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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Magic Beans Phenomenon

By Anna Von Reitz

When the Europeans showed up hunting for gold, the Native Americans were confused, even amused.  

The Indians used gold and silver for jewelry, the only obvious use, and thought nothing more about it. 

Indeed, what more was there to think?  

It turns out that both gold and silver are excellent electrical conductors, a use that wouldn't occur to anyone for another three hundred years, but even then, so what?  Copper gets the job done.  We don't need gold or silver for that purpose. 

So, ask yourselves--- if gold was so very important and valuable, why are there vast storehouses of the stuff, millions of tons of it, stockpiled in the Philippines, sitting around doing nothing?  

The obvious answer is that gold is really quite useless and should, as a result, have little value.  It's only tradition ----a tradition of human stupidity in this case--- that assigns gold any great value at all. 

I call it the Magic Beans Phenomenon.  

A guy with a lot of beans (and a big imagination) dyes his naturally white beans red and green and purple---  and starts telling people that his beans are magic beans, offering their color as proof.   And the people buy into this clap-trap.  Soon his Magic Beans are selling like wildfire and people are ascribing all sorts of benefits and wonders to these beans. 

So a guy with a lot of gold (and a big imagination) takes the metal and shapes it into uniform round flat pieces and stamps a fancy image of an eagle on the front and the image of a woman on the back, and starts telling people that the coin he made "represents" the value of all other things. It's a Magic Metal Bean.  And the people buy into this clap-trap and start believing that these little round pieces of metal are equivalent in value to bushels of apples and bushels of wheat and barrels of oil. 

Because the people have been duped into trading actual, needful commodities for useless little pieces of gold, gold acquires value --- in a completely backhanded way--- not because it actually has any great value of its own, but because people give it a value by being willing to trade their labor and goods for it. 

Objectively, the whole premise is ridiculous. 

Objectively, we are acting like little children pretending that rocks are dinner plates and paper cups are fine wine glasses---- and taking it seriously, too.  

We actually think that there is such thing as "real money" and that it is different from "Monopoly Money", but in fact, they are all exactly the same kind of commodity, and at the end of the day, all we are arguing over is the brand name and form.  U.S. Mint versus Hasbro Brothers.  Little gold coins versus fancy pieces of paper.  Fancy pieces of paper versus digits in a bank ledger. 

It's all Magic Beans and nobody above the age of five should be fooled by this at all, yet here we all sit, seven billion people unable to face the fact that we are, ourselves, the source of all "value".  

Read that over and over until it sinks in not only to your brain, but your soul.  

We are the source of all value.  

If we don't give something a value, it has none.  

What you value defines who you are.  It sets you free, or, it enslaves you.  

And it is all your choice. 

It is only because of our needs and our often ridiculous beliefs that things are assigned a "marketplace value" in the first place. 

Don't believe that?   Just imagine the Earth without people on it.  

There is no consumer to buy bananas, so the monkeys eat their fill and throw away the peels and scamper away on little monkey feet.  And God smiles because He made bananas for just such a purpose and gave them away for free.  

Everything that we trade is given to us for free--- even our ability to do work and to think creatively is a gift.  That, and the trees and plants and waters and rocks and minerals and metals --- all the raw materials are given to us, collectively, for free. 

But then, arbitrarily and often stupidly, we begin assigning "values" to everything, according to our actual (food) or perceived (gold) need for whatever it is, the scarcity of whatever it is, and so on. 

If we had our heads screwed on and weren't deluded by the Fakirs and all their Magic Beans, we would realize that the most important job in the world --- bringing up healthy, happy, wise children --- is disrespected and unpaid.  We would know with great certainty that love is the ultimate Standard Commodity, and that the only way to obtain it, is to give it.  

If we all just stopped and really thought about money and Magic Beans for ten minutes the world and everything in it, would change, because we would all know that this current situation is beyond silly and stop chasing after gold, which in turn would render it without value. 

And then, maybe, we could turn our attention back to the things that really do matter: sharing and caring and enjoying all that has already been given to us for free.  

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  1. "you steal my purse you steal trash"

  2. Judge Anna, I LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS AND I CAME ACROSS A utube video of a causian guy saying our African Americans people are being killed off here in Texas by the Nazi bushes and Obama they are using private contractors to do the jobs, the people that were put in the FEMA camps in Houston have they been seen or heard from?? Everyone in Texas is a target if you voted for Trump I for one did but I'm not a registared voter anymore. Where can I take my family to be safe.

    1. That's just awful!!
      Please say it isn't so..😯

    2. From Anna:

      Short Girl, if they are using "hit" teams against anyone, they will themselves be hit. And it won't be just a wrist-slap, it will be wholesale slaughter of the whole clan, kith, kin and kaboodle. They all know this. I doubt very much that the Bushes, the Clintons, or any of the other perps have any illusions about the thickness of the ice they are skating on.

      It is important to realize that what we are dealing with is crime. It's not politics, even though those responsible for the crimes try to couch it in political terms. It's really just garden-variety fraud gone wild and allowed to proliferate for a long time. It's to be expected that there will be gangs involved, both of hired mercenaries, and of disillusioned and criminal marauders "doing business" in their own interests.

      It is also important to realize that the only ones enforcing the Public Law are unpaid volunteers who are serving as land jurisdiction sheriffs and Federal Marshals and deputies, people who have taken back their lawful identity and their estates and their actual Public Law --- plus whatever Sheriffs and other people currently working in "law enforcement" will do in support.

