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Saturday, October 21, 2017

More Answers From the Field Manuals -- Who Is Responsible For This Mess?

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent days I have been hearing a lot of irresponsible talk trashing our founding documents as if the documents were at fault for the present situation.  They aren't. The fault lies entirely with the men and women who have sought to evade and undermine and avoid the limitations and agreements contained in those documents. 

I can hear some not-so-smarts huffing--- "Well!  If the Declaration of Independence is so great and the Constitution was worth poop, why aren't my constitutional guarantees being honored?  

And the answer is?  

A bunch of self-interested crooks have been running what you thought was your government, but which is in fact a foreign government under contract to provide services for hire.  That's what the federal government is and all it has ever been. 

So you left the door to the chicken coop wide open and every sleazy European Bounder and Snake Oil Salesman came to America.  They have been nesting here like rabbits and multiplying ever since.   

It was convenient and very, very profitable for them to "mis-characterize" you and subject you, so they did. And they used your own army and federal civil service workers--- people on your own payroll--- to do it.  

How?  By misidentifying you as a "US citizen"..... and you let them do it, too, because you were too ignorant to stand up and deny it and say, "Hey, no, wait a minute.  I am an American civilian, a Texan from Corpus Christi.  Don't go calling me any "US citizen".  

But because you didn't know any better and weren't taught any different, you stood right there and let them falsify the public records and put you down as a "US citizen"---- and kerplunk!  There went another one into the rape-pillage-and-plunder box.  There went another easy mark cheated out of their constitutional protections.  There went another "mark" into the Big Easy Fraud Machine. 

Well, if you are too stupid and ignorant to claim your constitutional guarantees, obviously, you don't deserve any, right?  If you don't even know who you are, you must be a fatherless bastard and a ward of the State of State, correct?  If you think you are in the Army instead of being a civilian, hot damn, Junior, they will be glad to conscript you and keep you working for them, barefoot and pregnant to the end of your days, taking whatever orders and paying whatever taxes they demand. 

If you don't know your heritage and birthright, how can you claim your heirlooms? Your name, your land, your guarantees?  
So some Euro Trash claimed them "for" you, and used all the benefit of your name and estate for themselves, used your sons and daughters as gun fodder in wars to profit them, directed your Armed Forces, stole and manipulated your commodities, took over your courts, stole your money, conscripted your doctors and dentists and other health care professionals, ran your stock market up and down like a yo-yo at their whim, and created the biggest crime syndicate the world has ever known by enslaving you and whistling "Yankee Doodle Dandy" all the way to the bank. 

This is the land of the Sheep.  Sheer 'em, slaughter 'em, hang them on a wall for decoration, tell them lies all night long..... I don't know if the current situation is a testament to how slick they are or to how dumb-as-stumps we've been, but it does neither party any credit.   

All your lives, you have been paying your own Armed Forces to mistreat and enslave you, and they have done a damned good job of it, too. 

So here is the "rest of the developing story"------ 

If you want your name and estate back, you have to--- according to Field Manual 27-10, 1956 edition, act as a "belligerent claimant" and go ten rounds with the Civil Affairs Officer attached to the State Secretary of State's Office and the Civil Affairs Officer attached to the Department of Military Affairs in your birth state. 

The Governors --- and get this -- are literally Generals in the Army, in their office as "Governor of Wisconsin" for example.  

Not in their office as "Governor of the State of Wisconsin".  Not as "GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN".  Nor as  "GOVERNOR OF WISCONSIN".  Those are all separate foreign Territorial and Municipal offices that they occupy when it suits them. 

These guys have more pretty "hats" to wear than the fanciest whores in New York City.  And they have been getting away with all this right under our noses for a hundred and fifty years.  Forget about the impossibility of serving two masters, these guys serve at least half a dozen.  And they keep them all happy by stealing your assets and giving their pals shares of the looting. 

When I went looking for the Civilian Affairs Officers in Wisconsin, nothing came up. I was shunted to the Department of Military Affairs website, but there was no personnel roster, no email, nothing to suggest a means of receiving public input other than a phone call during business hours. 

So I didn't waste a moment or drop a beat.  I went to Governor Scott K. Walker's website and addressed him, his Secretary of State, Douglass LaFollette, his Adjutant General, Donald P. Dunbar, and the Missing in Action Civilian Affairs Officers.  

I started the job of chewing on the elephant. Come along and help. If we get enough "mice" chewing enough pachyderm and donkey butt it won't take long. 

