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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Truth About Dunford -- Get Ready

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, everyone, I want you to stand ready. 

General Dunford is making a gigantic mistake.  

He can't readily process new information that comes from outside his particular area of expertise and he can't quickly or easily adjust his basic assumptions---- even when he is shown the truth in black and white.  

He doesn't know that America is not the "US".  

He doesn't know that America has two flags --- the Stars and Stripes war flag and the Civil Peace flag. 

He doesn't know that the "government" he thinks he owes allegiance to is in fact a foreign territorial government that is simply under contract to the actual government he is supposed to be serving.  

He doesn't know that he and millions of other Americans have been conned and defrauded.  

And the list of other things he doesn't know or can't accept could stretch from Alaska to Boston.  

As a result, he is doing all the wrong things, the wrong way, and with the wrong people.  

He is colluding with the same old Rothschild Bank of France crooks who own the Federal Reserve and who caused all the problems in the first place.  

He is looking for opportunities to start a war for profit, because they have lied to him and convinced him that we are broke.  

It's actually just crooked bookkeeping and if he leaned on them to audit the "Fed" instead of buying into their bull, that would be readily apparent.

So he and Trump think they are saving America, when in fact what they are doing is being susceptible to self-interested crooks and, once again, leading America down the primrose path to war and misery and destruction for the whole planet, because they have run out of casino chips. 

It apparently never occurs to them that they already own the casino and the chips and that they are perfectly capable of issuing their very own script and keeping their own books.  

But that is neither here nor there at this point--- the point is that we all absolutely have to get busy.  All hands on deck. 

Those of you who have contacts into the White House and the Pentagon and other offices --- get ready.  Look up those emails, dust off those letterheads.  Figure out how you are going to get a single, very simple, very important message into Trump's hands, into Dunford's hands, into the hands of the UN Secretary-General, and to political and church and military leaders throughout the world.

That one message can and should change everything.  

It's only a single sheet of paper.  What it says is not hard to understand. 

And you need to get ready to deliver it, by hand if necessary.  

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  1. What do we say to them if we get a contact Anna? I'm sorry if that's a dumb question. I write Trump all the time about concerns I have but who knows if he receives it.

  2. i believe what Dunford and Trump are doing flushes out all the wrong people. Dunford works with Kelly and they are doing some clandestine ops - be patient. I believe they know what they are doing.. After all they know how to keep silent and how to strategize or they would not be in that position. I assume they also read your blog Anna. Just be patient a little while longer. They do not want America to fall - They have brilliant minds and if you can be fooled, they are doing their job!

  3. I thought judge Anna was already writing to Trump and informing him, did I get the wrong impression of her writing to the Pope as well.

  4. Maybe we should write to Santa and get our requests in early. Certainly he has the power over all matters... Real and Fiction !

    1. You might think your funny but you just made an ass out of yourself. This is not a joking matter and your comments are not welcome here.

  5. Dunford does know and so does Trump they want their agenda and money and power to continue. They look at it as people or their agenda. Jacob Roschild keeps saying the nwo is finished. Where does that leave us?? I know where.

  6. If you believe for one second, the NWO is finished, I got news for you. Maybe the old guard has been hog tied but the transhumanist agenda with G@@gle and Ray Kurzweil is moving full steam ahead. Same plan, new faces. YouTube has an intelligent AI that is getting harder to fool from taking down videos of important information in the truth movement. The Las Vegas massacre has so many holes in the official story, more and more evidence mounting that the Police were definitely involved, working with FBI in covering it up. Trump just allowed the JFK assassination papers released. More evidence that the California fires were set by directed microwave weapons from earth orbit, think Star Wars defense platform that Reagan introduced. There are distractions everywhere. Hog tying the top players isn't stopping the minions.

  7. Why do you read Anna's blog if you don't believe? I hope that your all are in denial and will wake up soon.

  8. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on right now . Who realy knows ?? We all can only carry on exposing the frauds and good will prvil in the end ..

