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Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Reason Why You Have to Get Moving

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent days I have encountered somnolent people asking me, "But why do we need to do anything?  Won't the government just take care of all this?"

Here is the quick and easy answer: if you act and think like herd animals, you will be treated like herd animals.

I trust that everyone can observe what happens to herd animals. 

Herd animals are disciplined to follow certain patterns and rules.  They can go into this pasture, but not that field.  They are aroused at a certain hour every morning to be fed, watered, and milked.  They are rounded up at a certain hour every evening and returned to the barn. 

They receive a modicum of care.  Their stalls are mucked out.  They are fed.  They are guarded and herded by dogs and their food is guarded by cats --- our friendly four-legged capos in the agricultural domain. 

Herd animals are kept to produce goods.  Those goods are primarily fabrics, skins, milk, meat, fertilizer, and more herd animals. 

Now apply this to yourselves as herd animals and the "government" currently running the "farm" and you will notice the striking similarities.

Think -- when the alarm bell rings every morning and everyone gets up like an automaton and turns on the coffee-maker and then heads to the garage to go to work.  How is that any different than a cow waking up at four A.M. to be milked? 

Think -- when you see a police cruiser and you automatically check your speed and direction and all the other cars on the street.  How is that any different than a Border Collie herding a group of sheep?

Think -- when you do your drill everyday, what do you produce?  Some product or service, right?  But also, you produce sales and taxes. And you produce children to replace you and serve in the military which keeps this whole system in place. 

Think -- when you clock out at five P.M. or whenever each night and join the vast Rush Hour, realize that all these other people are being herded and controlled and harvested in one way or another just like you. 

You are being treated like a herd animal.  You are being controlled like a herd animal. You are being "cared for" in the same way and for the same reasons as a herd animal.  It is inevitable in such a scenario that you will be "harvested" like a herd animal.

And you are allowing this.  You are contributing to the denigration of mankind by going along with this and making no effort to exercise your brain and take charge of your affairs and your own government and your own life. 

In this country, people are supposed to be "self-governing".  That means that you don't hand over your rights and responsibilities to some proxy in a legislature or sitting on a board or commission or city council or congress.  It means that you get up on your hind-feet and speak for yourself and take charge of your own assets and do the work of "self-governing". 

To do that, you have to realize who and what you are. 

You are the owner of the farm. 

It's your responsibility to correct the public records and assert your actual political status.  It's up to you to realize that you have been inappropriately and deliberately mis-characterized as a "federal citizen" obligated to serve the "federal government" which is nothing more than a giant governmental services corporation.  You have to realize that the vast majority of Americans aren't "citizens" at all. 

You have to stop calling yourself "citizens" and "residents" and "humans" and "persons"--- which just gives these con artists an excuse to continue treating you like animals.  "Citizen" equals "slave to the government". 

Is that you intention?  Is that what you accept as your status? 

It's up to you to repudiate any claim that you are a "resident" in your own country and to take back title to your own land and home and estate.  Even your Trade Name has been stolen and "administered" by these vermin----and they have done it all while on your payroll. 

Put a stop to it and do it now, while you still have the chance. 

We have ten months to overcome all this balderdash and restore the actual, factual American Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  The clock is ticking.  We have to organize 3100 counties and fifty land jurisdiction states. 

Americans --- not "US citizens" --- are you up to it?

So get a move on and rouse your family, friends, and neighbors to correct your records and reclaim your names and estates.  And once you have your private affairs in order, get busy and hold the public meetings and convene your local jural assemblies in every county and every state.  Many hands makes light work. Don't stand around waiting for some centralized power to do this for you.  Take the advice and follow the example of the Michigan General Jural Assembly and do it for yourselves. 

This is what self-governance is all about.

And, if there are any Federales reading this and thinking, oh, well, we have to stop the herd animals from getting out of their pens!  Oh, sound the alarms!  Bring out the dogs to the South Forty! 

Think again. 

Without a land jurisdiction there is no sea jurisdiction. 

Without us and our "natural and unalienable rights" ---- you have no rights at all, not even civil rights.  Without us and our land jurisdiction and our land jurisdiction government, you have no assets yourselves, no guarantees, and no jobs.  You have no flags and no authority over anything at all. 

So instead of trying to undermine the efforts of these Americans, you all need to wake to hell up, too.  All "US citizens" need to get in line and back up their employers and do it right smart quick. 

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  1. 100% correct, I always hear people say "they or someone needs to do something about this or that" my answer is always the same why rely on someone else but again that is herd mentality working at its best most people have been programmed that way for some it just didn't take and they hate those of us.

