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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This Time of Year

By Anna Von Reitz

After Thanksgiving.  Before Christmas.  The world is in a rush, some of it happy, some of it grim.  At no other time of the year does the chasm between the haves and the have-nots become more glaringly apparent or the pain of it so sharp. 

This is as true for the members of The Living Law Firm as it is for everyone else.  

We now have almost 200 former judges, former Bar Attorneys, paralegals, financial auditors, volunteer CPAs, court administrators, and historical researchers working full time to save America --- and it is because of their work that we have been able to develop the knowledge base we have been able to share with all of you.  

It's because of them that we know the Civil War was an illegal commercial mercenary action.  It's because of them that we were able to track down the Lieber Code and its modern-day versions enshrined in The Hague Conventions. It's because of them that we have the complete details of the 1863 US bankruptcy, the 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc., the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., and the current bankruptcies, too. 

These experts have proven that the Territorial United States has been run under Martial Law for 150 years, that the US Army is the one responsible for supervising the Bar Associations (and failing to do so) and so much more that is absolutely crucial if we are to understand the world we are living in and the constant cognitive dissonance between Yankee Doodle and the Land of the Free and the ugly fascist surveillance state and threats from people on our payroll. 

It's also because of these legal eagles and historical researchers that we have been able to develop such a clear understanding of the fraud process that has been used to disinherit us, the meaning of the BIRTH CERTIFICATES and all the issues of genocide, enslavement, and institutionalized crime that are the festering results of the so-called American Civil War.

Thanks to these unsung and largely unknown heroes, you now know how to document and reclaim your names and estates--- and ultimately, regain control of the courts and the agencies and the banks.  

It's thanks to these volunteers and many, many more working thousands of unpaid hours that you now have a realistic and reliable ---and if I may say so, finally, a simple path forward and the means to claim the protections owed to you.  

You can begin to breathe again.  You no longer have to live in fear of federal tax collectors and attorneys coming after you with charges based on foreign statutory laws.  The worst of it has been exposed.  It is only a matter of time before it is undone entirely.  Good-bye to fraudulent mortgages and loan practices.  Farewell to bogus "titles" being held against your name and assets.  

Most of the members of The Living Law Firm are older folk like me, who, one way or another have enough to live on; but, we also have young men and women with families still at home to support, and a few folks who have just plain suffered misfortune this past year--- medical problems, accidents and injuries, floods, exploding water heaters, and all the other assortment of "nasty things that can happen to all of us".  

I know that everyone is struggling to a greater or lesser extent, but if you can, please help those who have struggled so long and so hard to help you----and who have shared the results of their labor and research for free.  

We have a basement to back-fill in Portland and a sump pump to install.  We have need of a large capacity home heating stove in the same area.  And fuel for it to buy.  We have a family of four living in a mobile home outside of Jackson Hole and tonight they are huddled together around a kerosene space heater without electricity or water. Emergency efforts are underway.  There is a retirement-age couple in the Midwest living in a cheap, rented hotel room, dependent on us and an $800 a month pension until better things happen for them. 

On top of everything else that I have to face and do, I have to try to help and take care of the people and families who make up The Living Law Firm. I have to try to meet these needs and implore your help to do it, too, because of what these people have already done.  

Many of the people who have made the most important discoveries are not well-off.  They aren't retired.  Many of the members of The Living Law Firm struggle to pay the rent, the phone bill, the fuel bill, the college loan bill---- all of it.  They are living as average people making extraordinary efforts and contributions to us all.  

While others have created secret society groups and charged thousands of dollars to share what they have learned, and still more have run scams and charged for cures that don't work and which get people into trouble---- The Living Law Firm has plodded forward and simply shared the fruits of all their labor for free with everyone and they have continued to advance toward their goal of delivering systemic, permanent relief to everyone.  

Think about how far we have come in a year, and where we now stand.  

