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Monday, September 18, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig Sued Over Sandy Hook: Will the Truth Finally Come Out in Court?

 Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial and investigated incidents related to school-shootings was, and still is, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut.  To recap, 20-year-old Adam Lanza allegedly entered the elementary school and fatally shot 20 children using an automatic rifle, before turning the gun on himself as police arrived.
Even though the description above would seem to be “cut and dry,” speculation as to the true events surrounding the incident would surface almost instantly.  The voluminous amount of evidence which counters the official narrative is too long to list here.  However, a cursory investigation into the alleged massacre should yield you some satisfactory results.
Wolfgang Halbig has been a leading investigator into the Sandy Hook school shooting, and has taken heavy flack for his numerous unanswered questions regarding the incident.  We were delighted to have Wolfgang as a guest recently on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.


  1. My heart and prayers for this kind man and may God protect you for doing the right thing. Praying for your family as well.

  2. I also have voluminous evidence my wife was murdered by responders that punctured her internal jugular vein after being told by a catholic hospital that she was DNR and husband was going to shoot responders and hospital employees, all lies after a police investigation. Courts in washington state are refusing to accept hospital's admission they did initiate DNR and to accept an eyewitness affidawit that she witnessed hospital risk management employees force my wife to accept a DNR when she was incompetent and drugged. This case should be an example to everyone to show how far doctors and hospitals will go to eliminate civil and criminal liability for their mistakes, and why we need to ban Death with Dignity statutes that allow state officials and judges to turns their backs to involuntary euthanasia under color of law.

    1. DFH - That had to have been just beyond awful ! Words cannot express it. It reminds us it could happen to any one of us.

  3. So just where is the Connecticut Atty. General in all this?? Why has he not been held to accountability? Its the Atty. Gen. of any state to see to it that Justice is to be properly administered in his/her state.
    - - -
    When I was in ICU a few yrs. back going for surgery and they asked me the DNR question, I not only told them to Resuscitate but that they better make darned sure I leave here breathing and whole. (sometimes you just gotta be downright unlady-like, lol). You can also make them show you how they have your Records marked.
    When my son had major surgery, I gave our M.D. strict orders not to refer us to some friend of his to ''practice' on, but insisted on getting the Best. Turns out he did refer us to his next door neighbor-surgeon who was indeed The Best.
    Its also good to have immediate family member waiting right outside the O.R. which my son did, so they knew they would have to answer to him. That sort of keeps them on their toes a little more.
    Also meet with the one who is going to be wielding the knife to see if you trust him/her and feel you can trust going to sleep with them in charge.
    Even with a very minor surgery I had just a few weeks ago, I first had a consultation with the ''knifer'. Turned out so well, I am going to have another minor one, upcoming. (both in-office)
    Also a good idea to verbalize in the O.R. what you are there for, just to make sure they don't get things mixed up, which can happen. Its not a time to be bashful.


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