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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finally --- The Reason the Courts Are Corrupt

By Anna Von Reitz

Want to know why our courts are corrupt?  We finally, definitively, have the answer, and it is not one that you are going to like.  I know that I am having a hard time, and yet, there is a certain relief in knowing the answer: sorta like having a disease and finally getting the diagnosis. 

I have been blaming the judges and attorneys along with everyone else.  But guess what?  The Truth is now out and plain to see, with a clear, documented provenance from Point A to Point Z. 

The corruption of our courts is only possible because our military is corrupt.  Period. 

The Territorial Armed Forces that have been quietly occupying our land jurisdiction since 1863 and operating under color of law this whole while, are also the ones supervising the cleverly disguised pillaging they engaged in via the set up of clandestine quasi-military courts in the military districts the Rump Congress created and which the military district commanders controlled:  

March 2, 1867 (14 Stat. 428), divided the ten Southern states into five military districts, each to be commanded by an officer not below the rank of brigadier general. Under the act the primary duties of these commanders were "to protect all persons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish, or cause to be punished, all disturbers of the public peace and criminals." 

These provisions of the Reconstruction Acts  have never been repealed. 

These military district courts using civilian contractors (Bar Associations) are still in operation, still pillaging and plundering and looting private property, under the presumptions of an undeclared mercenary war that has been over for 150 years.  

These quasi-military courts display the "National Colors" with a gold fringe instead of any actual flag, because they aren't part of our government or any other.  They are private military subcontractors like Lockheed or General Electric and the United States Army is responsible for their operations, their oversight, and, yes, you guessed it, for their mis-administration, and criminality, too. 

Fast forward almost a hundred've seen "Point A" where the corruption started and now we go to Field Manual 27-5.....paragraph 12C regarding "supervision of the bar" on page 16.  This is repeated in the 1947 edition, paragraph 12 c, page 20.

There it is-- black and white-- our own dear military is responsible for supervision of the Bar Association.

The military has been letting the Bar Association run private "courts" under color of law for a hundred and fifty years; it is also responsible for letting the Bar Associations seize upon our babies in their cradles, create and pillage public trusts, engage in prisons for profit schemes, and bypass the constitutional guarantees the people are owed. 

It goes right back to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   

The military leadership that Americans have followed to Hell and Back has in fact  betrayed us and our country.  We now have to know and admit that. On top of everything else. 

They have failed 100% to protect and defend the actual Constitution and failed to protect those who are owed the protections of The Constitution, too.  

All this time we have blamed the Bar Associations and their Members--- and it is obvious that they have been a big part of the problem. They have been accomplices, apparently more than happy to mock justice, and content to sit back and profit from robbing their fellow Americans blind.  

However, this is the wrinkle that sticks in our throat, the lump that is so hard to swallow---  the realization that our own beloved military leaders have stood around with corks in their asses and let this all go down, standing by, letting the courts rape and pillage and wantonly trample on our Constitution, knowingly defrauding Americans of their identity, their heritage, their freedom, their land, their homes, and most terribly, their children. 

There are only two possibilities and I am at a loss as to which is less probable: (1) the military services have knowingly and with malice pillaged and plundered their own homeland and countrymen for 150 years under demonic misdirection; (2) an as yet unknown, unidentified cadre of evil men within the territorial  government have ill-advised and deluded our military leaders so that they have grotesquely neglected their duty to us and to their oaths.   

These men must be put to the test and questioned closely about their failure to control and properly supervise the members of the American and International Bar Associations and their equal failure to police and supervise the operations of these pseudo-courts which they have allowed to infest our shores under color of law and false pretenses.  

Literally millions of Americans who are not naturally or knowingly subject to territorial jurisdiction at all, have been robbed, pillaged, plundered, arrested, falsely taxed, illegally conscripted, licensed, charged, kidnapped, suffered under unlawful Bills of Attainder, involuntary peonage, unlawful conversion of their assets, false arrest and false imprisonment in contravention of the actual Constitution and these men have sat on their rumps and watched it and profited from it. 

They must be given the information and forced to make a choice---- either the American way, or the highway.  Either shut down these mock courts and accept the restoration of the American Common Law courts the people of this country are owed or be revealed as knowing traitors and criminals in uniform.  They are under contract to perform "essential government services" --- not to rob and press-gang and otherwise presume upon their employers.

The Field Manuals also give us insight into exactly how our doctors and dentists and other health care professionals have been co-opted into participating in the venal and filthy practice of stealing claim to and custody of our children and claiming them as chattel property donated to the incorporated State of State organizations.  

