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Monday, June 19, 2017

A Letter to the Ostriches

By Anna Von Reitz

Please note, this is a response to a specific blog post but applies all across the board to everyone saying and thinking that I am a "Vatican Agent" and all the rest of the disinformation floating around in cyberspace these days. 

All this fraud began in the Middle Ages and with the ignorance of people at that time.  They thought the afterbirth was a horribly mis-shapen baby, a "monster" they called a "human"---- so they developed this whole superstitious practice of naming it after the living baby and baptizing it and giving it Last Rites and providing it with a Christian burial, etc., etc..  That is how it started, the history of it, and it is firmly recorded in the Summa Theologica so that is the truth of the genesis of the whole practice revealed--- but this is 2017.  We know what the "afterbirth" is.  There is no excuse on this planet for continuing any of those practices or presumptions.  

Another big fraud that we are still living with is "Peter's Pence" --- a tax imposed by the Medieval Church to pay for the expense of the Crusades which was levied on the income of parishioners and collected by the Inquisition every April 15. 

Once you begin studying the history of these things the links to the Roman Catholic Church and any number of horrific practices becomes apparent--- and once you dissect the offices held by the Pope---- both Pope and Roman Pontiff--- the rest of the rot is exposed.  The Pope is supposed to function as the leader of the Christian faith, but the Pontiff is a pagan and secular office deriving from the worship of Satan and his consort, Semiramis.  And we all know that a House Divided against itself cannot stand.  

A gigantic struggle has gone on in the Roman Catholic Church for centuries---- a "war" between the Kingdom of Heaven established by Yeshuah and the pagan Satanic religion of ancient Babylon known in the modern day as the Kingdom of God. 

One side has faithfully taught the Gospel, the other has delivered the Inquisition.  One side has given us true saints and miracles and examples of faith triumphant, the other has given us indulgences and graft and self-service on a scale unimaginable.  One side has preached the truth and the other has practiced falsehood.  

All this is open to view, as well as the fact that the Jesuit Order as a whole has been devoted to a mad and evil idea that Free Will can be violated and that they can conquer the world via military conquest and establish a "Christian" world government by force. 

It's also true that all these "corporations" which are causing so much evil and criminality have been created by the Roman Curia and that they remain responsible for these creations of theirs---- trusts, C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, foundations, cooperatives--- you name it, the Roman Curia defined and made these things possible and the Roman Curia remains responsible for the evils and malfunctions and criminal mis-administration of these "things" which "are and are not".  

Oh, yes, and that does include the governmental services corporations dba UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the UN and the UNITED KINGDOM and FRANCE, too.  

So once you know all this, do you bury your head in the sand as this writer suggests [the specific one I was replying to] ?  Just pretend that his Mother didn't sign the paperwork identifying him as a "US citizen" and that there is no attachment between him and the ACCOUNT bearing his NAME as a result?  Do you just run away and pull the covers over your head and hope that somehow this whole mammoth struggle is going to by-pass you, your country, your home, your family?  

Or do you do what I have done, and fly straight into the eye of the Whirlwind?  Where were you when I faced off the Great Serpent?   Where were you when I literally bound Satan?  

[I didn't do these things by my own power or inspiration. I did them by the power of the Holy Spirit working through me, to bring forth these actions in this dimension.] 

And how am I supposed to do these things, all without addressing the Roman Catholic Church?  The Epicenter and Source of the whole Mystery Babylon debacle?  

Do you know what Pope Benedict XVI said when confronted with these evils?   His reply? 

"Nobody told me." 

You know a tiny fraction of what I know about the Roman Catholic Church----both the great good and the great evil it has done, yet you have the temerity to judge me for forthrightly addressing these worldwide problems and dealing with the source of them.  You think that the "correct" approach is to keep your lily-livered hands "clean" and pretend that none of this affects you and your little island.   Just denounce the Church in a wholesale fashion, hunker down and make like a turtle.  Write off more than a billion people, most of whom are doing their best to follow after and imitate Jesus----? 

Ever seen an ostrich bury its head in the sand, leaving it's big, fluffy rump exposed to the four winds and denying itself even the opportunity to run away?  That's what all the sanctimonious Protestants are doing, and yes, I am a Protestant, a Lutheran, but I am not sanctimonious.  I accept my responsibility to the True Church and to Yeshuah ----and that includes feeding and caring for and defending all His sheep, all His lambs, and yes, even His goats.  It all belongs to Him. And it is for Him to judge, not me.  

