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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Please Note

From Anna Von Reitz

Unknown to most Americans there has been a hereditary Head of State covering the international jurisdiction of the actual states of the Union since September 9, 1776.  This was necessary because in the international jurisdiction there are no living people --- only corporations, incorporations, and heads of state.  The Americans of course were against the whole concept, but had no choice--- if they wanted to operate in international jurisdiction they had to choose someone who was a free sovereign already---- so they chose William Belcher, a Colonel in the Continental Army, who was already a free sovereign in England and France.  

This fact was obscured even within the family responsible because of the Civil War.  

My husband is the current Head of State.  He is uniquely able to declare the peace and the end of the so-called interregnum.  

His family holds the Great Seals of both The United States of America and The United States (which is under delegation).  

They have the right to display the open seal --- without the circle enclosing it, while the Kings and Queens of England have traditionally wielded the closed version representing delegated or secondary power. 

Please see the attached Declaration ending the endless "war" and the presumed interregnum  and then read the entire document.

This is not quite ready for general public release yet--- just wanted you to have it and know that it is coming.   I could use help rounding up mailing addresses and especially the emails of the fifty National Guard Adjutant Generals, the National Guard Civil Affairs Officers, and any and all others you can think of who need to get a nose full of this. 

We have to get this out internationally and domestically before the Rothschilds force the world into another senseless war over casino chips. . 


Here is the document Anna referred to in the announcement.
The first and second are page 1 and 2 of the whole document, and the third link is the last page of the entire document. 

The first document: 

Second document:

Third Document:

Fourth link is the entire 28 page Document: 
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  1. I'm missing not seeing anything substantial from my internet searches for William Belcher.


      might give you some leads...

      prior search of list of names of "rebellious stripes" "the loyal nine" (used of a flag of 9 vertical red/white) turned up "Moses belcher" as a member (believe he was not original 9, but a later member of "successor" organization...

      searching moses belcher, turned up relation (blood or marriage) into adams in john adams.

      so, my prior searches and above link matches other information posted by anna etc. re: neighbors of john adams. braintree ma.

      at least one william belcher on there...

      i recommend for dead links. geocities (for those who dont know) was "Free web pages" for 1990s...then IIRC yahoo "bought" them. one can download "archive" of everything on there before shutting down, believe compressed it is < 1 terabyte, so will fit on a 500G hard drive drive.

      search for geocities the torrent, it was "spidered" "webcrawled" from before it was shut down (they gave a notice geocities was going away) ... so for geocities things, if does not have a backup/copy, there are other archives too....

      dont mean to be condescending...just dead links, there are ways to get them back.

      as i tell everyone: ANYTHING on the web you want a copy of, save a local copy, otherwise it WILL disappear eventually. or be moved, and links will break.

      that above link i got from google search for "moses belcher john adams" and that links to geocities link above. i remembered there was a "moses belcher" in there from my prior searching.

    2. that is from geocities there is 2 right there. i don't see anything re continental army or seals being used...but that is a starting point anyways. definitely 2 of them right there.

      10==5...WILLIAM BELCHER B: 24 JUNE 1733 a merchant of Boston of the firm Richard Cranch and Company candle manufacturers.

      9==3...MOSES BELCHER B: 16 DEC 1692
      9==6...WILLIAM BELCHER B 14 JULY 1698 DIED 3 AUG 1699

    3. Thank you; by "substantial" I mean in terms of "a hereditary Head of State".

  2. We have to do what ever it takes to free future Americans and the world will follow. Talking on talk shows the don't know about the deep state and to show evidence is spotty, congress ignores everything but thair.automatic pay raises . Usless.


    1. thinkingrider - thanks for the link, as a result of your posting, we came upon this for the states. We hope it contributes to AVR's research request :

      NGAUS National Guard Association of the United States
      NGAUS represents each state, the District of Columbia and 3 territories. Here, we provide basic information for those National Guards as well as for the state associations.

  4. Again, who is going to enforce this "New Treaty"..!! It always comes down to enforcement. Otherwise, it is just a nicely written fable. What makes you think that all these named parties, especially our armed forces are just going to stand down...even if they all agreed with and fully understood the fraud that has taken place, everyone in govt and even the people will think the change is to radical to impliment. The system may be broke but no one wants to fix it. It is just to much of a change. I wouldnt even know where to start. But in any case no one ever gives up their power with just a piece of paper..!!

