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Friday, December 1, 2017

Big News for the World

By Anna Von Reitz

Big News for the World

[The irony is that the world banking community knows the news already; the only shock is that we know the news and have chosen to come forward and share it with everyone else.]

The American states and people own the debt of virtually every government at every level in the entire world--and we are aware of that fact and we are telling the world: hey, stop dealing with middlemen who are claiming to represent us.

No deal they can make "for" us is valid.

In commercial terms, the banks, lawyers, and politicians are not authorized to represent us in the settlement of any alleged bankruptcy, debt, credit, or other matter affecting our role and responsibility as the Paramount Security Interest Holders.

Instead of talking to bankers or politicians -- talk to the actual Postmasters who hold the bank charters and who are fiduciaries of the Creditors. Okay?

This is not rocket science.

For everyone's information, the actual government of this country is an unincorporated Body Politic. Our name is: The United States of America. We operate in sovereign (that is, unincorporated) capacity. We do business as people using simple Trade Names and as persons in charge of unincorporated businesses engaged in peaceful international trade. We are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and all franchises thereof.

Ditto the USA, Inc. and all successors, derivatives, franchises, holdings, and variations thereof.

Our Post Master and Hereditary Head of State is James Clinton Belcher. Our Post Office and Seat of Government is located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Great Seal of the United States of America and the lesser (delegated) Great Seal of the United States belong to us as sovereign property.

We exercise all international land jurisdiction and retain all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea which naturally belong to the Union of the States of America as an unincorporated Holding Company created by those same states. Our official language is American English. Our official law is American Common Law. Our law is Public Law exercised for private purposes. Our money is the United States Silver Dollar, aka, American Silver Dollar.

We hold the charter on all private banks, all state credit unions, and all international trade banks. 

We also ultimately subrogate and hold the charters of all federal commercial banks and credit unions under delegation. We have several accounts at the U.S. Treasury and we basically own the assets of the U.S. Treasury under delegation. 

We have established cured claims upon all assets of the various federal corporations and federated "states of states" and we have posted our Private Indemnity Bonds. The name of our National Banking Association is The American States and Nations Bank. We are open for business through all our state credit union facilities nationwide.

Please note that state credit unions are specifically in business to serve "natural persons" known as "people" and unincorporated businesses, and also note that all state (not federal) credit unions are lawful money institutions already and are enabled to accept precious metals deposits and asset-backed currencies.

Anyone having any questions is welcome to contact me for additional details, but it really is as easy as looking up "state credit unions" in the phone book, or, if a state credit union is not available in your area, get together with your neighbors and form one.

The government of the United States by contrast is Territorial in nature. The United States Postmaster General is RUSSELL-J:GOULD. In its delegated capacity, the Territorial United States also has its seat of government located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In its municipal capacity, the Territorial United States also holds a seat of government in Washington, DC.

The United States holds the delegated authority over commercial affairs. As a result, it holds the charters of all the commercial banks and federal credit unions. These institutions all deal with "persons"---incorporated entities and their franchises ---not actual living people.

The fiat currency -- the Federal Reserve Notes, for example, are all issued by the United States in the name of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which is a corporation created by the US NAVY --a municipal corporation and now, a UN Corporation, that has nothing to do with the unincorporated government of The United States of America. 

It is merely infringing on our international common law copyright of our business name and trademarks which have been in effect and in constant use since September 9,1776---a situation which is now under correction.

So it is now a matter of public record placed before at least 50 million people worldwide exactly who the Postmasters for The United States of America and The United States are and who exercises the rights and responsibilities.

See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. So if I want to receive mail, do I have it sent to Russell first, to go to me? How does this work?

  2. This is all very interesting. It looks good in theory, but how do we roll this out? Do we start with setting up Common Law Courts? Do we look in our dresser drawers for actual silver dollars? I hear that you and Ken were serving all county sheriffs in the country with documents to back this up. How does that tie together with what you have said here?

    1. Are you offering your services to help set up everything? Or one that feels entitled to know everything?(btw, you're not).

    2. confucious say: person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt person doing it.

      robert michael:

      at first, i was going to ask you for your credentials

      if you had any relation whatsoever to this project?

      what is with the attitude towards people who are merely asking questions and clearly want to assist?

      is there any proof anywhere that anyone delegated any power to you whatsoever to decide what they can and cannot know?

      however, i realize that as the self-appointed ultimate arbiter of what people can and cannot know, clearly i am out of my league, and you must be god.

      well, thank you for stopping by, you seem to have cleared that up for everyone.

      which do you prefer, "your highness" "my lord" "your honor" "your majesty"?

      you are clearly most high, most very very high.

      i thought you would never show, as always, but here you are!

