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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Escaping the Traps of Corporate Impostor Government

Jerry Day introduces, a new resource to enable us break the ties with the unconstitutional behavioral controls, penalties and compliance enforced by what we mistake for legitimate government.


Found here:


  1. Sign and waive your constitutional (rights) to a coperational entity .
    Actually endowed by our creator with cretin unalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

    1. But they have been hard at it Lincoln creating a shadow corporation masked in the same copy cat name and run as though it were the real united states of america. never declaring war but appointed the grand army of the Republic as law/ martial law.fake congress rubber stamped it all.and 9/11 finished up not to mention Roosevelt setup war powers act so he could use executive orders . But anything based in fraud is all void. It's all breaching the constitution the judges have a back door swearing a modified oath under the constitution there is no under its upon that a negative a built in back door .Lufkin case prove it .

    2. bubbapatric, you have a link to the "Lufkin Case"?

  2. We have the power. I recall a judge asking me if I wanted to waive my rights back in the 70s when in court for drunk or some dumb thing, he said it would be faster if I did and so it was, he sentenced me to time served ( overnite) and on my way. He had to get my permission, did he not? Think about that, why would you be asked for any kind of permission if you were not the boss? It is your agreement, the trick to get you to agree someway or another then claiming you wanted it.

  3. If you are on Texas, look up "Texas Business Organization Code" at Chapter 5, sec. 5.205, you will find "Rejection of Appointment".
    And see also Texas Tax Code at 151.004, definition of "in this state"
    If you are not on Texas, I am sure you can find the same in your state, may be called something a bit different, but will be there some where.

  4. This organization is finally putting what Anna has been saying in more perspective.

  5. excellent excellent, glad we are connecting with each other!! VIP

  6. This is why Boosh jr. said ' THE CONSTITUTION IS A G-D PIECE OF PAPER".
    It no longer applies to anyone, were all corporate fictions (under contract) :(

  7. So any idea on when we can expect to see the forms she talks about to help us get out? I'm ready, but with all I've read, I still feel like I need a step-by-step guide to avoid making mistakes. I sure don't want to screw this up!

    1. No form. Just you and what you interpret in what you've read. No one to handhold you. Anna has put it all there in shocking print.
      Mistakes are how we navigate in this sea called "life"

      Good luck.

    2. Danika, this is no time to be ''learning from our mistakes'and its a very poor way to ''navigate thru life'.

  8. The original "Spirit of America" requires individuals to "come out of" legal fiction entrapments and to stand on solid ground and to do that we must clarify legal terms.

    For instance the term "driver" - In the earliest codes the distinction between drivers and travelers was evident. Drivers were clearly understood to be of a commercial nature as operators of motor vehicles for hire either transporting goods or people. I am not a driver and therefore I do not need to have a driver's license. I voluntarily surrendered a driver's license (thirty some years ago) that I was led to believe I was required to have. That belief began in High School when the Driver's education teacher required that we get driving permits to operate cars as part of our training. (Students never thought to research the terms!)

    Regarding "rights". Ever since the first Organic Law (The Declaration of Independence) Americans were acknowledged as having Unalienable Rights AKA natural-born Rights. These Rights do not come from government. I do not recommend claiming "Constitutional rights". Especially when no government agent ever gives an oath to actually "support" the "Constitution for The United States of America". There is no protection by claiming these kind of "rights".

    I also do not recommend claiming citizenship and most especially not under the 14th Amendment (AKA US citizenship) which was a new status that was made available as of that time to the former slaves. Anyone who really wants to free themselves from voluntary slavery may want to consider renouncing their 14th Amendment US citizenship. It is called expatriation. There is a statute that addresses this. Therefore "citizen" is another term that needs to be clarified by anyone identifying themselves as a citizen.

    In the second Organic Law ("The Articles of Confederation" which were never repealed) we find the term "free-inhabitant". Americans were originally free inhabitants and as such they had a choice as to whether they wanted to become Citizens of their states or not. I am a free-inhabitant. This Organic Law says: "The free inhabitants of each of these States, ... shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States". Therefore we do not need to become "citizens".

  9. CJ - - and what do you do when a cop stops you and asks to see your DL?
    How do you respond to that.
    I agree with all that you wrote. But I keep thinking we never agreed to any of this, but were hookwinked, and of course its all been unlawful. All agreements must be made under full disclosure, and since they were not, then why are we bound in the first place? Why should it be a lifetime chore for us to have to do all this disentangling?
    There has to be a simpler way.


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