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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Special Treat for the Video-Minded

By Anna Von Reitz

More goodies from the Lighthouse Law Club--but BEFORE you all watch this most enlightening video, write this additional piece of information on your wrist for ready reference and think about it very seriously:  ALMOST ALL THE COURTS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE "FEDERAL".  

They are either outright and obvious federal courts in the sense of US District Courts, or they are federated "state" and "county" courts---- federal courts being run "as" state and county courts.  

How is this possible?  As I have said before and again, in the 1960's the states and counties then-operating were seduced by the lure of federal kick-backs euphemistically known as "Federal Revenue Sharing" and "Federal Block Grants" into incorporating themselves as federal corporations. 

So even though it is called "The State of Wyoming Superior Court" or "The Clark County Court" what you are really dealing with is a federal franchise operation, just like a Burger King or Dairy Queen franchise, presided over by a District of Columbia Municipality Judge or Magistrate.   The correct description of all these courts is: federal courts, federated state court, and federated county courts, because they are all federal corporation franchise operations and they are all operating under international law of the sea, not law of the land at all.  

You have been purposefully mis-identified and mis-characterized in the public records as a federal citizen and federal citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees.  In the same way, your courts have been usurped upon and foreign international law courts have been substituted for the land jurisdiction courts and public law you are owed.  

Keeping that additional Fat Fact in mind, please find or make the time to watch this video from the Lighthouse Law Club:  

So when Mark Emery describes the situation with the "Federal Courts" operating lawlessly and the Congress expediting this circumstance--- bear in mind that there is no real difference between the explicitly named federal courts and the so-called "State of________" and "County of__________" Courts.  

They are all "federal" because they took the bait and incorporated themselves as federal franchise corporations back in the 1960's. 

Are there any courts left in America?  Yes, a few.  The actual State Courts have a different name and are found established under the Session Laws of each state.  

Please note, I am a Justice for "The Alaska State Superior Court", not "The State of Alaska Superior Court".   I have also served as a Judge for the Postal District Court which operates the international land jurisdiction owed to Alaska.  

At this point, ignorance and sloth had nearly finished off the state republics, when a few Americans got busy and stood up. We delved through the lies and deceits used to disinherit and mis-characterize us as federal citizens.  We developed the ways and means to come back home to the land of our birth and reclaim our names and estates.  We re-populated our lawful land jurisdiction courts and served as Justices of the Peace and as Judges operating the Postal District Courts.  

Americans, wake up.  The Bar Associations and the members of Congress and some portions of the military services have conspired against you and against your country.  They have stolen you blind and they continue to pillage and plunder public trusts that they have established "in your NAME" without your knowledge or consent.  

They continue to deprive you of Due Process in foreign courts that merely substitute themselves for the courts you are owed.  

What's the answer?  Get up on your hind feet, educate yourselves, correct the falsified public documents, organize your unincorporated County Jural Assemblies and get this show on the road.  Elect your own justices of the peace to run your unincorporated state and county courts. Elect your own judges to run your international land jurisdiction courts known as Postal District Courts.  

Remember that this is a country where self-governance is not only a right, but a responsibility.  If you do not govern yourselves, you are opening your country and your backdoor to an endless parade of grafters and free-loaders and worse, who will be all too happy to govern you and profit from your ignorance.  

That is in fact what we have going on here, and while it is tempting to blame these crooks and charlatans and they surely bear the bulk of the responsibility for their errors and omissions---- the missing element needed to clean this mess up, is you.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. When you have a supreme court justice lauded and praised, given a black robe, a job for life, told he can never be fired, sits on the high court of the land with the highest title in the land, but behind the backs of americans, was one of the worst pedo's in the country, why would we expect an ounce of decent behavior or fairness from our little ole local judges and courts?
    That ranch is owned by john poindexter and if anyone thinks its primary purpose is for hunting, look deeper. And it is just one drop in the bucket to the vast number of such 'meeting places' and they are throughout the world and the biggest names in the world are all attached to them.
    This world has been saturated in pure filth and degradation. It is morally bankrupt. Now just ask yourself what does God think of this ball of dirt and do we really think He is going to sit by much longer and just observe?

    1. Abby,

      I've wonder the same thing.
      According to Spiritual sources, we are to "save ourselves."

      We absolutely cannot save ourselves due to the over-whelming suppression of our Consciousness through the myriad of poisons and lies that are weaponize against us.

      We need Divine Feminine Energy intervention immediately to save our World and society from annihilation by an out of control/balance Divine Masculine Energy.

      I pray that this is Truly the final year of the negative entities rule over our Galaxy, World and lives.

      Next year of 2018 had better be a year of Global transformation of our lives to prosperity, abundance, freedom and Love for All.


    2. If it isnt, im going to the hymayalans and turning into a monk. Ill still believe in jesus. But im about ready to do anything to get away from the madness that is going to happen if Trump doesnt drain the swamp...!!