    3. robert michael: since you seem to be into make-believe implied contracts and don't seem to care for "consent of the governed", and you will "reveal" things to us on your time...

      there is no need for any confusion, it is clear who you are.

      i believe ponies are attached to "your earth" which you left for us.

      part of the whole "you are god" thing...they are part of the land i believe, package deal.

      when you left us the earth, ponies are obviously included unless stated otherwise.

      let's see. i am looking for the exact term, but if you see "farm" bouviers law dictionary, that is a good starting point.

      i am leaning towards princess luna, but rarity and princess celes and twilight sparkle, they're all just SO adorable.

      i get the whole "revelation" thing, but how will we know which pony is right for us?

      i'd also like a "vote jackson" talking frog if you have any left, clearly part of the "your swamps" that you left us package deal.

      if you can make a few about if he says "vote jackson, down with biddle, peace with native americans" ?

      i also prefer my talking frog NOT dance like the WB one. this is a common law swampland frog, not a "yankee" frog on broadway. he can whistle dixie, but no dancing.

      next item of business: you are responsible for what you create. so, if you can do something about that satan fellow, that would be good too. seems to be running loose.

      thanks again, god!

      you know, i am starting to like this whole "implied contracts" thing. other people might object to you being god, but i rather enjoy it.

      now, do these magic little ponies you have created for us take special magic pony food? i guess you will provide for them? i just don't want to see sparkly pony vomit all over the farmland you give me.

      can we mix them with "normal" ponies or do the children come out "wrong" ?

      is this one of those things where you, creator of all, will breed them, and us mortals don't have to do anything?

    4. Wally, good point. It is just what I've been saying numerous times and in various ways, yet most don't seem to get it; that there is a disconnect between the information given and rolling it out. The roll out is what is being left out. And that is why we can only look at any of this as 'theory'.

      IF we have this new government, with a new seat of government, and a hereditary legitimate head of state.....then it is not up to the people to go out there and set up new legitimate courts; we can give assistance and cooperation in the matter, but they must be Established By the new government.

      Just like when the Social Security came into being, it was then Established by the government, set up by them, and they rolled it out for the People. The People were not simply told about it and then left to the People to roll it out.

      I don't know why so many cannot understand this. This is not rocket science.

  3. See my documentary: "Bring Back America"

    1. Wally Brown - We love it. Love who you are. Well done. Merry Christmas, abundance & peace to you & your family.

  4. How does this effect current IRS tax liens and USDC cases

  5. As usual, this again is like a mystery book with the last chapter left out. How about a Summary in plain words.

    1. This WAS a summary of the essential work that's been done to date, and a few key facts. Most of the "missing pieces" are already on the website. Start with the main site ( and supplement your reading of the numbered posts with the same posts on this (Paul Stramer's) site, where the comments are--but don't skip the introductory path of learning Anna details at the top of the page. (I recommend her newer book as well--"You know something is wrong when...") When digging deep into a particular topic or issue, use the search tool provided to find all the posts on that topic or issue, and go through them. Anna has also provided collections of the most important articles, like #s 177 and 639, to avoid having to randomly go through all 700+ posts for your answers.(I apologize if this is all old news to you, I'm posting this for all readers, especially those new to Anna's writings.) I'm sure there are details, pieces of the puzzle that are still missing. Anna has a lot of plates spinning at once, and is only one very human being.) As for fighting battles in "court," I recommend watching the videos (especially "Part 2") at Our "enemy," often perceived as an out-of-control and out-of-bounds "government," is actually a nested group of corporations, whose officers can be held financially liable for the damage they do. The video shows how this can be accomplished, in many cases, without even entering a court.

    2. Another needs the dumbed down version here...Are YOU volunteering too? Thanks for that!

    3. Jay, no, I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. First, I am not one bit confused, I know what is going on, and I know what Anna stated. The 'mystery' I am talking about is it is stated in the ''now'' tense, but the fact is there is no ''now'' about it. Where is the actual activity; why then is it that each individual is instructed to take on their own private battle?
      We HAVE all this authority, we ARE first creditors - - stated as though it IS. In theory it is; in fact, it is, but there is a huge disconnect between that and the actual implementation of it.
      For example, something we are all familiar with, when Social Security came about, it was implemented by the government, and when people met the requirements, they simply applied for it accordingly; they did not have to jump through hoops and battle to benefit from it.