  2. I have asked for a series of "How Too Instructions, from Anna several and/or Paul", several months ago. Not even a kind response! What good does all this info do, if we don't even know where in hell to start to reclaim our rights, property and names?

    1. Research, start researching affadavits in truth, yours, not someone else's, look up Maxim's of law, which generally come from the Bible. Research code/statutes which are not law. God's law is above man's law, remember that! CFR=code of federal regulations, irs manual, USC=United States Code, Cornell University Law web. Only you are in control of your life, do not fall victim to government privilege over your in/unalienable rights. Go-to Jordan Maxwell post/YouTube study words, he knows a lot about words and there meanings/duality of words,berth/birth and how that was changed when you were born. There's alot to look through, I myself am in the process of doing for myself so know one can claim over me. I'm just information along, not advice, I'm not a lawyer, just following Anna and what she believes as I do as well. You have to start somewhere. Also, Use the UCC= uniform commercial code, study these as well, each state has these as well as the actual government as they all fall in line. I've been on this journey for awhile now. Good luck in your efforts, make them count as it's all about you!

    2. I, too need specific, step by step. I am older, well-indoctrinated and have memory difficulties. The idea of going to court does not sit well, when I can make one mistake and undo tons of effort. Moreover, I cannot unhinge my husband who has to have licensing to do his job. If he isn't working, there is no food, no home. It is a trap and seen clearly, but we have started the process and meet resistance at every turn. Even the IRA investment wants document proof of filing information to honor our request and those details are not available. I can see the fence but cannot surmount it.

    3. Research, start researching affadavits in truth, yours, not someone else's, look up Maxim's of law, which generally come from the Bible. Research code/statutes which are not law. God's law is above man's law, remember that! CFR=code of federal regulations, irs manual, USC=United States Code, Cornell University Law web. Only you are in control of your life, do not fall victim to government privilege over your in/unalienable rights. Go-to Jordan Maxwell post/YouTube study words, he knows a lot about words and there meanings/duality of words,berth/birth and how that was changed when you were born. There's alot to look through, I myself am in the process of doing for myself so know one can claim over me. I'm just information along, not advice, I'm not a lawyer, just following Anna and what she believes as I do as well. You have to start somewhere. Also, Use the UCC= uniform commercial code, study these as well, each state has these as well as the actual government as they all fall in line. I've been on this journey for awhile now. Good luck in your efforts, make them count as it's all about you!

    4. Research, start researching affadavits in truth, yours, not someone else's, look up Maxim's of law, which generally come from the Bible. Research code/statutes which are not law. God's law is above man's law, remember that! CFR=code of federal regulations, irs manual, USC=United States Code, Cornell University Law web. Only you are in control of your life, do not fall victim to government privilege over your in/unalienable rights. Go-to Jordan Maxwell post/YouTube study words, he knows a lot about words and there meanings/duality of words,berth/birth and how that was changed when you were born. There's alot to look through, I myself am in the process of doing for myself so know one can claim over me. I'm just information along, not advice, I'm not a lawyer, just following Anna and what she believes as I do as well. You have to start somewhere. Also, Use the UCC= uniform commercial code, study these as well, each state has these as well as the actual government as they all fall in line. I've been on this journey for awhile now. Good luck in your efforts, make them count as it's all about you!

    5. Research, start researching affadavits in truth, yours, not someone else's, look up Maxim's of law, which generally come from the Bible. Research code/statutes which are not law. God's law is above man's law, remember that! CFR=code of federal regulations, irs manual, USC=United States Code, Cornell University Law web. Only you are in control of your life, do not fall victim to government privilege over your in/unalienable rights. Go-to Jordan Maxwell post/YouTube study words, he knows a lot about words and there meanings/duality of words,berth/birth and how that was changed when you were born. There's alot to look through, I myself am in the process of doing for myself so know one can claim over me. I'm just information along, not advice, I'm not a lawyer, just following Anna and what she believes as I do as well. You have to start somewhere. Also, Use the UCC= uniform commercial code, study these as well, each state has these as well as the actual government as they all fall in line. I've been on this journey for awhile now. Good luck in your efforts, make them count as it's all about you!

  3. As mentioned in above request, I would be happy to make a small donation to Anna for each step, in her blessed mission to save our beloved selves, children and country!

    I am a senior on limited income, but not looking for a free ride, just a helping hand, so I can leave something to my beloved wife and children!

    1. Start by reading all her articles, quite a few do give step by step instructions.

    2. There's tons of "How to do" and "WHY you do" information on her site Tom. I can't understand how you can miss it? There were a couple that Anna posted a week or so ago.