And if they don't know what I am talking about when I start, they will know when I am done.  The "Me-The-Employer" message will translate no matter what language they are using or what hat they are wearing or what jurisdiction they are trying to hide in. 

So who is responsible for this mess?  I guess we all are.  We went to sleep in 1865 and forgot the difference between cow patties and shoe polish, but it is certainly time to remember. 

We also forgot who we are, and that in turn allowed the rats to pretend that the guarantees of the actual Constitution don't apply to us.  

Those guarantees are still there.  They still exist.  We just need to get wise and  enforce them. Rigorously.  By the millions. 

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  1. Anna, you are a delight to read. Especially when you get into our take-no-prisoners mode.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. the navy,or department is heading the secret black ops.and Thai lawyers we instrumental in taking child laborers registries 1920 to set up the trust account's that we are born into .
    Department of the Navy is in the lead in plenty of black technology working with RCA.corporation tesla technology they run the space fleet.
    There is white hats within but all you need is the senior officers to control and compartmentalize ever thing in the name of national security .

  3. I would love to see California succeed . That would prove the civil. War was a fraud it was Thair right to leave the union .forced into reconstruction am perpetual martial law.

    1. Not if Jerry Brown is allowed to remain as governor of California.. He is the biggest con artist in Calif. history.. I cant wait to fund his high speed rail system that leads to nowhere and keeps sucking more money into that muti billion dollar "white elephant" which is coming out of everyones pocket except Jerry himself...!!

    2. James, I think it is china that is installing that high speed rail system if I'm not mistaken. Read something about it a while back, but don't remember where.

  4. The seed was planted and truth is spreading slowly. But it is a strong battle considering they have the TV, news, media, music, schools, chuch and not to mention every application online subject you to agree to be a US citizen. Millions of people beleave they are US citizens

    1. they are, 14th amendment and U.S. Citizens. every naturalized legal person is under contract/oath to be one, the rest of us unsuspecting persons are too, although by lack of full disclosure but in trust law you can be assumed to be due to your actions even if there is no written contract, which there typically is through the SSN, BC and a variety of contracts stating the same, right?

      even the BAR assocociations now are buying up the DMV's has anyone read their license lately and what they are putting in there for us to sign? hmmmmmmmmmmm more contracts saying the same.

    2. No penny, we have not read it. Why don't you tell us. And why would the BAR assn. be buying up the dmv??

    3. applegurlz: some links to point to people who think "us citizen" is all there is.

      correct amendment explains some history of the deception, and court cases backing it up.

      also any old state constitution, "Texas" "virginia" "california" "new york" from bouviers law dictionary 1856

      A Treatise on citizenship, by birth and by naturalization

      pdf page 335 -- state citizenship

      Indiana Digest: Decisions, [1817-1912].
      pdf page 648 (with google account, can download PDF)

      many people say "that is just something on the internet" so i always try to find actual dead tree books (or scans thereof) ..actual cases. not just "theory" . already decided facts.

  5. We fell asleep long before 1865. My Great Grandfather and his brothers voted in the 1860 election and weren't even citizens/nationals. The result? They were promptly drafted into the army of Northern Aggression. According to Frank O'Collins, this army consisted of mercenaries run by the Dutch Pirates, a.k.a. Wall Street. After the Southern nation was defeated in war, they teamed up with the City of London pirates and the two have been running things ever since.

    1. yep dutch and british east india trading companies. skull and bones, it was how Yale was financed by pirates, as still is today. haha

      ever wonder why they called the native americans here indians? it incorporated them into the U.S. in exchange for benefits, opportunites and priviledges and loss of aboriginal/indigenous rights...

      the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    2. Dutch East India Company, Dutch East India Company, The United East India Company or the United East Indian Company, also known as the United East Indies Company, referred to by the British as the Dutch East India Company, or sometimes known as the Dutch ...
      Founder: Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
      Founded: March 20, 1602
      Ceased operations: December 31, 1799
      Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  6. Keep blowing the trumpet wnd spreading the word.
    America has been living in a 150yr old prolonged episode of
    .......THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE.......
    Anyone really paying attention KNEW something was not right with everything involving ALL GUBERMINT and esp the so called Agencies, Programs, all taxes+surtaxes-etc, rules regulation+redtape, outrageous permits w/oversite shutdown and esp "education" since the mid 60's.
    Only problem is Rod Serling isn't gonna show up to tell us this nightmare is all make believe and that the "producers" are really the good guys.