Last year, we weren't fully aware of all the implications of what went on in the Civil War.  Last year, we didn't know the full extent of culpability and responsibility that the American military bears in all of this. Last year, we didn't have a clear, proven, simple paper process to reclaim your name and estate.  And day by day, more pieces of the puzzle are brought forward and clicked in place..... by people who have to struggle to keep the lights on, buy Christmas dinner, and feed their dog.  

So, we just ask among all the other needs and appeals that come at this time of year--- remember our guys out here in the field. I continue to act as Paymaster for everyone.  My Paypal is and my snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. And if there is anyone in Portland who has the equipment and who knows how to backfill a basement...... 

May all those who read this be blessed, may our long labor of love come to fruition as peace and freedom and plenty for everyone, may all the wonders of creation be alive in our hearts and may the peace of the True and Righteous Lord be with us. 

Love you all!  


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  1. I am pisssssssiiinnng my pants waiting for the RV so I can help----all--of you. It will probably be one of the best Christ Masses you will ever receive---period. Whatever my channel tells me to send---will be sent. I know it could not be in better hands. GOD BLESS to ALL of YOU. LOVE from PJ

    1. peter, not trying to be a downer here, but it is just very very unlikely to be any RV, and especially not for dinar. Zim is pretty much history.
      And might I add that 'channeling' is communicating with demonic spirits; and they never tell any truth, but they will be glad to tell you whatever you want to hear and lead you down a path to nowhere.

  2. All of the hard work and knowledge shared has been amazing and we are sooo grateful to ALL!! Anna, paul has a monthly subscription/contribution via PayPal to support the websites & traffic to websites. Would you consider doing same so those of us that wish to contribute monthly can set up contribution directly to your PayPal via automatic subscription vs manually having to visit PayPal to make the payment? This paypal option on would definitely increase the contributions and bring them in more consistently with that option. Much love to all!!

  3. This research is valuable I have look at many a history book and non except ustace. Mullins comes close and it's just a cursory look.the through deep digging is were the bodies lay.
    I am struggling to tell others how the great chess board works .judge dale in great America adventure and secrets.your not know knows how his role is played in court but doesn't connect the dots.

  4. Thanks Anna & the entire team!
    i'll send a dono...

  5. How true there are just millions upon millions of americans who are in need of something. The sad part is that there are the elitists who have far more than they will ever need, and their charitable giving never seems to alleviate any of the real pain of real people. Call the Gates Foundation and you will find that out.

    But even worse, is how the masses have been suckered into this false so-called 'christmas season' when in fact it has absolutely nothing to do with Christ (he was not even born in Dec.) and they do not give a crap about Christ anyhow. It is nothing more than a pagan 'holiday' which was begun by Rome.
    In the early days of america, it was illegal to celebrate such a thing called 'christmas' and people got arrested and jailed for doing so.
    So, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to feel ''left out' or to feel bad because they got no presents. Its not your birthday so why would you/we expect we should get presents, lol.

    Its high time to outlaw the silly santa clause mentality and fix water heaters, furnaces, buy winter gear that is needed and use common sense. Amen?

    1. I agree Abby...why should anyone have 70 to 100 billion ?? And having trillions , like the Rothchilds, is an absurdity...!! Nobody on earth needs or deservers to have that much money. You couldnt possibly spend that much in 3 lifetimes..There is no CEO, or any other high level corp employee that deservers that kind of money..In order to stop the GREED of these Corp, A LAW needs to be put in place restricting anyone from making more than $100 million. The rest goes to the employees working for that company, and after that it goes to improving the infrastructure and paying for the courts so they dont have to play games with the public when brought them..!! As soon as people have that kind of money, they all want to be a "KING".....A king of the WORLD!!! It winds up being a "virus" that becomes an epidemic that infects everyones morals all the way down to a janitor..!! And that leads to all the negative vibrations on earth.....selfishness, anger, hatred, jeolously,gross materialism, overindulgence, gloutony, false sense of superiority over their fellow man, and godlessness...Does anyone disagree that $100 million isnt enough to live on..???