      Conversely, for example, being first creditors, and 'we own it all'- - there should be a continuation as to how to benefit from it then. That is the disconnect I am talking about. That is the Summary I am referring to. Instead, that part was left dangling in mid air.

      If someone told you they left money for you to pay your rent, but didn't wrap it up by telling you where you could pick it up, then what good is it?

      Others have said the same thing I'm saying; none of us are ignoramus', nor are we in need of being educated, its a pointing out of this disconnect; the dots just need connected.

      We are told there are some Accounts/Trusts at the UST and that we basically own the UST. And that too, was left dangling in the air, with no detail of what benefit is that to us, the People who 'own' it. Like a story without a last chapter; like a car without an engine in it; like a house with no keys. That is the mystery I am talking about.

      So, in sum, why tell us we are first creditors and our Names have been used for financial gain and incorporated within many Trusts and that we are the benefactors, and then not tell us how to benefit from them.

      See, its just a very simple point.

  6. Hey Abby, here's a helpful tip for you: along with that Early Edition Blacks Law Dictionary that was highly recommended to you a few times yesterday, how about you invest in a American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster 1828. That may help you to understand the essence of the language being spoken. I could list so many helpful resources, but that I'm afraid would be a waste of my time and energy since you ARE NOT interested in learning anything new and only appear to be here to question, complain and demand to be spoon fed. You're a grown ass woman Abby, start taking some personal responsibility and make an effort to learn what it is YOU need to learn.

    1. Does that mean everyone has to take a chance at going to jail by the corp state just to get remedy...Just because we understand the fraud going on, doesnt mean anyone, especially in our corrupt courts, to listen to one word of it...and trust me, there are all kinds of very intelligent patriots in jail right now....How about you try fighting like the rest of us IN COURT..!! Quit avoiding it..! If you have the answer than step up and prove it.....IN COURT!!! The only place you will ever get a court "order" to make someone do something...the county recorders office is a joke..!!

    2. James, lol, some people are just way past living in reality. Instead, they love to see themselves in print, pretending to be something other than what they really are. They just can't understand they can't fool everybody. If they really took the actions they try to push on others, they wouldn't even be in here typing......unless they get the privilege of using a computer in the prison library.

    3. Here is an online copy of Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary:

    4. and here is an early Blacks Law online:
      The Law Dictionary (Blacks Law Online, 2nd Ed.)

    5. Well, if I'd read your reply, I would have just kept quiet. Very eloquently said, thank you for your...just being you! Much Love, Light and Peaceful Happiness Blessings...

    6. Yaay for Abby! Admitting your own problem is the first step to fixing your shattered self! You go gurl!

    7. Robert, I'm not the one with the problem, nor am I shattered in the least. Neither do I need fixing, or educated, or helped, or assisted. Nor do I need advice from people who don't read what is said, and go off into outer space, thank you very much.

  7. Also to truly understand Anna's work try visiting and assimilating her work by actually reading it at: "See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website here:

    1. She also has the dumbed down version, just not as complete, and she said So . She doesn't like shortcuts, and for very good reason.

  8. So, I am trying to find an affiliated State Credit Union and have made some calls from the list I have but they don't know anything about it and said that they do not take precious metals. Is there another way I can find out where an affiliated credit union is in Ohio

    1. STATE Credit Unions didn't help? Looking up in an actual old paper phone book? Idk what else might work. She just said that any STATE Credit Union will do. Been hearing that for years now. GL.

    2. I got on the internet and tried to discern the difference between the credit unions listed as State Credit Unions. There were a couple listed as State Employee Credit Unions, but that's a red flag...State Employee....

  9. If our money is in the ti ed up in the U S Treasury, why can't we get to it? I know this whole thing is bigger then just money, but people are hurting everywhere, and it looks like we have to jump thru hoops to convince everyone to make this work for us. I have to read Anna's post several times>How many have silver in their drawers? should it not work for everyone?

    1. Ingrid, you are correct; there's a lot of missing information here.Leaves more questions than answers. This is like the Twilight Zone.

