly addressing there:
      Gal. 1:2 ''all the BRETHREN which are with me, unto the church at Galatia. Grace be to YOU........''
      See that? He was not saying that to the whole world, not by any means. And then he proceeded to admonish them in v.6 saying how he marveled at how soon they allowed themselves to be removed from him (God) that brought them into the grace of Christ, and drifted off into false gospels.

      If he had been addressing everybody, he would not have said they were already INto the grace of Christ, admonishing them for having drifted back out and listening to bullshit.
      Hmmm, sound familiar?

    6. The first time he came to earth, he came as a LAMB..!! But the next time he comes back, hes coming as a lion.....he wont be nice to people who would try to kill him this time. This time everyone will see hes power...!!!

    7. We constantly have to defend ourselves or prove to people if Jesus is real, and prove it to them using facts....but i still get people argueing about the most ridigulous thing and words , and in things i have taken courses in a major university like evolution. Most people out there have never studied anything, but they think they understand the concepts involved... i have one right now on another site that is absoluty unreasonable and looks like he just wants to hate all religions the same..!! So from now on, instead of me proving jesus exsist, im going to force the other person that its his job to prove he doesnt exsist. Because if you cant prove he doesnt exsist, than i dont even have to prove he does... with no facts or evidence which should be overwhelming by now, no one has ever proved to me that jesus didnt exsist.. So there..!! Because i have plenty of evidence that not only did he exsist, but that he is coming back. People always try to understand things in this 3rd dimension when hardly anything can be understood in this dimension. When our bodies die, our souls are released from this physical world and can exsist in a number of different dimesions where the past, present, and future all exsist at the same time making it very easy to know all your questions that you ever had... but they want me to answer questions like "if nothing exsisted " before God created it, then who created God..!! Some people cannot except the fact that we simply werent supposed to know those things in a world with only one dimension... thats where "faith" comes into play. But in their arrogant stubornish, they want us to explain the secrets of life and death and the reasons for everything....if people really want to know the truth about something, dont you have to first have a desire to "WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH"?? That means sometimes you actually have to do some research yourself, both from the bible, but also from people who have studied the only two theories out there that can explain any of this..Evolution or Creation..!! So study both and come to a conclusion yourself..It shouldnt be that difficult. Look at the work and time we all had to put into this movement just to understand it. These people just expect to learn things by "osmosis". Their biggest sin is that they are lazy and want someone to show them some kind of miracle before they believe in anything...well that didnt work out to well for either Jesus or Moses. Those people saw more than just miracles...they saw the laws of physics completely broken. And what happened....40 days later they forgot it all and went right back to sinning.. Thats the weak mindset of the average person...!! Its mostly like Abby said...they dont want to read because they dont want to feel guilty about anything..!! Which i will admit, it can do because the bible always tells you how you should treat people, and almost no one treats their brothers and sisters with decency..!! I have a hard enough time trying to tell everyone of the fraud going on..!! They only want to make a dissission using a one sided arguement, without even giving the other side a chance...because their minds were made up years ago and they are smart enough to know they already know the truth, without even giving creation a chance..!!Most of these people real problem have a chip on their shoulder because something happen to them early in life, that they hold God accountable for all their misserys...!! Never Satan..!!

    8. Yes,yes james!!! You have so much wisdom, knowledge within you to clearly share when you allow it to come from your passionate/compassionate big old heart!!!! Your big beautiful light is shining brighter, brighter everyday! Stay in consciousness and everything will keep becoming clearer, clearer every moment. Get out in nature and start seeing God's beautiful design within everything.
      Interesting that you mention Jesus returning as a lion. Now my wild personal experience of Christ's consciousness fully awakening within me took place in august this last year. I kept "seeing" lions gate come to my mind. What I have been shown and discovering since has been mind/heart blowing AMAZING!!!

    9. Your wecome...!! If god has given you a vision of the future i hope you will share it with the rest of us, because i think a lot of us are confused...!! He hasnt reveiled it to me yet...!!

    10. James the future is pretty well overviewed by John in the Book of Revelation, which is the last book of the bible. Keep in mind back in his day, he could only give descriptions of what he saw because he had no other way to relate things as we have progressed today.
      Even so, you can get the jist of what is going to happen, sufficiently to bring it all up to our current Time.
      That is where you get the genuine truth of the future; not from mere people who claim to have visions. Actually, the handwriting is already on the wall and quite easy to see.
      Take a look at the condition of this world; then show me one place anywhere in the bible that indicates in the slightest, where it comes from this depth of depravity, back to even a flicker of Goodness, by the hand of Mankind.
      What I see written is that 'men will become worse and worse'.