See Field Manual 27-5, 11 d, e, and f.  These civilians have been arbitrarily defined and conscripted as "Uniformed Officers" and forced under involuntary servitude to obey private corporate "law" instead of the Public Law.  They have then been forced to register our children as chattel donated to these deceitful, usurping, and criminal enterprises----which again, the military brass has allowed. 

The doctors and nurses, like the decent members of the Bar Associations, have had no real choice in the matter, and the perpetrators have licensed them so that they cannot make a living without submitting to participation in this horrific criminality amounting to human trafficking, kidnapping, and worse. 

We are left with a most uncomfortable choice and crisis of faith.

General Dunford?  General Mattis?  General Kelly?  Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump?   

How do you propose to drain the swamp, when it very much appears that the military has created the whole cesspool, nurtured it, fed it, defended it, expanded it, allowed it, imposed it, and profited by it for 150 years?

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  1. If you want to know WHO "controls" all of this, look no further than albert Pike!!! If you think the masons are harmless "god fearing" group, you need to READ "Morals and Dogmas" written by Lucifer worshipping Pike, and it is staed all through this book that they worship this being, so any "masons" out there that want to dispute what I am saying are outright liars and sheer stupid. BTW, Pike stated that only the "initiated" are to know the "true" meaning of the symbols and history and those would only be the 30-33 degreed masons, all ranks below those listed are fed a bunch of stinky shinola!!! And to make matters worse, NO ONE can rise above the rank of Colonel in the US military without being a member of the CFR-Counsel of Foreign Relations, the REAL "hidden gov't" in the US. Even corporations are "members of this and just about ALL of the major corporations in the US are sponsors of this evil group. The John Birch society published ALL of the members and companies that are a part of this group back in the early 1990's. one may find it on-line or on their website. Haven't messed with them in years so I don't know where this info would be but they did publish it at that time. so the bottom line is, our military brass is KNOWINGLY evil and colluding with it. Time to bring the torches and pitch forks and get every one of them!!!

    1. or go even deeper than that, the masons are somewhat new, all military orders are either vatican/jesuit or royalty based, templars, knights of malta, (remember when trump was at that roast dinner with hillary and they kept showing the crosses of people that trump was talking to and jesuits?) garter, opus dei, rosecrucians, sabbateans, bavarian illuminatus and the list goes on and on. there are many orders all are occult based; dimensional entities, if you are willing to go deeper in the rabbit hole, that fund/provide knowledge/technology for these orders holding humanity down through the millenia.

    2. I have one word for you brother

    3. penny4....Please keep it simple. None of us needs to go into a yet deeper rabbit hole. If we have a squeaky noise in our car, we don't tear apart the entire car, we try our best to find the squeaky noise and fix it. Then we see if the squeak has stopped, or is there a further problem.
      I'm saying we start with fixing one thing at a time; get started; talk has gone on long enough.
      And Penny, there are no various 'dimensional entities' if there are all kinds of monsters 'out there' trying to ''get us'. There are only two powers; Good and Evil. Angels and Demons. God and satan. Keep it simple.
      Satan is the author of confusion; lets not help him out by creating more confusion.
      Now, the big question seems to do we tackle this military entity that is working for satan? Without that problem being eradicated, none of the other stuff will matter. But if we don't get to tackling here, we will have an even bigger headache, such as transhumanism, robots, mass bacterial spraying, etc. all aimed at depopulation, which is already in full swing.
      During all these recent hurricanes, thousands have already ''disappeared' thru govt.rescuing, and have not been seen since.
      What is the Marshal's office doing? What is Interpol doing? They need to activate if not already done so.

    4. Abby, but there are different dimensions wherein both Good and Evil reside. Don't over simplify truth with the same old spoon fed shinola...

      Truth is, we have yet to find it...TRUTH.

  2. General order 100 pUT us in martial law and each president has declared war war on poverty, drugs,terror to stay in martial law.

  3. maxim - To refer errors to their origin is to refute them.

    And, the beneficiaries, trustees, principals of this evil system is first Vatican, then London, then Washington D.C.;

    Keep it simple; pin the tail to Satan's (vacant seat) - Vatican 2;

    1. goes deeper as i have said above but you are right that is a good place to start.

    2. Her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.

  4. The corruption we allowed to happen is at every level of the operating system. How do you fix something that goes beyond most understanding? Similar to the mainstream medical system that does not heal anyone ! They all have an unlimited selection of replacement players... UNLIMITED ! All bought, sold and paid for on every level ! The movie The International lays it all out perfectly !