So don't expect me to join you in pointing fingers and condemning people when instead it is my job to warn and educate and save them.  Including you, if possible.

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  1. Whoa! That explains A LOT! So there are TWO Catholic churches, a Pope, and a Pontiff, (two leaders), just like there are TWO "United States," Two of US, TWO Constitutions, and they always try to conflate the two, by deceit, into being one and the same entity- or at least convince the people that they are the "same entity." I would not be the least bit surprised if there are TWO Presidents, one for the US, and there SHOULD be one for the uS of A, but I don't think there is. And the bottom line is......usually it seems that one is of Good, and the other one is not only of Evil, but NOT EVEN REAL - IT is a fiction in many cases, or maybe just the office itself is a fiction. Doesn't the Bible say that Satan will appear as "An Angel of Light?" And also that "MANY" will be DECEIVED, and "See that YOU be NOT deceived." And Strait, (not straight), is the gate where His own will enter in, and WIDE is the gate that leads to destruction. I think the WIDE gate is wide, because, unfortunately, there will be many more people going through it than people going through the strait gate. I read once where "strait," (not straight), means a gate of anguish, a gate for people who have had much suffering and anguish in THIS world - while the "wide gate-rs" (maybe you could call them the EVIL ones), play, and frolic around in THIS world as if their "fun" will never end. Thank you Judge Anna for helping us to see through the fog. Just a few thoughts.

  2. History explained....... MUST WATCH!! Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican - Santos Bonacci
    Anna did everyone a huge favor, sending notice to the Vatican freeing us, get smart people. Go study, plenty on youtube.

    1. Yes santos has some well researched info pull together to make sense of things ... beautifully done. And yes Anna should be praised & respected for putting her energies into freeing everyone... words are not enough. Blessings of happiness to her ...

  3. Can you point us in the direction of what type of paperwork we should lodge with the Irish government to claim back our status as free living man and woman. God bless you both Anna and Paul for all the information!

  4. You say that one side faithfully preaches the gospel? I haven't seen it. They preach a gospel about Christ, not Christ's gospel. Most so-called Christians haven't got a clue.

    1. Christ is the gospel. "I am the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father but by me," says Jesus the Christ.

  5. This is in response to the comment made by James Alan and I agree with his statement.

    How do scriptures of the Restoration clarify the Bible? Many examples exist.
    I will cite but a few, beginning with the Old Testament.

    Isaiah wrote, “Thou shalt . . . speak out of the ground,
    and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one
    that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out
    of the dust.”25
    Could any words be more descriptive of the Book of Mormon, coming as it did “out
    of the ground” to “whisper out of the dust” to people of our day?26

    But Isaiah was not the only Old Testament prophet who foretold the Book of
    Mormon. Ezekiel wrote:

    “Take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of
    Israel . . . : then take another stick, and write upon it,
    For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of
    Israel . . . :

    “And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in
    thine hand.”27

    Today, Saints living in many nations of the earth gratefully hold the Bible
    (the stick of Judah) and the Book of Mormon (the stick of Ephraim) bound as one
    in their hands.

  6. Thank you Anna, If you were working for the Vatican or illuminati you would preach divisiveness, like many in the alt news who are programmed. But, you are truly connecting to the divine and are doing the work of a true messenger for Yeshuah.

    1. Check out the latest "let's all be friends" video and hashtag.

    2. Here's a leg up. Put this in the youtube search bar: CGMQsJ0VzAk

  7. Dear Anna,

    Please advise as to your opinion on the following,


    Andrew Endres

    Crestwood Mo


    On 4/6/17 I sent the following Message to The IRS & The Honorable John Koskinen,

    Commissioner of IRS, ( Certified Mail ).

    This is per your instructions in article dated 4/5/17,


    Internal Revenue Service

    1111 Constitution Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20224

    To Whom it may concern

    I am eligible for exemption, and am revoking my election to pay Federal Income Taxes.

    Please adjust your records accordingly and honor my exemption.


    Andrew Endres

    Crestwood Mo.63126


    On June 9th I received a reply, as follows,

    We have determined that the arguments you raised are frivolous & have no basis in law.

    Federal courts have consistently ruled against such arguments, and imposed significant fines for taking such frivolous positions.