    3. Well, when you hear the words "I am a senior", realize that we have been drugged, abused, conditioned and maligned much longer. I have read her articles and the books and get CONFUSED, a state which means I forget things, get things out of order and cannot remember what certain things mean. Is this from meds, from age or poison in food? I don't know but it is what is.

    4. No sweets, sugar is to the brain as tobacco it to the lungs.that's from popes privite phisican.
      Not to mention sugar will compete at each cell gains vital vitamin "c".full complex "c" acts as a rooter-rooter.repairing micro tears in veins . Spinach is a cellular cleaner expecially the brain.

    5. Tracy, if you think its hard to keep track of at home, imagine how tongue tied you can become in court under pressure and facing a foreclosure or criminal charge..!! It is harder when your older, but its not that easy even if your younger. Everyone i know hates court..!! We spend a lot more time than people think just trying to avoid anything legal. Its nothing but a bottomless pit of time, money, and LIERS..!!

    6. Finally you realize that fighting every single thing, like a simple infraction is not worth all the frustration it brings. You can fight minor infractions just by taking pictures of where you were ticketed and build a case. Most of the time, the officer wont even show up and you win by default. Most officers don't want to bother with court on such trivial circumstances.

      That being said, freedom on land does not mean you can paint your house flouencent green, with purple doors and a yellow lawn. If you want to live like that, you can go live on the land way out in the hills where no one cares what you do. Living on the land doesn't give you the right to have 10 cats, 6 dogs and a horse in a residential neighborhood where no one else has those many animals. Like it or not, weather your an American on land, instead of a United States Citizen, you have to live with rules if we are to live in peace with one another. Capiche!!

  4. Judge Anna Von Reitz has my full support on this and will continue my support. However, I have more questions than answers before I can proceed with none to help me through. We need several dozen delegates appointed by Judge Anna Von Reitz to assist with technical detail so people who need assistance can finally un-herd themselves from the fraudulent corporate sharks. Thank you.

    1. Its not just you Peter. The paperwork isnt as straightforward as it would seem. The UCC-1 itself has to be filled out just right. There are boxes to check and special ways of filling them out, so not even one mistake can be made. What happens when you file all this paperwork and then go to court with all your documents to show the judge, and he spots one mistake(a small one) that he can just "deny" your request because you missed something he can take advantage of, without ever telling you why because of that incidious doctrine of "silent judicial notice"..! These forms are not a joke. Some smart ass attorney came up with them for a reason. They look easy, but thats the trap..!! But although we should never give up the good fight in our courts, i think our time and energy is better spent. "Press-ganging" our military into compliance and hound them to death that they are not fighting for us...they are fighting and owned by foreign principals who are completely focused on destroying our Nationalism..!! If we go, everybody goes and they will have won..!!

    2. You can say that again James. These forms have more fishhooks that a long-line.

  5. I would like to connect with others from Ohio. But how do I do that if I don't know who they are. I am a 66 year old nurse and I still have to work a full time job. I can't do this by myself. How can I find others in OHIO!?

    1. Gloria,

      I am on Ohio soil, if you need a point in the right direction, where can you be reached? I do not add to vice, willing to help out if needed.

    2. Is there a possibility of forming a list of people in each state who are willing and able to pursue this process?

    3. I am in Cincinnati.

  6. Brother Tom
    Step By Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One
    Step By Step -- Part Two -- The Gas
    How to Correct Your Political Status and Why
    Claim Your Name and Estate -- the EZ Way
    These may help you get started. I understand that sometimes it's a bit confusing but she has written it out for us several times, to help us. I think it's time for us to start helping our selves and our Country. If someone else thinks of more than this list maybe they'll respond too.

    Third Party Claim of Interest and Paramount Security Interest Holder Status

    1. Freeladyjo...yes, she has done an excellent job of not only exposing the fraud, but the history and people involved in the fraud...and thats the scary part.. Even if we dot every "i" and cross every "t" can you, judge Anna, or anyone else guarantee us they will be honorable and do the right thing. Thats the scary part...we are dealing with unbelievable egos, and liers with no conscience, whos whole mentality is "CORPORATE". In other words, the corp may not care if one or two people get through, but if they let you slide, then pretty soon everyone will be doing the same thing, and before you know it there will be chaos...thats the way they think..!! Some judges just see everyone as a criminal or just trying to con everyone that they are angels...Heres the reality...There are "NO GUARANTEES". Not in a system based on FRAUD!!

  7. There is plenty of organizations that
    Help ppl.but they just advise ,procure an authenticated. Birth certificate send it to fed and state secretary of state for authenticated , file that in your land recorders office . That's a big step forward . The rest is do all you can to don't be a u. S. Citizen
    Blacks law says u.s. citizen = corporate entity .

