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Monday, November 27, 2017

And We Do the Hokey-Pokey and We Turn It All Around....

By Anna von Reitz

I want to assure everyone that there is no such thing as "the" New Republic.  There are fifty old republics, thank you, very much, and they are in the process of rebuilding themselves.  And that is a very good thing.  

The actual government of this country is an unincorporated Body Politic.  It derives its sovereignty from our God-Given free will and our agreement to govern ourselves.  See The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence (original form known as "The Unanimous Declaration" is most informative) and The Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America and the Statehood Compacts for each state of the Union.  

Our government starts with the people at the top of the power structure and delegates "power" to townships, counties, states, and finally, bottom of the heap and only through the states, the federal government.  

Notice that?  The federal government is the least powerful level of government with respect to our power structure, so how did everything get flipped on its head?

When the states and counties were seduced by federal racketeering kickbacks euphemistically called "federal revenue sharing and block grants" to form federal corporation franchises named after them---which occurred all over this country circa 1965---they gave the Federales an excuse to make false claims against the people of this country and our assets. 

Instead of States obligated to serve us and our interests and uphold our Public Law, we were suddenly dealing with "States of States" like the "State of California" and masses of corporate franchise entities all claiming to have some authority or other over us, the living people and our public and private assets. 

Bear in mind that those making these agreements to launch "federated states"  had no granted authority enabling them to incorporate our government or commit us or our resources to the tender mercies of any State of State. 

As incorporated franchises of Federal Corporation parents, the States of State are part of a democracy, not any republic, and they are part of a power structure that is exactly opposite to our system.  

In our system, individual people are supreme and supremely important.  The rights and sanctity of each one of us is upheld by our government and so are our property rights.  

In their system, the individual has no rights and is subject to whatever the "majority" may dictate at any given time.  All property is communal in nature and used to hypothecate debt to service the government.  

In our system all power flows from the people down through all the levels of government until at the very bottom of the totem pole the states join together and delegate nineteen "powers" to the so-called federal government.  

In their system all power flows up to one dictatorial and all-powerful office of the "President" of the central corporations formed in the District of Columbia (though he is in fact subject to the shareholders).

 Everyone is considered an employee or dependent of these various "federal" and "federal state" corporations and everyone is considered a "citizen"---subject to the government and over 80,000,000 government statutes, codes, and regulations, instead of the government being subject to the people. That is their system. Not ours.  

In our system of government, nobody is a citizen until and unless they voluntarily step to the plate to serve the public interest of their state or county.  Every man and woman is free to live and grow and be and enjoy their private property, so long as they don't harm anyone else or harm anyone else's property.  Our public law is basically either The Ten Commandments (Old Testament) or The Golden Rule (New Testament) --- and it is up to us to choose which law we live by and state it in court. 

Beginning after the so-called Civil War the "federal government" which is actually a "government for-hire" here to provide specific governmental services under contract, organized itself as a corporation.  It did this mainly to avoid accountability for its acts and to secure bankruptcy protection for itself --- the same motivations that prompt other quasi-criminal enterprises to incorporate.  

So -- from that day to this -- all the "federal government" is, is another private corporation in the business of providing nineteen enumerated "delegated services". 

And like other for-profit corporations, it sub-contracts portions of its own contract out to still more privately owned and operated corporations--- the so-called "federal agencies": IRS, BATF, FEMA, FBI, CIA, etc., etc., etc.,

And you wonder why everything in this country is all screwed up?  Run amok? Why your government doesn't serve you, and instead, seems intent on stealing everything in sight and harassing you day and night?  

WAKE UP!  THEIR government is subject to your government, but you have to get on your hind legs, accept your responsibility to self-govern, and get organized to do it.  

That is why I have been thumping on everyone for months to talk to your friends and neighbors and hold public meetings and get help from the Michigan General Jural Assembly folks.  

Please think deeply about your future and the future of your country, because the two things go hand-in-hand.  If America goes down the drain, what happens to you and your family?  Time to get "highly motivated" and talk it up this Christmas season.  Stop thinking about getting involved and start acting upon your responsibility as an "elector"----not a "voter".  