    11. James, for clarity, No "visions of the future" were shown to me. What I've experienced has been entirely a personal "revelation" and reflections within of my entire life's events being shown to me through my spiritual (rapture) in consciousness (Christ within) with "new" eyes to see and the clarity to recognize, accept, and understand my life's "theme" from a higher perspective. Everything IS connected and makes complete sense for me Now. ALL the good,bad and the nasty ugly, All have served a purpose and "I" was shown how I chose to react or respond to ALL that has been my life, IS ALL my personal co creation. ALL of it! It was my own personal self evaluation session between my conscience (ego) and my consciousness (Christ within) to show me where ive been, how I've been and where I went off track. All of the awareness/clarity I personally needed to accept responsibility for and to assist me with getting back IN balance within myself to heal my thoughts/feelings to be back in harmony and in peace. ALL"Fear" has been released and replaced with an indescribable Love and a calm Peace I've never experienced before so deeply. Many of my ego driven "reactions" to situations/events since I was physically awakened to the reality of the beast system illusion we've been subjected to by design, and on purpose, is when the real "enemy" took hold/control over my ego mind and I allowed myself to become so out of balance. The results of my thoughts/feelings and actions Were to my own detriment and created literally my own living hell. What I thought/felt was IN complete conflict with my spirit. That conflict within me WAS regrettably NOW, was what I expessed outwardly onto others in my life, and my world. Negatively impacting everyone and everything, unconsciously and totally oblivious as I was so blinded and led by the anger, FEAR, confusion, doubt, betrayal, pain, victum mentality mindset that I absolutely became my own worse "Enemy COMBATANT" MY small, narrow ego mind became So LARGE and in CHARGE that I allowed this unhealthy mindset to not only rule over my thoughts/feelings but also to distort my true intentions and true passion filled desires and completely break down any clear communication to everyone. Pure chaos, frustration and more and more confusion kept piling up. It felt endless, and caused me to sink into deep depression and despair. This was what I understand now to be the darkest hours of my soul which I co created and chose, unknowingly, unconsciously. Once I was shown this, it was a great big pill to swallow and accept and take personal responsibility for. Each lesson I was shown, I needed to acknowledge and recognize the value, purpose intentions it served in my life, so that I could not only OWN it, but learn from it, AND Forgive MYSELF for it, to move on. I had "asked" for forgiveness always previously in my life for my wrong doing, but these "sessions" were clearly intended for me to accept and forgive MYSELF. That was the the real moment of truth for me, and when my life completely started its peaceful transformation and healing back IN balance within myself. Back into the light within myself and ascend out of the darkness I allowed my unhealthy ego to descend to. It has been a wild and truly wonderful experience, and for the most part hard to describe and put into words that can explain my experience to do it justice. I did my best, as this IS my story, and I hope this helps bring Others peace, comfort and hope. "God's" Energy, ALL of it, IS SO GOOD, ALL the time!!!
      Much love and peace

    12. Oh and lest I forgot to mention the Overwhelming gratitude and Joy that NOW fills and also lights my heart and newly "Reborn" and De programmed, healthy, balanced mindset.
      Stay in consciousness, and allow yourself to see/experience what it is that needs to be seen/understood by you. Every story IS amazing when seen from our spiritual eyes and told through our spiritual hearts! I look forward to hearing them ALL!