    2. James, here we have all these various factions who want to rule the world, but the fact of the matter is, none of them are going to. It's worse than a virus; its more like a terminal disease which they are bringing upon themselves.

      And so they have played this game of hoarding and stealing the wealth, heaping it all on themselves, and gloating that they have been purposely creating misery for the masses. If that isn't'sick' then what else would you call it.

      And so they make everybody jump through the hoops trying to untangle themselves. Do we really think they won't come up with new hoops and loops to jump through?
      Oh, we have so many people that have 'God' come out of their mouth, but then go right on trying to play God; trying to defeat this Goliath; and give no credence to the role that the King of Kings has already told us, is going to rule the world. They just can't quite connect him to anything on this earth; they can't fathom that He will actually do that.
      But some of us 'know' that he does the foolish (what seems foolish to them) TO confound the so-called wise. (those that count themselves as wise).
      Some just cannot fathom that we are indeed at the end of time as we have known it; we have now reached the place where something has to give; evil has to be totally wiped off the earth once and for all, and that Time is coming right upon us. Believe it now....or believe it when ya see it, lol.
      He will Rule and it will be His way; man is totally incapable of ruling anything Rightly. If we really look, we can already see the Battle is warming up, and then Showtime will be in full force. The Book of Rev. is about to come into real play.
      It just is what it is.

  6. One way to raise money for those working with you Anna Von, is to offer a way we could get questions answered FOR SOME KIND OF FEE or donation, OR even a retainer type membership that would allow those of us that seriously want to complete the process PROPERLY could answer. For example: re the recent "step by step post, you said have the BC authenticated by the State..... BUT did not say whether the authentication was to be done by the Stae of your birth, OR the State you live on. I cannot move forward without an answer. There appears to be no way to get a question answered. I would give a regular donation of $25 to $50 per month just to have access to your team for answers. Right this minute< I would donate $100 to have an answer to Which State? Simple question. I think I know the answer to be "the Birth State", BUT the "step by step" was not clear. Maybe a FAQ area could be posted by you or paul S. Note: I have a friend that has become so frustrated with "no way" to get answers that he does not even read the post any more. I do not agree with him NOT reading but it causes him too much stress. Anyway, I wait to find out. Maybe on a a revised or improved "step by step, BUT in the meantime I am STUCK, and I seriously need to get this done NOW, before it is too late. Thanks for your "step bty step, albeit of little value for now!

    1. Tom, 1FreeMan already answered your question on one of the other ARticle Comments. Its the State you were born in, not where you may have moved to.

  7. Judge Anna, love your work..God Bless and keep you strong. This post reinforces what I have thought or a while, and that is that you are learning along with the rest of us and putting out the info as you receive it. I belonged to a group years ago who charged a fee to join, but they would send documents that could be filled in with your own personal info and sent to the correct place, that info was also provided. I believe this could solve all of these financial woes. I believe the information you have is correct, but creating the proper docs is difficult for the average person. Obviously you or others from the Living Law firm have created the proper docs for your own personal use along with where to send them to. I know that I would gladly pay a membership fee or a per doc fee to be able to just go online or receive an email that contains a word doc that has blank spaces and tells what info to fill in, and I believe most would feel the same way. That would take the guesswork out of the equation and also put an end to the endless questions that so many have every time you post info telling us what you have done and how to do it.
    Would anyone else out there be willing to pay for such a service, either a one-time membership or a per doc fee ?

    1. I was going to pay another site for the same thing.....FOURWINDS..."PRESENTMENTS..!! In fact, they recommenended it because those forms need to be mistakes and just viewing how they filled out the UCC-1 form, i would agree with them. They were having a problem to, until they finally grabbed a court case that explained why none of them were working.....they were all missing the "bond" or what judge Anna calls the "idemnity bond"(insurance bond). Without making someone "liable" no one has to fear repercusions..!! Its that last part that puts "teeth" into your "CLAIM"!! Un foretunately, when i gave it to someone else to follow up on he told me they dont answer anymore..Who knows. Maybe they caught up to them and forced them to close down... But you can see for yourself who they filled out the UCC-1 out...its at the end of the article with a red astrisks. Press on it and it comes up. You can see they dont even put there last name in there...heres the site again!!


