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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Anna in Wonderland

By Anna Von Reitz

Forget about sweet little Alice.  This is Grandma Anna reporting from Wonderland.

This morning I was awakened at 4 a.m. with a feeling of uneasiness.  Why?  Because the polarity we have lived with and in for so long is shifting, and yet, the old paradigm persists with great stubbornness and will not yield to any gentle remedy. 

I have given the world a gentle remedy, one that would not hurt anyone--- a simple bookkeeping adjustment that would bring everything back into balance, create a credit-based world economy, and provide for everything anyone on Earth needs to thrive and be happy. 

The only thing standing in the way are illusions of greed and power related to things that don't exist.  Delusions, in other words.  Falsehoods.  Lies.  But even the liars are deceived. 

In a way, among all the strange things I have observed, that is the strangest of all.  You would think that the liars could keep track of their own lies and therefore know the truth, but in fact, they are just as confused as everyone else. Maybe more so. 

Among the infinite number of truisms and adages my Mother faithfully drilled into me is this one: "It's hard to cheat an honest man."  -- and recent events force me to revisit that little proverb from a new perspective. 

It's hard to cheat an honest man because he flat-out isn't interested in any schemes of unjust enrichment, so his own virtue is his safeguard against being embroiled in any scams.

I have known and benefited from that fact first-hand, so that is no mystery to me, but I never paused before to take in the inverse of that little adage: it is easy to cheat a dishonest man---because they aren't thinking straight in the first place. 

And that is what has happened here and throughout the world.  A vast number of dishonest men have fallen victim to their own lies and delusions and willingness to cheat and oppress others. 

They've come to believe their own bull-crap, so they are utterly undone and confused when---guess what?  Their lies turn out to be lies---and nobody could be more disappointed about it than they are?

What I am seeing this morning rather defies and beggars description. 

Washington, DC, as a whole, is waking up to the fact that quadrillions of dollars have been embezzled out of our country by politicians and military officers and so-called "intelligence agencies". 

This is no news to me.  Is it news to you?  Should it be news to anyone in Washington, DC?  Anyone in Peking?  Anyone in Brussels?  After all, these other countries have been on the receiving end of the pipeline. 

They have been benefiting from all this fraud and the plunder being sent home to London and Rome and then dispersed to all the collaborators as part of the Hague Conventions.

I don't think anyone but the slumbering, trusting American people have any right to be surprised, and yet, the "Ant Hill" is swarming and the media black-out is like pitch and the diplomatic couriers are leaving smoking footprints in the snow from here to Belgravia this morning. 

In the midst of this madness, let me suggest an immediate Executive Order ending all mortgage foreclosures in this country?  That would be a logical response to the "discovery" of massive, automated, patented fraud that has been fully admitted on the public record by the perpetrators themselves---would it not? 

What's the point in throwing another six million American families out into the snow just before Christmas, when you know for a fact that the claims against them are all fraudulent? 

What's the point of protecting guilty banks and bankers and lawyers and public officials who have participated in the pillaging of fraudulently created public trusts? 

In the immortal words of Jay Rivera, "It is what it is."

Putting lipstick on the pig, pretending that it is in fact a chinchilla, doesn't change anything.

Stealing from your employers, attacking your own people--- that's just crazy, criminal nonsense. 

President Trump---start with a mortgage foreclosure moratorium. Failing to do so only increases the liability of everyone responsible, both commercially and morally. 

Step two -- call off the Bar Association attack dogs and shut down the District Courts for any activity other than the administration of actual federal business involving actual federal employees and actual federal dependents. Go after actual "federal citizens" all you like, but leave peace-loving Americans who have been conscripted under fraud, force, and duress alone. 

Step three -- return the Magistrate level courts to their proper venue and return the bulk of law enforcement officials to active duty as peacekeeping officers tasked with upholding the Public Law. 

And all the bankers worldwide?  Reconsider my January 6 Mandate.  There are worse things than being forced to do business in an honest way and giving back a portion of profits for good works as a B Corporation. 

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  1. YES!! The gnashing of their greedy teeth has been a beautiful sign indeed!! It appears the liars and deceivers are NOW getting their rude, karmic awakening!! My husband and I knew and had faith in "cheaters never prosper" when we were forced out of the home we built with our own hands, along with plenty of blood, sweat and tears. 16 years and never missed or ever late on a payment once. All fraud. leaving was a tough decision, but it turns out it was the best, right decision at the time. Finding yourself to be "homeless" is quite a humbling experience. Thank you Anna for ALL you do, everyday on all our behalf.