    13. I dont want to get off subject, kelli, but i read a story just recently that proved to me why it takes us so long to understand things, especially between nature and ourselves and between all of nature...its truely facinating what is happening right under our noses..the story was about a cop that reached a point where he just wasnt happy anymore with working the citys..So somehow he was hired as a national park ranger..It was there that he finally had the time to just walk through the forest and trees for hours and just watch things..what he found out is that everything is just trying to survive and just because it isnt an animal, the forest has ways of communicating with itself to not only survive but warn others of like kind..It started by him just watching how girriffs were feeding on a certain tree..The trees in the forrest tend to raise to a high canopy because thats where all the light is where the trees get their energy. By the light using the chlorophile from the green leaves, and converting it into energy for the tree. But he noticed a strange thing when the girriffs started feeding on the best leaves of the tree...on top..!! Well, believe it or not the tree sensed that it was being compromised by losing its best leaves. So the tree sends a signal to the roots to start drawing up chemicals from the ground that the tree then sends up the trunk of the tree so that a chemical is taken into the leaves that make them terrible to eat..Thats amazing in inself. But the real kicker is that the tree being affected, sends a chemica message to other trees like it that there are predators about and to start doing the same thing...and even odder is the fact that the girriffs are onto it, so they intenstionally feed on trees that are upwind so the tree cannot send its signal to other trees before the girriffs can feed on them...its an amazing world out there if people could just sit and relax and observe nature, insteed of constatly thinking of money and work...!! God gave everything not only life, but ways to protect themselves, even though we never notice it....our bodies are truely the pinnacle of perfection. The way the entire system is integraded and the connections made between "neurons" to the brain and back, take micro seconds to accomplish, with just a single "thought"..Example: I want to pick up a ball on the ground and throw it to home base. Before the though even takes place, chemical messages are at work sendind signals to the brain to the proper neural pathways to accomplish the task, all in a flash...but when we see it in real life, we cant appriatiate the complexity of what the body just was no less than a miracle..someone should make a video of exactly what is happening in the body, while the man picks the ball up and throws it...the nest way to do it would be a "split screen" to see every single thing occuring in the body for such a simple task...its not that simple, trust me..!!!

    14. Amazing story and thoughts James, thank you for sharing!
      Interesting enough, ALL that transpired within me has taken place while I've been outdoors tending to our 80 trees that we've planted on our 5 acres! So many insights have been gleaned by loving/nurturing of these trees. Its amazing!! Heres one that you might resonate with;
      While out watering by hand and hose on a hot desert summer day, I was shown how my intentions IN Love, caring, nurturing others AND the trees was having the opposite, damaging effects due to my "mindless" choice of not paying any conscious effort into my delivery of my intention. I was NOT consciously aware and mindful of the "temperature" of the water I was feeding my trees, and therefore I was burning their roots and I was in FACT killing them! I wasnt taking the proper time needed to cool off the water that they needed to thrive! This lesson was HUGE for me because it showed me how ALL my intentions have become so distorted, misunderstood and having a completely opposite effects, results of my desired heartfelt intentions. If I wasn't consciously aware and mindful of the "Temperature" of any thoughts expressed, and even if it was coming from a passionate, nurturing place, it would cause more harm than good if the message was delivered by my "HOT" angry, frustrated, unhealthy mindless ego! I did this ALOT and just could NOT get through my own mind why "I" was being sooo misunderstood. It must be "THEM“ was my mentality, because I knew my intentions and heart were in the right place.....Wrong, IT was ME and my own lack of paying attention, being mindful of (cooling off) My own "REACTIVE or responsive" attitude, temperature, delivery.
      Reactive, mindless ego driven Anger/resentment/fear based communication has caused more harm than good. Its mindless effects twist and confuse, distort the intended message completely. Chaos and confusion, broken relationships are ALL the cause of this mindless communication breakdown. I accept/acknowledge this mindlessness and have forgiven myself for allowing it to take hold of me and the effects it has created for me in my life. All is good and more mindful everyday. Trees are happy and thriving now, and so am i¡

    15. Nature IS our most blessed gift given to us to provide abuntantly, teach and heal our unbalanced, unhealthy minds!!!

  17. I am seeing from some pretty good sources, that Chicago officials are asking the UN troops to come into their city for 'peace keeping' purposes and patrol their streets 'to make them safe'. Sounds good on the surface, right?
    But beware folks; this is the beginning of UN takeover of our country. Watch next for the same thing to happen in St. Louis, and also the state of California. Yes, the ''State of''.
    Keep eyes open for this agenda to then move across the country. Remember, satan works with deception; makes things sound good, and then strikes in the jugular.

    IF our leaders really wanted to preserve our country, they would have evicted the UN way back when they set their agenda to take over our country; they would have long ago arrested Soros who is at the very root of treason, along with all those cooperating with him in our destruction.
    So here we are, the People striving to turn the country right side up, while simultaneously we have these nefarious destructive agendas
    working in the background. These UN troops are all over the place, and they are all foreigners who do not care one iota about americans.
    Folks, this is an extremely serious matter, maybe The most dangerous of all our problems.

    I cannot fathom why Trump has not put his foot down on all this !

    1. name your sources. We are all grown ups here and don't play the telephone game. Gossip, rumors are ALL just that when NO source s provided. Hearsay is just that ...hearsay!

