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Monday, December 4, 2017

Step By Step -- Part Two -- The Gas

By Anna Von Reitz

So you now know what the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is and how it functions and why you authenticate it.

What else do you need to reclaim your identity and your Holder-In-Due Course/Subrogee/Priority Creditor status?

You have to correct the omission your parents made and record your Common Law copyright to your own name. 

The Session Laws of every State --- federated or not --- contain language guaranteeing your right to establish a Common Law copyright to your Assumed Name. 

Please note:  I said "Session Laws"---- not "statutes". 

Also note that the correct description of your Upper and Lower case name, First Middle Last, as in: Michael John Doe, is properly known as a "Trade Name" or a "Given Name" and this style of name is known as a "bicameral" name. 

It is "assumed" in the sense that when you came into this world you didn't have a name and were given one, but there are other kinds of assumed names including pen names and noms de guerre and corporate names, too. 

The Session Laws include all these kinds of names under the blanket description "assumed names". 

The name your parents gave you, your given Trade Name, has to be reclaimed and copyrighted and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the state where you were born, together with all styles, orders, forms, punctuation, variations, abbreviations and other derivatives of your basic Trade Name. 

This is done by recording your claim and Certificate of Assumed Name in a land recording office or a postal district court or both.  Please note that a "recording" is different from a "registration". 

You record a deed because it references a land asset. People and their names are naturally land assets, too: for dust Thou art and to dust returneth-- and so of course are other actual, factual things such as rocks and trees and farm fields and houses and dogs and cats--- all land assets. 

Now, I have shared examples of CERTIFICATES OF ASSUMED NAMES on my website that people can observe and use as templates to create their own documents simply by replacing the names, dates, addresses, etc. with their own.

These examples cite the Session Laws of Alaska and Washington State simply because that is where they happened to be brought from. Other states have their own Session Laws regarding ASSUMED NAMES which guarantee your Common Law copyright, so if you live in Minnesota or Florida or some other State, by all means consider spending an afternoon at a law library or hiring a paralegal to dig through and find the "local" Session Law and cite that in addition to the Alaska and Washington State laws. 

That said, the Doctrine of Equal Protection mandates that a protection provided in one state must be provided in all states of the Union, and if you absolutely cannot find the right Session Law for your state, you may rely on the citations provided from Washington and Alaska.

Some land recording offices object and refuse to file any record that doesn't include the Session Law reference for their State; this is either guile or ignorance on the part of the Clerks who don't know the difference between Session Laws and Statutes--- but no matter.

You are not dependent on the Land Recording Offices to record your claims.

It's nice if you can get it on the Public Record that way, but not critical. 

You can use the Post Office to create a record of your claim by sending yourself a Registered Letter containing a wet-ink original copy of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME.  This is called a "Record Copy". When you receive the Registered Letter that you sent to yourself, you don't open it. You tuck it away in a file folder along with your own file copy of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME.

If there is ever a question or you are forced to go to court, you certify a black and white copy of the CERTIFICATE from your file as "true, correct, and complete" and sign off on this as the "Document Custodian".  Then take your unopened Registered Letter to court as proof. Wave it at the Judge.  If the judge has temerity enough to open your letter (which he won't) he has to certify the Record Copy on the record of the court upon your request and that seals the doom of any claim against your claim.

You can further back up your claim by placing a briefly stated Public Notice in the local newspaper(s).  Just a couple sentences will do, for example, "The Trade Name "William Henry Doe" has been returned and re-conveyed to its natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of New Hampshire effective March 2nd 1950; Doe, Wm. Henry, Fiduciary, in care of 4109 Fairfield Street, Oxford Massachusetts, 01540."

Wave the newspaper clippings showing the dates of publication at the judge, too. 

Please note that the examples of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME that are provided on my website include a permanent standing claim of the writ of Habeas Corpus, which allows you to come in and commandeer their courts if they address you improperly. 

With your Authenticated Birth Certificate and your recorded CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME firmly in hand, you are now ready to mow the grass. 

Or maybe I should liken it to saying the magic words:

"I claim the writ of Habeas Corpus allowing me to operate in this court while maintaining my true position and domicile on the land of these United States. I am the living Subrogee and Priority Creditor of the DEFENDANT. I claim all exemptions and bonds related to this case contract number and as an innocent Third Party controlling interest move the court to dismiss these allegations for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted."

This is a fancy way of saying that any money owed by the DEFENDANT is owed to you, not them, and that they don't have the jurisdiction to make any claims favoring themselves or to say jack-diddly-squat otherwise. 