    3. Oh hes draining, watch and see now, the dominoes are all set up

    4. BoboSixxII:
      There are only two "Spiritual sources".
      One is the source of Light - the other of Darkness.
      The "poisonous+lies weaponized against us" comes from the Darkside.
      The side of Light emmanates from Christ who created the galaxies, world and us in His image(re- Gospel of John)
      Jesus is the only Divine "Energy" via His Holy Spirit since Pentacost.
      He being thee only worthy Redeemer came; doing so for any of us who will accept His personal gift for ourselves -Amen.
      His own Words seen in red in Johns Gospel.

    5. BoboSixxII:
      There are only two "Spiritual sources".
      One is the source of Light - the other of Darkness.
      The "poisonous+lies weaponized against us" comes from the Darkside.
      The side of Light emmanates from Christ who created the galaxies, world and us in His image(re- Gospel of John)
      Jesus is the only Divine "Energy" via His Holy Spirit since Pentacost.
      He being thee only worthy Redeemer came; doing so for any of us who will accept His personal gift for ourselves -Amen.
      His own Words seen in red in Johns Gospel.

    6. BoboSixxII:
      There are only two "Spiritual sources".
      One is the source of Light - the other of Darkness.
      The "poisonous+lies weaponized against us" comes from the Darkside.
      The side of Light emmanates from Christ who created the galaxies, world and us in His image(re- Gospel of John)
      Jesus is the only Divine "Energy" via His Holy Spirit since Pentacost.
      He being thee only worthy Redeemer came; doing so for any of us who will accept His personal gift for ourselves -Amen.
      His own Words seen in red in Johns Gospel.

    7. Bobo, there is only evil spirits or godly spirit. The word 'energy' is dreamed up by some of these false religious factions; it is totally meaningless. Jesus is quite literal;
      saying 'just as you see me go, you will see me come again'.
      However, there is a tribulation period of 7 yrs. between now and then. What nobody knows for sure is just when that is.
      However we are told we will know that approximate time ''by the signs of the times', which are being presented now almost on a daily basis and with accelerated speed.

  2. Mrs. Anna Von Reitz,

    I thank you for all of your patriotic info.
    Yet, I would like to see proof of your claims that we can call in our birth-rights and set the record straight in this current courts of corporate maritime/admiralty legalese.

    Could you provide copies of your success within this system or provide links to that info.

    Please forgive me if you have posted that info before. I'm new to your web-site and I find it refreshing to receive info of this sort.

    I thank you and your husband for your dedication to our society and Republic, helping to wake us up to our God given Constitutional, law of the land rights.

    The law of the land simply is this, is it not so?

    "Do no intentional harm to others, their property or to the environment."

    If one is not violating this law, then one is not committing a crime.


  3. EXCELLENT video!!! I willl have to explore this LightHouselaw.Club to find out more. I would love to have a transcript of what was SAID in the video. Can anyone supply that? Thanks Anna.

    1. All of the writings are located here and you can read online or print out the whole:

      After scrolling to the bottom, you will find the beginning which is:

      Landmark Income Tax Case: Supreme Court No. 14-1305
      May 21, 2015 supreme court case

      There are two kinds of federal trial courts: those of general jurisdiction (territorial, personal, and subject-matter jurisdiction) and those of limited jurisdiction (subject-matter jurisdiction only).

      Everyone is familiar with federal rules and regulations: Code of Federal Regulations, United States Code, Internal Revenue Code, P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), National Defense Authorization Act, etc.

      The only federal courts authorized by the Constitution to hear civil or criminal matters brought against individual Americans for alleged violation of federal rules or regulations are courts of general jurisdiction.

      Today, every federal court located within the respective exterior limits of the 50 freely associated compact states of the Union, e.g., Arizona, Florida, Nebraska, etc., is a court of general jurisdiction.

      The problem is that the only geographic area in which federal courts of general jurisdiction are authorized by the Constitution to exercise jurisdiction is federal territory; e.g., District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.

      There is no constitutional authority for a federal court of general jurisdiction to hear a civil or criminal matter against any American who resides and is domiciled in geographic area occupied by one of the 50 freely associated compact states of the Union—and no one can produce any such authority.

      Notwithstanding this discrepancy: Federal courts of general jurisdiction now blanket every state in the Union and prosecute individual Americans residing there for alleged civil or criminal violation of federal rules and regulations—such as the Internal Revenue Code.

      The within petition displays incontrovertible legal evidence and proof of (1) felony (fraud, i.e., gross negligence), by reason of dereliction of the jurisdictional provisions of the Constitution, and treason to the Constitution, by reason of usurpation of exercise of jurisdiction in extra-constitutional geographic area, on the part of every federal judge of every federal court located within the Union, and (2) no jurisdiction for the district court of first instance to hear this matter against Petitioner for alleged violation of the Internal Revenue Code.