    2. Thank you James. Yes I agree, the group I was with years ago had some excellent docs and they came in word format with explicit instructions on how to fill in blanks and where to send, but the filing them never seemed to make any difference. I did file a silver bond at courthouse from that group. The reasoning as that you were protected by the bond since they are (supposedly) unable to take silver from you for any judgements since silver is real money,and they can only deal in FRN's. But I agree about making someone else liable through the indemnity bond. These things have to be done properly and filed properly or else no one pays any attention to them. That is why I think it would serve everyone best for the living law firm to create these docs and give specific instructions on how to fill out and file in the proper order. That would be well worth paying for as opposed to everyone trying to figure out how to create their own docs and file them. I for one would rather pay to do it right than spend all the time just to find out all my effort had "no teeth" as you say, or were filed in the round file cabinet

    3. Exactly..!! Some of these thinks sound easy to do but they arent because if you check the wrong box or dont check it, could mean the difference between a win and a loss..When they(govt) wants you to fill out one of their forms they tell you exactly what you missed and have you correct it right there..ever been to the DMV..!! Also, it protects all of us in the long run, because if we are all doing our own paperwork differently, one or two may have done it properly while the rest of us havent and getting into more trouble, which then ruins it for everyone. And nots let forget that nothing in this system of fraud stays constant.. it may work today, until someone on "the hill" makes a law we arent aware of, that affects us again..we all need to be on the same page...exactly on the same page..!! Ive been to small claims court several times. The first couple i did my self years ago. But then came along Robert Sipiro who started "Legal Zoom" for small claim cases... Trust me, it was so worth it for $170 to have them professionally produce all the paperwork, in triplacate like its supposed to be, and mailing you the paperwork, telling you exactly what you need to do and how to find a "process server" so you get it right the first time...and i did!! They themselves took care of sending a copy to the court to start the process. Trust me when i say that when the paperwork comes from someone familiar with court proceedure, and formate, everyone at court treats you so much better because you are saving them time and energy..and they are very familiar with legal zooms paperwork. Its rubberstamped immediately.. Its always a win..!! However, i want to warn everyone that just because you have paperwork that can vindincate you in court, you have to accept the reality that at anytime you can wind up in jail without all your paperwork, and you had better learn how to deal with a judge whoes only reason for being there is to get jurisdiction....and he will if you havent learned how to handle a judge upon your first appearance.. In other words, there are things simply out of our control, where you will have to accept the fact that if a cop is determined to arrest you, dont be foolish and do something stupid.. you will never prove anything to a cop on the street. He is trained to take charge of the situation.. I cant tell you how pissed i was when a cop was trying to arrest me for something i didnt do.. But i had no choice. I had to be handcuffed and taken to booking, then to jail until i saw the judge, which a lot of times wasnt until monday, and i was arrested on a friday...they love doing that..!! But its not a fair fight with the cop on the street..! Just suck it up and go along with it because you'll only make it worse on yourself, or dead.!! And dont even think about running. I dont care how overweight these guys can look, they can chase you down in seconds.. I meet a nice looking asain girl, only 17, and in shape that said she ran from a cop one time because he was totally overweight. She found out rather quickly she couldnt outrun him. By the time she reached a gate she was going to climb, he was already on her.. that quick..!! DONT DO IT!! I know its no fun being arrested, but there are times you just have to go along with it. You real and only fight is in court after that.. and the officer that arrested you, all of a sudden becomes a shrinking violet in court..he acts completely different there. And if you know how to handle yourself there, he really wont bother you again.!! I just wish i knew how to "bond the case" back then so either the cop or the judge was "liabile" for damages to me up to that point.. And it should be instant upon dismissal of the case. That would force these cops to listen to you before they arrest you..!!

