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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Are You a Hue-Man? The Entrapment Game on a Global Scale

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last year or so I keep knocking into bright-eyed, bushy-tailed idealists preaching about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promoted by the United Nations. 

A "hue-man" by legal definition is not a man (or woman).  It is a "color of Man"- something that appears to be a man, but isn't actually. It is similar to "color of law"- a statute or other representation that appears to be a law, but isn't. 

Another definition of "human" is "monster"---- a thing, and again, not a man or woman. 

So, are you a "human"? 

Should "humans" have rights?  Arguably not, if they exist.  Why would you give rights to something that only appears to be a man, but which is in fact, a monster--- an animal or a thing only appearing to be a man?

Universal Declaration of Sasquatch Rights?

What does that have to do with the price of beans in China? 

Let me tell you---- it's all about what lawyers call "admissions", and it is the same filthy game that you have already seen before, when they used similar-names deceits to get your Mother to agree that you were a "US Citizen".  She admitted it, so it must be true, right?  Even if she was deceived, even if she was coerced, there is a record of accusation called an "information" signed by your own Mother standing against your good name that admitting you are a "US Citizen".

Oh, and also an unwanted bastard child born out of wedlock and cast upon the mercy of the State-of-Whatever corporation as a ward of the state. 

In fact, unless you are a federal employee or dependent or political-asylum seeker, there is no way that you are now nor ever were a "US Citizen", nor have you ever been a "citizen of the United States"---- but by getting your Mother (and you) to ignorantly sign paperwork agreeing that you are such a "citizen" the vermin have an excuse for treating you as one. 

And that's the whole point of the exercise--- to test you and see if you know who and what you are.  If you don't, you are prey. 

This is how they gain the evidence needed to "presume" against you in court.  This is how they allege that you are liable to pay federal income taxes, that you are obligated to follow all 80 million federal codes and statutes, that you are responsible for paying their public debts, that you are subject to their government, that you are "eligible" (and required) to pay into Social Security (which is their private pension plan) and so on.

If you admit to being a "US Citizen", you are one until you go through a very arduous learning and reclamation process to prove that you aren't in fact a "US Citizen" and don't desire any such foreign political status. 

So that's the Entrapment Game--- get you to ignorantly admit being something you aren't and then take full advantage of the admission. 

It's the same thing with admitting to being a "human". 

If you are not a man, they are justified in treating you as something subhuman, something that merely appears to be a man.  And the whole diatribe about "human rights" is just sop, a means of allegedly providing you with "benefits" that you are already owed anyway, that cost them nothing, in exchange for your admission that you aren't really a man or woman--- and are therefore inferior and subject to them. 

Another common gambit is to call you "Mister" or "Miss" or "Missus" or some other "title"---- titles are a British means to subject people to the rule of their government.  In fact, a "Mister" is either a Midshipman in the British Navy, or a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines, which is, interestingly enough also the definition of a "Withholding Agent". 

I once witnessed an absolutely brilliant defense against tax charges.  It was clear that the man had won his case.  As he was walking out the Judge called him, "Mr. Smith" (not really his name, but you get the point) and he didn't immediately object and he didn't just keep on walking.  The victim turned around and answered politely ----and zap!  Right back into the net, right back into the presumption that he was in fact a "Mister"--- a renegade Withholding Agent who failed to do his duty and didn't give the Queen and the Pope their cut. 

The judge then proceeded to ream him and sentence him on the spot to 3 years in jail and a huge fine---and the poor man had no idea what happened or why. 

Now you know and I know that he admitted to being a "Mister" which then gave the judge the needed prima facie evidence to convict him of tax fraud.

It's the same thing with the word "resident".  US Citizens--- real ones--- can't own land in the states, because they are foreigners merely "residing" here on a temporary basis while they conduct their business of providing "essential government services". 

If you admit to being a "resident" either by calling yourself one or by allowing one of them to apply that description to you, your claim to own your own property (as in a foreclosure case where this is a common ploy) flies right out the window.  Such verbal tricks are the stock and trade of these fraud artists and you must learn to be wary and recognize them and rebut them whenever and wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Any time anyone applies any kind of descriptive label to you--- balk. Object. Even if you are not sure that there is any agenda afoot, object and "demur" anyway. Give yourself the chance to look up the legal meanings of the words or force your opponent to define the meaning of the word for you. 