  5. Again, who is going to enforce this "New Treaty"..!! It always comes down to enforcement. Otherwise, it is just a nicely written fable. What makes you think that all these named parties, especially our armed forces are just going to stand down...even if they all agreed with and fully understood the fraud that has taken place, everyone in govt and even the people will think the change is to radical to impliment. The system may be broke but no one wants to fix it. It is just to much of a change. I wouldnt even know where to start. But in any case no one ever gives up their power with just a piece of paper..!!

    1. The military took a pledge to protect the constitution.
      Do they know what constitution they pledged to?
      I prefer a military pledge to protect the American people from all foreign and domestic enemies.
      I think a domestic enemy is defined simply by their order to harm or kill Americans.
      The military must rely on their own conscience and discernment to define a domestic enemy.
      That's the bottom line.

    2. Take the JFK case or the recent shootings in Las Vegas. Does it take the military to investigate?
      The alphabet agencies and local authorities are too befuddled by politics and payoff to be trusted.
      Americans needs a military for defense against domestic enemies. A local militia worked fine, in the past. Times change.

    3. Or maybe not. Maybe a local militia is exactly what is needed.

    4. James, I fail to see any problem with such huge changes. Who would have a problem with 'being handed the keys to a jail cell and told you are free to go"??
      (I read all 28 pages.)

    5. James, you are right on. This establishment network is so deep with so many tentacles unwinding it is impossible. I've been around several quality groups of people who have all kinds of knowledge, awareness and so on. I read a lot of material. The system was created and ruled by people that make the rules as the go along. They usually get the outcome they desire. When Irwin Schiff went on trial in L V judge Dawson openly stated the he makes the rules in his court. They wanted Irwin and they got him ! Here are a couple of quotes. The October 2005 trial of Irwin Schiff, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen was a savage farce; the defendants' hands were tied behind their backs and their mouths were gagged. The "guilty" verdict was then inevitable.

      Their whole defense was that no law makes anyone pay income tax yet this judge refused to allow Mr Schiff even to mention the Law, and even sentenced him to days in prison for daring to do so! So all of this merry go round music will be challenged in ways unimaginable.

    6. I well remember Irwin Schiff and his case. He was tormented, harassed by police, and tortured just for selling such informative books at his store in las vegas. He was railroaded and set as an example to try to stop truth from being told.
      The tyrants in the 'legal system' had no mercy or understanding, and did not consider he was a sick man; threw him in prison and I believe he died there.

  6. Anna Von Reitz, Paul Stramer... am learning so much... every thing AVR writes is so engaging. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  7. Anna, is this officially in effect now, or what will make it Official. What can we use in here, to defend our individual selves, if need be?
    What kind of response are you getting, or is everyone trying to play deaf and blind, still?

  8. How does this article really affect my life?

    Are we truly rid of the current tyranny of the Government?

    How about car payments, utility bills, etc., things we do on a regular basis?

    I have followed Judge Anna & Paul for the last few years.


    1. Buster Brown, how have YOU contributed to your own release and freedom?

  9. Knowledge, information and the best made plans, logic, law etc etc are only as valuable when they can be applied in the real world and achieve RESULTS PERIOD !!. There are so many lines of defense and contingency built in that prevent a mass take down of the current system. I say at best little can happen to effectively make true change. You certainly can't use any of the current people in the system to create a new system. They're coached and corrupted and have their marching orders ! Kissinger comes in and talks to Trump behind closed doors. Jeez what could that mean? Why does he get an private audience for the 3rd time with the POTUS ? hmm
    Until there is a massive mass consciousness shift splinter groups have little leverage. There's a reason they're called the ruling elite. There's a reason they've built an organization(s) with layer upon layers of systems, contingency and people. If you watch the movie The International it is all put out there . In plain sight ! You human psychology is basic and understood. Typically people take the path of least resistance and they rise to the level of their lowest performance and not highest ! Call this what yo want. It is FACT!


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