    1. It sure did. Its unusual for hollywood to be that blatent about it. Usually their movies try to tell us the same thing, but in esoteric ways, like the matrix...but for some reason, "the International" plainly laid it all out. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. But i bet they did it on purpose as another one of its "shock" experiments to see if the public is still asleep... they must of though so because they nominated Hillary for president. They forgot about the silent majority..Appearantly, there mathmatical calculations of societies didnt take that into account...!!

    2. The corruption we allowed to happen is at every level of the operating system.:
      you reboot from last known back up, audit all the source code, ensure the compiler is not trojanned.

      use the source luke.

      same deal applies here. last known back up is belcher seal. bouviers 1856 is a good last known working system before it became trojanned.

      common law style is an interesting operating system. not quite dos-ish ... but there is no "king" per se. no any one "kernel" . so it is perhaps micro-kernel-ish. every program can do what it wants, so long as it has valid title/property rights (rights are property) ...but even the "king" (kernel) is not above the law) .....

      lest people think my (and unknown's) metaphor is not apt...such a computer operating system "common law style" is quite interesting too.

      it basically means there is no any one "kernel". of course, someone has to be "on the land" (drivers, talking to actual physical hardware)...

  5. Again, much gratitude to Judge Anna and her team for exposing the truth. As depressing as it may be to read the history of this country neck deep in corruption, it is the only way to make appropriate changes to once again be free from government enslavement. Truly, I say, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death."

    1. James, be careful what you proclaim as your options and opinions

  6. Wow! this so unbelievable that I believe it, so how do we proceed, where do we start.

      The most urgent thing people need to do besides cleaning up their own political status records is organize their county level jural assemblies. Toward that end, would you please put a box somewhere on the website prominently displaying the contact info for the Michigan General Jural Assembly?

      Michigan General Jural Assembly is hosting a Thursday night call each week to help people find their own county history and follow through their own process to set up their land jurisdiction county jural assemblies--- call in at nine o'clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.

      They also offer help through their website at and a Hotline from 2 pm to 7 pm EST, Monday through Thursday: 989-450-5522.

    2. Im going to call them once and for all and see what kind of success they are having, especially if their is a jurisdiction problem if the local law enforcement doesnt stand down to their "jural assembles" otherwise, why start one. If they dont have teeth, then you can bark all day long, and never get remedy..!! Its the enforcement power of any group that gives it legitimacy. Otherwise you might as well be joined to the "Elks Club"...

    3. James, we know if the local police give you a ticket for something, they will tell you to go ''here'' to pay it, or if you want to quibble about it, they order you to show up in one of their crooked courts. So yeah, what about enforcement, and how do we get a choice of dealing with a genuine court? This is some of the stuff that is yet to be explained, due to lack of sufficient details, like a syllabus . I kind of feel like I am walking blindfolded here,so far.

      Like doctors that tell you they are going to send you for some tests, and neglect to say what for, what kind of tests, what does it involve, what are they looking for, what are they suspicious of.
      Over the past month I had a cyst removed from my chin, and a tumor removed from my back. The doc was great, told me exactly how he was going to do it and why, and all details. No surprises. Wonderful trusting young dermatologist, and I didn't even mind those 5 shots I got in my face, wasn't fun but it only hurt for a minute.
      Here, I don't know what we are in for, where we are going, or how long this 'pain' is going to last. Even our GPS gives us an ETA. lol

    4. Common Law - thanks for the Michigan assembly info. We've attempted the numbers but got no where, so maybe theres' more to calling in? We tried it prior to, then as it started & later as it was in progress. Line was dead if i recall correctly. Anyhoo, we couldn't figure it out.
      Also is there a way to hear the latest recorded calls? the most current we can find is : April 6th 2017 Conference Call
      We keep clicking around the site, tho haven't found what we're seeking. Dunno.. can't figure out what we're doing wrong. Tho now we're occupied on Thurs eve's, we' like to hear it.
      Thanks again & take good care

  7. Paying for its inventory and its extortion fees so they won't terrorize us, and now that is not enough we are being attacked.

    1. only becuase we are easily divided, shangaiied and hoodwinked.

    2. Exactly ! When push comes to shove...the path of least resistance usually prevails !

    3. How many years and scollers will it take to read the 189 A.D. Constitution for the United States of America?

      General Laws: are all that can be proposed.

      If the word seems Milatary to you, it's for the employees of We the People.

      Why in 1791 A.D. would We the People need a "Bill of Rights "? It was quite clear to me where my Rights a derived from, and what Instruments have previously covered We the People Rights.

      See: 1776 A.D. A DECLARATION
      1776 A.D. The Declaration of Independence
      1789 A.D. Constitution for the United States of America


    4. eric neckel: Why in 1791 A.D. would We the People need a "Bill of Rights "

      you are correct...but there was so much distrust of anything "centralized" "confederacy" and "Federal" are separate...but it is basically a common law property accounting..."bill of rights" is saying this is the people's property, they possess these rights.