Anyway, a big thumbs down on "human rights" and a big thumbs up for the natural and unalienable rights of all natural men and woman worldwide.  

Next time someone starts blathering to you about human rights--- you know what to do. 

Look that glazed-over, starry-eyed individual in the eye and with as straight a face as you can manage, say, "Oh! How interesting!  Are you a monster, or just favorable to their cause?" 

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  1. I noticed that about hu-man a while back, you do not see hu-deer of hu-moose so why would there by hu-man? They have no right to what is our domain so must try to trick us or make it appear we wanted them to have it, consented to it and willing to give up our share or have it stolen not knowing it. In older American writings the word human only appears rarely and in the Declaration for the united States of America, ...when in the course of human events...that is referring to the deeds of monsters, nation destroyers and the oppressive criminal actions being taken brothers and sisters, men and woman an not humans, in the Colonies. Wasn't is Abe Lincoln that said "You can fool most of the people most of the time, part of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time" That should provide some pretty good clues about what he was up to.

  2. anna is off her meds again!!! As usual, when she goes off the political venue and gets into history/philosophy/whatever she states the most outlandish stinky shinola I have ever heard!!! Another 'parable of non-fact" that she pulls out of that demented brain of hers or maybe where the sun doesn't shine, as I just "googled" HUMAN and HERE is the definition and NOWHERE is there a reference to "hue-man/MONSTER" etc. etc. Where does this demented person get this false information!!!???

    of, relating to, or characteristic of people or human beings:
    "the human body"
    synonyms: anthropomorphic · anthropoid · humanoid · hominid
    of or characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially in being susceptible to weaknesses:
    "they are only human, and therefore mistakes do occur" · "the risk of human error"
    synonyms: mortal · flesh and blood · fallible · weak · frail · imperfect · vulnerable · susceptible · erring · error-prone · physical · bodily · fleshly
    of or characteristic of people's better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity:
    "the human side of politics is getting stronger"
    synonyms: compassionate · humane · kind · considerate · understanding · sympathetic · tolerant · approachable · accessible
    of or belonging to the genus Homo.
    humans (plural noun)
    a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.
    synonyms: person · human being · personage · mortal · member of the human race · man · woman · individual · soul · living soul · being · Homo sapiens · earthling

    late Middle English humaine, from Old French humain(e), from Latin humanus, from homo ‘man, human being.’ The present spelling became usual in the 18th cent.; compare with humane.
    WHERE in ANY of this "definition" is it stated that "human" MEANS-"Hue-man/MONSTER"!!!??? ANYONE, including anna could/SHOULD have looked up this definition FIRST before stating such stupid claims but...Truth is not peddled here, just anna's stinky shinola!!! Can SOMEBODY PLEASE get this woman a decent BRAIN or at least make sure she isn't capable of getting this garbage out to the Public as it is apparent that AirCravings is as deluded and under her bad fables as she is!!! STILL waiting for a "definition" of "human" to mean "Hue-man/MONSTER" from ANOTHER "source" than the insane asylum!!!!!!

    1. Hold it buddy,apparently your not familiar with the word play that goes on in court trash your antonyms and synonyms book pick up blacks book on law and definitions . Non withstanding in law is a definition peculiar to law

    2. You simply have looked at sources on the web that are not official, not legal dictionaries and not trustworthy. The earlier editions of Black's Law Dictionary are very explicit concerning the definition of human and I suggest that you remember that the adults in the room are discussing the use and misuse of legal definitions -- not the happy go-lucky "interpretations" of popular meanings of words. The word "person" in the popular vernacular has a very different meaning than the word "person" in a legal dictionary.

      And as one bright soul already pointed out there is no reason to change the word "man' to "human" except to CHANGE the meaning of "man". And no, you don't see the corollary change anywhere else do you? No "hu-cows" or "hu-mice" -- so if I am so "demented" why exactly is this the case?

      If you go into a court and try to speak in common terms you will get the common results-- a 98% conviction rate.