      * * *

      1 – Supreme Court No. 14-1305, Petition for Writ of Certiorari, filed April 29, 2015

      2 – ‘Petition,’ ‘writ,’ and ‘certiorari’ defined

      3 – Proof of Service on Solicitor General – April 29, 2015

      4 – Solicitor General waives right to file response – May 12, 2015

      5 – Update – May 18, 2015

      6 – Supreme Court Docket – May 19, 2015

      7 – Update – May 21, 2015

      8 – Ad runs in Houston Chronicle May 29 – June 3

      9 – U.S. naval, military legal offices provided with evidence of felony and treason to the Constitution on the part of certain federal judges

      10 – June 1, 2015 – Joint Chiefs of Staff alerted of felony and treason to the Constitution

      11 – June 1, 2015 – Thirty-four commanders of naval, military installations alerted of felony and treason to the Constitution

    2. RE: The problem is that the only geographic area in which federal courts of general jurisdiction are authorized by the Constitution to exercise jurisdiction is federal territory; e.g., District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.

      I am not defending that, but I believe (from local "state of x constitution") they claim the "federal territorial state" (which they will not call it that in public, but that is what it is, only "us citizens" can vote/elect in these "state of x" ("federal citizen" black's law dictionary matches perfectly).

      point being, the "Federal territorial state" claims the "territory" here by latitude and longitude, so they claim it is all a "federal area" (and here, we went from territory to federal "state of x" with no actual state in-between that i can find).

      just my two cents. thus, over here i would rather point out that there are to be no new states inside other states, and clearly "federal citizens" are not first in line. (per common law maxim,, "maxim")

      likewise, without "we the people" literally nothing is delegated. so, they may say "too bad, feds got your state first" but without "we the people" there is nothing delegated. "doctrine of necessity" is another maxim meaning an actual state must be allowed as well. remedy must be provided.

      not excusing what they do, but they may just (not in public and probably not in these words) say it is all a "federal zone" and thus they do have "territorial rights" there ... or more likely be silent and just keep kidnapping people.

  4. I couldnt even get one person to come to our condo association to see what rules they were making or planning on making. This was a gated community of 600 condos. So how many people could live there if you include their kids...maybe 3500 at most...and out of those, 6 people were on the board, making rules for the rest of the 3500. And no matter how many of us complained aboit their rules privately, i could never get anyone to come with me to one meeting to see what rules they were making for all of us. After awhile i didnt care anymore either...and that is always what happens when you have to elect people to esentially govern pthers that dont want the job...Judge Anna, can you please tell me why we have to like any form of govt at all. Most of us hate it, and they other half are addicted to the power and money, plus the prestige it gives them..!! Im not for "jural assembles" either!! Its just a fancy name for another form of aboit this for a change....NO GOVERNMENT AT ALL..!! Now thats a country i can live with...but we all have to wear visable guns..actually hostered on our side like all cops....that way, instead of having and paying for govt services, we will have 400 million people policing the State.. Its time for the wild west again, or get rid of all wespons completely so no one can own one...!! That includes law enforcement...!! If you think "jural assemblies" wont wind up the same way, because of power and greed you are extremely nieve..! People in those positions love them, because they dont know how to do anything else. Why does man always have to rule over other men.. Just get rid of the evil, self centered, selfish, sports addicted, knowledge hateing people out of the country, and everyone will be fine. Now i understand Gods lodgic in the old testiment, why he sent in armies under a king he picked, to destroy and kill the entire village or city, including the kids. Because kids imitate their parents and when they see how their parents treat people, thats what they will turn out to be...!! The point is i dont want any form of govt andi certainly dont want a "service company" for certain "delagated authoritys"....No Thanks..!! We can manahe just fine without those delagated authorities....I wont answer to any authority anymore unless its God himself and no one else.. So leave me out of this form of govt to.. How do i start to remove myself completely from all govt that i wont go along with, including "jural assemblies". I already see the writting on the wall, thank you very much....I want total freedom, and nothing less will do..!!!

    1. RE: Now thats a country i can live with...but we all have to wear visable guns..actually hostered on our side like all cops.
      i have heard from eyewitnesses that parts of syria and/or adjacent areas do this. they are "left leaning" and "progressive" so this is partly out of necessity (fighting for their "sovereignty", or at least holding off outside attacks), partly out of men/women/gays/etc. are all "equal" that basically means "train and arm everyone".

      basically, there theory is "they are all cops" ... they dont know "common law" so they dont call themselves "militia" but that might be a more fitting term.

      there are no "cops" so if someone takes their chances not arming themselves, that is fine, but no guarantee anyone will come to their aid.

      does it work? i dunno. they have gender quotas, possibly for "gays" too, for various "offices".

      while i really dont care to "limit" offices to certain types of people, and i try to treat everyone individually, but that was something i did not want any part of. not a fan of any "quotas"

      so, i am probably very "liberal" on "social issues" ... but that doesn't mean i want "quotas" dictating that "X men/women/straights/gays/etc. must be on this board".

      some things e.g. you can say that is a board/issue only affecting those people, but for "general government" i am not in favor of such things.