      (common law propertry in rights, rights in property. rights are property. one has to be allowed to own property to have any "rights" in more ways than one)

      so, it is just an accounting statement of god-given rights. "bill" as in this is what the people are owed. this is their property, this is itemized list (but non-exhaustive) of the people's property in rights.

      yes, should not be necessary...but they wanted to be clear the "title" on such rights belongs to the people.

      so, look at it more as a "title". yes, rights come from "the creator" . the bill of rights is just a brief list of some of them. a brief accounting, a brief list of property the people possess.

      it was part of "ratification" IIRC. people wanted some safety there would be no misunderstanding that the people retain rights not delegated, and specifically the important ones were outlined.

  8. Yipee... around and around we go where we stop nobody knows !

  9. Great discussion... where's the coffee and Quija board ?

    1. Dont laugh, at this point it sounds as good as any other remedy....!!!

  10. Tell us what you need judge anna, money for sure we are sitting on our stash but we will pony.up.I ordered excellence in the common law and considering a notery.republic course.
    A notery. Is as powerful or almost as powerful as a judge in that the decree documents legal by stamping them .but Thair.big power is a notery.presentment
    A official document the judge van brush aside .

  11. It goes back to the Joint Chiefs? IMO they are just another Straw Man. It goes back to the British Crown and further yet. The British Crown stared down Wall Street after the so-called Civil War. The Crown is controlled by Venice through their mercenary William the Conqueror. What else does Venice control? Why, the Vatican, of course. The Venetians seized control of the Catholic Church shortly after its founding by Charles, the Hammer, Martel in 851 AD. They run it through the Franciscan order. They were also great friends with the Knights Templar, who are likely also hiding in the woodwork.

    Who do you suppose they are warring against? How about the upper case P People of the United States (see Definitive Treaty of Peace and Federal Constitution). They don't care about the residents; they already own them (see also Definitive Treaty of Peace).

    In my opinion, our remedy is to claim our status as People by accepting the Definitive Treaty of Peace as one of the upper case P, People.

    As free, sovereign and independent People of the United States, what type of document, other than a treaty, applies to us?

  12. well its not any of this as it sits singular in theory and or ideals of what constitutes a plausible reality ,yet its connected to the whole and nothing is more and cannot be removed as less.
    Here is a crude example for beginners .
    The body comprises of single cells ,all communicating to each other as a single but in total part of the one being ,now we are all those single organisms and collectively we are the content of all God.there can be nothing more or nothing less.
    this mind set and this manner of perception and dialog about how the world is run by evil or men is in of its self sacrilegious .God is onmi present and potent in each atom of all cells in all being bodies ,rocks and all . This is pure and irreducibility in immutable formless consciousness without end or without a beginning .All else is transitory, seen only in its transmutation in cycles,One can never refer to the whole because one is part of the same .Stop diluting your consciousness with low things ,that is fixating ,and the balance of the lord is plotting abundance and all knowing nothing is missing nothing to fix ...row row row, life is but a dream ...I have 4-5-6-7-8-9 conscious awareness ,nothing here spoken is of any realty that needs tending, life is love.evil included .thats the pepper or contrast of the same light in which all knowing is light shining throughout being internally and you will see the promise land is as one chooses inter writing is failing to disclose what is in our minds eye.Gods alll seeing eye.

  13. Let's not sugar coat this problem. The people are so dumb down by the public fool system, patriotism and please don't forget tradition. The brainwashing of the people is essential to the success of the corporate and we have allow this to continue unfettered. Take this situation for instance, this is something I posted on face book but it's a good read unedited.

    My good people of America. I've posted some things about the civil war and other things that doesn't quite sit well with some of you. Mainly because of triditions and our fundamental beliefs. Especially the things we have been taught and have believed since we were children. A friend of mine said to me, that I was a conspiracy theorists and I take great opposition to that statement. I believe in the truth and the truth will always prove to be exactly what it is, straight and narrow. The truth isn't a veriable it's a solid rock. It takes courage to stand on the truth when it goes against everything that you've ever been taught. So I'm going to take something that is a tradition and has been taught and preached and used as a commercial tool for profit since before any of us were born. And it's a lie. Some of you have heard this before but you just don't believe it are you don't have the courage to see it for what it is, a lie. So here goes.

    We have been told all of our lives that Christ died on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday morning, right. Well, me being the conspiracy theorist that I am say that is a lie. I'm going to show you something from the very Bible that we all read that will show the tradition for exactly what it, is a lie. The question is whether you will be able to see it, and if you do see it, will you stand on tradition or on the rock that is the truth? Here in Matthew 12 Christ is confronted by religious leaders of his day, so here goes.

