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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Here is how the Swamp Works - They still want your guns.

Found here:

Here are the links he mentions:

HR 4477: S 2135: HR 38:


  1. I understand why Anna wanted everyone to see how the District of Criminals sneak their agenda into bills that, on the surface, appear to be in keeping with what Americans generally want; however, why would anyone, whose position is that of being an American state national, care, much less contact representatives of a government that is not ours? It appears that by merely contacting a senator or a representative, you are essentially admitting to being a US Citizen, are you not? It’s NOT THINKING and acting on emotions that only work against us.

    As far as the federal gun laws, who cares? They don’t apply unless you’re a US Citizen, just like the rest of the US corporate policies. I’m an American state national and I’ll own and carry any damn firearm I want! In fact, if I had the means, I’d like to own and F-16! Now, there’s a thought that would scare the bejesus out of the criminals in DC!

  2. To form a more perfect union, eliminate government as middleman in all that you do. Personal governance scales well, and is faster, cheaper, and smarter than BIG GOVERNMENT by others.


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