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Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Republic-----My Big, Fat Rump!

By Anna Von Reitz

I am amused in a grim way by what the Bank of France (Jacob Rothschild) and Paul Ryan and a number of dishonest and/or ignorant Generals are trying to pull off with all their "restored Republic" rhetoric.

It's hard to restore something that never existed in the first place.

There was never "a" single republic of any kind, but rather, fifty independent nation-states guaranteed a "republican form" of government. That's quite a different thing. 
What they-- Paul Ryan and the other perps-- are proposing is a resurrection of the old dishonest nasty territorial corporation under a different name, but the same basic management team.
To that we have said, "Thanks, but no thanks. You did a rotten, self-serving, dishonest job since 1946 and we have no need or desire for your further services, apart from a month-by-month agreement to pay for services you provide during the re-venue and transition to other accommodations."

In other words, Jacob Rothschild and the Bank of France (sponsor of the IMF fiasco) have been given a polite boot out the door, and Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, and the other bad actors right along with the USA, Inc. Their attempt at "restructuring" the same old manure pile by calling it by a new name--- "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.)" and misrepresenting a commercial corporation as a "new republic"--- isn't going to change our minds or make any difference in the outcome.

The entire world is now aware of what is going on here and nobody is putting up with it any longer. The 200-plus nations that have suffered along with the American states and people from the bullying and lawlessness of both the territorial and municipal "government" corporations are as fed up as we are. 
So if push comes to shove and the perpetrators backing the "New Republic" refuse to face the simple FACT that their employers have sacked them and refused to renew a long-term contract for cause ---and in fact have made other arrangements with other "federal" service providers--- it won't be just a bunch of American farmers staring down their gun barrels.

The entire world will know that Jacob Rothschild dba Bank of France is meddling in American internal affairs and trying to butt in and assume succession to a service contract after being authoritatively and in public "conditionally accepted".

Our conditions include a peaceful and smooth re-venuing of the government functions owed to the actual land jurisdiction states and people and the equally peaceful release and return of our assets purloined by the Municipal United States and last but not least, a peaceful transition to our new service providers.

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  1. I know we're all this is coming from but all the attorneys all the heads of groups don't have a clue or just a clue and will try again to school them because it's critical this is the big enchilada any thing less the state will think we're lunch.
    Mind you if the manure hits the fan they will understand it's on.
    I would rather decapitate the judges that are the front people know what thair.doing beat up the opposition . Like the face flag in Charlottesville CIA johnny. On the spot worked out of Africa .
    But for fear of ridicule.they don't talk.need a good talk show to convey this information more religious based let you complete your message . Instead of Sean calling professor James Fetzer a nut when he was dead on target .

    1. bubba, there is a new tv news station coming on line Oct. 16. Its called TruNews, a christian based station. Will be thru DirectTV, Dish, and expanding from there. They will call it like it IS, whether anyone likes it or not.

    2. That is great news as I refuse to watch anything on the lying mainstream media anymore.

    3. Marilyn, you can keep abreast of this new Tv station through Neither have I watched any of the 'major' news stations. I've blackballed them all, including FoxNews.
      Shaun knows a lot he is not telling.

    4. True News is already on-line and has been for a couple of months now. Are they actually going to be on cable TV too?

      I just want to tell everyone, if what Judge Ann just said in this article resonantes, then I urge you to go to and sign up and join(free). If Mueller makes his move on Trump to bring impeachment charges, we are going to blitz Republican Congressmen and senators and tell them, you either put a stop to this witch hunt or your never going to be elected again. Judge Ann is right, we along with the entire world are not sitting down and taking this anymore.

      If you want to see Larry's site, go to

      There's a similar site that is not his, called
      That is not his site so don't go there.

    5. Awakened - If you read my comment carefully, you would know that DirectTV and DishTV means TV stations. TruNews starting Oct. 16

  2. I have not watched "main-stream-media" news for many years now. Not since I watched a blurb about something (I can't remember what, but that really makes no difference) and whoever was putting it on, presented it in a "Ferris-wheel" type of presentment. Going from station to station to station to..... About 20 or so stations and basically it was a word for word reenactment of the so-called "news" article. The commentators were all reading from a script prepared by someone in the way that someone or someones wanted the world or at least the United States to hear it. Perfect! Not for me!