    [38] Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.” [39] But He (Christ] answered and said to them, "An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. [40] For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
    Did you see it? Christ said that he would be 3 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS in the heart of the earth (dead in the tomb). 3 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS. Now prove to me that you can bury a man on Friday at sundown and resurrect him on Sunday morning and he would have been dead three days and three nights. It's impossible! It's a conspiracy theory! It's heresy! No it's a lie to deceive you. And that lie come from the same place all the other lies come from. Now somebody prove me wrong.

    1. rdross5, you are correct about the three days/three nights thing. What the churches teach is a lie. Lying is what churches do best. The 'ch' in church is pronounced as a 'k'. The correct pronunciation is 'kirk,' as in Captain Kirk on Star Trek. Kirk/Circe is the goddess who convinces men they are animals so they can be devoured to feed her.

      I believe that the three days/three nights issue is really about the sun, which is three days and three nights in the grave from December 21st to the 25th. This is due to the hysteresis effect when the earth, as a pendulum, reaches its end point and reverses direction in its tilt away from the sun. Yes folks, we have also been lied to about the earth being tilted on its axis. I wonder why?

    2. Christ did not die on any Friday. He died on a wednesday evening and rose again on saturday evening. Or we could say late in the late afternoon. There is no ''good friday'...that is manufactured catholic tradition. Neither is there any such thing as 'sunday morning sunrise service'. That is catholic worship of the Sun as in paganism.
      Actually it ought to have said 3 nites and 3 days which it truly was. Wed. Thurs. Friday nites, and Thurs, Fri. and Sat. day, makes the 3 full nites, and 3 full days, to the hour.
      In fact it was the catholic church that changed 'church' from saturday evening to SUNday.
      The Bible condemns ''teaching the traditions of men'' in place of the Gospel of truth. Folks, its time to set aside any silly adoration of traditions. Its also time to stop obeying your fake churches. Too many people have made their ''church' their God; their go-to.
      I've told xtians things, and they would say, 'wellllll, I don't know; I will have to ask my passsstor about that. I would respond, 'why would you ask him? He is the one who got you off track and has kept you on it, to begin with !
      So we have the blind being led by the blind. Whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones.

    3. I beleive your right Abby. It was the Catholic church that changed his wholy day from saturday to sunday by papal degre.. And even though that sounds like a small thing, appearantly God takes it very serious warning to always keep his holy day holy. I know this from studying Ron White, a truely holy man and arceologist who finally found the "ARK OF THE COVEANENT" in jeruselum in 1982. Everyone else that even got close to it died.. but when he made it there he was greeted by two angles...they only let him take the 10 commandments out of the ARK..!! But as they were talking about the end days, he said they never talked about "the chip". They only mentioned the Sabbeth being changed, meaning man has sinned a great sin...!!When Ron made it out of his dig, it was buried again by god when he got out because it wasnt time yet to be reveiled, until now..!! So we are definately living in the last days..!!

    4. James, the bible speaks of the 'mark of the beast' and further states that the one world dictator will demand no one will be allowed to buy or sell without taking that Mark.
      I am quite certain that Mark will be a tiny chip implant. Years ago I even read an Article of a man who said he had invented it, and it contains all ones personal information within it. What else could the Mark be, except a computer chip. He said it is the size of a small grain of rice and will be implanted by a needle, much the way one gets a flu shot. So the Mark = a computerized chip.

    5. Please consider John Gill's commentary on the Matthew passage, which seems quite satisfying without resorting to grand hypotheses: "some difficulty arises about the time of his continuing there, and the prediction here made agreeable to the type: for it was on the sixth day of the week, we commonly call "Friday", towards the close, on the day of the preparation for the sabbath, and when the sabbath drew on, that the body of Christ was laid in the sepulchre; where it lay all the next day, which was the sabbath of the Jews, and what we commonly call "Saturday"; and early on the first of the week, usually called "Sunday", or the Lord's day, he rose from the dead; so that he was but one whole day, and part of two, in the grave. To solve this difficulty, and set the matter in a clear light, let it be observed, that the three days and three nights, mean three natural days, consisting of day and night, or twenty four hours, and are what the Greeks call νυχθημερα, "night days"; but the Jews have no other way of expressing them, but as here; and with them it is a well known rule, and used on all occasions, as in the computation of their feasts and times of mourning, in the observance of the passover, circumcision, and divers purifications, that מקצת היום ככולו, "a part of a day is as the whole" (n): and so, whatever was done before sun setting, or after, if but an hour, or ever so small a time, before or after it, it was reckoned as the whole preceding, or following day; and whether this was in the night part, or day part of the night day, or natural day, it mattered not, it was accounted as the whole night day: by this rule, the case here is easily adjusted; Christ was laid in the grave towards the close of the sixth day, a little before sun setting, and this being a part of the night day preceding, is reckoned as the whole; he continued there the whole night day following, being the seventh day; and rose again early on the first day, which being after sun setting, though it might be even before sun rising, yet being a part of the night day following, is to be esteemed as the whole; and thus the son of man was to be, and was three days and three nights in the grave; and which was very easy to be understood by the Jews."