  8. Judge Anna, you simply dont understand the magnatude of our situation. Most Americans wouldnt know what you are taking about...they think we live in the best and freest country in the world. And that was no accident. Once Lincoln gave what was left of our gold and silver reserves to the Army and they wound up betraying us by cutting a deal with the Brittish, the trap was set.. Everyone around the world thinks and knows we still live in the best and freest country in the world...The rest of the world still has buildings 2000 years old.. We have the most modern infrastructure the world has ever seen, with the exception of Dubi. But thats only because we wanted their oil. Europe is old, the latin countries are all overly colorful and busy looking, and most of Africa is in the dark ages. On top of that, those other countries see us all the time on TV and when they see it and the opportunities here, plus govt benifits(free handouts) to live, who wouldnt want to live here. The Britts made sure they gave our military anything they wanted, so the Bank of London, and QE2 could rule the world using our example, and use them as pawns to "press-gang" the rest of the world into submission to globalism..!! It worked. People from all over the world are coming here for a better life because thats what they see on TV in their country. Hell, what other country would allow not only muslims to come over by the millions, but instead of assimilating, they demand their own "Sharia Law" and customs to be observed. They have taken over entire towns and cities. Not only do we have a ton of ignorant "dumbed down" Americans to deal with, we have nothing but immigrants who barely know their own history, let alone ours....and that was the point all along..!! They were on a mission to destroy "Nationalist Pride" everywhere, so they could institute their grand scheme of globalism..!! But you forget one thing. This is the first time in the history of man, that numbers dont matter if the people are determined to regain their original status. Because all it takes is one man in a B Stealth Bomber carrying multiple nuclear weapons and "poof" 100 million Americans dead. This has turned into a "military operation" that can be won if Trump is as smart as i think he is and can stay alive..!! Now the new remedy is "subragation"..!! He says all that paperwork isnt necessary if you just bring up "subragation". I was going to approach it from another angle. I was going to place a bond on a court case using the judges own name as the "subragee" and order him to settle and close the case completely, making him liable if the case continued..!! But how long do you think this door will be open.. To this judges, its more than just money. They realize this many people have to be controlled or there really would be chaos, because they have corrupted our religion and morals to the point that people will sell their "SOULS" just to be rich and famous..!! I repeat, this is a military mission...Why arent we forceing them to do this for us. We have their field manual and the law on our side if we can force them into congress to testify and bring charges against the Army and Navy, to show how they committed treason against the America people by stealing the very thing Lincoln created the "Leiber Code" for..!! We need a new stratagy...a radical one which places all the liability on the military to "recoup" not only our money, but our laws.. weapons are the best way to get remedy immediately, no matter how illigal it sounds..!! If we were having an argument about something and all of a sudden i pull a gun out...who won the arguement, even if i was wrong..?? Ponder on that before you go to sleep tonight, please..!!

    1. It is true that most Americans are still asleep. That's why it is socrucial and urgent that those who are awake get busy and correct their own public records and alert everyone else.

  9. Brother Tom, Peter Landy, Gloria Charlier, and James Pansini, I agree with you all. I have read virtually ALL of Anna"s posting, digging for answers - few and far between. Me and a friend spent ALL day in an excellent Law Library and had some assist from the people there -- but left with more questions than when we arrived. We drove 200+ miles for vertually no real answers re "Sessions Laws" in South Carolina, We have completed every form that Anna has presented but there are questions on every one that need answers before we can risk filing them. Why do I say "risk"? We both went to the "big house" (jail) following another guru (also a "Judge") wherein the same problem existed: NO answers to questions re forms, et al, and had to make assumptions as to "PROPER" actions on forms. We assumed, they won -- we simply lacked ALL the answers.

    I have pleaded on this chat for a written "How To Manual" AND a source where we could get answers. There has been no response to my knowledge. I have contributed to Anna and WILL continue. She has lots of knowledge, but I have the experience of being "HALF RIGHT", and it was not pleasant. I still have a "Felony" charge on record for what THEY called wrong, even though I know it was NOT wrong. I will continue to fight for my freedom as a living man, and will not surrender to being a slave. I seek answers, and will do so until my last breath.
    If anybody could show me the complete process with answers to questions, I could find others to join me. Nuff said. This post is not intended to be negative towards Anna. I feel she has a right do do whatever she deems best, and I will continue to support her.

