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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Sides of a Coin - Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Reitz

Ancient Romans were fascinated by the two sides of a coin.  Here were two faces of the same thing....  Quite a concept, isn't it?  

The two faces of America are the jurisdictions of the land on one side and the jurisdiction of the sea on the other.  And to make it more complicated, part of the sea jurisdiction is under the control of the land jurisdiction-- thanks to the so-called reserved powers.

Since 1860 the portion of the sea jurisdiction of America that was entrusted to and operated by the British Monarchs has been operated in fraud.

By Maxim of Law, fraud taints and vitiates everything, even the most solemn contracts known as treaties. Fraud voids all contracts "ab initio"---- "from the beginning".

There is no statute of limitations that applies to fraud. 

It's like that scene in "The Raiders of the Lost Ark" where the Holy Spirit of God comes out of the Ark of the Covenant and destroys the evil Nazis, leaving Indiana Jones and his girlfriend at peace. 

This is the Truth about fraud, and it is universally acknowledged, yet nobody quite seems to know what to do about a fraud this monstrous, this big, impacting virtually everyone on Earth.

Let's begin by assuring everyone that there is still an American government and that that honest government is responsible for the land jurisdiction of this country.  The whole confusion and uproar is on the "other side of the coin"---- that portion of our government operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea that was entrusted to King George and his Successors. So let's examine the situation.

The British government kept control of our international commerce (which is business between incorporated entities), our trade policies, our military, our coinage, and provided all the other services that we associate with the nineteen enumerated powers delegated to the federal government which was always as foreign to us as the government of Scotland.

If you never bothered to read or think deeply about The Constitution for the united States of America, please do so now, paying special attention to Article I Section 8 Clause 17, Article IV, and Amendment X. 

The British were supposedly here to provide us with "essential government services", under contract and under condition of trust obligation.  In exchange for all those powers, George III agreed to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways and to protect Americans and American vessels in commerce. (We are considered to be vessels engaged in international trade, not commerce, and our consciousness is our cargo.)

To accomplish this feat of political and commercial compromises, a constitution--- a debt agreement--- was agreed to, but in 1819 the upstart Americans decided that the members of the British Bar Association were not to be trusted and they passed the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) in that year.  Ever since, members of the Bar have been precluded from serving in our land jurisdiction government in each state and county, but not the portion of the federal government provided by Britain. 

Say what?  By now, your head is spinning as you realize that there are members of the Bar sitting on every city council, every assembly, every school board, every state legislature and yes, in the Congress.  And they shouldn't be there, except for one thing.  They have incorporated the old county and state governments and redefined them as franchises of the parent federal corporations doing business as the USA, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. --- not the actual land jurisdiction government owed to you and to this country at all. 

So, what you think of as your government is not your government.  It's their government pretending to be your government.  According to them, we are a nation of 350 million public servants, all here to provide essential government services. 

There is the word that you need to keep your eye on: service. 

Military service....
Banking service.....
Postal service....
US Marshals service....
Legal service.....
And so on.....  

Absolutely every power this foreign entity exercises is a delegated power that they have been allowed to exercise under conditions of contract and trust, which they have violated and breached via semantic deceit, secrecy, and fraud.

So much for the "delegated powers"---- the federal corporations and the federal citizens responsible for providing the services and exercising the delegated powers have failed us, failed their duty, and participated in premeditated racketeering, abuse of bankruptcy protection, and fraudulent hypothecation of debt against us and against our assets. 

It was the obvious intent of these monsters to levy their own debts against us and our assets as presumed sureties, and to discharge their debts in bankruptcy---- leaving us and our children's children to pay for it. 

These are acts of crime executed against the American states and people by their own employees under conditions of fraud and breach of trust; but, remember these are all "delegated powers" and those who delegated these powers--- the American states and people, their heirs and assigns --- have their own ship of state which is reserved to them, their own language (American English), their own law (American Common Law) and their own republican form of government, and all the rest. 

