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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fire them all - Fire all the Deep State and Shadow Government operatives NOW!

Former CIA manager exposes the whole map of the unlawful operations and structure of the treasonous deep state criminal operations.

Found here:


  1. And this is the system you want us to fight judge Anna..!! It will actually take God himself to really change it. But right now, there is only one person that can make a difference right now toward reclaiming our original constititution and our true status, not to mention bringing down our "WALL", the judiciary, from blocking all our remedies..!! They dont have to work under any law. They have carte blance to do whatever they want without "liability" and cannot be charged with crimes by the court.

    1. James, well I keep trying to tell 'em, but they think I'm just being 'negative'. But I see all the multiple layers upon layers of intertwined entanglement that has been deliberately designed.
      And more recently they have put the frosting on the cake, by flooding us with minions who are making sure american is no longer recognizable. So just what it is that anyone hopes to ''get back'' I wonder.
      The truth is not pretty but it is what it is. Downright ugly.

  2. I agree with james and here is an added tidbit as to who are the responsible families that created the Vatican and that created all the disharmony on this planet taking the planet by force for these cabal families these perpetrators that have destroyed the fabric of life on this planet through their greed, need for control and total domination. This YouTube video in my humble opinion is an awesome history video that exposes all these dark evil families controlling this world including the the Americas that needs to collapse into ruins


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