This works in all cases regardless of what the case may be, so long as you have not murdered anyone (in which case the Prosecutor stands for the injured party) or actually injured a living man or woman or their property. 

This works on all cases brought against YOU including foreclosure cases, child custody cases, statutory crimes, traffic tickets, tax cases--- anything bogus that does not actually involve a living Injured Party who is willing to stand up in court and accuse you of actual injury to them or their private property--- and so long as you are not in fact a federal citizen.  

So there at last is your Administrative Process which frees you from the dread of these liars and flim-flam artists.  In fact, unless you are actually a federal citizen, I recommend that you just stay home and send the Judge and the Court Clerk a nice, polite Registered Letter in lieu of appearing physically at all. 

Just take black and white photocopies of your Authenticated BC, your CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME, the mailing receipts, mark everything "private and confidential", certify it all as "true, complete, and correct" as the Document Holder, and explain that you don't exist in their jurisdiction and don't acquiesce to their jurisdiction and object to having their court misaddress you. Note that you are the Holder in Due Course of your Trade Name and Estate and all Derivatives thereof---and request that they drop all charges and return the balance of any court bonds to you, the Subrogee and Priority Creditor of the DEFENDANT at the address shown above, sincerely......

So long as you provide a polite answer nobody can accuse you of being in contempt of court, and so long as you reply to a summons in proper character there is no basis for issuing a warrant. 

And if by any chance they ignore the facts and continue their prosecution, start thumping on the military authorities, especially the US Army, which is supposed to be riding herd on the Bar.  Instead, they have been letting the Bar ride herd on them.  They have entrusted this function to Provost Marshals who are all members of the Bar, so they have the foxes guarding the other foxes and the hen house at the same time--- a situation that has to stop. 

Start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs and demand that the Army get up off its complacent rump, read Title IV, then read Title XXXVII and realize the crimes that these disguised "Uniformed Officers" --- conscripted doctors-- are being forced to commit in hospitals throughout America and then finally read their own Field Manuals.  It's all there in black and white. 

We, the American states and people, are being subjected to vicious crimes--- press-ganging, identity theft, kidnapping, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, forced enslavement and conscription, mischaracterization of our nationality and political status, virulent fraud and racketeering, genocide on paper--- at the hands of people on our payroll, by attorneys operating outside their jurisdiction, and by banks operating as crime syndicates on our shores--- and the US Army and the Coast Guard which are both specifically tasked to protect us from all this are part of the problem.

They have let the "Rat Problem" get totally out of control and have failed to protect us and our actual borders. 

So, given this overall deplorable circumstance, please tell me what we are paying billions upon billions of dollars in "national security" expenses for?  It's like paying for a fur coat and being given a Do-It-Yourself paper raincoat instead.

But I digress.... you now know exactly what has been done and how you need to reply to it, and if the Bar members do anything but the right thing, you now know who to complain to. 

Time to mow the lawn, America, and do a damn good job.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you Anna!! Much Love, Gratitude and Peace be with everyone on this journey! We are ALL worthy and Victory IS ours to choose.

  2. U.S.citizen the vermin want us under Thair thumb or jurisdiction .
    Blacks law U.S. citizen : corporate entity .

  3. This is great should you find yourself on the docket. What I'd like to know is how do we take this one step further and regain control of the assets that were accrued in our name? Could we take these documents and send a notice of liability to Jaime Caruana or Christine Lagarde or Peurto Rico (not sure where the account is held)??? Is there a way to track the BC to and account number, find its value and demand receipt of the value?

  4. Not to be a 'knob'.......

    i'm look'in at Sessions Law, Statutes at Large, and Pamphlet law..... and it appears that Pamphlet law is Sessions Law.

    These g/d BAR Attorneys don't want anybody to figure out anything!!!

    If i am comprehending properly, the The Statutes at Large are or rather were the actual Acts of the General Assembly and put together chronologically.... starting back into 1680's-90's when Pennsylvania was a Province....

    And, i am aware of THEIR codification for THE PENNSYLVANIA CONSOLIDATED STATUTES after 1970 and these are by 'topic'... like the UNITED STATES CODE which one has to go back the I.S. Statutesat Large and the Revised Statutes for the actual Act of Congress in chronological order....

    So, i'll just figure out the difference b between Pamphlet law, Sessions Law and The Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes (Acts of The Pennsylvania General Assembly in chronological order)

    It's just confusing as hell!