Please keep it fixed in your mind that the "federal United States" which includes both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States are foreign with respect to us. 

They can have their own language(s) --- their so-called "Federal Code" --- and they can have their own "states" called "states of states" which are franchises of deceptively named parent corporations doing business as the USA, Inc. and the UNITED STATES and more recently, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  They can run their affairs as corporations, they can have their own offices, they can hire their own courts, they can promote political parties, they can hire the members of the Bar Associations and carry on however they wish, and as long as they are working for us, they can fly our flag under delegated power---- and none of it has anything to do with us, the actual Americans.  

Let that sink in. 

Your United States of America has never been bankrupt.  Theirs has. Repeatedly.

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  1. Most of America doesnt even know or get that, let alone other countries. Did the banks do this to any other country, besides ours....i mean is their two Greeces, two Great Brittains, two Spains, etc..After all they all have their own currency and ours for commerce me the entire world is dealing with this problem of mirror images...!!

  2. Indiana Jones is a fictional charter much like all Spielberg movies all venomous staged like shindlers.list taken from a fictional book and deliver ad as a documentary . Pure reality Jewish Russia under head of red army Leon trotsky.said of the holodomor, the mothers are not hungry till she eats her children.
    5o.million killed and Hitler was aware of the 100 divisons.on the border staged to invade operation bar barberosa.Finnish , Austria , Spanish ,hungarian, German beat them.the Rothschild puppets like church hill turned down 30 offers of peace and France invaded germany.the desperate zionest.RDF.and his Jewish secretary of treasury sent 5&10thousand.dollar plates plus ink and paper to Russia shipping out of air base in Montana Harry dexter white shipped it.according to fruit from a poisonous tree.
    In the words of general Patton we fought the (((wrong))) enemy.But I agree the British were imperialist however they were under control by Rothschild banks as was early America Rockefeller (crypto jew)was a clerk but with Rothschild money control standard oil, Harriman railroads funded by Rothschild bank nothing happens with out funding!.
    Yes we must make our nationalists comprehend the mechanism that has taken over our government . I talk to them via.inner net our top attorneys on air.

    1. bubba, you are right, all these so called ''successful people' were all given a big hand Up. If truth was known, they got handed large amounts to set up their overly lucrative businesses.
      I will never believe that gates started out in his garage, and just happened to grow into microsoft on his own. Today we can see he is 'paying back' for the favor he was handed; doing their bidding, serving their nefarious agenda, such scaling down the population growth and other ''good deeds''.
      Just like those that look like super smart guys who made a ton of money in the Market; who were actually given tips ahead of time. Now he is also doing his ''pay back' by stirring up the trouble ''they want'' in return. That is how it works.
      These guys are no smarter than many of the People are; they just 'play the game'and are in on the fix.

    2. Zuckerberg of facebook. Stold.his Co from two others.routers sabatoged.Spanish competent . Nothing happens to massive Goldman Sachs who sold toxic derivatives to Thair.own investers and slap on the hand should have sent them all to jail .and as a consequence Americans were bleed 22 trillion went out of country as bail outs a conto zionest. Bloomberg news.
      Oh trey Goudy.says can't procusicute.any body cause DOJ. Won't pick it up and yesterday berates attorney general for going after Clinton show bread and circus.
      But we defend our selves with pepper spray facing 60 years in jail. (Cantwell) the battle of charlettsville.VA.

    3. bubba, yes indeed. Zuckerberg is one of the most recent examples of ''unmerited success'' and made filthy rich overnight. And he has gone to work quickly to do his 'payback'
      for the huge favor handed to him on a silver platter at the peril of others, from whom it was all stolen.

  3. Ok in theory we are not bankrupt. But what really counts is Reality; in reality we the People are still under the demonic hands of Tyranny and living on tight little budgets. So words will only work for just so long and Time is up IMO. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the vatican city bank. What would we see happening there, other than steam under their thieving collars?