      Unless answers are found to correct the fiscal and monetary problems, we will inevitably face a time in which things revert back to "Frontier Justice"---- when the very Draconian aspects of the American Common Law click back into place. Remember all those old western movies you watched as a kid? Well, back then, they hung cattle rustlers and horse thieves and other varmints via "summary judgment". If you rode with horse thieves, you were considered a horse thief and hung along with the rest of the bunch. That is the kind of justice that is coming, if the courts don't clean up their acts and the politicians don't get their heads out of their rumps.

      Unfortunately, the best protection for your family in such an environment will be the same now as it was then--- arm yourselves well, plan for your defense, keep your noses clean, know your neighbors, stock up on food and ammo and tools and other necessities, and hunker down. There is nowhere to run, so you just have to be informed and ready to stand.

      I know this isn't exactly the best news or any kind of comforting answer. I wish we all had a Galt's Gulch to go to, but we all have God's Grace to call upon and that is sufficient for all things.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more! I think of what the rich do to stay rich and I am so glad I am not one of them.

  4. On another note....

    Anna or Paul... If we do the Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles, do we still need to do the Corrected Deed? I wouldn't think so... if so, please explain

    1. From Anna:

      The Corrected Deed IS the process behind the "Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles". You are converting from one jurisdiction to another, from one permanent domicile to another, and correcting all the records that are done under other assumptions and conventions.

  5. Anna you simply amuse me with your smarts and sarcasm, I simply love you lady..❤
    And all these are all the truths that I have kept to myself for many years.
    Keep up your blessed work..
    Sorry for calling so early the other morning without checking the time difference..😕

  6. Anna, I love and admire you and smile when you have attitude. Allow me to be playful. While many watch TV and reproduce and one has initiative to produce value but has no means of storing labor. What is the reward to stimulate production? I only think of defense and comfort which is not readily storable and become less available as one ages. When one ages beyond productive/value and they have no labor stored in the form of a usable means of exchange they die. That is not too bad but then there is civilization with retirement and vacations. You make a good point that a means of exchange can become more costly than its value and you have nourished my perspective. It could be that a wise exchanger would recognize this cost above value and switch to another means of exchange but few are available. To have many choices available engages supply and demand principles into choosing means of exchange. I may have just got closer with YOUR thoughts in your "$10,000 an ounce" writing.

  7. We have been indoctrinated into this metal contigency for millium. The globalist just took it to its natural works exactly like complicated electrical patterns...hense "current(cy). Copper works at 90% efficientcy. Silver is 100%. And i think gold works at 110%. Electricicty is extremely complicated in its delivery. Try looking into your computer or TV and tell me if you understand how it functions...!! Well "currency" the way they control it, is every bit as complex as real electrisity, especially when you factor in wall street and all its "dervitives". It was designed that way purposely so that no one can really question it, since no one really understands it. But for some reason, since that shiny metal called "gold" was first dug out of the ground, it has been fought over ever since. And that is why it has value...!! The metal is mesmorising to our sence of "sight". Why!! I dont know. I only know that it does and always has and always will..

  8. The Trobianer islanders use yams for trading. A man with few yams is poor and others top him up of course so he will have enough. You can trade coins to them but they like T-shirts with names of sailboats for instance on the shirt and will trade fish for the shirts. Sometimes the will take a coin if the fancy it but civilized "money" has no meaning to them, they have plenty of yams and fish and no needs really that are not fulfilled.

  9. It is so strange, a hundred years ago, a hundred years from now, a gallon is exactly the say size, a pound is exactly the same weight but a dollar, that is the same physical size will not necessarily purchase the same thing today or tomorrow as it did yesterday. And, just by putting different numbers on it, a one dollar bill can not be exchanged for nearly as much as a one hundred dollar bill. All of this value of things is just in ones mind. As a fun thing to do, I will ask someone if they have every borrowed money, then what kind of instrument do you sign, a promissory NOTE, correct. They will usually say Yes. I then say the NOTE is an evidence of debt, correct? That means that someone owes someone something. Then I show them a bill that has Federal Reserve NOTE on the top of it. I say this is an evidence of debt, that means that somebody owes somebody something for something. Who owes who for what? It makes them think and I have never had anyone who can answer that question. Also, many times I will say to a cashier, "You haven't changed your policy about accepting Federal Reserve Notes, have you?" Many times, they will respond, "I will have to ask my Manager." The accept these instruments every day and do not even know what they are. It is a lot of fun educating people on what these pieces of paper are. Go out today and have some fun.

  10. May I suggest an additional perspective on gold? (I think it can be worth allowing for several perspectives on important issues like this.)

    You may have heard of “the Three Kings” who “bring Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, as offerings to the Child Jesus in Bethlehem. These three offerings are full of meaning …

    Who are the Magi? They represent the Initiates of the three preceding races or epochs of culture, the Initiates of mankind up to the time of the coming of Christ, the Bringer of the Love that is free of egoism … The Initiates — and so too the Three Magi … bring gold, frankincense and myrrh as their offerings. … The European (Melchior) brings gold, the symbol of wisdom, of intelligence .…”:

    "The Festivals and Their Meaning":

  11. The value of money, in whatever form, represents the value of human labor and ingenuity applied to land, materials, ideas etc. It is these things we trade in exchange for those things we can not produce ourselves. Call it credit, currency, money, whatever you like, but those things-labor etc.-ARE of value and in a economy where Joe can make a tire and I can't, placing value on an arbitrary object, a medium of exchange, makes sense in that it allows us to trade with one another.

  12. and yet without enough magic beans ...


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