    3. Enter now the "unknown" mental case here to subvert anything Anna shares...

    4. Enter now the "unknown" mental case here to subvert anything Anna shares...

    5. To Be or Not To Be a Human Being? By Randy Lee in The Christian Jural Society News.

      From Ballentine's Law Dictionary, 1948 Edition. 'Human Being' is defined as follows: 'See monster' . From the same dictionary, 'monster' is defined: 'A human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal.' This is an unusual definition, but like all Law Dictionaries on this subject, a non-definition. It only states that a 'human being' is a higher animal. It is not found anywhere in Scripture that a Christian Man or Woman is an animal or part of the animal kingdom. This being the case, then what exactly is a 'human being.'

      Read more at:

    6. Anna "unknown" is known very well by most posters on this sight. She/he may be fooling some, but only a few. I have to laugh out loud now because just like the beast system She serves, she's losing it!! And I for one am loving the observing of all the gnashing of teeth and all the fear of losing control over all the thoughts and minds of many they have claimed for so long. WE are on the right track, picking up speed and the momentum and the hired "wolfs" are not happy and having meltdowns left and right!!! Yes!!!

    7. biggest problem you face in court is saying you understand the term. how could you understand the charges and term if you do not know what definition they are using? hence as anna says you MUST say you dont understand but you would like to, please define that for me so i can understand, dont fight, agree and overcome. NEVER say you understand if you dont and how could you? they didnt tell you what their source is for the question and that word's particular definition.

      so dude that posed this unfounded statement/question, you obvioulsy do not overstand law so please keep your ignorance, disrespect and abuse to yourself unless of course you are just a paid troll. we know what the game is and for you to question that either shows your lack of knowledge of law or you are just plain dumb reacting like an emotional, rude individual. and yes look up the defition of individual it may not be what you think it is Mr. Taxpayer...

    8. Well now, I understand what Unknown is saying, and actually it is more realistic, because that is what most of mankind understands People to be; human beings. The word human only pertains to living people.
      The problem here is that our crooked 'legal' system has made up their OWN language with which to conduct their crooked business in.......which is all foreign to all of us that are forced to deal with.
      In short, our entire 'legal' system is downright NUTS! And that is what Unknown is saying, and I agree. We live with real words that make sense, humans are in no way monsters - -
      and suddenly if you find your self in front of the NUTcases sitting on the bench, we are forced to deal with their very HIDDEN language.
      Bottom line, the whole damned world has gone off its rocker
      and especially the crooks who made up their own language; why should we have to deal with all that shit.
      For all I care they can call me a flower pot or a tulip I don't really care. I happen to KNOW I am the woman that God has made me to be, and this entire joke of a game called the ''justice system'' can all just hurry up and get sent to hell, which is where they are all going anyhow. And soon.

      Can anyone tell me where there is any ''justice' in dealing with some secret hidden play on words that the public is never schooled in??

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Are you not talking to us now unknown? Surely by now you would know the difference between Legalese and English! Come back to the table and discuss this properly without calling people demented or stupid. Rather than abusing people, why don't you ask for the source of the information? I'm sure most here would have helped out.

    11. commonlaw, yes, in fact the bible tells us that Man is higher than the angels. Also, you are correct that nowhere does the bible allude to mankind being anywhere near an animal or a monster.
      Only satan would invent such a connotation because he is the one who tries to demean what God created, human beings in His likeness. Yet, people are buying right into it.
      I wonder how they would explain the phrase 'human dignity'' LOL.

    12. penny, I think what these judges actually mean when they ask 'do you understand' ''do you agree to stand under our admirality law/court''. It has nothing to do with comprehension at all. Another trick they use with their deceptive gotcha play on words.
      I suggest we start calling this court system The Gong Show, LOL.

  3. Like congress/bought puppets changed person to mean company.or 14th.ammendment citizen /slave to the newly formed corporation .