    Thank you

    :robert: Carr
    Pennsylvania common wealth

    1. I am also in PA and have been trying to find this info for a while. I will certainly post here any pertinent law that I find.....

    2. Robert,

      It looks like you already understand.
      I'm not sure what the pamphlet laws are in your state, other than they issue pamphlets cobbled together for a specific purpose, like the Administrative Procedure Act handbook, which is a pamphlet that included laws from the APA, the government code etc.

      You can find the original legislative/Assembly Acts in chronological order of passing for the business year... all the actual legislative/Assembly Acts per the business year, through your State Legislative Archivist, In the states online data base.

      They were supposed to be at your states repository such as Humboldt state University as well. however these records have been some what purged.
      If you have trouble finding this data base ask/email your states Librarian or law Librarian. However these are not categorized in subject matter.

      The General laws are the books that the same chronological legislative assembly Acts in there original form, were published together as to related Acts subject matter. These were done in at least the 1930 as I have some of these volumes. These are not code, or code sections but the original acts.

      These original acts are very important as they defind the who or what the laws applications are to be applied to. The legislature/Assembly knew who and what they had authority to regulate...these acts and their definitions prove that.

      You can order certified copies of these original laws from the legislative archivist to use as a offer of proof in a court action.

      Judges are required to take mandatory judicial notice of an act of the legislator...not code sections.

      To find an Act your interested in go to the current code section, go the end of that code section, where the references are listed, it will list the date, book and page number of passage of the original Act.
      Take that info to the States archivist website data base, find the year, click on it, go to the page.

      Remember the codes, state they are not law, they are representation of law but not law, and they are copyrighted. do you have permission to use copyrighted material? And most of the definitions and preambles are missing.

      If you want an eye opener go look at your states General laws of 1937 Highway Carriers Act...this act in Calif., in the preamble, states that, you are not required to have the license if you are hauling your own private property or, even hauling your neighbors produce to market FOR AS CASH CONSIDERATION is still consider private, no license, plates or registration Are required. Of course the plates, license and registration are different sections/ acts...

      Another very important act is your states General Revenue Act,
      this act created property tax for your state... for corporations! and corporations only!, the original Act even mentions this in the side notes!
      For California it called the 1857 as amended 1859 General Revenue Act.
      Its the flimflam corporate looking recorded/registered deed in all cap name missing the proper private Acceptance and Acknowledgement that either set up the property tax account or transferred the account to the new owner by "operation of law".
      There are two different forms of the paragraph A & A for deeds that designate whether its private or corporate,
      the foundation to property tax!

    3. Hi Robert, I just came upon all of this, I also live in PA and would appreciate any help you can give me, I want to do this process as well, Can you share info? my email is, Thank you.

  5. I looked in Ohio for Sessions Law and found nothing even close to what we are to look for. Then I looked at Assumed Names and it was also very far fetched, referring only to Business, doing business under an assumed name and then to getting a license to do business. From there it invites the state taxation dept to implore you to fill out papers and get a tax ID # and list your business with the State.
    After that, the TD will hound you to pay your state sales taxes, or explain it all to them, which they will never understand, or act like they don't. Would open a whole new can of worms, one after the other.

    I also saw some Rules for applying for Assumed Name; been awhile, but I believe it included what type of business. Had nothing even close to referencing just your Name.
    Anybody from Ohio find otherwise?

  6. Its occurred to me that since we only "discharge" our debts on this system and never "pay".....we all have a lot of open accounts...if we have any misdeameanors, or felonies with the court, or anything else , like family court and child support, we should be able to go back to court and "CLOSE" all these accounts permantently..!! I knew someone in jail years ago, Roger Elvic, the father of A4V, who taught one of his friends in there who was getting non stop letters from his ex wife about his child support payments.. Well Roger told him to write to the "Watchcommander" in charge of the jail and to the Secratary of State and tell them to "DRAW DOWN" on this account(since it was clearly open) and make the "child support" payments off this account.....well low and behold, about 3 weeks later he gets this very sincere letter from his ex, saying how appriatiated she was that checks started coming in regularly...!! Cant we take advantage of all these open accounts since they made tons of money for all the corp, especially the courts..?? And he didnt go through any of this. Roger said a long time ago that if you really know and understand your status , you dont need all the paperwork. You just have to know what they did, and who you are...!! The mind is what you have to convince..Still, that being said, he said the paperwork will give you a little more courage to step up and claim whats yours..Some of those old cases may still be activive and have a lot of money in them if they already didnt go to a judges "slush fund"..!!

  7. There are lots of clever People here on the Anna`s forum. Thank you All.


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