  7. The exposure of our Crooked Government(CG) is obvious after little reading of Anna's writing as well as others writings. NOW, what the heck can we about it. One or even one thousand "blowing the horn" will not accomplish one tittle but only force the CG to implement way to silence the "one thousand". For decades I have seen this or that individual say, "People you must rise up and go get that CG.". PROBLEM:Virtually nobody knows even where to start as a single man or woman to "rise up". There has never been a plan, how to, what to, where to "rise up". We, the people, need a "Manual" with templates and explicit instructions so as to establish a group (army) of knowledgable men and women numbering into the tens of millions to ever have any real affect on our CG. I have been in this "fight" for decades and have been slapped down, even gone to jail..... all because I had no real, correct, and lawful PLAN!!!! Without a Manual detailing everything, the fight is futile... IMHO.

    1. Even if you had that manuel, you would have to be one of the few of the first ones to use it to succeed, because once they spot a weak link in their legal system, they will quickly close it up so no one else gets through. Thats the problem with this system..! The courts dont need the legislature or congress to solve a problem. All they need is a similar case that they can steer into a conviction and new standing case law to enforce it.. thats why there will never be a silver bullet. In fact, most attorneys have to look up the latest "Sheperdized" cases to know what the constitution means today...!! Tommorrow it could be different.. they are simply creating law from the bench..!! Thats why i cant stand that Contract..!! If im going to be presumed to have rights under a contract , i want too see it first. And i want to sign it. I never allowed anyone to sign the constitution for me, and i certainly didnt assign anyone to do it for me.. if i was allowed to sign it, i would have demanded tons of penalties for violating every single amendment, stating in no uncertain terms, the exact much money and time in jail for violating it, with only full transparency allowed in a court(any court, no matter what jurisdiction), with absoluty "no silent judicial notice allowed", or violators will be facing "life imprissionment"..!!No contract or treaty throughout history has ever been honored by people with power and money..!! Was i asleep at the wheel...Your damn right. Because i was born in 1953 which is when the real action started, as that was the same year that QE2 was Coronated(unlawfully), and the banks started their takeover while i was sleeping like all infants do most of the day, and going through a lot of diapers...thank you very much.!!

  8. There was an is a reason Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex ! They run the show. They permit the guise of freedom and liberty to remain as they long as they run the show !The word Illusion is paramount to keeping man sedated to believing he is free, owns anything and he means anything more than the taxes he pays. It all becomes real when you bump up against the invisible bars called rules, laws, statutes, legislation etc. Which are all subject to interpretation, context, timing and , of course, the hidden agenda ! !

  9. Whether you are Spiritual, believe in God or whatever deity it appears earth is a learning lab for the Soul. When you experience a Near Death moment and cross over and comeback after meeting your maker (my experience) you realize this shit(e) just doesn't matter. Bang your drum. Beat your chest ! Make your claim(s) all an exercise in futility Remember... as Sun Tzu stated. You must choose your battles wisely and size up your adversary. Be wise when engaging in a situation that is at best difficult to win. You file a claim for whatever reason "to remove yourself from the voting roles". What prevents the recipient from simply saying "jeez we never received that notification or it's under consideration?. Or. Oh, the person that signed for it is no longer with us. Send it again ! When you truly LIVE then you are Truly Free !!!

    1. To bad everyone cant have that same experiance...maybe we could have heaven on earth..Ive heard so many stories of NDE from young kids to elders and everyone comes back changed forever and a lot happier and way less materialistic.. Living much simpler lives with a lot less stress, and without fearing death anymore.

    2. Well I would rather learn life's lessons as a free person than a slave with all of the distractions of other slime stealing what is rightfully ours. So I'm Banging my drums as loud as I can. So I will send it in again and you can't be free if everything you worked so hard to get like your home or car or your private airplane ect can be taken away for not paying some unlawful tax that you don't owe. How can you Truly Live if you are a slave. Wake up Unknown! Why do you hide behind Unknown?