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  1. Is there an Ohio General Jural Assembly or one under formation?

  2. It is hard to cooperate in a community that does not exhist. The take down of our neighborhood identity was no accident. It can be created but not restored. What comes will be new and unique to our time. It will likely require one ingredient. Integrity. That word is not heard too often.
    Making it part of ones life offers a payoff that can not be purchased. Peace of mind is the reward of simply doing the next right thing and that can not be bought at any price.
    When an honest man finds he is mistaken he either stops being mistaken or stops being honest.
    We will need to admit things even if we don't change. Personal participation is a prerequisite to successful self government.
    Now without teachers we need to learn how that works.

  3. Hi stjo1, I am in Ohio too. I would love to connect with others in this state as well. I would love to communicate if possible! Gloria

  4. Yes, anna has as much faith in that "Michigan General Jural Assembly" as my brother-in-law has as much faith in the FDA!!! He thinks only FDA "approved" drugs or supplements ought to be eaten daily like he does by the handful. It has been researched in the Freedom Series years ago that all it would take to turn a State into a constitutional function form is just ONE county. All it would take to turn this whole country into a constitutional function and form is just ONE State. And just what has this all powerful Michigan General Jural Assembly done that the MSM has breathlessly reported changed our "system"!!!??? NADA, Nothing, Mei-yu, Nyet...just ask David Manning who constituted a constitutional People's Grand Jury and court in Harlem to try Barry the Fairy and had like 15 indictments against him. Here is a summary of the trial. Tell me how it effected that illegal alien poser!!!
    We ALL know nothing was done about him and nothing was done about this Peoples' Jural Assembly!!! anna is barking up a bare tree as NOTHING is going to be done about anything that she writes about, and that includes that Michigan Jural Assembly that she is peddling!!! Sorry folks, peaceful means to solve our problems went out the window 150 years ago. Maybe the Russians or Chinese will pity the common people here and nuke us out of our misery as that is what it is going to take to get rid of the evil here. anna seems to be ignorant of Albert Pike and his "plan" and all his Masonite buddies that are helping to destroy this Christian country so we will worship their true god Lucifer. Don't believe me, READ his "plan" and his own statements in his book, the Scottish Rite Bible: Morals and Dogmas!!! And Paul, being a "good Catholic" tht he is, should know all about Mr. Pike but TRUE History is not this forum's strong point, only anna's fables get touted here. It isn't "knowledge" that we need, it is a force that is stronger than what is against us, and we don't have it and won't get it doing it anna's way. It will get more people in their prisons for free labor.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello "unknown" why you hiding behind that mask again??? Silly wolf, with your predictable rants and tantrums who do you think you're fooling??? LOL, you are just "too smart" for everyone aren't you?

    3. Jural assemblies is only the first step to local self-government; holding a referendum to give your government authority and not federal; form committees; give ta;ks; get volunteers; it will take door to door action; and, at the same time get militia volunteers; maxim - In a state the laws of war are to be especially upheld.
      However, the law of war is subject to the law of peace; as Gandhi said: "There is no way to peace; peace is the way." In peace

    4. unknown: while i have no love for obama nor "masons"...

      that "birther" site seems not to know that "law of nations" IS literally "common law" -- unwritten tradition, "local traditions" -- only later was it "codified"

      however, unlike common law, by definition, there are no "locals" or "natives" of "areas between nations"

      by definition, noone or even group of nations can ever write an official "law of nations" but only observe what nations do/did in practice, because "the area between nations" is not a "nation" and has no "locals" by definition.

      even every country in the presently world agreeing, means nothing, because countries that are long gone might disagree and have done things differently.

      they may be right about obama or not, but just seems they are trying to hang him.

      there is no official "law of nations" it essentially is "common law (traditions)" and also there are no "natives" of such a non-nation by definition.

      it is basically "common law between groups of people of different lands".

      unwritten tradition, and historically there were not "international courts" (although we have had our share of emperors).

      civil law is whatever the "pope" says it is, common law is whatever the "locals" say it is, but with "law of nations" there are no "locals".

      it truly is "whatever many nations say it is, at this time"

      that site may be right or not, but just seems way too much "BUT THIS IS THE LAW OF NATIONS" which never was anywise authoritative by definition.