    2. There were times when I felt as you do, Abby. See my post above. Solution: read what Anna has provided in a systematic way. Are there "silver bullets?" Maybe, but you have to learn how to load your gun, and where to shoot. I know this is easier said than done; try taking a break from Anna's material and watch the videos at They are truly inspirational.

  10. can anyone that knows, please write in parenthetical phrases (where I have put three empty sets of parentheses in the following excerpted paragraph) and repost it to clarify the meaning in context of the one or two words prior to those parentheses so that I can understand it correctly (i'm sorry but i could not find definitions anywhere online that i was sure fit the context):

    We also ultimately subrogate ( ) and hold the charters of all federal commercial banks and credit unions under delegation ( ). We have several accounts at the U.S. Treasury and we basically own the assets of the U.S. Treasury under delegation ( ).

    1. subrogate == substitute == delegate
      == == equal to

      very simply, everything is delegated from "we the people" outward.

      it is just a fancy way of saying "federal commercial banks" etc. only exist because "we the people" let them.

      think of a parent telling their kid

      "i created you, i can destroy you"
      "i'll turn this car around"

      that sort of thing :)

      "we the people" are the movie stars, they are merely our "agents". without our permission, they cannot "represent" us or do anything really. they may say we signed away such things, but declaration of independence is very clear (for everyone, not limited to "americans" or "citizens" or any people).

      now, they may argue such is not true, that they are independent of "we the people" and not organized under our auspices -- in which case, they literally should not even be here then. without our permission, why are they here?

      i believe has a pdf of:

      Penhallow v. Doane's Administrators, 3 US 54

      which is a good read, says as much. also that case notes that the original delegates were just who/however many people each colony wanted to send to "represent" them while they discussed the "federal constitution" "confederation" etc.

      there was no "federal" side yet mandating each colony gets X delegates, so each colony appointed who it wanted.

      if you see "maxim" bouviers law dictionary 1856 (or get a dead tree version/copy, is likely public domain is why has it) will see a delegate cannot appoint another.

      delegation to one person implies exclusion of anyone not named.

      andrew jackson was right re: nicholas biddle.

      point being, they cannot "redelegate" either, although they certainly have tried with all the "state of x" etc.

      besides "no new states inside other states" and besides only letting "federal citizens" vote/elect, besides unlawful conversion (see "conversion"), that is yet one more thing "state of x" violate.

  11. Anyone heard of the VK Durham trust? Apparently she placed bond one eight one (181) into trust for we the people, and was in 1995 considered by the Fed in Dallas, the primary credit holder of the United States of America. She apparently placed this bond in trust to safeguard the people against the fraudulent and predatory banking system. It's estimated value is way more than the national debt. While exercising the rights of the people, why not at the same time, make this information widely known. This trust was created and filed as a matter of public record in West Virginia, if my memory is correct. Anna are you aware of this bond? It was first in time and first in line, like a first mortgage, on a house. It and its accumulated interest were never paid on this sovereign debt and it makes the fraudulent predatory banking system indebted to the people instead of the other way around. When the books are opened the kingdom will be given over to Christ and his saints. Fear not little flock. It is the fathers good pleasure to give US the Kingdom. Thomas

    1. truthseeker8886 - just poked around on VK Durham to see whats there Thanks for the tip.

      The Story of the Durham Trust - › Forum › Non-Sports Forums › Non-Sports
      Jun 2, 2004 - MARCH 24th, 2004: IN OCTOBER OF 2002, the widow of a long-serving OSS/CIA officer, Colonel Russell Hermann ( originally a Coast Guard recruit ), approached the Federal Reserve Bank in Omaha and requested entry. She was questioned -- "who are you ?" Her answer was succinct: "I am V.K. Durham ...

      V. K. Durham | Prison Planet Intelligence Agency Wiki | FANDOM ...
      Vina Katherine Durham, also known as Vina Dumham, Vina Kathryn Durham, Dona Vina Durham, Catherine Herrmann, and watcher51445, tells the story of being the widow to Russel Hermann, a retired Colonel working for the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, the Coast Guard, and the Treasury Department who was ...
      V.K. Durham's last days - A tribute June 9, 2015 02:02 PM (UTC ...
      Video for VK Durham trust▶ 1:10:24
      Jun 9, 2015 - Uploaded by Clayton Douglas
      Tuesday June 9 VK Durham (Grandma) Dead! Her Last Days V.K ...