    6. Mr Grumm, what is so important about John Gill's commentary? Who is he or why is his commentary any more informative than mine is; who is to say he knows more than I do, or many others do? As I recall, I did not see anything about His being laid to rest on any 6th day, so just where do you verify that from? Gills's opinion/commentary?
      It still remains that there is no good friday or sunday morning sunrise services in the bible; that that is all merely 'tradition of the RCC'' and stop counting that stuff as ''christian or gospel truth''.

    7. abby: see "day", in all dictionaries.

      that backs up when "Jews" said a "day" started.

      yes, of course "sun day" "moon day" "Frie's day" etc. is all "paganism". kind of strange to even be using such a calendar, if those are all "false gods"

  14. Maybe I'm not quite comprehending this. Haven't the rebel states mentioned, already have joined the Union and have their own Constitutions? According to the section 5, "the preceding sections of this act shall be inoperative in said State". So even if the act is not repealed, how can it hold any water? Maybe someone else can chime in this? Thanks

    1. Only some sections of the Reconstruction Acts were ever actually repealed--- most of the evil lives on. The "States" created after the Civil War were not our states, but instead States of States and States created by Compact holding split title--- one on the sea, one on the land. That is why you see that there is an Ohio State stemming from the Ohio Statehood Compact and a State of Ohio stemming from a State of Ohio Constitution. It is the same in all the states. This was the Territorial United States setting up franchises for itself in each state, while skating the issue of treason against the actual United States by providing for the land jurisdiction State via Compact.

      It's the same in all the states.

      But this is a "new" convention that came into existence after the Civil War. Prior to that it is clear that the actual states were called simply "Ohio", "Colorado", etc. -- Not "Ohio State" and not "State of Ohio", either. Also, the word "state" is just "state" --- not "State".

      The actual nation we belong to as Americans has been under unlawful occupation by foreign mercenary forces that are under contract to us for 150 years.

      We have accepted this, because it appears that these are our own forces, but in fact, they have been under the command of foreign interlopers and crooks.

  15. I have been having your blog articles forwarded to me for some time by a friend. I would like it if we could communicate information that I have learned. I realize you mean well, but I can show you that in many instances, such as this one, you are so wrong and in other areas you are missing important facts.

    My concern is that honest well intentioned people will get hurt following your advice.

    Bill -

    1. Usually what happens is that people like you offer to show me my errors and I wind up showing them theirs. Go ahead and spew your wisdom. If it's wisdom, I will bow down. If it's not, everyone will know the facts.

  16. "It's a Big Club folks... and you ain't in and I are not in the Big Club"

    Thanks George !

  17. Anna,

    Option # 2 appears to me to be more accurate. However let's take a closer look at this field manual, shall we?

    Field Manual 27-5
    Section 1
    B. (2) military government. The term "military government­" as used in this manual is limited to and defined as the supreme authority exercised by an armed
    occupying force over the lands, properties, and inhabitants of an enemy, allied, or domestic territory. Military government is exercised when an armed force has occupied such territory, whether by force or agreement, and has substituted its authority for that of the sovereign or previous government. The right of control passes to the occupying force limited only by the rules of international law and established customs of war.

    Since no war was declared, we must assume that the current occupation is by force over the lands, property and inhabitants of an enemy, allied or domestic territory. Enemy if considered corporate US vs organic uSA. Allied if meaning US is allied with uSA as subcontractor. Domestic if meaning meaning Washington, DC and US territories which reaches into your mailbox via the zip code. With this they believe that they are covering all bases.

    It is obvious that this is an occupation by force because the employer inhabitants never agreed to any such occupation. Yet their claim is that their occupation by force gives them, the corporate US, right to substitute its authority for that of the sovereign uSA or previous government.