  2. Now we are starting to think the same finally....!!! Our judicial system has been corrupted and represents the real "WALL"(albiet an invisable one) that has been at the real cause of "no justice" for us..!! They represent a real and perswasive threat to our freedoms now for so many years now that everyone just accepcepted the present conditionss as "NORMAL".. And it wont be easy to ever return to our our oriniginal constitution. Espescially concentering that the fact that the military will never give up its untimate control buy the U.S MILTARY...!! We are talking about the most powerful military industrial complex on the face of the earth...!! Dont underestimate them. Im unsure there are many secret military weapons that will be remain secret until they are uncovered until the very end...!! Unfortuntunely, we believe that so many that the banks anyway that they run right overshot over the average American homeover that the courts have finally gave the banks and attorneys gave the courts gave the "deep state" everyone gave them an ultimate option...either they gave them the power to turn over the oversight themselves, or they will just shut the monitary system down completely..!! Honestly, I believe that we are actually in the last days. All its going to take is a fuse, like N Korea, to start it all. And we are getting close...!!

    1. Sorry for all the mistakes in spelling and grammer but i was tired and had a headache and should have waited..

    2. James, absolutely we are in the last days, and approaching the Finale. Most people just do not want to even consider this truth. All that is left on the calendar of this world, is for all those things that are done in secret, to be exposed openly. This should now be obvious to everyone, if they really look at reality.
      Now what the real problem at hand is, the Elites do not want the People to have any wealth, well being, or to allow us a land of plenty. They want slaves, and will never allow themselves to relinquish any of their power, no matter what they have to do to keep it.
      There are several factions that all think they are going to take control of the whole world, but let me tell you for a fact, none of them ever will. They all strive, manipulate, scheme, have their agendas, and one day in the near future, it will all come to nothing. It is all as plain as day to me.
      So, as soon as all the dirty deeds and all the schemers of them are all exposed, then that will be when the fire works will start pouring down from above. The depth of corruption is far too wide and deep to ever be repaired.
      The One who formed this ball of dirt is the One who will settle the entire matter. And now is the Time to simply make sure you are on the Right Side of that One. Otherwise, its gonna be the worst time one could even imagine.
      Anna, you have not toiled in vain; you were appointed to expose all the wickedness you have exposed, for all to see.
      You have turned over that huge boulder. You have given these greedy arrogant bastards their one final opportunity to do what is right, and it seems they blew it. Now they can not say they did not know. And they won't need to ask why the wrath of God is coming down upon them.
      Proverbs 1:24 Because I have called and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded:
      25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof
      26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;
      27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind, when distress and anguish cometh upon you
      28 Then shall they call upon Me,but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find Me
      29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord
      30 They would none of my counsel; they despised all my reproof
      31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices
      32 For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them
      33 But whoso(ever) harkeneth unto Me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

    3. Abby you speak, but do you truly hear and understand in your spirit what you say? Those of us that have been spiritually awakened innerstand clearly Anna's calling and discipling and have supported her and have been digging the trenches right beside her. Have YOU??? When would NOW be a good time for you to accept, acknowledge within You that this beast we have been facing/battling IS by design for us to face and do the internal/external work necessary to overcome? Its time the masses start digging those trenches to be prepared for the rain they've been praying for with divine faith, in complete peace. Its time to completely LET GO of all the carnal (EGO) mind programming of scarcity, doubt and fear that EVERYONE has been subjected to and indoctrinated with. Everything and Everyone IS coming back into balance and our positive thoughts and actions ARE coming into fruition. Its ALL Good, ALL the time!! Thank you

    4. Kelli, why are you addressing me? Are you so slow minded that you don't know when to shut the hell up and stop making such a fool of yourself?

    5. Aw there you are Wolf Abby! Well then You just answered my question, and quite predictably as well, which is unfortunate as I was hoping you were actually starting to wake up since you got some personal schooling by Anna yesterday. Oh well...MOVE OVER ABBY, the masses are RISING up and WE got this! Much Love and peace be with you today

  3. re: "What's the point of protecting guilty banks and bankers and lawyers and public officials who have participated in the pillaging of fraudulently created public trusts?"
    i am not accusing trump of anything, but...

    there is basically a revolving door unwritten/unspoken policy that "i don't hold you to your crimes when you leave office (although i might make lots of noise, campaign against all the bad things you did, etc.), the new guy doesn't hold me to mine when i leave office" ...

    call it a "gentleman's agreement" ...

    it less i don't trust trump, more of "what makes him the exception to the rule?"

  4. Another timely written and thought provoking message for those open to the possibilities presented:

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