    If you persist in sending frivolous correspondence, we will not continue to respond to it.

    Our lack of response to further correspondence does not in any way convey agreement or

    acceptance of the arguments advanced. I you desire to comply with the law concerning

    your tax liability, you are encouraged to seek advice from a reputable law practitioner or


    The claims presented in your correspondence do not relieve you from your legal responsibilities to file federal tax returns and pay taxes. We urge you to honor those

    Legal duties.

    There are some people who encourage others to violate our nation’s tax laws by arguing that there is no legal requirement for them to file income tax returns or pay income taxes.

    These people base their arguments on legal statements taken out of context and on frivolous arguments that have been repeatedly rejected by federal courts. People who rely

    On this this kind of information can ultimately pay more in taxes, interest and penalties than they would have paid simply by filing correct tax returns.

    People who violate the tax laws also may be subject to federal criminal prosecution and




    If the conduct referred to in paragraph (1) is due to (A) a position which is frivolous, or

    (B) A desire ( which appears on the purported return ) to delay or impede the administration of Federal income tax laws, then such individuals shall pay a penalty of


    Sincerely Yours

    Christine L. Davis

    Program Manager RICS/IVO

    1. From Anna:

      That is their standard reply. They get to ignore you twice and try to rebut your claim with form letters and their own frivolous replies. I got these same kinds of replies and I sent them back, reiterating my claim.

      Sooner or later it gets bumped up the food chain high enough and the records from one side of the Treasury connect to the other side of the Treasury--- the PERSON gets cashiered and the charges disappear.

      You can include your demand for a Voucher to be sent to you when you reply back with your second claim of exemption.

      Be sure to keep all records of this correspondence. This next time, clearly state--- I am the paramount security interest holder in all assets registered and unregistered belonging to YOUR NAME-- FIRST MIDDLE LAST and FIRST MI LAST. Do you have any claim to make against me?

      If not, honor my exemption and stop addressing me as if I knowingly volunteered to act as an unpaid Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service.

    2. Anna, what are the prerequisites, please, to revoking election to pay taxes?

    3. By prereqs I have in mind, e.g., name change, act of expatriation filed, BC returned... I'm a bit fuzzy on it even after reading all your stuff. If there is a critical path, or any or all of these can all be done in parallel, that would be helpful info to have.

  8. To B vance....this is not a "forum" to validate your religion or religious opinion. Correct me if im wrong but isnt the church of morman a 501(3)(c) tax exempt Corporate Church that answers to a higher authority than God(jesus). Enough said. Let me know when your church revokes that "exemption"(which by the way comes from the Cathloic Church) if you understood what judge Anna just said. Just another deceived example of how the corp state works on the weak minded. Grow up...!!! Admit like the rest of us, we have all been deceived. Your religion is no exception. The sooner you accept, the sooner God will open your eyes. Its a hard admission, isnt it...!!

  9. It appears that IRS is making presumptions about who is and who is not a tax payer. If one had proof they revoked the election (USC 26 6013g) then I imagine that could be brought up at the USTC. If this issue moves beyond your ability to challenge jurisdiction at USTC, then it moves to federal court and becomes near impossible. I also imagine that if one challenged a tax issue at USTC and that court sent back paperwork to be filled out as well as fees paid, I wonder what those actions would imply? Becareful with this animal.

    1. 1. who is the real party in interest claiming that they have been injured? please let me see the genuine affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, under oath or affirmation? stating such.

      2. let me see the bookeeping records, signed by a CPA, under penalty of perjury, under GAAP nad GAAS evidencing the financial injury sustained by the claimant and the accuracy of the injury and their claims.

      3. let me see the genuine contract, with my wet ink signature, agreeing to their stipulated terms, or a verified copy, signed under penalty of perjury.

      4. produce a witness, someone with first hand knowledge that is willign to testify under oath or affirmation proving i signed this or any document alleged.

      lastly statement of counsel in brief or argument although entertaining is not sufficient for summary judgement or motion to dismiss;

      so if you are anyone else in this courtroom is not willing to testify under penalty of perjury, then i motion the court to dismiss and vacate all charges and allegations.

    2. Sounds great. But isn't a motion tantamount to acknowledging jurisdiction? Would it not be better to challenge jurisdiction, and immediately file a counter claim in your court of record where you are in complete control?