    1. Hello tom, from my personal experience, and from others that share their experiences in this journey, we are all having to discover our self to teach our own self to master our own thoughts, feelings and actions. To be our own authors, on our own paperwork, standing on our own work. That is how we re -teach ourselves and learn as we go. Mistakes can/ will be made, but we learn from them and can always be corrected.
      Self governing IS 100‰ your own personal responsibility. Why would we ever want to take on the responsibility/liability of authoring documents for others ever again? This has been at the root cause of the system we are freeing ourselves from to begin with. Documents and forms created by others in government services/specialty services, that we trusted to serve our intended best interest and we "authorized" the forms/documents via our "autograph" as the now author of said document (created by third party) and used to deceive our own selves. YOU and only you authorized the documents/forms. We must ALL understand that we all participated in this huge betrayal by authorization as the "authors" of documents/forms created for us but NOT by Us.
      Its time to accept/acknowledge our own errors in our thoughts/feelings/actions in creating this beast system. NOW its time to be our own authority, individually to author/ create our own documents to correct our own ignorance of past authorization/participation. This is our personal responsibility to discover, understanding. To accept/acknowledge. To correct/claim. To govern your own thoughts/feelings/actions with new personal awareness of your own thoughts/feelings/actions to create what YOU desire Now. This is self governing, it starts with you and ends with you. You are the creator of your life, always have been. Now its time to take 100% responsibility for it and forgive yourself and others for past mistakes, and learn from them. Follow instructions, start trusting your self based on your thoughts/intentions and correct the records as YOU see fit. $o your best and start learning to have faith in you4 own thoughts/intentions. stinking programmed thinking has been indoctrinated into ALL our minds by design and on purpose. Recognize and become aware of all the thinking that doesn't serve you anymore and keeps you from positive, corrective action. Self examine and question all your own doubts, fears, and determine where they come from and if these are healthy or unhealthy to your thoughts/new awareness in moving forward. We all have to get right with ourselves first and foremost. We cannot change the world, if we're unable to change the thinking in ourselves that helped create it. It started with us individually and it can/will change, if we are willing to change. Enjoy the journey of self discovery, you are worth it!

    2. These thoughts were intended only for your consideration, nothing more, nothing less. Everyone's thoughts, beliefs, experiences are unique and personal. All are always changing, evolving based on new experiences and new awareness which create new perspectives for each of us, moment by moment. Take in all that resonates towards peace, prosperity in your own heads and minds to move forward in good faith with self confidence to be the best you, you were created to be. be mindful that everyone's journey is in different stages and progression. Many are prideful, angry, hostile, combative and are stuck in these thoughts/feelings which creates only victim mentality, with no personal responsibility which only creates more self pain, anguish to their own thoughts/beliefs. The sooner we recognise/observe these unhealthy thoughts/feelings beliefs we've created, the sooner we can choose to overcome, move past them and progress forward. Much love and peace be with All!

    3. From Anna:

      If you can't read what I have written and figure it out, forget it. You will never be free. Nobody gave us as much as two full sentences combined--- no explanation of anything, no help of any kind, yet we learned and we figured it all out and we test drove it all and handed it to you for free on a silver platter. And you are ungrateful enough to complain and not want to take responsibility for thinking things through on your own and making your own decisions.

    4. its sad and very unfortunate the total dependency, entitlement and complete lack of personal responsibility/accountability that has been allowed to take root and overtake so many living souls minds. The good news is they now can make a conscious choice to accept/acknowledge this indoctrination/conditioning and CHOOSE to make the mindful/heartfelt decisions to get back in balance within themselves to correct their thoughts/feelings to break through in peace, with much clearer perspectives and awareness to move forward and prosper. It has always been a personal freewill choice that has NEVER been taken away from any of us.

    5. Tom Doly and the rest of you, there has been a systamatic intent on behave of our court systems and intelligent agencies to routinely go through every single law library and remove critical books and information on anything people can use in court as a remedy, except the ones they want you to find.. And it has been going on for the last 50 years, which party explains why everyone has had a hard time finding remedy in court....Just about everything that created our republic is now mostly non exsistant...!! That is not an accident..!!

    6. may be right that people have a choice, but people are filled with too much "FEAR" to make the right choice..!! Think about that tonight before you go to bed..!! My father wasnt afraid of anyone, except govt agencies..!! And he had good reason too.