      "law of nations" is not "natural law" because "between nations" and "inside a nation" are both man-made constructs.

      the "citizenship comes from parents" is "natural" but "natural law" also includes:
      That the majority shall prevail, is a rule posterior to the formation of government, and results from it. It is not a rule binding upon mankind in their natural state. There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed

      by nature.He is not bound by any institutions


      formed by his fellow-men without his consent.
      in other words, 'natural law' also literally means anyone can "declare independence" from such "natural born subject" definitions and decide it is their right to run for president.

      "natural law" and "written constitution" are opposites, it is silly to quote "natural law" for that.

      the "colonists" were "british subjects". so none of them would qualify as "natural born citizen"

      seems quite hypocritical that some people can throw it off, but not later generations?

      as others would point out, "we are all indigineous" and "native americans" were here too.

      i believe they wanted a "local" whose allegiance was not in question, so i can see the reason for such a restriction, but to say "BECAUSE THEY FOLLOWED THE LAW OF NATIONS AND NATURAL LAW" seems ridiculous.

      this was a "great experiment" of self-government. we "declared independence". "natural law" just means "noone has to follow your constitution either"

      one can say "law of nations" re: "citizenship" is not between nations, but within them, but your "citizenship" is only as good as other countries recognize it (or not).

      i agree in general, unsure about obama, but the reasons given are wanting, and it seems they trash common law without studying it. there are probably a million reasons to trash common law on various things, but "law of nations" is literally just more "common law" not less.

      good digging perhaps, but their research doesn't seem thorough.

  5. re: It has been researched in the Freedom Series years ago that all it would take to turn a State into a constitutional function form is just ONE county
    while that would be helpful, shouldn't matter.

    to "form a county" pre-assumes people are "sovereign" already -- otherwise, where do they get the authority to "form a county" from?

    if they just haven't got around to organizing counties and the actual state, that does not diminish their "sovereignty". to claim otherwise, would be Reductio ad absurdum. QED.

    people are sovereign until they delegate it away. (even then, a so-called "sovereign citizen" retains the right to be "private" again and no longer a "citizen", that is what the phrase actually means "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" has a "republic" example using that term)

    if people haven't formed counties yet, they are still sovereign, just haven't delegated away anything.

    Penhallow v. Doane's Administrators, 3 US 54 - Supreme Court 1795

    that the distinction between a state and the
    people of a state has in this respect no foundation, each expression in
    substance meaning the same thing;
    A distinction was taken at the bar
    between a state and the people of the state. It is a distinction I am not
    capable of comprehending. By a State forming a Republic (speaking of it as
    a moral person) I do not mean the Legislature of the State, the Executive of
    the State, or the Judiciary, but all the citizens which compose that State,
    and are, if I may so express myself, integral parts of it; all together forming
    a body politic. The great distinction between Monarchies and Republics (at
    least our Republics) in general is, that in the former the monarch is
    considered as the sovereign, and each individual of his nation as subject to
    him, though in some countries with many important special limitations: This,
    I say, is generally the case, for it has not been so universally. But in a
    Republic, all the citizens, as such, are equal, and no citizen can rightfully
    exercise any authority over another, but in virtue of a power constitutionally
    given by the whole community, and such authority when exercised, is in
    effect an act of the whole community which forms such body politic. In such
    governments, therefore, the sovereignty resides in the great body of the
    people, but it resides in them not as so many distinct individuals, but in their
    politic capacity only.

    1. also, some states have only ever been the "state of x" with "Federal citizens" running the show, from day one (or, previously were a "territory" -- keyword "terror" (look it up

      some states there never was any "statehood compact"

      to be "constitutional" would require writing an actual state constitution and getting actual natives or people claiming "Equal rights" to sign it, continental congress to approve, a state seal, etc.

      so that is another case a mere "county" while very helpful and perhaps a pre-requisite, still does not amount to a "state" . some of them have never even been actual "states".

      the best we can do is try to mimic an actual state in the interest of "comity".

      we can claim "equal standing" as actual states, but a "county" still does not amount to a "state constitution".

