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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Introduction to Bitcoin - Andreas Antonopoulos

Please give me your comments on this, and let's get a discussion going. I really am interested in your opinion.

Please  use the comments section below.

Found here:

How and why is Bitcoin secure?  How can Bitcoin and blockchain bypass central banking?

Found here:


  1. Just watched an interview of this gentleman yesterday...very interesting and I like that he is giving his time educating the world about corruption and blockchain technology rather than just trying to make a profit... he knows what he’s talking about.

  2. There was a program on KFI about that very subject yesterday. He is an expert on cryptocurrency.. He seems to think that they will allow all cryptocurrencies to compete until they settle on currency that will ultimately be in control of the BANKS again. But if cryptocurrency does indeed happen to be uncontrolable, then it can actually be in the hands of an "Artificial Inteligence" in order to keep it honest.

  3. i didn't watch the videos, as i prefer print. however, i have the basic idea and am familiar with such technologies.

    in brief: anything not 99% obscure i consider "owned" (i.e. taken over by the powers that be i.e. "satan").

    it is not pretensiousness or holier-than-thou attitude, it is truly i believe anything that reaches a certain size always gets taken over and becomes "mainstream" and gets used against whatever it's original aims where.

    so, if there is any "good" to bitcoin et. al. i basically hope it never grows beyond a certain size. not pretensiousness, but the intent is to keep out of satan's hands.

    i do hope it spreads to the "right" people.

    this is my true opinion, that basically anything beyond a certain size, "satan" always finds a way in.

  4. I think that if you watch these videos you might change your mind about what Bitcoin is nnnm765. I did.

  5. Control Of People
    Control Of Property
    Control Of Privacy

    Ya can't tax what you can't control.

  6. Hello Paul,
    G'day to You!

    The blockchain tech. is an amazing math creation, especially the decentralization, mining etc. As for just one of a thousand crypto coins and tokens Bitcoin is not perfect but it is certainly making a name in the world of financial exchanges. The thing I am most excited about is that there will only be 21 million Bitcoins. This beats the centralized unlimited criminal printing of USD and other paper fiats around the world. Right now $100 USD will buy .000001 of a whole Bitcoin, this is what most people outside the info circle don't realize. They think they can't afford to buy any Bitcoin because it is over 10 grand a coin. I like the fact that the more people invest in the coin the more valuable it becomes and it can't be inflated or deflated because there are only 21 million total coins ever! Keep in mind this rule does not hold true with other brands of coins and tokens. I remember when people were saying who would use that, it will never get past 10 bucks, it's a Ponzi etc. Well, I hope they bought some when it did get to 10 or 100 or a Grand! I am in favor of not holding much in cryptos on the web or on your computer, just use a cold storage hard wallet. like explained here: This way is like having your Bitcoin in your own safe that you can put in your pocket and it is virtually impossible to hack into. I believe that 2018 will be exciting for those getting into cryptos and the smart money people are saying it should get up to 40 Grand per coin sometime next year. All I can say is "You better get you some" then decide if you want more... It is better than Amazon stock that has made 10 times money in 7 years. Just ask Google for multi year graphs of hot internet companies then look at Bitcoin over the past 7 years. It was 7 cents in 2010 and lets say 10,000 now so that is 142,857 times money! Whew! What a ride and it is just getting started. Gold is still parked at 1,250 or so. Diversify, but everyone should have some Bitcoin... you can't afford not to! Great hedge against the USD. HAPPY HOLIDAYS HeartLightLove~PRK

    1. Which hardware wallet do you use, or which is the best one to get?

      I need to get one set up before the first Mint Builder payday next week.

      Thanks Thomas,


  7. Janet Yellan said that "bitcoin" has been around for a long time now, which means the banks were studying it way before us.. They obviously have thought for years now that a cryptocurrency was in their best interest..!! Right now it seems to be to our advantage and when the right time comes, they will institute "Artifical Intelligence" to control it...Quantum Computers that can hack through blockchain like butter and institute their own when the time is ready...isnt that what they did to the Dollar too....??? And just for everyones information, your bitcoins are not "insured" if you should lose them or they are stolen....and people have found a way to steal them...not directly from the blockchain, but from stealing peoples "cell phones"..!! All they need after that is a very commpassionate and understanding person at the centralized cell hub to get someone to believe they lost all their info and boom, they give them everything they need.....passwords, the "BITCOIN" info, SS , Driving license, date of birth, the address, etc...once they have that, you entire bitcoin stash can be wiped out in seconds, with no recourse to get it back...!! Wheres theres a will there will always be a way...!!

  8. KNOCK-KNOCK! Doom and gloom is not the solution.... think! Why would you trade bitcoin on your phone? I move what I need to a web wallet behind a VPN Proxy connection via my heavily fire walled desktop that is specifically used for bitcoin and nothing else. Bare bones rig $250 and it connects to the web, money is moved and it is disconnected and in or out Bitcoin is held in my hand in a cold storage hard wallet that is backed up 3 places and not on the web! You play fast and loose and you may be at risk but play it smart and with a brain it is much safer than a bank. Plus, most of my exchanges are done face to face. Once you learn your options then and only then would I turn up the volume. Play with $100 and move it around, see how it works learn the turf. Where I live there are street traders, give them cash they give you Bitcoin or the reverse Bam! Coin for cash and cash for coin or goods and services etc. Look at or learn how to trade like a ghost, it is a style choice once you realize your many options. I am also set up with 2 physical Gold and Silver vaults that will allow purchases and sales of metals via Bitcoin. I use a Private Contract Trust with a bank account that buys Gold then I have the Gold or Silver sold to Bitcoin right to my Hard Wallet. My Private natural man info or their BC legal fiction is never in the loop. This is NOT rocket science.... People fear what they don't know... so take time from playing with your phones etc. and learn how to retire wealthy. This is the best environment ever for that to be available right now! Learn how to keep your wealth off the network. Nothing shady about it.... it is called intelligent choices. I took the Red Pill decades ago, knowledge is power so take the info that is out there and build an Empire for you and your family. It is totally up to you. Procrastination is the language of the poor. Make hay while the sun shines my friends. This is better than hay, it is 24-7-365! And it is just getting started, so should you... Thanks Paul, for posting the videos, Andreas is a savvy guy, I pay attention to him and many others that live this tech. "There are No Problems...Only Solutions" Peace-Out~PRK


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