  4. There are many things I never knew!
    Thank you for the Clarification!
    It is amazing how few people know the truth. We have to start sharing the truth!
    Thank you Anna

    1. Ingrid, yeah, but knowledge is only good, if there are benefits and improvement in life, as a result. Like the 3 hard earned college degrees we have at our house, the world doesn't give a damn about any of them; if you aren't 'in their click' and play honest, they are worthless. So now, just give us the money we are owed and 'they' can all just go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
      Before you go thinking that is harsh, first consider all the 7 days per week study and striving to be at the top of your class and the best you can be and qualified, only to have the employment arena snub honest employees, favoring those with few morals who will be 'game players'.
      Now I await the day Anna shoves all their crooked student loans right where the sun never shines, lol.

  5. Anna, very eloquently put. THANKS. NOW, please tell us how we can collectively do something about it, with all of us doing the exactly right thing, filing the exact correct filings and having the guidance to enforce and defend our actions.... rather than going to jail as many, including yours truly.

    1. Tom, I am always for cutting to the chase, and have never liked the 'long way around'. I'm also maybe too much of an idealist.
      So since 'fraud voids all contracts from the beginning' and there is no statute of limitations on that......then we have all been simply defrauded in just about everything.
      I believe Anna has proven all these fraudulent matters all across the boards, then what else should there be ''to do''?

      As I've said before, none of this should be done on an individual bases, because, as you've said, its just way too easy to slam us into jail, individually.
      They all have to be taken down from the TOP. Like cut off the head of the snake and the rest of the creep will have to just die. That is the ONLY logical way to handle this.
      That's why what Anna is doing has to be effective; if she can't then what chance does any individual have. Otherwise, the deck is stacked against us.
      Five stones (filings) and a sling shot will not do the job these days.

  6. The real question is; What do we do about it?

    1. Ok Roger, for the last time, listen: Anna has to knock their heads off from the TOP to move them out of our way in mass. Dig?
      What do you think she has been saying all this time? What do you think she is so vigorously working on all this time?
      How long does it take you people to realize she is a Superior Justice and the Fiduciary Officer and therefore has authority to hand down Order to these jackasses?
      Maybe you all need to go back and read the many Orders she has issued ---then come back here and tell us you think you can top that; tell us all then that you think your little ole filing this and that will get any attention, if her butt-kicking Notifications and Orders don't do the trick.
      Have you forgotten already that these judicial whacks have been issued a deadline of January 1? Do you think you can file something more powerful than that? Do you think you can sue the BAR like she has?
      Right now we are waiting for that SHTF moment; then we'll know where we go from there. Know when to hold em' and when to fold em'. The jury is still out at this point in time and Anna has not run out of grenades yet, I'm sure, lol.

    2. Abby pardon me, but YOU may think "ANNA HAS TO" DO something before You or any one of us can do anything, but that is simply NOT true! That is only YOUR perception and belief. That IS your freewill choice. DO YOU get that? DO YOU "dig"? Abby I have observed by your own words that YOU possess a lot of worldly knowledge and you have no problems with sharing your world's wisdom upon most every poster that comments on Anna's work on this blog, however can you please share with all commenter's on this blog testimony on knowledge based on your own actual knowledge by experiences you've personally had by DOING anything to help provide solutions to the fraudulent system? What ricks have you taken? What has been gained or lost as a result? It is by doing what each and everyone of us is called to be and do individually, that WILL bring upon the change we all desire. Please start sharing your own personal experiences and the lessons you have learned by actually doing, to actually add value, credibility to this very worthy cause, and to each one of us that are interested in learning through personal all experience vs. Opinions and beliefs. Anything else is not supportive and causing more harm by projecting your fears, beliefs onto others vs. Allowing and accepting that we ALL have a purpose and it IS in these times we are learning the most, through trial and error what our purposes are. Thank you for your consideration

    3. BTW, Anna and teams work is to be understood and used by the american states and people in filling our land jurisdiction public offices and for our knowledge to stand in truth and fact in our own self governing. IT IS NOT, in my opinion just sitting in archives to collect dust and for no one to take action on! All that work is sitting there to learn from and use! We all have to stop waiting around for someone else to save you! Let go of all your own old baggage, ask yourself what YOU can do, and start doing it! Everyone has been blessed with special talents and gifts for a reason, when would NOW be a good time to start using them?