  3. Im with the rest of everyone here..!! Judge Anna, its not just our service agency we need to oversee...its our entire justice system, especially the judges...every last one of them, and all attorneys included...we dont even need them on a month to month basis...we simply need to send every single one back to great Brittain, or jail.. you talk so much about our original continental congress, but you forgot that it also only allowed for "CONCEL", not attorneys or even judges for that matter.. Every single disput should be decided by a "trail by jury" of ones judicial decisions at all. That would immediately give judges to much power again... Out of all the traitorist things that happened after the "civil war" , none affected us so deeply and allowed so much fraud and greed as "attorneys"!!! All you have to do is look who dominates our congress.. No matter what they do , we only need to demand that the courts belong to "THE PEOPLE" and not some "closed union shop"... it aint going to happen this next time around...!! We could correct all the wrongs of the last 200 years within 2 years if we could only get to control the courts...a judge is only their to keep things "civil" and nothing else. And take away the incentive to incarcerate people for money... if people have really committed a crime, then they will go to jail, but without the Corp. State making a dime on it..!! Because initially, most people wind up in jail for non violent drug crimes or other crimes with no injured party or property...!! We are missing the big point here.. It wasnt the service agency that enslaved us. It was the BAR association and all the criminals behind the bench that betrayed all of us by taking away all or any "REMEDY" for redress of grievencies, against anyone except other slaves. We need an alternative to Corporations in this country so they cant bribe congress or anyone else.. in fact when companies become to big and powerful, it can no longer be run by a CEO or CAO.. It has to be run by the "PEOPLE". Then we can vote on things together, instead of a few boardroom members that make decisions only based on the bottom line, instead of the greater good for humanitys sake only..!! But the very first step is dealing with the BAR..!! It may slow things down a bit, but thats a good thing.. We have been moving to fast for the last 80 years already. We need technology to slow down so we can all catch up and smell the coffee again...BAR first, freedom next...!!

    1. James, just from recalling watching some very old movies, I think they were called Law-yers, not attorneys. ? I don't really know what is the difference, but.....
      James, Anna already said for the Courts to put Justices of the Peace in place of these Judges, remove the fringe flag, etc.
      Maybe you missed that article ''for Attorneys''

    2. Actually, Abby It looks like i spoke to soon... the article after this addressed this issue finally just like i just did.....And yes i read the same thing about Laywers being different than attorneys, but i dont think that is true anymore since all of them are under the BAR now and the Corp. State... None of them will put their neck on the line for us when it comes to their license.....justices of the peace only(with no license, only certificate of competency) and "assisstance of Councel" which could be your neighbor...but in any case, it has to work more like small claims court than superior court. And pretty soon the states are going to have to brevert back to every state being its own country, with their own borders, and only allowing so many people in to live and thats it...there are too many people living in only a few states while the rest of the country only has a very small percentage of people living in it.

    3. James, when I was born, the population in our country was only 120 million people. So you can only imagine how overrun I feel Lol. Worse, the agenda of this govt. and all our governors have made it a point to shove everything into the largest of cities, and have done nothing to upgrade the smaller towns. They have been piling all the jobs into those large cities, such as where I am, and small towns have been left to rot in dire poverty. 17 yrs. ago God himself moved us to this suburb, and today it is the very best suburb of them all. He even got me fired from my job, to 'force' me to move here, making a job opening where there was none. A true bonafide miracle. And lots more where that came from.

  4. And as far as the "fake news " media is concerned, i actually like watching it now, knowing it is fake, and can now finally see through the lies, and know what their agenda is when i see the same narritive throughout the entire media...and once in a great while they actually do report on things that have a great humanitarion value...!!Look what is happening to the NFL and NBA online...finally people are waking up to who they really are and represent.. die hard fans are saying that they had seasons tickets for those events, and said they arent going anymore.. They are finally losing money to these priviledged, spoiled basterds... I never thought id lived to see the day when people finally rebelled against these powerful sports teams...good ridence !!

    1. Just the other day there was a football game held in a small stadium holding 37,000 and the stands were practically empty.
      I'm fed up with nfl for their using their tv time to display their personal beliefs. I'm fed up with the cavaliers nba team since it has become the lebron show who doesn't have a working brain in his head when it comes to whats right and whats wrong, and has proven himself to be a racist over and over. They are hired to play ball, not use their stage time or ''fame' to persuade the thinking of others.
      So I am back to just baseball, cleveland indians to be exact.
      Its just about the only clean family sport these days. I'm a pretty good sofa Umpire, lol

  5. Well, from what I can glean, it seems what the nfl is protesting, is
    our President Trump. So I guess they can't tell the forest from the trees. Too much CNN and too many head concussions, I guess this is what results from all that. Well,we can also protest the nfl.

  6. Not only did America make all those players, coaches, and owners fabulously rich and famous, we've turned them into heros and icons, like they are someone to immulate...!! I heard a a statistic on a site that said one of the NFL winds up arrested every 9 days...!! And these are the people our kids and us want to contribute to... there are more people that get into fights or even killed over different sports teams than fighting for America.. !! And soccer, the football of almost every other country, actually have started wars..!! Now come on..!! Everything is about competition and division from sports to getting a job..!! Its too much..And it sends a negative message to our children....people who live in states with less than half our population in Calif. seem to treat people, even strangers, like their neighbors..!! Id like to see what would happen if we just claim one year free of sports to see the results. They might actually get off their fat asses and actually play it themselves, instead of watching it in front of a TV with a beer in hand..???


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