  12. Dear Anna; So what is the FORM or Protocol required to convert your Public Strawman Account into a Private "natural person" account in the State Credit Union? They do not respond to anything but FORMS and you must know what Form is required. Or must an all new account be established? I have done a Common Law Copyright to my Name but how is it applied to opening or converting to a "private natural person" account?

  13. Funny or perhaps not, when in the service for 23 years, I was ready to go on a moments notice, fly right over to some location or arrive there whatever way and put my lifes way in harm, maybe captured, tortured but thought it worthwhile and a duty so did not fear about it. Here though , thinking about courts, going to jail, and I see others fearing too I compare the two things, nor fear of going somewhere and putting my life itself on the line for my country, or maybe going to jail for a few days and it seems just not right. Why do people feel brave going elsewhere to fight for freedom and liberty ( or at least believe that is why they are doing it) and then at home cower in their own land to set right wrongs obvious to many? Do the courts actually torture people for claiming their rights?

    1. ego.

      going elsewhere "the other people" are the bad guys, or at least you are merely "doing your duty"

      at "home" ... it requires admitting "we the people" dropped the ball.

      abroad, there is less "investment" ... at "home" people have built little empires and fiefdoms for can blame bankers and crooked lawyers and politicians and real estate people, but the reality is many normal people went along with these scams, knowing full well, and said nothing, did nothing, or purposely lied and misled.

      or they justified it "i need this" "i have to have money for college" "my wife needs a big house" -- whatever the case may be. people will do anything for money.

      many people are invested in falsehoods. when they spend X years of their life investing in something, call it "gambler's hope" or a similar fallacy. 10 million people can't be wrong.

      this is mostly "genocide on paper"...a "cold war"...they capture people at "birth" and never say a is hard for many people to fight something they cannot see.

      many people don't "see" it. they don't know credit versus money, corporations versus government, civil law is all "foreign", etc. it sounds too far fetched.

      it would mean that literally everyone has lied to them their whole lives. without some other "faith" or "backbone" many people simply cannot function with "uncertainty" like that.

      combined with a worse-than-useless "education" system, a bought-and-owned "media" and "news"...many people just reject all this stuff out of hand, don't even bother to investigate on their own.

      as walter burien claims, all the "news" people received CAFRs for years, never said a word. they know which side their bread is buttered on.

      truth is always buried and has to be dug up. "noone gets paid to tell the truth"

    2. Air, it is not about fear, but a matter of good judgement. Do most people even weigh out the good and bad before investing in something; don't most people try to size up their chances of winning or losing their money first?
      Don't we also look at the cost of things before we buy them?
      Don't we first ponder who we want to choose for a spouse, before making that final judgement?
      So I don't think our topic should be treated any different, I'm sure you would agree.

      Aside from that, why do we treat ''fear'' as if it is the plague or a contagious disease and condemn people for; using it to chide and ridicule people?
      There is something called a 'healthy fear'. It is part of our natural makeup, given to us as a warning so we don't go and jump in front of a train, or into a fire, or off a cliff.
      It is what causes us to think before we act. It is called using the brains God gave us.
      But if people want to play big and bold and fearless by walking into court room to be rendered judgement from the devils in black demonic robes, then they are free to do so.
      I am not their keeper, nor is it any of my business if thats what they choose to do. Likewise, it is none of their business if one chooses not to play 'courtroom roulette''.

  14. Good foundation , the corruption of law being exposed like a house of cards .if commercial international banks recognize who is owners of America they will deal with us.but if the CIA/mossad/mi5.use Thair media to stifle turn over we will need the inner net to fight with.

    1. bubba, I think the solution is for the lying media to be brought to task, have their licenses removed, and taken over so the People can get the real truth of all matters, so they will quit being deceived. Perhaps Trump will get around to doing something like that.
      We already see some of the big name media scoundrels being exposed and I think it has only just begun.

  15. The employees at the Alabama State Credit Union are instructed to mark through my demand for lawful money stamp and require me to endorse before they will convert a check to usable federal notes. Any suggestions?