  8. <-- contact information for neko
    below should be $1000-$4000 for wherever. but someone in portland has to go pick it up.
    Neko, common law cat: We meet in a strange place, purr... Need anything?
    if there is some issue, parthenon can email me, they can write you/james belcher/whoever a check and void mine as "paid"
    you might want to call them first, ask for "doug parthenon" or "andy parthenon" a.k.a. "tight brutal speed metal pants andy" a.k.a. "PHP is my favorite programming language andy"
    step 1 for anyone in "portland" but you can donate wherever : print out neko, american common law cat (see below)

    step 2: politely telephone/knock on the door of, perhaps doing business hours, and say you are happy to pick up "uncashed pay check donations to james belcher, a.k.a. "jema", "knight of the old republic", authorized by neko, common law cat

    step 3: if they have questions, proceed to make hissing sounds.

    step 4: i already fired "state of oregon" and "state of utah" etc. "for cause" and they do not "represent" me in any capacity. noone has protested their termination or said a word.

    if they didn't already mail my checks to james belcher a.k.a. "jema, knight of the old republic" then they should still have them, they have been told NOT to give them to "state of oregon" unless that is the actual state.

    they have been told to read "state constitutions" "voter registration" and compare to "Federal citizen" black's law dictionary to see if "state of oregon" is the actual state or not.

    step 5: ...

    step 6: profit!!!


    if no printer/ink/wax for a proper common law seal, a fascimile (hand-drawn stick figure cat, with bag of items and boots on ground) should suffice. a sign pointing to a house/inn labelled "neko's" and outside of any "city" is purferred.

    if a "bank" needs my signature or something, you can find a way to do a "digital signature" somehow and email or if you have checks in your possession, give me a phone number to call. if they are "pay to name" only, there should be some way i can assign them to whoever, even without any "account" anywhere.

    key word "indestructible"

    CAT, n. A soft, indestructible automaton provided by nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle.

    "own nothing, control everything" -- jp morgan, a.k.a. monopoly man

    neko: "Be seeing you."

    "he'll even save your game"
    assuming i have to "verify" something, there should probably be some "verification" step to ensure "you" are who "you" claim to be

    if someone knows where i can get a custom wax "sealer" or "ring" i am all ears.

    a seal should suffice in place of "signature"
    Sealing a document was equivalent to the signature of the owner of the seal.
    I knocked again and heard a voice saying "Who is it?" I said "Eustace Mullins". The voice said "Who? Who sent you?" I said "Eustace Mullins...Ezra Pound sent me". The door flew open, as Ezra was the open sesame.
    In 1933 Time magazine called him "a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children."

    1. also: if anna meant "portland maine" or some non-oregon "portland" it will be a loooooooong walk.

      you best put on your common law "slyboots"

      also also, i am a few states away, and have no "accounts" anywhere that i know of. but i should be able to "assign" checks made out to me by some means.

      if james belcher, a.k.a "jema, knight of the old republic" has not received/cashed them, then "parthenon" should be able to tell you where the funds went (or not).

      basically, parthenon can email me if there are any problems. present the "state of neko" seal and they should be able to take it from there.

    2. if there is any problem, use of the phrase "cat piss and porcupines!" (ezra pound) is the purferred term to lawfully indicate non-consent of any situation.

      i am unaware of any official stamp, but it should be good for all legal documents.

    3. Can you please explain what you just said in English and in complete sentences, without shorthand icons..You may have given some good advice, but what good is it if we cant understand it. Just give it to us straight. In a simple sentence, please tell me what you are offering, if thats what your doing..!! Thank you..!! And I know im not the only one thinking this way..!!

    4. James, all their stuff they post is like from some space alien. 'Nothing to see here'.

  9. James, what up with all the fires in your state?? How have you avoided that? Looks horrible. Is Hellywood getting the message yet?

  10. As having “full faith & credit”- all can discharge bills / statement of accounts/ invoices/ credit cards on private side by sending it to IRS and ordering them to discharge the debt attach BC - signed x , BC recipient number ######### have it certified, if problem record it
    now everyone can have a merry xmas :)


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