  9. Other technology exist 40 year ahead of what we see . We have bases on Mars y tube cleaning Martian rover solar panels they don't clean themselves video captures humans cleaning them.
    That our technology we payed for.

  10. In my opinion, Trump had no choice but to make friends with the military, because he knew going in that he was going to be hated by both parties, especially after that inaguration speech... he could barely look back at them, shaking his head it utter contemp..!! No one in congress had a happy face at that inauguration..!! They didnt even try to look happy..!! And he finally has access to secrets of the military that we dont, and whatever hes seen must be mind blowing, because he looked straight into the camera and confidently said if something does happen, we are more than prepared to handle it...!! Whatever we have it must be able to handle anything, and knowing our military they cant wait to use it if they have to. But look at the new developements happening.. All of a sudden some billionaire is giving the "left" enough money to bring an impeachment charge against Trump. Then you have Maxine Waters with her rant about her husband who was supposedly disrespected by Trump. Then taxes, then health care, then something else. And not lets forget the solidarity of 5 previous presidents for the purpose of a benifit concert for Texas, Florida, and other places hit by those hurricanes as a jesture of good will...right..!! And the best news of all...its this year that the JFK files are finally going to be released. The Senate and military are trying to get Trump to stall those files from being released...WHY!!!! I bet the FBI and our military was involved. But ive told him from the very start that if he didnt do something about our judicial system, that they will be used against him...!! Well it looks like they are going to use them against him. We have got to focus on getting the judges out. They have blocked all roads to remedy. We cant work around them anymore...children are being abused and killed as we speak..!! Watch them bring out anything they can to distract Harvey Weinstien from being charged or convicted for his crimes. Remember, we lost our congress and our country in 1861 after the civil war. Why would anyone know what happened or how, since none of us were living then, including General Dumsford...they have no reason to study what happened because he doesnt even realize hes working for a foreign principal..!! In his mind and the rest of the military they are all patriots...!!

    1. James, this is what I have come to realize in all aspects of life: No one gets to the top of their profession or career without compromising themselves, willingly. No one becomes a CEO of a company, no one becomes the president of any bank, no one becomes a big star in hellywood, no one gets a high paid job without being compromised or compromising and doing things they would not ordinarily do, if they were sane normal people.
      Even frank sinatra could not break into show business; so he joined up with the mob, and they put a dead horses head in the bed of a top promoter in hellywood, who saw no talent in frank and refused to let him get into show business.
      The next day after the horse incident, frank was strangely hired and went on to stardom, but not without a lifelong compromising.
      I was sitting in the lounge of the Sands Hotel where frank and his two sidekicks were, in the lounge clowning around, when frank was notified his son was kidnapped. I saw him suddenly rush out of there like a streak of lightning. (in las vegas)
      So now we all know why 'we' have never been able to climb that so called 'ladder of success'. It has nothing to do with qualification or brains at all; it has to do with 'are you willing to sell your own soul' to get there. No.
      When we lived in anaheim back in the early 60's my son wanted to join the screen actors guild and do commercials or other such things. I did not promote him in that, and wondered for years if I did him a bad service, was a 'bad mom'.
      In the past year that has bothered me a lot; I prayed about it; And now hellywood has gotten its cover blown and God has answered my question. No, you saved him from disaster.
      What the world deems as a ''successful person'' is a compromised person. But what the world thinks does not count for anything; its what God thinks of us that counts.

  11. I see how badly deceived it has gotten, I have been to a meeting here in Saskatoon SK Canada having a native female lawyer answer my question as I have asked is all I this illegal in terms of The Canadian Government Corp? Yes indeed a true fact that Canada Corporation is Illegal! Still they are killing off native faster then they can get caught in this current state of this crime against humanity

  12. The military took a pledge to protect the constitution.
    Do they know what constitution they pledged to?
    I prefer a military pledge to protect the American people
    from all foreign and domestic enemies.
    I think a domestic enemy is defined simply by their order to harm or kill Americans.
    The military must rely on their own conscience and discernment to define a domestic enemy.
    That's the bottom line.


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