    2. to be clear, there may be other states in the same boat ...some states came so late, "state of x" ran by "federal citizens" is all there ever was.

      the "counties" are simply sub "districts" of the "state of x" in this scheme.

      hence, the "counties" are delineated in the "state of x" constitution, and are all also "Federal" by definition, since "federal citizens" are the only "electors" per the "state of x" constitution, which is all there ever was so far.

      so, organizing one of those "counties" is just another sub-franchise of "state of x".

      i don't think "unknown" intended to mislead, but people should be sure what type of "county" they deal with, a "federal county" ran by "us citizens" or an actual one

      (some "states" seemingly never had actual counties, went from territory to "federated state" with no actual state in between. "territory" is basically "federal" -- "territories and possessions").

      point being, some states an actual "county" is seemingly never done before, and a "state constitution" is needed to make things "constitutional".

      forming a "county" is very important, but some states don't even have a model except looking elsewhere.

      the "State of x" federal entity claims the entire territory as theirs. it is clearly bogus, but they will just say "your county goes against our state of x constitution".

      point being, organizing a "county" means little if the only "counties" there ever were, were territory (not a state) and "federal state of x" (not actual state).

      one needs to be very sure they understand why they are doing what they are doing, and that such is "equal footing", or the "federales" will be all too happy to accuse people of "overthrowing the county" etc.

    3. point being, some states seemingly dont even have actual county boundaries and seemingly never did -- all it ever was was "state of x" ran by "federal citizens" claiming the entire thing as their "territory"

      people will probably have better luck moving to a state that previously existed, instead of trying to organize a "county" that never was.

      while such states are important too, probably wiser to get the others going first, there is enough work as it is.

  6. wanted to note that even some "state of x" constitutions the only "electors" are the "federal citizens" (black's law dictionary) and that is all it has ever been -- "us citizens" or "citizens of the united states" etc.

    in my example, it was later changed to "voters" in later revision.

    point being, even "electors" one has to see who they really are, not just another "state of x" imposter (no new states inside other states).

    whether "electors" or "voters" see if it is just "federal citizens" (i.e. they really only represent themselves)

    i believe "last man standing rule" is probably a generalization for simplicity/brevity, but seems generally true.

    so long as one "native" or "naturalized state citizen" (and/or "national" if you prefer) is around, there is a prior "state" already present, no new states are supposed to be overlayed on top of them.

    the "state of x" might claim "we were here first, no new states inside our state" but of course that is not true. by definition, actual states (people) had to authorize any "feds" and "federal citizens". state citizens/nationals clearly precede any "feds". virginia and maryland had to cede portions to make "dc".

    1. nnnm, accordingly, when we nationals were born, we were already nationals. It was a few days or week later when our BC's were taken without our knowledge and stolen from us and turned into a slave owned by the Federal Gov. or others without our consent.
      We ALL know this is what happened. None of us were ever asked if we choose this 'status'. It was against our will and without any knowledge of it. Before this can hold any water at all, officially, is IF it was clearly stated to us making sure we understood any ramifications, being of a sound mind to be able to make such a decision.
      Whisking away a piece of paper (BC) and trying to claim that we became the property of the thieves, is ludicrous. Paper does not equal our living man, I don't care how one wants to make it otherwise. The only reason they did not take custody of our living being, is so we could 'be free'' to work and support the bastards !
      Its time to stop the nonsensical play on words, and get back to real common sense.
      Filing papers and doing all this tap dancing thru the tulips is nothing but insanity, and playing the game of the lunatics who dreamed up this fraudulent bulldung.
      If any of them are reading this site and comments, they must be having the laughs of their lives,watching people flustering about ''how to get out from under their FALSE clutches'' which they did just by getting us to put our Names on various pieces of papers or by them simply typing our Names in all CAPS?
      Now tell me just how does that give them ownership over us??
      Just because ''they'' decided it is so??