    2. Its a good thing God's energy is in control and those that have complete faith have NO FEAR!! Its all good.
      Much love and Peace for everyone

    3. It's called fear mongering Abby and it is disappointing you would take part in it.

    4. Armageddon is right around the corner. Then, mens hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth.
      Thats scripture, which I will not bother to look up for people who don't read well anyhow.

    5. KM, in reality, You fear the Truth. That much is obvious.
      You fear it so much that you turn a blind eye to it, and lash out at anyone who tells it. So I will let you see it for yourself, probably sooner than you think.

    6. Hahaha silly, silly wolf mind!!!
      Much love and peace

    7. See how truth hurts you; so much so you have no genuine rebuttal whatsoever, because there is none.
      Enjoy you false fantasy world, and continue to show that all you are is a wind-up toy that pulls your own strings. But it still stands that you are so fearful you cannot handle the Truth.
      You can also stop you mind game, trying to tell some real thinking folks 'its all in their mind'. You have all the characteristics of satan's indoctrination.

    8. Net, since you seem to present yourself as 'all knowing' maybe you can tell us all just why so many dozens of UN vehicles have been coming into Chicago, and in Maryland, and many other places where eye witnesses have verified seeing them, and even presented pictures of their numerous convoys, while at the same time the UN tries to keep this secret?
      Can you tell us all the purpose for that? And the purpose of all the numerous bearded foreign troops placed in our country?
      So give us all a sound explanation for all this; and just why the foreign troops when we already have our own National Guard in every state.

    9. What I see clearly NOW abby is truth/fiction duality and its spiritual origins, causes, effects on our physical experience ON this Big BEAUTIFUL planet that God created FOR Us. Everything IS Energy. "God" Is the prime source of this energy which is both equally balanced in positive/negative, divine feminine/divine masculine naturally and therefore created in exact "likeness" of our creator's duality in perfect energetic unity,harmony, cooperation as ONE With our prime creator. This is OUR true organic nature, first and foremost and will always be. Our true nature IS Good/fruitful/abundant, and ALL IS Good while we remain consciously aware of and IN balance within ourselves/nature as we've been created IN spirit to be. We were ALL created and "born" in the flesh, with both a conscience (ego) and Consciousness (christ spirit within) when we are being true to ourselves and living our physical lives with both spiritual/physical aspects connected and IN balance and harmony , Everything is RIGHT in our own personal world. Our conscience IS clear. EVRYTHING IS clear.

    10. When everything IS clear, there is No fear, only love, peace, gratitude and joy!!
      The only threat is the one we allow our unhealthy, ego minds to falsely create and distract us from our spiritual true nature/purpose as our Creator intended. Could this be represented as the essence "SNAKE/servant" of the ego mind speaking "half truths" in order to "test" and confuse the physical conscience ego (small/narrow physical )mind of man and cause the "follow the leader, accept NO personal responsibility (IMMUNITY) manipulation mind game right from the very beginning to cause a "seperation" from our Christ consciousness (Creator spirit within) and start our fall from our own grace? This is the essence of the message/lesson as I see it. I have personally never resonated with all the "conditional" fear based, angry, controlling, demanding, judge mental (unhealthy ego mindset) hell and damnation style of preaching (verbal/emotional abusive treatment)it has Always seemed absolutely contradictive and completely insane to me that anyone can believe by shaming /blaming people that they are a true, loving testimony in God's love. Its always fascinated me!

    11. KM, you are incapable of seeing anything. You are running on nothing but your own opinions. A seared conscience like you have can't 'resonate' with any Truth of any kind. What a sad shape you are in, that you have made your own mental design of what YOU want God to be.
      Ain't happening; so go and dream on.
      Psalms 5:4 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness, neither shall evil dwell with thee 5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight; thou hatest all worker of iniquity 6 thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing; the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man

    12. KM save your bullshit for the fools you associate with. I do not accept your 'forgive, thanks or slurpy fake love''. I return it all with a strong Rebuke.
      Now continue to kiss everybody's hindend in here to make them think you are ''some nice person' - but as for me, I know the snake that you are, slithering thru the pages in here preaching your new age worldly crap. You are so full of Yourself, you may need a good enema. All you offer is opinions from Self, and absolutely NO evidence to back you up.
      And just in case you think you have 'hurt' me in here? You need to stop slapping yourself on your own back; all you have accomplished is making yourself worse off now than you were when you first showed up in here. Ive seen thousands of others just like you; and you run like water off a ducks back, to me.