    7. Yes, I understand this emotion very well and how it has been used as the main weapon/tool to deceive and condition us by, imho. That has been intentional and on purpose, by clever design. Once we truly see and recognize these "fears" for what they truly are and how they've been used to manipulate our thoughts/feelings/beliefs to control our actions, the sooner we can accept/acknowledge and forgive ourselves for allowing this weapon/tool to deceive us into not only personal participation, but projecting these false weapons onto others to support and carry out the false belief narrative of FEAR. AKA False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Fear IS what keeps people in "line" and complacent. It breeds defeatist, angry attitudes, among many other negative behaviors. Keeps people stuck in the "victim" mentality and therefor a belief of no personal responsibility/accountability is required by these thoughts/feelings. Nothing Good has ever been created or resulted from these thoughts/feelings/beliefs. This IS what IS needing our attention/focus Within to overcome and find complete peace, faith to move forward responsibly, calmly, wisely, honestly for our personal and collective story of Victory to achieve. This is my perspective NOW after my journey/experiences through the "fire". I'm grateful for ALL the fearful experiences of the past, as I have learned so very much about myself. I'm even more grateful, confident with the internal knowledge/wisdom, strength, courage and pure faith that ALL is good, and everything happens for a reason. Being free of this "Fear" once and for all is True freedom and it feels amazing!!
      Much Love and Peace

  10. I am a legal immigrant "Citizen" what are the steps for us? We can't request a certified Birth Certificate (to start the process) because we were not born here. What are the steps (for us) to be come Nationals? We are willing to do whatever it takes to change our political status. Please advise.

    1. For one thing don't join the a u.s. citizen . Shoot for a state citizen status.swarm to defend your birth cirtificate.a trap.state citizen some how.

  11. Dear people, our two cents worth; everyone here is making very valid points; and, thinking remedy; now,most people will not be able to do the documents, so we must simplify the process; and, it all comes down to recognition; to say, sorry but you are not the lawful government, we the people movement are the lawful government and here is our referendum signatures to prove it;

    And, we the people movement then goes out with a Referendum; we only need to ask one question: "Is the current system of governance based on the will of we the people?" Yes No; then use the names to restore the republic, local self-governance, direct representation through referendums, people sovereignty and law of the land;

    That's it; simple; also, ask people to remove themselves from the voter's roll; it could take a year or three; when your movement has more names than on the voter's roll, you win; it's all about national and international recognition; this has been successfully applied in a few countries;

    Sadly, we Southern Africans are going to have to do it, yet again, after being sold down the river in 1994; find a template of our Referendum at

    In peace, from another brother-thomas :)

    1. facing a genocide and no solution from the ones in power. If all whites and loyal friends of other nations band we are strong.the innernet. Wes not anticipated by and bankers so they have to scramble to close it down we must build our own free web.

  12. A "ladder" with rungs that are 99 percent strong enough to bear your weight is not going to get you where you need to be -- and if you do make it safely up the first few rungs, your eventual fall will just be so much worse. Great work here on the part of Anna and others, but...! s
    I am also on Ohio ground, and long enough looking into our problems to understand much of this and know that a "sound ladder" is necessary. Too few people are even willing to entertain these ideas. I do know that people are the key and the mortgage and property tax "drains" are the chief reason that many lack time and energy to devote. That said, how many people do we need in Ohio? How many do we have? What of the many other problems that a brief comment is much to short to mention?

  13. Micheal E.Jones a real smart guy y. Tube search .says first the intellectuals fight then the civil war starts.trump is attacking the Jewish monopoly media. Replaced Janet Yellen, had marines as his chief of staff chairman of joint body coop except a zio. Control special prosacutor.muller and all his helper can it be any clearer.

    1. Also Briscoe the shi. Hot.nationalists attorney is starting a white A.C.L.U.that numbers hundreds.

  14. Anna has never before, in my recollection ever stated a sense of urgency (timeline) for getting our individual and collective business in order. She must have good reasons to believe our time to get it together is being challenged somehow. So with that being said and what I'm observing from the "problems" expressed by commentors a need for counseling in thoughts/perspectives and support is needed by many.
    I'd like to propose and offer to help people at a personal level, to offer support and encourage new thoughts/perspectives to help overcome and progress forward.
    My offer/ and experience in this counseling is from 10 years of going through every stage of the "greif" (thoughts/emotions) process we all experience to come through and reach the other side in this journey of self awareness. It IS a process and support is of great benefit.
    I will gladly offer counseling assistance (not legal advice) by appt. Only, By the hour for a reasonable Donation to Anna directly, to help her and team stay focused on their work on the grander scale for ALL our benefit.
    Anyone else that have already been through and have overcome in peace, prosperity can offer to lend assistance in this area as well, with your own terms aggreement to decide.
    This is an offer for personal counseling on thoughts, as I see this as a huge need at this time.
    I'm no expert. but I've been there, done enough to offer possibly a clearer perspective to help you in your personal journey of self discovery and ultimately freeing your own minds from the chains we all had previously created for ourselves. If this is of interest to anyone, email me at

  15. I'm reading a slew of comments about "the paperwork." How do I do this, how do I do that?

    Forget about the paperwork, for now. Feels much better, doesn't it?