      i have been "discriminated" against, but 99% the people dont even know who i am, they just go by i am not saying "discrimination" is not real, i just see it as "satanism" (materialism) other words, mostly just ignorance. i tend to get called conflicting things enough not to take it very seriously in my case. if racists/etc. cant even be bothered to research my race, i cant take them seriously.

      ive been called enough conflicting names theres a point where you just throw your hands up "sorry, someone else already called me X before you called me Y, one of you must be lying" "get in line" etc :)

    2. now, when their "war" ends (or they get slaughtered, etc.) i have no idea if they plan to keep this "there are no cops" a.k.a. "everyone is an armed cop"...

      unsure if this is strictly a "wartime" measure or intends to be permanent.

      if i had the name of the group/area i could give it to you. they are "communists" or at least cousins of some type, openly, around syria IIRC, so they see this as a "everyone is equal" type thing.

      not just fear of outside attack, but they seem to be shooting for some type of "communism" without a "dictatorship". so, they are shooting for "we can be communists correctly, and this will prevent a stalinist type from taking over and slaughtering us from within"

      that is probably a deal-breaker for me too, but they seem to be tiny fighting for "independence" and have no "global designs" ... it is not like "russia" or "china" is coming to their aid, to my knowledge. so, they still believe in some type of "nation" however small. they dont appear to have any "expansion" plans, just merely want their small area. they have no money to "brainwash" people even if they wanted.

      if they ever reach a "state" i have no idea if they will keep the "communist" "freedom fighters" "everyone is equal" marketing.

  5. Anna and James, you are making a difference:

    And the Treasury:

  6. Now our great governer, Jerry Brown, just increased everyones car registration, even for cars over 20 years old, like mine. Why..! Because Trump wont give the money for his pet project....a superexpensive project of no value that anyone can figure out, except maybe lining his pockets..!! And somehow it just went through without anyone voting on it except Jerry...our dictator...!!!

  7. Im talking about the bullet train he is building. First it was fupposed to cost $10 billion. Than as it went along its now $20 billion. And now because of the terrain, the train has to go right through a mountain. Hes trying despeately to get it up to a trillion. Hes the biggest idiot that ever governed the "State of California"..!!

    1. James, calif. authorities and leaders have lost their minds. CA is pricing ordinary people out of the ability to even live in any kind of housing; med. price of homes is half million, while salary average is some 60 thousand/yr.
      Seems to me they are trying to send a message for y'all to move out, live on the streets, in your cars, or work and spend all earning to pay out all of it for a roof over your heads.
      There is definitely some nefarious plan going on and your homeless population grows daily now. I know your own situation is pretty good right now, but even so, anything can turn around on a dime. A new owner take over and raise the cost; so it may not be a bad idea just to have a Plan B on paper, just in case.
      Here is a good way to ''read the cards' out there: Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Look around at all that is happening to the beautiful state of CA and those who are running it, and its easy to see 'who has taken over'.

    2. James, I thought the chinese already started a small stretch (installed here) with their bullet train. We know they already have that technology, design and in use in china. ?

  8. Love judicial watch, suing cities to clean up voter roles . and a guard dog of government .Anyone can sue and you will make the vermin run for cover.
    Yes I know the corruption is deep as this whole post shows using corporate system to push Thair.evil system of admiralty /codes and flip back to equity or contract law at will.

  9. Retired , Federal court judge dale says when the holler your corporate name hold up your birth cirtificate and say the defendant is here thus checkmate on appearing yet not stepping onto thair Ship

  10. Abby, i told my brother a long time ago that when our dad dies(which occured in 2002) that we get oit of Calif. immediately because of the corruption, but more because everyome we knew were broke and all of them are going to take advantage of our good nature and never pay one dime back... but did he listen...Of course not..!! Instead he moves out taking $200,000 with him from a loan i got from our irvine house to renavate that house which was only 15 years old, and was alrrady a nice house because our dad was always a good designer..!! But things nowadays become obsolite within 10 years when it comes to a home.. Instead, since we are twins, and he is so competative, he takes the money and moves out with a girl i was seeing, and left me to deal with a house that was only half finished andvi had to complete on my own....Real smart..!! And he moves to the south side of O.C. which is even more expensive and rents an apartment for $2200/mo. And neither one of them worked.. Everything was going out and nothing coming in.. I had to use my half of the money to finish the house up so we could sell it. But it left me in a situation where i had to live with the frienfs i talked about which are always broke. So hrs spending all his money without working and i was supporting the people(so called friends) on my side. It didnt talk long before we lost all of it because of his stupidity. I was so mad at one point that i wanted to take a sludge hammer to the entire house, making it worthless just to get even with both of them..You dont know how close i came to doing that. But the home was bought by our dad for $202,000 in 1986. But when i finished with it, i told our real estate agent that i didnt want a "for sale" sign in front of the house, because all the neighbors wanted it for nothing because they all kmew what was going on between us....vultures..!! But even without a sign, within one week we had two offers gor the house, and i took the lower one because they were putting half down. And the house sold for $750,000 in 2003. Thats how much we changed the house...there wasnt another one like it in irvine. And she knew it..!! The largest home in that tract of homes was right next to ours and he only upgraded a took him over a year to finally sell it for the same price..!! But thats what money does to people..!! I would have never done that to him.. but you know karma..!! Now his body is starting to break down. Je woke up a few weeks ago with blood in his urine and wound up in the hospital thinking it wasnt that bad..But it turns out that his kidneys and bladder are not functioning properly...he has had a catheter ever since. And everone else that took advantage of me during that time for money, are all paying for it now.. They are all having health problems, one friend barely made it after having a heart attack, the other one is living all by himself, with no friends and his attorney sister who got him ssdi so she doesnt have to deal with him is a total mess, overweight and was totally misusing pain opiates(vicodine/ Norcos) can barely function and idnt allowed to drive anymore.