    13. A very merry Christ mas to you Abby! May the spirit of this season bless and awaken within you all the gifts of his spirit in love, peace, happiness and abundance of joy!!!
      Much love to you Abby

    14. KM, KMA with your foolish games. All you will ever get from me is a strong rebuke served to you on a cowpile. How ya like that, lol. How long does it take you to realize I am on to your agenda in here; going around planting your lips on everybody's hindend. Don't you have any visible real friends or a real life? Maybe you should get a job; bartending comes to mind and it would be a perfect opportunity for you to hone your bullshiting talents.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Kelli Miller

    Hiarchy is not a thing in my mind, it is a biblical principle. Not enough space to explain here.

    Read 1John chapter 1. This is the beginning BEFORE the creation of the world. Read it and believe it. It is translated the same in any translation you’d like.

    1Co 10:4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

    It was Jesus who spoke to Israel in the old testament. This should be a shocker for most people.

    And you are correct God IS IN CONTROL OF ALL. Even what takes place on this forum.

    You are also correct. The god “Jesus” preached by the preachers of Christendom is a false god. The true Jesus is the manifestation of God on the earth who carries a two edge sword not a bowl and arrow to conquer the world. There are two Jesus. The fake one is pictured white with blue eyes and long hair. All religion are man made as has been mentioned above.

    If you wanted to speak to an ant what would you do?? You would become an ant. Thats what the Creator did since the Creator is SPIRIT not A SPIRIT.

    It is no longer a physical thing. The higher point of the law reveals that if you lust in your mind after a woman you commit sin. It is a spiritual matter and cannot be reasoned on a physical plane.

    If i do not use the bible as a reference point to prove things than everyone can have their own mind on things and there is nothing anyone could do about it. That is why we have the Bible, the manual for mankind

    I still dont’ see a response from Anna



    1. If its a sin for a man to lust over a woman, than what would you call a man lusting for another man...!! I think it makes more sense to lust after a woman...can we at least agree on that..!! But i have to digress a bit here...and talk about Trumps latest move, to make jerusalem the capital of Isreal.. I would have thought that he was selling out America for doing that, before learning that the only part on Isreal that God really wants protected is jerusalem(jer-usa-lem). Because jerusalem is where Jesus was crucified and because a truely godly man and archiologist was directed by God one day(1982) to dig in a specific area.. And what he found is truely amazing, because everyone but Ron Wyatt had been looking for the "ark of the covenant" for 8 years until that day. He dug 20 ft down and found a cave containg the actual Ark of the Covenant. Most people arent even allowed to get close to it. Because the jews already knew it was there and sent 6 men to excavate a large cave to get to it. But before they even saw it, God had struck them all down, and the cave was sealed..its obvious God doesnt want Isreal to have it..!! And it is no coinicidence that the Ark just happens to be exactly 20 ft below the exact place where jesus was crucified. And when the soldier used a spear to poke jesus in the side, there was a small earthquake that caused a small hairline crack to reach the bench of the Ark directly below jesus. So his blood followed the crack and dropped directly onto the Ark for even more proof of his exsistance.. Ron was told by God to grab the contents out(the 10 commandments in stone tablets) and just for proof, Ron recognized the dark stain on the seat of the Ark was blood and took a sample.. But when Ron left God buried it again, telling Ron it wasnt time to be reveiled. But before he died, he reveiled that the Ark can now be reveiled. When Ron had the blood sample checked the lab technitions were only had have the amount of chromosomes of a normal human being...all of them Marys. Except one sex chromosome which was a "Y" meaning the only thing given to mary was one boy chromosome...proving immaculate conception... all of us get half our chromosomes from the dad and the other half from our mother making up 46 chrmosomes for a normal human being.. The point is Trump had to make jerusalem the capital of Isreal, because that most likely will be the only thing left standing in Isreal when the antichrist comes and jesus sits back on his throne for judgement day...!!! Its been stated that two thirds of Isreal will be destroyed before the jews come to their senses and admit that he was God, like he said he was..!!

  19. "A wise woman builds her house"
    "A foolish woman tears her own house down own with her own hands."

    Do see - PROVERBS chapter 31

  20. Anna, with spiritual eyes, I can see that the Almighty has placed you in this leadership position and I am honored to stand with you and help where ever I can. Thank you but most importantly, I thank our Father for His guiding hand of Truth in these most trying times. Stand firm and stand strong in the Name of Above all other names, Yeshua, the King of Kings!

  21. I disagree. In fact, the writings of Paul indicate that although women certainly may lead in trade, commerce, business, and the like, leading in the congregation of "God's house" at large is not something open to them.


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