  7. Well thank God for Trump. Because he is indeed working behind the scenes, stealthly, with the military who just recently did indeed,use the military might to surround and close the agencies of the CIA anf FBI making over 2000 arrest for a planned coup against Trump..!! All his accomplishments are out of site of the MSM. Everything he is doing is intentionally non-transparent so they never know whats coming...!! I would rather have Trump in office as a king than have to deal with anymore "LIERS". After Trump we can try and form our govt again. !! But judge Anna, once we start giving govt anything, especially 19 numerated delagations of authority....who is going to overseee them from doing the exact same think as before....NO ONE..!! AS far as the people being at the top of govt that will never happen. Nor should it. You seem to think that everyone will get along as long as no one tresspasses or injures anyone else...but there you go again..!! I want a very specific and long list of possible ways on how injury can occur..!! Otherwise, people will think they can do or have anything they want, fu#k the injury to me can mean thousands of things, like

    1) No pets allowed unless all your neighbors agree.And i dont.!! Ive seen to many stupid people who care about their pet than their fellow man..!! When people learn to treat people like their pets, then they can have them. Otherwise, live in the wilderness..!!

    2) I want people who keep their homes clean and neat always. I do not want to live next to people who use their house as a pet sacturary....ill be considered damaged..

    3) Only the victim can determine damage to himself...not the law or the courts..!!

    4) Anyone using 911 to complain on his neighbor without at least showing a "good faith" attempt to solve the problem with equity and respect, instead of using the police dept as their own private "terrorist" agency is guilty of a felony.. and if the person cannot prove anything about the person they called on, he has to be arrested..!!

    5) No more "immunity" for prosecutors or judges..they all have to waive personal "libility" for all actions taken for a finding of guilt, regardless of facts during trial...if its found out later that the person was innocent, than the same sentence given to the victim, transfers to both the judge and exceptions..!!

    You get the idea..!! Injury does not have to be physical. It just has to bother their neighbor without respecting his rights to live in a quite neighborhood without a dog barking at midnight just because he hears you walking at night along the sidewalk..!!

    If these things arent taken seriously, we will wind up right back to a dictatorship immediately.. And rightfully so. You cant just do anything you want in very populated communities...!!!

    I suggest if your really that lonely, that you invest in an android, because they are right around the tech corner...!!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, James. Thank God for Trump! How in the world did we go from,
      "Put very simply, the international banking cartels owe Americans a tremendous amount of money and the return of interest on that money and other private assets including clear title to our land, businesses, homes, and other property. They don’t want to pay up. Instead, they hatched a plan to kill off their Creditors—- that’s us—-and profit themselves" and
      "These separate religious organizations originally came together to protest the ongoing practice of human slavery and human trafficking, which is a continuing violation of the 1926 Conventions Against Slavery. They have just now realized that the most pervasive form of human slavery has been practiced against us all by banks and the governmental services corporations these same banks have used as “doing business as” store fronts for their activities" and
      "Why should the victims of this criminality have to spend their time on Earth going through court processes and complex paperwork, learn legal jargon and pay fees and record documents to undo changes to their natural status that should never have occurred in the first place? Why should average Americans who have already been harmed by all this bear the additional burdens of correction?" and "criminal syndicates and crimes against humanity" to doing the Hokey Pokey?!?

    2. Iamtruth - You stated it perfectly, though I have been saying the same things numerous times; yet we get more stuff to do and are told it is up to us. IF the true government has always existed, and is in operation, then it is almost oxymoronic to turn around and tell us we have to do this, do that, to fight for it?
      If this true government was never abolished, and it actually supersedes this fake government fraud, then why not just take command and Order this fraudulent government to cease and desist and from now on it is to be only ''thus and thus'.
      Otherwise, this portrayed battle to retrieve what is lawful, will take decades upon decades, and even then likely make no progress.