  4. I've been reading and learning about all this stuff for the past five months. Can anyone tell me if there exists a "how to" document/website for changing your political status, how to give up social security number and what to do about your birth certificate...drivers license, etc??? I'm on board and want to "come out of her"...but it is a bit overwhelming! Thank you for your help! KT

    1. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why - Anna von Reitz

      Step by Step – Emancipation. By Anna von Reitz

    2. and you can try jonah bey and akiem el they are on to some very good info that has worked for many people.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Awhile back a couple of posters were expressing concerns re: the growing homeless population and how they desired to help them as they were right on "her doorstep" and no doubt this is a huge problem in this country and unfortunately while many homes are empty that have been stolen via foreclosure fraud. I have faith the solution to this issue will present itself soon by those that are being guided/called in this area.
    Meanwhile, a great hearted woman I know has been driving over an hour once a month the last few months to get to know and be of service to those that have found themselves living on the streets. She has a completely different understanding and perception now, and it is she who has been blessed with this new awareness! What she has learned most importantly is that no matter what their circumstances were for becoming homeless, they are still living, breathing, men, woman and children of God with beautiful hearts and souls that simply wish to be axknowledged as such. So my friend has been inspired to acknowledge theses homeless new friends, and their friends by creating a Christmas celebration for them this year. She has gathered interest in many in our home town to bake tons of Christmas goodies, collect coats, jackets, new socks, gloves and beanies and to join her in spending the day playing board games, enjoying hot coco and goodies meeting her new friends! Maybe this will inspire others too!! Kind words and compassionate action is always a great healer, and it truly goes both ways.

  6. I love it when Anna and her readers take care of derogatory statements by ignorant people who post here without the proper background and study. It makes my job a lot easier as the moderator of this blog.

    1. Paul what is derogatory is for those in high places that have twisted words to turn Man whom God designed, into 'monsters''.
      Its all so much nonsense, the childishness of such professionals.
      Its as stinking as just picking out a team off the street and telling them ok, you are going to play ball for us...and never tell them the rules by which 'they' are playing the game. Consequently, lots of fouls and penalties are called.
      So we are expected to play their game while the rules are purposely hidden.
      Common sense and realism ought to rule the day, instead of the idiots who do. Give me Mayberry and Sheriff Andy Griffith, lol.

    2. How is that working for you Abby?
      Have you personally had the experience of being thoroughly exploited at the hands of the organized criminals? (yes or no will do)

    3. Wirkin, how is what working out for me?

  7. This is so strange you mention this today, Anna, because just yesterday (for the first time) I was listening to a lecture by jazz musician Sun Ra recorded back in the '60s or '70s talking about this, saying, "Are you a hue-man, as in color? Or, a hew-man, like to be cut from? You have to really watch the language being used..." which leads back indirectly to Russell-Jay: Gould and David-Wynn: Miller's thing about quantum grammar and parse syntax. It's all subjective semantics, so ultimately no entity can impress hidden or unrevealed semantics upon you, especially the courts. Completely synchronistic post...uncannily so.

  8. eh, to each their own. when i meet un people, i tend to just quote wadsworth:

    Wadsworth: Professor Plum, you were once a professor of psychiatry specializing in helping paranoid and homicidal lunatics suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    Professor Plum: Yes, but now I work for the United Nations.

    Wadsworth: So your work has not changed.

    Miss Scarlet: I hardly think it will enhance your reputation at the U.N. Professor Plum, if it's revealed that you have been implicated not only in adultery with one of your patients, but in her death and the deaths of five other people.

    Professor Plum: You don't know what kind of people they have at the U.N., I might go up in their estimation.

    Professor Plum: Is there gonna be a cover up?

    Wadsworth: Isn't that in the public interest? What could be gained by exposure?

    Professor Plum: But is the FBI in the habit of cleaning up after a multiple murder?

    Wadsworth: Yes. Why do you think it's run by a man called Hoover?
    also re: 'unwanted bastard children' the common law rule is unmarried children "nationality" goes through the mother instead of the father...point being, they doubly are not supposed to be claiming "us citizen" if they truly think children are "fatherless" they are supposed to default to "same thing as the mother" ...not "us citizen"

    1. nnnm, I wonder how a child can get here without a father, Lol.
      All nuttiness aside, the term bastard in the bible means ''one who does not have The Father''. But man has twisted that word along with all the others they have made spaghetti out of.
      Anyhow, that would mean that most people are bastards, regardless of whether they are in a household with a state authorized 'man and wife' or not.

  9. LOL nnnm! Thank you for your positive thought provoking contributions


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