    Now, for the hard stuff. There are some lies, myths and misinformation that you MUST get out of your heads. Let's start with I call the hierarchy. God created Man, Man created government, government created corporations and corporations created paperwork (and government too, but hey, it's a corporation, too, right?) What do you suppose would be God's reply if you demanded that he file a UCC-1 before YOU would recognize Him as the Creator?

    Ok, according to the hierarchy, we created government and it created corporations. Is the creation of our creation our responsibility? Of course it is. Suppose you created a robot to do household chores. The robot, feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of chores to done, creates another robot to handle the yard work. Because of a flaw in the software the yard robot goes wanky and starts to mow down the hedge along with the grass. Whose fault is that? It's the fault of the robot we created, but we are responsible for the actions of the yard bot because we created it's creator. So we inform the household bot that it must correct the software flaw or we will have no choice but to pull the plug on the yard bot because it's our yard and our hedges and, by God, we're not going to let 15 years of careful hedge grooming get wiped out by a bot.

    Let's move on. The household bot, for reasons of organization and to make its job easier begins to conjure up a bunch of rules for the household to follow. You become a "citizen" of the household in order to differentiate you from the neighbor. You must take off your shoes when entering the house. Put out that cigar, I have to clean up after that, says the bot. On and on it goes, because rules have no end and once started each proposed new rule sounds reasonable. After all, you want a clean house, right? Next thing you know, there are a gozillion rules and the bot is the boss. Sound familiar? The mountain of rules exists on the presumption that you want a well managed household. Well, you did, but not quite like this. The danged robot we created has eleventy seven little sub robots running around doing various chores and they are all under his command, its own little fiefdom. We've lost control. Or have we? We still control the power supply, so what's the problem? No power, no bots.

    What is the power supply? Our thoughts.

    Myth one: You are a US citizen (any kind of citizen). Remember, the bot created that term for his purposes. You are not a US citizen, most of you, anyway, so get that out of your head.

    Myth number two: government is above you. Is your robot your boss? get that one out of your head.

    Myth number three: you need to petition the government to establish your position-see above---God and UCC1. A simple statement of fact will do. I created you, now get those sub bots under control.

    Myth number four. Government can issue a title to a man and then treat him as its own property. Myth 4.1: Mother can transfer a title that doesn't, can't exist. Myth 4.2: government can make you responsible for the "actions' of a piece of paper it created and claim you agreed to an arrangement that you never even knew existed. So get that one out of your head.

    That's probably enough for now. Once you get a handle on these four (.1 and.2 ) You begin to see things a bit differently. You begin to notice the power cord running over to the wall. And you realize, by God, it's my bot, my power cord and my wall and my house and my yard. Why am I taking orders from my own creation? That nasty little maniacal, mechanical, metal munchkin? Then you can take control of the situation and get your house back.

    This when you get out the pen and paper and begin to issue YOUR orders for the maintenance of your household.

    1. many homes have you been in..?? Ive been in hundreds because im a carpet cleaner for 20 years. And take it from me, 90% of poeple not only need those bots, but depend on them completely...they dont care how clean it is if they have to do it. Its the bots or nothing....people are pathetically lazy. On top of that they ALL have cats and dogs that rule the house, not the owners. And trust me it shows and smells like it. Then they want us to clean it for "free" if we would do it..!! People dont want to pay honest people actually providing a true service, becduse they are paying extortionary prices for so called govt services that increase every year, but do they challange them ever in court for overcharging them...Never!! They would rather work over the easy target...the single person who is barely living himself , trying to get the lowest price to get his discussting carpet cleaned that he just let all his cats and dogs ruin. Some of these people live in million dollar homes, with a mercedes benz in the driveway..!! But instead of complaining aboit ever increasing govt prices, they would rather argue with me for less money than they pay for their registration in Calif. WTF..The goal of most people is to do as little as possible to get by so they can be happy..!! And thats it. Most have never read a book or got an education. Even going to school is to much work for some of these people.. And this generation is so unhealthy and overweight, they are useless to the corp world by their 40's now...everyone is on ssi or their 40's..!!Like Abby said...dream on!!!

    2. James, Abby, what I wrote isn't for everyone, it's for those who have just started down the path of understanding. The people you refer to will never "get it" and will the first casualties when things get going.

  16. Myth or not the judge is a robot , status a u.s. citizen your toast.

  17. Another informational and timely article that may be worth your time and consideration. The Art of word magic and its connection to Freedom and Christmas:

  18. So we all know we have been robbed, lied to, hoodwinked, and victimized by a tyrannical 'justice' system. Many have come to believe if we can just straighten up these matter, all will be hunky dorey. But will it, really?