    3. Its all because of the "WALL" in place already called our judicial system, of "traitorist" BAR judges that always side with the "deep state"... Instead of going through all this nonsence of correcting something we mever allowed in the first place, we need a class action suit against all BAR attorneys/judges that removes the doctrine of "silent judicial notice" leaving them exposed to tell the truth when asked by a defendant questions about the charges....Who is making a "claim" using charges with no injured party. Someone is trying to "claim jump" on my account..who is it..!! And so on..!! And if you are charged with anything, the first thing that should happen automatically is a mandatory "deposition" where the defendant can ask anything he wants in there. And we know what to ask to make them sweat...!! Somehow, someway, we need to remove that WALL(judges) blocking our remedys from happening, plus money damages for even making false accusations without proof of actual damage..!! Why cant we bring a "class action" suit against these "contract law courts and the judges adjudicating in Admiralty jurisdiction....what happened to "TRANSPARENCY" that everyone from both parties keep talking about..."PROVE IT"!!!!

  8. Let's Boycott Racist Illuminati Corporations

    1. BB I didn't read the Article you posted here, but I can say this, regardless: The problems of this world have nothing to do with race; it is simply ''the elitist tyrants against we the People''. We are all in the same boat. These tyrants hate ALL of us, alike.

  9. I will gladly help protect your God given rights for bitcoin.

  10. i believe anna will use the torah code just as has done with success that started with the smart meters; when the people fell asleep and allowed these corporations these powers we are then under a curse and YHWH will use our enemies to destroy us and by us i mean we DEBTORS its beautiful when you can see the results of being in the office of the creditor...

    1. To say that ''we fell asleep'' is putting the blame on the People and that is wrong. We NEVER fell asleep; we were deceived and lied to and made victims by our criminal governing ''officials''. We were taken advantage of. They ALL presented themselves to us as friendly and working in our favor. So lets set it straight: We did NOT fall asleep; we were Victimized.
      Neither did we ever allow them such powers to victimize us; they took powers and liberties over us, which we the People never 'gave' them.
      Furthermore, we need to stop the insinuation that we are ''waking up' if we have been dead. We got 'killed' and declared dead beings by these perpetrators/criminals. In fact, we have been discovering the gigantic FRAUD that we have been the VICTIMS of.
      To put the connotation upon us puts the blame on The People by saying WE fell asleep and WE need to wake up. It is saying that all of these problems are OUR fault, see?
      So lets stop with all that crap and lay the fault where it belongs.
      And BTW, Jesus has NEVER used my enemies to destroy ME. In fact, most of them met with an early retirement from the face of the earth !

    2. Good point. However, we at least uncovered the truth and wasted presious time doing it..!! Now that it is freely available to everyone with just a few key punches on their phone, and wont, proves that not only are those people asleep, then never awoke and never will..!! They cant get past their "brainwashing" in our public schools..!! Its amazing how peoples pride gets in the way of learning the "TRUTH"..!!

    3. James, they just can't handle reality, thats all. And its not a fun thing, they just wanna play with that stupid gizmos they hold in their hands all day long. They should get carpal tunnel, as a cure for that 'disease''.
      Have you noticed how Planners are providing them with entertainment on a constant basis; either a street festival, some big shindig downtown, some racket band, a marathon, a bikathon, this thon and that thon, a 'big game' going on, anything to keep their minds occupied with a lot of worthless nothing all the time? Indoors they are guaranteed to have some senseless sit-com or social media; real productive pass times for all, 24/7.

  11. Re unincorporated communities , self govt

    If people would wake up and fire govt and restore their unincorporated communities... no one would be paying taxes like newfoundlanders... and people would be enjoying life more

  12. Life coach...everyone forgets that there are legal taxes that we all pay for those things.. But everyone is stuck on only "income" taxes, which are legal if you are a part of ATF and working for govt in general. But their are at least 20 other taxes. Income taxes dont and never did pay for anything people think they only goes to pay for the interest on the debt and nothing else...!! Didnt anyone read the "GRACE REPORT" that president Reagan so gracefully gave to us....NO!!

  13. i reached out to Michigan Jural Assembly 3 times with contact info given by Anna...never received a reply. has anyone ever talked to these people???


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