  11. Plus his attorney sister now knows what he was doing when he lived with us, but wouldnt believe us, finally confronted his doctor and pharmasist that if you perscribe any more opiates to him she will sue them.. Now he is always in pain and lonely as hell. But no one wants to see him including his brother who always comes and sees us. And to many other people to mention, who wound up in prison and others that tried to commit suiside.. So those of you that think they are getting away with things that have intenstionally hurt others....this is a warning that your happiness will be short lived...there is Equity in the universe...And he sees everything that everyone else misses..!! But rewarded me for being steadfast and honest by giving me this brand new place which is beautiful and cheap. But unfortunately, all we have now is our SS payments. So it will be difficult to move anywhere without enough money to do it...we are stuck for the moment, but hopefully Trump will get rid of Jerry Brown. Because if he doesnt, Trump would rather see California become part of Mexico. He doesnt care for this liberal state anyway. He might have to move his wall to cut out calif. along with And hes dead serious..!!

    1. Wow- thot my life was one of the worst stories going.
      Fortunately things do seem to be gainng for you anyway.

    2. Wow- thot my life was one of the worst stories going.
      Fortunately things do seem to be gainng for you anyway.

    3. James, I shared my "lion" transformation experience on comments of previous posting. Hope it resonates for you and others! Much peace and love

    4. James, what you say is absolutely true; those who think they can crap on us and get away with it, they won't. God has a strange way of ''avenging those that trouble His true Children''. I too have a list.
      A sibling who backstabbed me without any cause and even tried to turn my own son against me. Got one cancer, kept doing the same, then got two more kinds of cancer; was gone within 10 months. Some people just never learn.
      Another, a boss who fired me even tho I was the best manager he ever had, suddenly got brain cancer and was gone within a year. Another sibling who is now quite elderly and all his children are turned against him. Numerous others also received a vengeful hand from God. That's just how it works.

      ''touch not my anointed'.

    5. my, my wolf your "God" sounds downright frightful and unforgiving!

    6. KM, truth gets your goat doesn't it. You know I am on to you and your agenda in here to promote your looney worldly ungodly new age bullshit, with not an iota of concrete evidence to back up any proof of it. Of course when it is nothing but your own juvenile fantasy and sly rebellion, how could you have any proof; pie in the sky has no proof.
      And you kinda know in the back of your mind that your day is coming when you will be eating your own words and that you are going to lose your case when you face the White Throne of Judgement, doncha.
      ''For ALL Judgement is left to the Son''. So you see, you are not fooling me, or Him.
      Psalms 2 Why do the heathen rage; and the people imagine a vain thing? 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision 5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure

      (I have more, if you need more, just ask)

    7. Abby, why do you react with such anger to any spiritual language of love,peace, kindness, commpassion, joy shared by me or anyone that posts comments? Do you completely miss the message of gratitude, encouragement, support that IS expressed for Anna, her team with All the hours in service FOR ALL as the REAL proof of her labor of love in God's Spirit and for ALL living men, women children on this BIG Beautiful world? From my observation any positive thoughts shared actually have quite a negative effect gnashing of your personal teeth. Anger, doubt, fear, Conflict kills Everything good Abby. Are you trying to kill the truth of Anna's message/work and teaching to the world? I haven't observed any gratitude shown by you nor have you shared ANY spiritual gifts in your communication in cooperation with this effort, and you've loudly declared that any action Anna encourages others to take in responsible self governing, IS a waste of your time, and in fact you've claimed to be "way too smart" to take any personal action.
      So what exactly IS your purpose and intentions for posting here as your tone/language is AGENT/TROLL paid to antagonize hate, anger, fear, control over Anything that IS Good. Your Masters don't like that too much do they? How much do they pay you to wreak havoc online at ALL the commentors sharing their truth??