    Lets not turn a blind eye to the multitude of other nefarious things being orchestrated as we speak, and they are many. We have been invaded by many many foreigners, foreign troops hiding behind the scenes, plotting and planning for what they hope will be a final takeover and turning this country into a nightmare. Never before has our country been in such a precarious position as it is now.

    I know that we as a People cannot just do nothing. But at the same time we have to look at the big picture; it is far reaching almost beyond our scope. I guess we could call this world affairs. So there
    is that, on top of the 'legal issues' that Anna brings to the table, and to add to these things, I am dealing with untangling the messed up affairs of a deceased sibling. My cup runneth over.

  19. Its about time everyone realizes that no one is a "ROCK "onto themselves, nor is it fair... The courts for one thing have always been intimidating if your arent an attorney and familiar with that "forum"...!! And they all work together in there against us , instead of against each other..Maybe we can do all the paperwork ourselves but we still go into court "naked" so to speak, because no one ever comes with us for "moral support" and to witness anything the judge did wrong himself and witness to it. Ive noticed that if you go in dressed like an attorney and bring someone with you who is also clean cut and dressed nicely, that judges tend to take notice of and act differently...a little more cautious, since he could be anyone(an FBI agent, a cop that is friends with you, etc..!! One thing we should be doing, even though they say it is illigal, is to video tape the entire case so no one can lie later what happened, especially the judge....But How do you do this without them knowning about it...!! Well thank God this time for technology....enter the high tech world of spying..You can actually buy very good looking glasses that has a pinhole camera lens in the frame along with an audio pick up. You can later plug in your glasses to your laptop or other device and watch approximately 60 min. of video..!! At the very least, you can view it later to see if you made any mistakes in court, or better, catch the judge in a "lie" you can call him on later if push come to shove..!! I know what your thinking...that the tape cant be used because the judge wasnt informed that you would bevtaping him..Well i have the perfect counterattack to his accusation.. "Is this a court of "EQUITY" or not your honor.. Well did you inform me or anyone else that you were going to take "silent judicial notice" of this case when we started". What happened to EQUITY..!! No one dealing honestly would be bothered by someone taping them your honor, wouldnt you agree with that..

  20. Im just evening the playing field...or making it more EQUITALBLE..!! How is that illigal..?? Honestly guys we should all have these glasses. Most of them are just normal glass, but they can be ordered to have your perscription..and the best part is that they are incredibly cheap...anywhere from $30 to $100 for really slick looking lenses. Then we can share our experiances by posting it on Annas site and determine and critique what they did right and wrong..Its time to start gaining DATA on them for a change.. if we analyse enough of them, i guarantee you a "pattern" will emerge that we can diagnois and correct...we can make this fun and learn..!! We are going "deep court" to catch these guys..!! If no one is going to come with us, then at least we have evidence of the judges actions and determine the best way to use can buy these glasses on amazon and you will not believe the quality of the picture and audio..!! Its time for the gloves to come off..!! You can even judge your own actions watching it, to get clues how you handled yourself.. after viewing it you might see why the judge took his stance..This can potentially make you a very effective opponet after watching two or three of your videos...maybe you came off to timid. Or maybe you came off like a raving lunitic. Either way its a good learning tool...lets get smart guys. If you get the right glasses, it is immposible for anyone to notice them as spy glasses. Look into it.. We cannot let fellow patriots who use judge Annas paperwork just go to jail anymore. Whenever someone goes to court we have to know the outcome , so we can help to get him out and learn what he did wrong.. just find one of us close enough to where he lives and text us about it so we can start digging..!! Its time to start not only protecting one another, but to learn what happened. And to let the courts know that patriots are going to start protecting one another. Once they know we will back each other up, they will have to take a stand back approach...!!

  21. c. In the international legal system, the term "jurisdiction"
    expresses a concept similar to the concept it expresses
    in municipal legal systems. When reference is
    made to the "jurisdiction" of a state in the international
    system, this means the state is entitled under international
    law to subject certain categories of persons, events, or
    places to its rules of law. It does not follow, however, that
    the rules of international law determining whether a state
    has jurisdiction over a particular person, event, or place
    are the same as those used in a State legal system in determining,
    for example, whether this court or that court has
    jurisdiction over a particular person, event, or place.
    d. Jurisdiction may also refer to the jurisdiction of the
    state as a whole and not of its constituent units or political
    subdivisions. The United States is a federation, while
    France, for example, is not. The question as to whether an
    alien is to be tried by a court of New York State or a U. S.
    Federal court or whether he is to be tried by a court in
    Paris or Marseilles does not create an international issue of
    jurisdiction. The jurisdictional question in the international
    system is whether the United States or France is entitled
    to try the alien.


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