    3. enemy, such as neutral territory and areas
      unlawfully incorporated by the enemy into its
      own territory, when that territory has not been
      made the subject of a civil affairs agreement.
      d. Domestic territory recovered from
      rebels treated as belligerents.
      Although military government is an
      accepted concept in the law of the United States,
      the limits placed upon its exercise are prescribed
      by the international law of belligerent
      occupation. Other countries exercise jurisdiction
      in occupied areas through types of
      administration analogous to military government
      even though they may be designated by other
      In the United States, martial law is the
      temporary government of the civil population of
      domestic territory through the military forces,
      without the authority of written law, as necessity
      may require. The most prominent distinction
      between military government, as that term is
      used herein, and martial law is that the former is
      generally exercised in the territory of, or
      territory formerly occupied by, a hostile
      belligerent and is subject to restraints imposed
      by the inter-national law of belligerent
      occupation, while the latter is invoked only in
      domestic territory, the local government and
      inhabitants of which are not treated or
      recognized as belligerents, and is governed
      solely by the domestic law of the United States.
      So far as the United States forces are
      concerned, military government and martial law
      are exercised by the military commander under
      the direction of the President, as Commander in
      Chief of the Armed Forces.
      13. Military Jurisdiction
      Military jurisdiction is of two kinds: first,
      that which is conferred by that branch of a
      country’s municipal law which regulates its
      FM 27-10 Appendix A - 6
      military establishment; second, that which is
      derived from international law, including the law
      of war. In the Army of the United States,
      military jurisdiction is exercised through the
      following military tribunals:
      a. Courts-martial.
      b. Military commissions.
      c. Provost courts.
      d. Other military tribunals.
      While general courts-martial have
      concurrent jurisdiction with military
      commissions, provost courts, and other types of
      military tribunals to try any offender who by the
      law of war is subject to trial by military tribunals
      (UCMJ, art. 18), it has generally been held that
      military commissions and similar tribunals have
      no jurisdiction of such purely military offenses
      specified in the Uniform Code of Military
      Justice as are expressly made punishable by
      sentence of court-martial (except where the
      military commission is also given ex-press
      statutory authority over the offense (UCMJ, arts.
      104, 106)). In practice, offenders who are not
      subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice
      but who by the law of war are subject to trial by
      military tribunals, are tried by military
      commissions, provost courts, or other forms of
      military tribunals.
      In areas occupied by United States forces,
      military jurisdiction over individuals, other than
      members of the Armed Forces, who are charged
      with violating legislation or orders of the
      occupant is usually exercised by military
      government courts. Although sometimes
      designated by other names, these tribunals are
      actually military commissions. They sit in and
      for the occupied area and thus exercise their
      jurisdiction on a territorial basis.
      14. Dissemination of the 19

    4. James, anyone who needs some NDE to realize that God is real, that eternity is real, I hope they all have such a stupid experience. I don't need it, don't want it, and I still know the awesomeness and reality of God.
      God never intended for us to reduce to some simple, meager existence in life; He said 'I would that you would prosper, and be in good health, even as your soul prospers''.
      The word 'even' in that verse means ''commensurate with''.
      I suggest a good swift kick in the ass, would work much better. And if that doesnt work, then they are just too far gone.
      For those that want to take a peak at heaven first, to see if it is real, well I have no time to waste on such stubborn people. And as a sidenote, some have seen Hell, not heaven. What does that tell ya, lol.

  10. In the words of Gerald Celenta.publisher of the trends journal . " two rival gangs one the east coast Rothschild Manhattan vermin and the Colorado military NORAD,Dumb deep underground bases with arrays of crey.5's.supercomputers (the beast)
    That monitors fleet ect..lot of white hats but the take orders from the likes of Dick Chaney Mr Haliburton . Eisenhower was part of the chosen ppl.hand picked promoted over far superior officers .Eisenhower was responsible for the killing of 1.2 million POW'S.and allowed the red army and indeed all allies to steal ,pilfer,rape 13 million after 1945.

  11. I had a Bench Book for Federal Judges and a section explained how to get people to give up their rights. Several angles were explained, telling them things would be easier, that the court could proceed quickly for instance and quite a section on how to get people to consent so the court could then go ahead and process people stripped of their political status and rights by their own consent of course. Anyone who blames the constitution and founding documents and then ignores such practices and ignorance of those the documents are designed to protect needs to take a good look in the mirror to see who might be at fault for selling them out.

    1. I would like to get my hands on one of those bench books for judges. I think the author/publisher of them should be tried and found guilty of treason and subornation to treason and receive the maximum penalty. I got my hands on a set of encyclopedias of the Masons. Very much an eye-opener.

  12. white black colored uses of characterization is also why this wont be cured.ALL HUMANS >NO OTHER DISTINCTION CAN BE MADE TO HAVE WORLD WE SEEK period ..

  13. FreeSoul1, if you want to play that popular race card, do it someplace else. We are all in the same boat; I'm sick and tired of all the 'special interests' groups, everybody wants their own way, they want special favors, they want pity......Enough already! Stop with the whining around.


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