    8. KM, whatsa matter? You don't like what the One True God says there? Oh I forgot; you like to make up a god that is tailor made by you; I bet you still believe in santa clause too, right?
      Gee, thats too bad; I have 150 more chapters of Psalms I wanted to share with you. But maybe I should move on to Proverbs; maybe you would like that better.
      Prov. 1:29 For that they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear (awesomeness) of the Lord; 30 They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof (correction) 31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way and be filled with their own devices

    9. OK guys, it's time to kiss and make both have good points and both very intelligent.. I do believe however, that we have misunderstood how great Gods love really is. There's nothing like it on earth to compare it to...I think that almost everyone, except the truely evil people of this world will indeed see the love he has for us least this time around. We have him all wrong. He is not a vengful God looking to destroy everyone who sinned, unless those people deliberately committed heinous crimes against children..!! But that doesn't mean they should continue to do terrible things..!!

    10. Agreed whole heartedly James! I see through to the deeper loving spirit essence/ lessons in the biblical messages. No amount of parroting by controlling, threatened, angry, hateful, worldly mind controlled puppets will change that. Using the "word" as a weapon against the weak ego minds of men has served the evil minded in this world for far too long, and the results of this tell the true story. This IS changing!!! Its new, deeper perspective time!!! Its NEW story time!!! I LOVE it!!! Bring it on people, we got this!!!!

    11. Oh, how common it is for those who hate the very word of God, and God himself, and so they just love to blame the messengers who copy His Word and pass it on, just like they're supposed to; preach the Whole counsel of God. But if you really think you can create your own Burger King bible and think it bothers me or God, have at it. But alas, his Word is not gonna change just cause you can't stand it.
      Its no surprise to me, and no surprise to God. We both already knew so many would stub their toes on it.
      But since you hate it so much, KM, why don't you go complain to God about it, lol. Why whine and complain to me; I just copy what He has already said. Oh now, you didn't really think I wrote it do you? You really give me credit for being that smart?
      Try this on for size: 2 Thessalonians 2:10.....because they receive not the love of the Truth (so)that they might be saved 11 and for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie;

      So no wonder we see so many who are 'so sure' they are right in their fairy tale fantasy that 'everything is just gonna come up roses'. And never mind that this world is swimming in filth and unspeakable acts, as if God is just gonna overlook all that.
      So now we have quite an oxymoron from a delusional one: The Word of God serves the evil minded. How about that! The bible serves evil.
      KM why don't you just admit you do not even believe the bible, you do not believe God, you have great contempt for God and His ways, and are in fact an atheist. Why do you continue to pretend, and hide behind fake sweet sounding garbage?

    12. James, do you remember during Trump's campaign, when he read the poem called 'The Snake"? The moral of it was 'never take in a snake, because it will still bite you after you bring it in from the cold and feed it.'

    13. James, there is no place in the bible that indicates He loves all. And even He tells us he is an avenger. He refers to his true Children as ''my little flock''. Of course, little means it is small. Yet we have 7 billion people on earth. So he means far from ''all'.
      He is also an angry God. Remember when he got so furious with the jews that he wanted to kill them all? Except that Moses stepped in and pleaded with him not to.
      Look in Genesis 6 where He saw the corruption of man was so great that he decided to Flood them all. And he did just that; all that was left on earth then was Noah and his immediate family; 8 people. That too is small. What happened to the several million others that were on earth at that time?
      Psalms 7:11 God is angry with the wicked every day.

      You see, God intended for all these type of scriptures to be as a warning. For him to give such a forewarning, IS out of love. Just as if a deaf man was standing on a railroad track and you saw a train coming and warned him before the train got to him. That is love.
      The love of God is in His sending his Son to make a way to salvation. The love of God is in his Action; not in some mushy mush. But among women, they view God like he is their boyfriend and think His love is shown in the same manner. That is all nothing but emotionalism; it is not God.
      But here is a great example of God's love: When I needed a job, He made a job for me where there was no job opening and it was one December, when nobody was hiring in my field.
      Now, would 'you' rather have such a show of love; or would 'you' settle for the emotionalism that so many relish, lol.

      If you got stranded on the roadside, would 'you' want to feel the 'warm and fuzzies' from God, or would you rather have him send you a stranger out of nowhere to help get you back up and running.
      I was once driving home late at night and hit a sudden bank of Fog on the Interstate. I had to just stop the car because I could not see an inch in front of me. I could envision already getting rear ended by another car and could not do a thing about it. But out of nowhere came a big semi (they have fog lights) who flew past me, and I got right on his tail lights like white on rice. He pulled into a rest area and so did I. I parked it, pushed the seat back, locked the doors and went to sleep right there till morning.
      That is the love of God. Its all in his Actions.