    3. Penny,

      You have no idea what this is really about, who it pertains to or the fact that we as people are outside of this fiction. Who is holding the property at issue, you? No, try again. I wish you well in any attempt to make things right.

  10. Maybe we should just dispense with all this paperwork to free ourselves from our corporate counterparts and go right to the "Sourse" that created and controls this whole corporate illusion....the pope.!!! "NO ONE TOLD ME"!!! Like Cher did in the movie she was in(i forgot the movie), was just slap the guy and said "snap out of it", thats what you should have done to the pope judge Anna.

    1. that would be the county, (court of ordinary, look that word up) that registered you in the first place, DBA vatican city, and prove to them you are ALIVE, face to face.

  11. Unfortunately my funding right now is federal, military retirement and social security so as far as I know the tax is to be paid. A few years ago IRS called and said he tax was late, I was active duty then. They said "Your are a federal employee so must pay the tax" I asked if I was not a federal employee then I would not have to pay it? Then the said everyone has too, but it is obvious that it cannot be both ways. Why would they even write on my active federal employment that due to the fact of the employment the tax was owed? That is not written on non- federal employees tax presentments/papers from IRS. Still I have no obligation to military, as enlisted retired, earned the pay and other than the tax am not a subject of any kind but a child of heaven. From one, the Great Spirit comes many, from man's dead corporate things, that are worshipped as unseen gods, evidenced by beleivers and agents supporting the idea of the "thing" named corporation we see "from many comes one" just backwards and is worshipping a false created god that does not exist except by the creations of people in the mind and beliefs. Only the true spirit that gives us life and all we have can be counted upon for truth, all of man's greedy self serving stuff is vanity, wind, nonsense and only held in place by phony beliefs. ( that can have a lot of followers) I just try not to get tricked by the phony stuff, look around and ask is it of the spirit or is it phony fake lies that can blow away in the wind?

  12. YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN....."An American Affidavit of Probable Cause", clearly exposes the IRS Scam, I, Anna Maria Riezinger, Affiant identified this day do affirm that I am sending true correct copies of this affidavit to the following recipients via U.S. Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested: 1. Pope Francis 2. Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II 3. President Barack Hussein Obama 4. Vice President Joe Biden 5. Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew 6. Treasurer of the United States Rosa Gumatatao Rios 7. Secretary of State John Kerry 8. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter 9. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch 10. State of Alaska Governor William Walker 11. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Janet L. Yellen 12. Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine LaGarde 13. Director General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar Abdirahman Hussein 14. General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 15. Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Vice-Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 16. Vice-Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, Joint Chiefs of Staff 17. Alaska Congressional Delegation 18. William C. Hubbard, President of the American Bar Association 19. Frank Keating, President of the American Bankers Association 20. Camden R. Fine, President of Independent Community Bankers of America
    So affirmed this 22nd day of June 2015.

    Here we are two years later. I beg you to explain why they get to ignore us twice and try to rebut our claims???

  13. Anna, I am finally out of prison after 5 years for tax evasion and failure to file. I have .tried every remedy I can find out there and have come to the conclusion only the default process works against their deceit and atrocities. I currently have a default process on the judge in my case to which he has acquiesced. I had the process in the court where I was incarcerated, but they moved me back to my home of Arizona without answering, and I think I will probably have to either have it transferred here, or file a new case here. As you know that takes forever, and most of the time they do not or will not sign against another judge,even though rule 55 of the FRCvP ordain it. So my question to you is, do you know of any other court or way to get it signed off on? Actually it says in the FRCvP that the clerk can sign it, but I'm not sure they will do it either. They all have a click that they belong to and will sign it in a heartbeat against any of us, but when the shoe is turned, what do you do to pursue your remedy they gave you??? Thank you Stay44

    1. FROM ANNA:

      None of their "presumptions" can be proven if you rebut them in the public record and take the actions I have outlined for everyone. When you "surrender" the municipal PERSON and revoke all Voter Registrations, you are signaling your refusal to be involved in their system and your refusal to serve as a "Withholding Agent"---- that is, a warrant officer on a Merchant Marine Vessel named after you. Giving that PERSON back to the Treasury releases you from Municipal United States servitude including filing federal taxes IF you are not actually a federal employee, dependent, African descent, political asylum seeker, etc.,


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