    First of all, how can a corporate fiction occupy anything that is the real thing? It is rather the individuals behind this lawless mercenary action who are doing this that are privately liable for treason, plotting against the overthrow of the sovereign government of the uSA and warring against the organic constitution. They are also individually liable for any and all damages their actions have caused. If all the people affected filed a Notice of Liability and International Claim, perfected through administrative process by unrebutted affidavit which stands as the truth in commerce and creates Estoppel and Lien, against them in their individual and private capacity, it would wipe them out completely, once and for all. And according to the Motu Proprio, they can no longer hide behind their corporate veil for any protection.

    However, back to the manual, their rule is that "The right of control passes to the occupying force limited only by the rules of international law and established customs of war."

    As such and by their own words, they are limited and subject to the "rules of international law."

    We further read:
    Section 1,
    2. AUTHORITY FOR ESTABLISHMENT. The rules of international law and the established customs of war provide the authority for the control by CA/MG and such control must be exercised in accordance therewith. The exercise of such control is assumed by the occupation of an area by force or agreement.

    Again, we see that they can only exercise control in accordance with international law and the established customs of war which requires a formal declaration of war and which in this instant case, is non-existent. As such, they are operating outside of international law as well as established customs of war and are merely operating with hired mercenaries (terrorism) on assumed consent by our tacit agreement. In other words, terrorism.

    1. No, they got around that by pretending that our lawful government was in "interregnum" and that they were under contract to protect our property in our "absence".

      Is this beginning to sound familiar? Just like we have been declared "missing, presumed dead" in order to seize upon and commandeer our private assets?

      Just like the commercial banks have attempted to claim that all our assets are theirs because we "abandoned" them?

  18. Let's continue…

    c. CA/MG is not confined to a belligerent occupation. Under international law and the United States Constitution it is recognized that military necessity may require the establishment of CA/MG in the following cases with or without consent of the existing or prior government in the territory concerned:
    (1) Allied or domestic territory which has been dominated, occupied, or is threatened by an enemy.
    (2) Domestic territory recovered from rebels treated
    as belligerents.

    Obviously, we, the inhabitants of the unincorporated uSA with our organic Constitution for the United States of America, are considered the belligerents against, and occupants of, their corporate US fiction with its fictitious US Constitution. This is how they attempt to justify establishment of CA/MG "without consent of the existing or prior government in the territory concerned…"

    However, since their claim is a fiction based on fiction it has no support in international law. A corporation cannot declare war except perhaps against anther corporation. It's occupation is therefor a nullity and only exists with the consent of the occupied.

    As per your maxim, we must go to the actual source to find remedy. In this case it is the group of individuals who instigated this and those who knowingly participated and refused to surrender when warned. They are therefor individually liable in their private capacity for every know crime in the book; treason, racketeering, plundering, murder, conspiracy and more.

    In the Bundy case, the highest charge they could come up with was conspiracy against the government. It failed because they could not convince the jury that there even was any conspiracy.

    In this instant case here it is very clear that the individuals behind and shareholders/participants of the US corporation have without a shadow of doubt committed conspiracy against the sovereign government of the uSA.

    But also directly against the people. As state nationals of our birth states and citizens of the states we inhabit, overseeing the government thereof, we can issue Notices of Liability together and collectively we can file the equivalent of a class action law suit in the international court against each of these individuals for war crimes and crimes against humanity as well as liability for damages and reparations. If it is a war venue they have chosen, then it should be a war tribunal that convicts them. Just 20 of such Notices of Liability would turn their heads and force them to sit up and take notice. Hundreds of these would cause a real ruckus and thousands would create an avalanche and landslide. This would be a double barrel shotgun approach.

    Somebody posted a link to recently. Although this group is solely focused on getting rid of smart meters at the moment, this tiny organization of a handful of people out of Washington state with an organized approach of pre-drafted letters much like a political action organization, with only 21 of their participants sending simultaneous Notices of Liability, and through a very basic administrative process, moved several mountains to where a judge ran out of the court room, C-level executives of large public utilities suddenly resigned or went into early retirement, all out of shear fear for personal liability. Nothing upsets their shalom until it hits close to home. Just watch A Bug's Life to see how many tiny ants with a unified purpose can shake off their bully oppressors.

    1. As worthy as the effort and information produced by is, it is just "an" answer, not "the" answer--- which requires a much broader and more fundamental correction. I fully recognize and support what they are doing, but they are still operating from inside the box and from within the Territorial United States.