    14. Thats fantastic Abby. But im not basing what i just said on the bible.. Im baseing it on actual testamony by people who have had "Near Death Experiances"(NDE) and came back to talk about it.. would you think after reading the bible that a person that was raised her whole life as a muslin and mohommad as their God would be saved...well she had one and obviously she fully expected to see mohammad..!! Instead, Jesus was waiting right there for her and the first words out of his mouth was..." I mever knrw you..!! Can you imagine her terror when hearing those words from the only savior we have, and in that dimesion, she knew exactly who he was immediately..!! But she begged him to forgive her, because she was never taught anything else. But she always had access to it if she was looking for the truth. But she told him if you send me back, i will let everyome know who you are in the muslim he did send her back and she has been testifying in front of muslim crowds every since...!! Thats just one story. There are so many others giving the same testamony....look we have all been deceived in one way or another. And we all know that most bibles have been corrupted too.. it might do you a lot of good Abby to just put the bible down for just awhile and listen to actual living testamoney instead of constantly quoting bible scripture because everyone else has memorized their versions also.. Ive tried to fight that way.. all it does is lead to arguements.. it migh inyerest ypu to know that Trump picked jerusalem for the capital of Isreal not because they are special, because they arent. But jerusalem is the exact spot where jesus was crucified and directly underneith his cross, 20 ft under, is the actual "Ark of the Covenant" which has his blood on it as proof and will be the seat he will sit on when he returns, because it was only meant for him. The jews in Isreal tried to get to it way before Ron Whatt finally found it.. But the jews that tried to reach it, all 6 of them, died before they even got close to it..does tjat sound like they are the chosen ones...I dont think so.!! You know true Isreal is spread out throughout the world, not a region. But they still believe it is..!! Before the jews in Isreal itself "get it" two thirds of Isreal will be wiped out before the last one third confess that jesus was always the true messiaia, not mosses..!! People are more inclined to believe in factual evidence behind all those bible quotes.....Capiss!!

  12. Great PRAISE and THANK YOU
    from Germany
    for your clearings up - we (still under occupying power misled) need more too. Our US-licenced-press and medias are full of fake news – now especially about a crazy Trump and an aggressiv Putin. I think in CRIMEA Russia only was faster than aggressiv NATO/OTAN.
    I hope both clean up and come together to peace including Germany.

    The franchise law, counties and courts you are describing are the same in Germany – and now by illegitime EU-Parliament and EU-Commission silently planned over 28 countries in Europe. Actually EU starts sexual education for GENDERing all people, starting at Kindergarten with sex toys,dildos etc.

    I am glad Donald Trump is already successfully cleaning up:
    18th Dec. 2017: “U.S. President Donald Trump spent the weekend at Camp David with his top generals to map out the exact strategy for decapitating the Khazarian mafia worldwide, say Pentagon sources. “The Atlanta airport was shut down while the Department of Defense refused to disclose the locations of 44,000 U.S. troops who may be involved in terminating the cabal worldwide,” a senior Pentagon source said. There are now close to 10,000 sealed indictments as more and more of the Khazarian criminals give up evidence on their colleagues, the sources say.”.......

    Pentagon sources sent the photos below showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John “Daesh” McCain “in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg.”

    God save TRUMP and PUTIN who care for real Christian values, truth, freedom and power to THE PEOPLE.
    ”We fight Islam, not because it is a religion, but because it is not.“

    Thanks from occupied Germany - now getting occupied from socalled refugees and young African invadors - because of the old American politics.

    Putin And Trump Tell G20 Leaders Right To Their Faces
    ‘NWO Is Finished’

  13. Any law repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is null and void. Marbury v. Madison

  14. Thank You for sharing Anna!
    Here is another wonderfully written and timely message for those interested in assisting the shift of Fear into Love.....

  15. Ok, so much for all that I said above. Now I'm going to say this just one more time: Anyone who feels they want to file papers, then they should do just that. I have never told anyone they should not; I expect people to do their own thinking and make their own decisions, and do what they feel is best for them.
    Anna's information and her work are excellent. I just have NO faith in any of those 'sitting on the other side of the counter'' or in any position of authority. None of us gave away our Names; they have been counterfeited without our knowledge. This makes all their nefarious deeds, total fraud. Fraud is null and void. We should not have to undo Fraud done by those who are all unknown to us.
    Anna already did the work on behalf of all of us. That should bring on an Order to them, for them to undo the Fraud they have done, en Mass, in one fell swoop. It ought to be something on the plane of an Executive Order.
    Each of us has different circumstances in our lives; we are not all in the same position. For those that have the wherewithal to proceed with the process, that is what they should do. It is not my business what others do. How many times do I have to say this??
    In theory, I see the tools to be gained; but after that, using them successfully is the next part of it. The System is packed with well experienced rats, and traps baited with plenty of cheese. For those who have the gusto and in good health, and can afford the risk, I wish them all success. Its one of those things where there is no room for error, or do-overs.

    1. Now your getting it Abby.!! Trust me Trump has had it with democracy. He is startimg to use EO for everything right now. And he has also had it with the attorneys form of "the rule of law"..!! He means to break this system completely apart so we dont have to...!! I share your frustration with paperwork now because ive tried it that way. Ive choosen not to do anymore either... But im ready to face a judge when the time comes again. When judge Anna was called in front of that judge in Alaska, i dont remember her showing the judge any paperwork at all. She simply stood up to him knowing what to say and it was over.. the paperwork is only for backup if you need it, thats all..!!