    4. Kelli, I can tell you one thing; I'm smart enough to know not to go sticking my own head in their nooses. And FYI my knowledge is far from being worldly, I have quite a different kind of wisdom which tells me not to be foolish; not something you are familiar with, apparently.
      So I don't go jumping into fires and think I won't get burnt. I also am mature enough not to live by trial and error, but I first try to analyze the whole picture.
      Neither do I come from the ''positive thinking' bunch and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to reality. It sometimes takes a strong stomach to face reality, because it is not going to sound pretty and tickle your ears.
      You ought to try reading some of the 'experiences' people in here have had by trying to fight the well established snobbish crooked system already set in place before you even walk into their snares; then lets hear you blow your horn of ignorance. Ask some of them what they thought after they came out of jail/prison just for their individual fights for what they knew was right.
      I've been following their stories for over a decade and I've yet to see even one that ever 'beat the system'. Have you ever heard of Erwin Schiff who was merely selling books on the truth about taxes? He was slammed into prison for a long sentence and died in there, never to be heard of again. And his books were banned, to boot.
      So you go right ahead and live by trial and error if you like. I don't run your life for you, nor do I try to run anyone else's. But while you are at it, learn to accept constructive criticism and to pause to ponder the big picture when you take time out from rushing me with judgement.
      Maybe, just maybe, you might find that my 'opinions and beliefs' are more well-founded than you are willing to accept
      since you think you already have all the answers.
      The truth of the matter is, the monsters we are fighting against are much bigger than perhaps you care to realize, because the biggest ones are quite hidden from view. If you've carefully read Anna's works and efforts, you would know this, but do not seem cognizant of them. Instead you choose to block out those negatives, and choose only to 'think positive' even though you have little to base that on.
      We are now at the 50 yard line, and I do not pretend my team is going to win the game......yet.

    5. Abby you know nothing about me or my personal journey of experience through doing within this fraudulent system, so please stop assuming you know me or anyone else that posts a "comment" directed toward Anna and her work, and then proceed to tell them what they should do, not do, or how to think. Period. Have you been appointed ruler of thought and speech of ALL commenters for this blog? I have seen no real support of Anna's work by you, or add any positive value in any of your responses to other commentors. Just my perception and opinion mind you, but what ive witnessed is a woman that is condescending in her tone, righteous in her old world, fear based programming and beliefs. That uses intimadation and manipulation conditioning tactics to shame and blame people for having their own thoughts and opinions based on their own life experiences if they differ from yours. In short, a bully. Jst like this beast system and how it functions. Exactly the kind of mindset that we are wanting to change in this world, and you are not helping. You don't know my god given talents or gifts and you have no idea how I have been called to use them. Nor do you know the measure of faith, trust courage given to those that are hearing their calling. I have lost much but the knowledge and wisdom, clarity I've gained from actually doing in the past 10 years has blessed me beyond measure. My simple and only request to you is this: be mindful of who you're speaking to, and how you are speaking to them. The intention and purpose of a comment section is for people to leave comments to author of the blog, and to speak freely in a comment community. You have no clue what stage they are at emotionally, mentally or spiritually in this journey in of awareness and IT IS life altering/shattering, confusing and cold enough for most people. Its too bad you have such contempt for positive thinking. Because without positive thinking comes action which IS what brings results! So its a a wonderful blessing that we have Anna, myself and many, many others that are willing to think so positivity, be active and continue to get results! But you can keep choosing to stay stuck in your analysis of paralysis, stay comfortable with your waiting game and just keep Praying for god to deliver you from this evil that you KNOW exists, but that you are too smart to rebuke (refuse) and that your to scared to do anything about. Thats your choice. this beast system is fiction, so is all the fear that you continue to feed and spread with your unsolicited advice. Let that sink in. Your negative thoughts and no action is what feeds this fiction. If you can't say anything nice to a poster, or hey maybe lead them to Anna's site of all her work, than maybe don't say anything at all. Thats all I ask. Too many people are experiencing their darkest hours and I'm sure your words would be better served giving them hope vs being a trigger to just call it quits and give up on their life. IMO our words and how we choose to use them, consciously or unconciously are more powerful/important than they've probably ever been in our life right NOW. Please consider. I apologize to you or anyone that may read this and find what I'm saying as hurtful, that is not my intention. My only intention is to bring awareness to all this fear based communication.