    2. Anna, so then what is 'the answer'.

  19. Sure brings a lot to the light. I noticed how it seemed military bases were becoming a lot more like civilian and vise versa. Commanders let local courts prosecute those stationed on the base. Military base autoshops falling prey to corporate contractors operating on bases. Commissary prices not much different than Walmart. Military personnel scratching their heads wondering why so many contractors are around apparently doing the jobs that are supposed to be national people for the nation, medical experiments on troops about the same but often outside contractors performing the "whoops guess we should have left you eye in there, sorry" kind of stuff I have seen happen to innocent people trusting "their government" Presidential "orders" if you read one all start out with reference to the emergency war clause as authority for the "order" President is only commander in chief " the one central commander stated in the manual" if at war in an emergency. "We" or actually their corporation has been operating in a contrived emergency since 1860s and pretending, presuming we all consent. Constitutional Sherifs started somewhere and stand strong, despite no news papers announcing as some expect that the things are changing tomorrow yet they keep growing. We all need to get going on the jural societies, and jural assembly. Listening on a call I learned that forming the assemblies and societies creates your proper political status, jurisdiction. Also it is easy for bar or corrupt officials to wrongfully unlawfully keep one man or woman from exposing fraud, filing papers, and "tar and feather them for all to see" but groups are much harder. Imagine one constitutional sheriff versus the thousands that now are around.

  20. 🤥 wow..
    Unbelievable 😡
    They'll be dealt with accordingly

  21. Anna, you have already done all the paperwork at the international level, havent you...and given notice to everyone that you have valid leins that are internationally recoginized.. So why dont you use that lein as a "BOND" and sell it to the Swiss as collateral at a "discount" of say $3 quadtrillion dollars if it is worth $10 quadtrillion.. and back it by the full faith and credit of the Rothchilds , the Bank of England, the Vatican, and Wadhington DC(our military).. It sounds like a bargin to me and when it comes to money, there is no loyality..!! Its better than the bonds the banks are trying to pass off as legitimate..."perpetual bonds". Turn your lein into a BOND and sell it like they do....youts is worth it..Let them worry abouy collecting on it..!!!

  22. Face flags all are trying to get us people upon the land , fighting the final battle Christians vs. Muslims .
    as all previous wars we kill each other weaken us they take over 100%.
    we know among us but the masses are fed a steady diet of war propaganda .
    Try as I might convince talk shows we are under a global corporate structure and common law is the way to reset our courts.proof proof what the host ask.and common law has no teeth..
    Site supreme Court remarks not good enough .looking for wins Bill Thornton has a few wins nitty gritty law firm,
    Small traffic wins, Karl Lutz has a pretty good record,the Colorado 9 have caused a lot of judges to refuse themselves or step down,some win on key areas .Annas living law firm is a way to grow lawful teeth.the Michigan Jural society is excellent a good foundation first .

  23. I agree with Judge Anna 1-2 pinpoints at 2/3, most Americans knew subparts of our core problems. They are attached to our genome(DNA). The only way to break away is using drastic approach, and to never let their reattachment to our future generation. The military can’t win w/o us. We cannot trust our Gov’t nor Russian-Chinese-etc. Our impostor Gov’t can’t jail the whole country can they if we keep refused to be drafted?

  24. Europe is destroyed in is current for period .Dr doing what Anna is here ruffly. Drafting a new declaration of independence and using cannon law the highest law.
    60,000.paying members now.
    America if left to it natural course the south will rebell.and all hell will be unleashed .

  25. This is what America has: Self-injury/cutting

    Scratching only helps temporarily. If I spank my itchy spot a few times, it helps permanently, even though my pets didn’t like my actions. This is an example of where we’re heading to. So when shall we spank ourselves? When Pluto conjoins Pluto ahead, be prepared and get ready. It is not esoteric theory, it is science that God given to us. The alchemy stuff is the devil version the Illuminati’s use frequently and failed.

  26. You won’t find article about Pluto Conjunction Pluto any where, bc astrologers believe no one lives above 118 years. True, except that we live through our parents. They are us, our gene. I can give you a hint. Years 2020-2022 are years of great events, meaning Similar Revolution of 1774-1776 will repeat. We will feel the urge to rid of the crooks, because they won’t go by the rule of law, no matter what we reason with them.

    1. Pink, and you got that prophecy from where.......your monthly astrology magazine?

  27. Personal Governance is one way to avoid eternal damnation/war.
    Forming consensual agreements with others scales well, is fast and cheap, and it's available now.

  28. Yeah blame everyone except for those who are running America.
    Yes they are and any thinking person finds this out when they look at the fake Federal Private Reserve bank. Media, courts, hollywood, law, medicine, government and education. Funny how such a small minority is over represented in all these key fields.

    1. Guess what, Chris? They are not Jews. Surprise! They only pretend to be Jews. According to Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 they are blasphemers which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie, they are of the synagogue of Satan. Proof? They do not believe in God nor keep His commandments. For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. Romans 2:28-29

  29. I love the truth thank you Anna we the man and woman should come together and challenging the corrupted system that don't apply to you and me you can't serve two masters


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