  16. Paul,
    The comments are out of control. They have been rendered virtually useless. More so, a waste of time to read.
    In my humble opinion, an Editor post is in order. With coaching by Anna (or member of her team) & recourse for those who feel their posts were deleted errantly, these comments could be returned as the resource for relevance they were intended to be.
    Please pass my suggestion along. The absurdity has passed ridiculous. Quite assuredly, there are a few that wish to obfuscate this valuable tool.
    All The Best, Wirkin

    1. Kelli Miller, you can not hide behind this name Wirkin. Who do you think you are fooling. You do not give the Orders around here; Nobody put you in charge. Why don't you just go live your own life and stop the insatiable need to be important to the whole world. Why dont you just try to refine yourself and make the improvements in your Self, so that you can be happy with who you are.
      You come in here and try to get everyone to think you are something special because you are so lacking in a true sense of self worth.
      And now you want Paul to stifle everybody and throw them out, just because they aren't pleasing YOU. Isn't it about time you grow up and just live and let live? Or are you going to stay in the muddle you have allowed yourself to sink into.

      You are so dissatisfied with your own life, and your self, that you come in here with your foul mouth always looking for somebody to trash and complain about, when in fact you are your own worst enemy. You are bitter, vindictive, facetious, hateful and opinionated. You would do yourself a big favor to work on those things and polish up your own character instead of trashing others.

  17. Hahaha Abby, you couldn't be more wrong about me being ""Wirkin" as you are about who actually attacks others and hides behind "unknown" masks. Lol silly wolf, it is only you and you alone that I have shown my light on. You have shown your intentions and your ONLY self serving interest for posting on this sight. You remind me of family members that show up at rich relatives funeral only there to collect an inheritance,lol lol,lol peace and much love to you abby😘

  18. However, I do agree with Wirkin, moderation at this point may be needed to keep the message and learning progressing forward. Government plants are a reality on this site. They are all programmed with the same agenda and script of scarcity, doubt and fear to keep the government slave system energeticly fed and funded.yes, I agree with wirkin, but its paul's site and I support and respect what he does on all our behalf

    1. Kelli, you are in desperate need of a mental evaluation.

  19. This is entertaining...

  20. Let freedom ring as long as no profanity is used .oh yah let's act communists and block all we disagree with.
    If only our bought media would let our truth out on Thai corporate channels.
    Net the latest censorship fight.
    We squeeze in on social media and in such mass we dominate twitter and y. Tube .so say we right wingers are the force behind the huge trump turn out.
    And I get to speak on radio /inner net
    Channel pratically.every day blessed to talk to my nationalist friends.teach them law,history,esoteric knowledge.
    They question my information and I site them.lost of bright ppl. Here educate the masses on twitter

  21. One of the things that has been overlooked, is that we have a majority of our population here in the u.s. that is on drugs, both legal and illegal. Of special significance are the anti depressants and anxiety drugs which tamper with the mind. Consequently we are dealing with many who are no longer of a sound mind and can no longer think straight. Some are in a stupor; others are illogical and unable to comprehend a sentence that has more than half a doz. words in it and have lost the capacity to analyze the 'big picture' of anything.
    Something else that has been totally left out of the equation is the facts given in the Book of Truth as foreseen by God. The majority of our population seems to think it is just a book of stories and lack the realization of it foretelling of where we are in the Time frame of our existence. Yet, it is all there in black and white for all to see. And so, accordingly, it states 'when you see all these things coming to pass, then look up for your redemption draws nigh'. That is an insight given to the saints of God; his true children. It does not include everyone, but is specific.
    Further, the masses fail to realize that nothing can be hidden or told in secret. An accounting is kept and so everyone will reap what they sow. This is why the Lord Jesus is called the God of Justice.

    In summary, we are now seeing all these things coming to pass, and according to His Word, there is no turning back now, to 'the way things were'. He further states that 'men will become worse and worse'.
    People can try to 'shoot the messenger' but it will not change the message.

  22. Let Love, abundance, kindness, joy, faith, trust, compassion, cooperation and harmony reign within everyone now and forever more!!! Much love to you especially Abby😘

  23. Can someone site "source" for anna's husband to be a "hereditary" "head of state"!!! REALLY!!!??? Another fable that has no "source" to prove claim!!! I'm a "hereditary" "king of the world" so everything stated here is meaningless!!! OBTW, my "tax rate" is 100% and all of you people can show your obedience by sending all you make to me!!! Claims are easy to make, as I just proved, but as usual, Truth is a victim here on this website. Until someone can show PROOF that James hold this title, then it falls in the fables of anna's twisted mind!!! And...I'm STILL "king of the world" until proven wrong!!!


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