    2. James, I 'got it' a long time ago, lol. And I have a pretty good memory, recalling that months ago Anna said she went before the proper venue on behalf of all Americans and reclaimed us all. Now that ought to be enforced by whatever means is appropriate and make it stick. Maybe we just need that Case No. and the writing of it and the ruling and just throw it in their faces, if it becomes necessary to do so.
      End of story. Why should we have to turn around and repeat what she already accomplished, is my question. It just seems to me that her action there should have already covered it.

      Just like when lawyers go into court about a matter that the SC has already ruled on (which makes it final), quote it back to the court as proof of previous rulings; why should this be any different? This makes it totally unnecessary to retry a case all over again, and the same applies to us.
      What we are lacking here is her Case verbatim and the ruling verbatim and the reference (number) which, to my knowledge, was never given.

    3. James, my above statement, plus I think the intricate step by step process to obtaining the Passport that 1FreeMan was talking about recently, along with the additional Card, would be an extremely beneficial thing to have; it could prevent even getting to court for much of anything where there is no harm done.
      At this point, I am not sure what all has to be done first before applying for such a Passport, and then where and how to apply for it. My mental faculties have just been too overloaded this year with the 'necessities of life and duties' that have needed full attention. And even now, its going to take some time to get past all that, to get into full focus mode again.

  16. Those that stand in balanced hearts and minds and reclaim their birthright given names and proper status back onto the land (recording) as God and our organic nature intended, there is no more necessity to argue with fools in the sea jurisdiction. "Filing" is for fools/criminals arguing and making mindless false claims lost at sea. Truth stands as fact on land only when not rebutted. Doesn't need interpretation or approval by anyone other than the conscience intentions of the author. Lawful Claims are recorded ONLY! All "legal" (colorable) arguments at sea are fruitless and bear NO conscience, because it IS ALL Fiction. Fiction is fiction. "Filing" anything in their system IS Ficticious and by their own creation "CRIMINAL" in its foundational origins. Those that get this past their narrow ego minds start to see and understand this more clearly and benefit by a more peaceful, responsible, perspective in their lives. The more that SEE this and take responsible action accordingly, and not wait for a "criminal and fictitious" system to falsely file some "executive words or orders" on your behalf and to fool the lazy, ignorant fools once again. Nope, not this time! Its our time to step up and do the work, and take the responsibility. No more blaming or passing the buck. We got it this time around!!!

    1. What's that saying?
      Fool me once, shame on You
      Fool me twice, shame on Me

    2. KM, you have nothing to offer; you have no facts, and worse you have no sense. You are nothing but cotton candy. Do you know what that is? Its sugar with added fake color, and spun into fluff, has no nutritional value and only good for giving people who are dumb enough to 'buy' it, a belly ache.


  18. "The current cosmic climate appears to be activating energy vampires, narcissists and high conflict people. Like moths to a flame, wasps to honey they circle light workers, empaths and sensitive people greedily. The polarity of the third dimension reveals itself through hostile people and environments. High conflict individuals are becoming increasingly desperate and active as the frequencies shift on Gaia."

    Hmmmmm interesting......maybe this explains the "hostile gnashing of teeth" energy lately from the puppet masters and all their minions

  19. The above snipet of article by "morag"
    And the rest of article is here, for those interested:

  20. A very merry Christmas to All! May your hearts and minds be blessed/balanced and overflowing with ALL Christ's spirit and gifts, forever and ever!!
    Much Love and Peace be with Everyone!

  21. I saw a few days ago where Trump has signed another EO and declared a national emergency. Covers a whole host of rascals with language that is far reaching;freezing lots of bank accounts and funds of a lot of the 'too big to arrest' folks. I think a big smack-down is coming on.
    Should be interesting and way overdue.

    On another note, looks like many states are walking to the bankruptcy line. Over time, it will be like dominoes falling, and have rippling effects, short of a windfall nationwide. This is probably why the UN vehicles have been placed throughout the country; folks are not gonna be happy with the cutbacks, especially those on Public Pensions or public assistance in those various states, and more as time goes on.

    Infrastructure is badly needed, especially for broken down bridges; but what good is a new bridge if people don't have money to afford to drive over them. Department stores have been closing in droves, over the past 5 years, and continue to do so. And now all that is trickling over to the restaurant business. And hotels are generally seen with far less cars in their parking lots.
    City and state officials have been upgrading and building only in the large cities, and left the rest of their states small towns dilapidate. What is 'tongue in cheek' to me is all the medical facilities and hospitals that are being built. Are they really expecting a lot of sick people, for some reason?
    What is also quite noticeable is the obvious agenda to try to get
    people moved into the large cities, and every reason not to stay in
    their once quaint small towns where they really prefer to live. Letting them deteriorate and providing them with no jobs. Very suspicious; no small coincidence at all.
    There is a reshaping going on, and I don't think its good at all.


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