    6. Hmmm, Kelly, I don't recall seeking out any guidance from you, nor do I see where I handed any to you in my post? Could it be you got your ego bruised? Are you really that self absorbed and self esteeming that you feel you are qualified to give ME such unsolicited frivolous advice?
      You need a time-out to reevaluate your over rated Self.

    7. you both deserve each other ,And you have the typical western opposed positions .not much lateral movement only left hemisphere linear non sense . I can be evil while being positive and fear based when loving ...both of you write a book together and Go big ,the ancient theatre is built for more then two ,you will see,,the lights are bright ..dont wear black underwear under white and so on ,do you now how to dance ,rock and roll ,start there ,I'll cover you both when you are out of commission providing us some real entertainment ..ya thats positive and yet sober and well ,I could fear to see you all on any stage ,enough said ...Peace ,war or what ever you choose Vs freedom you know free to be dumb,,, I live in a perfect world .omni present in all our cells ,all atoms,molecules ,everything ,care to share with us mice how Anna can overlook the god in vermin ? Rats ? those who do not know what they do ? why not take Ghandi"s path Anna ,proof is in Dat pudding !,crazy rabbit without Omni in her projections ,all of you Tasmanian devils ,these tricks are for kids I thought ...well no one seems to ever relay 15USC 1692(a) and how to get paid for any and all Violations ..What action can be found in the Pennsylvania lawful land records ,what cases have been hidden or who has looked ..oh well,I will continue to enjoy creating sustainability for malnourished kids and those most unfortunate that would take one US citizens life ,and swear its UTOPIA and are all so spoiled .. yet so miserable being happy ...Try Thailand and you will see how most of your are wicked and wouldn't be the last to know because you are so busy making comparisons with the Baddies ..Mirror mirror on the wall ,who is the fairest of them all..? There are millions of ways that I have seen prevail ,yet I dont feel like sharing untill all of you say you love each other and say hello and good bye for each and every entry of your ACT ,STORY ,PREROGATIVE did I have to search 700 articles ? please fetch and read for me ,just 1 case I am dyslexic and have pura's disease . I have many many wins yet no one will escrow a check for valuable services thats saves 5000%,because its immoral to predicate on so called victims ?..hahah well then suffer WITH your green backs and blame me when you are losing 100,000 s maybe even millions your sense of well being,aka life and stress ..Escrow Baby .STOP ANYTHING $10k.No haters or suspicions nibblers and or walk ins ... I have tested this with many angles and all who I have spoken for have ended up being self corrupted moralists or rebinders of some sort ...I just love this world and all those who bring such color ,let it just be green USD from here on out ...Why not lie to frame those who Steal houses ? futile moralist and total JUDGMENTAL TEMPORALIST'S

    8. antagonistic mirroring takes the best down to who they rally are ..My being free will cost any who WANT from MY Free Time of LIFE PRICELESS period .then Go save the world after Escrow..Liars ..Losers ..Idealist ..might as well be with the So called enemy ..or the keep looking in the mirror with lights out to cheat out those most needy...later ...

  7. We must wake up our best and brightest , the smarter ones are on line firing off ideas in tweets,posts on y tube .
    But setting up censorship crews
    To go as band ect,ect .
    However they can't stop everything nothing can stop an idea who's time has come.

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