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Saturday, May 6, 2017

General Dunford, Mr. Trump, Everyone Concerned ---Courage Is The First Virtue

By Anna Von Reitz

The Ancient Romans taught that "Courage is the first virtue."   Why?  Because without courage, you can't guarantee any other virtue.  You will be subject to whomever or whatever can frighten you the most.  At their bidding and because of your fear, you will bow to whatever evil any vile creature in the universe can imagine. 

For that reason, it is imperative that you drive out all fear.  

There are profoundly evil men--- I won't even call them "men"--- rather, there are evil creatures, among us.  Monsters in the bodies of men.  

Find out who ordered and approved the construction of 800 FEMA Camps on our shores and the  importation of 30,000 guillotines and the ordering of millions of body bags ----- and you will know without any doubt who these evil creatures are and what they have intended for their Priority Creditors. Simply follow the money back to source. 

These creatures have been warned repeatedly what to expect if they do not cease and desist their "program" of destruction and death.  They have been given international and Astral Notice.  Their activities have been fully reported and noted and all their activities (which they imagine are carried out in secret) are fully documented, detailed, and known. 

Despite being openly told that there "are no secrets" and given proof of it, too, they have persisted in their delusions and have launched fairly sophisticated resonance weapons intended to disrupt biological DNA and electrochemical systems of biological organisms on Earth. 

Their "war satellites" are in position and they are threatening populations in North America and China.  

Project your consciousness 90 miles above the Earth, on the edge of the Van Allen Plasma Belt and observe the grid lines that exist there.  Their satellites are directly observable and glow with an odd putrid hospital green color.  

Call upon our Father and his Angels, visually showing them the threat these creatures are posing to you and to all Creation----and target them.  

Focus the energy of your mind and your emotions on these resonance weapon satellites glowing vaguely green against the darkness of the firmament and ask for them to be removed.  Just that.  Removed.  

First, a dark, swirling mist envelops them and the creatures on Earth they are connected to.

Second, swiftly, they are consumed and reduced literally to atomic dust that is blown away harmlessly by the solar wind. 

Third, though you know this has happened and that these "people" no longer exist, somehow you don't remember them.  They are simply gone and there is no sense of loss or regret.  

A great sense of peace and relief fills your mind and senses.  It feels like you can draw a deep breath again after many years of shallow panting.  You can hear birdsong again.  You can smell the Earth.  

It's over. 

Call to your Father and use your gifts and abilities that you have inherited from Him.  Raise up your mighty spirits forged in the mists of time.  All you Guardians, rise!  

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  1. A good authority our unseen visitors u tube Dan winter a brilliant brilliant scientist search for video on origin of our species or E.T.

  2. We never give up our love for humanity.
    Thanks To All Courageous Ones.
    Arrests in order:

    1. Article Excerpt "Project your consciousness 90 miles above the Earth, on the edge of the Van Allen Plasma Belt and observe the grid lines that exist there. Their satellites are directly observable and glow with an odd putrid hospital green color."

      Wrong choice made by fallen ones and good luck for humanity. The van allen belt is part of the magnetosphere that is being dismantled as we text. Earth reclaiming its coronasphere aura of plasma status in place of van allen belt like the organic star it is.

  3. I just heard another story from a woman on KFI "Coast to Coast" 640am in calif., but it is heard around the world. She has so many degrees i couldnt even remember all of them. But she went to the hospital one day because she didnt feel good. The hospital narrowed it down to her heart and used an envasive method 8 times trying to diagnose her condition...way to many times. When they all left the room she felt worse and knew she was slipping away....and did. As usually is the case in "near death" experiancies, your spirit arises and sees your own body on the table. From there there is a short trip through darkness where eventually you see "the light" and before you even reach it, all you can feel is overwhelming "unconditional love", that everyone is naturally drawn to. And every question you ever had about life, death, and history of the ages come together like a puzzle which in our earthly bodies had so many pieces missing it was never possible to put it all together. But as only spirit, suddenly all the missing pieces come together and the puzzle is reveiled completely. Even to Eistein...!!! Heres the point to all these "near death" experiances. This wooman spent her whole life, attaining degrees, etc, because she was always focused on "MONEY". But its not until you die that you realize this world was never meant to be about money. It was always about "love and understanding" . And that we have been lied and deceived by the very people, the churches, that we are dealing with a jeleous,mean, judgemental, and a God that works by "fear of damnation", instead of a loving and forgiving God, that could hardly damn his own creations, anymore that he could damn himself, because a part of him exsist in every single human being on earth. We are like leaves on a big tree. He doesnt want to loose even one leave of that perfect tree. If we really had true "faith" , we couldnt be controlled by anyone, because all we would have to do is "ask" and it would surely be given. But we are trained right after birth and brainwashed by our parents, their parents, and society as a whole, that have never had the faith we were given, and wound up replacing faith, which is intangible, for money, which is easier to understand because its tangable, we can see the results. All it takes is work and you can have whatever the heart desires. And because he sent his son, jesus, in the flesh to experiance our plight, trust me when i say, he understands our problem and realizes the problems, mostly because of the lies and deceite, that we face daily, that when the time comes, he will forgive us, even the people we cant stand. The best advice i can give you is just to get away from everyone around you, who insist on being negative, nagging, complaining about everyone and everything, and jealous of people that have more than them. Because the only real thing that people can steal from you is "your energy", your good spirit, which they used up completely, and now need it from everyo e else around them....I am speaking from experiance. Run, dont walk away from these people, no matter what it cost you, because they will drain you completely, or worse, make you do something really stupid, like killing them or someone can happen easier than you think...!!!! But this doesnt mean we have to stop uncovering the "TRUTH". In fact, most of this knowledge we collectively search and share with gives me hope, and joy. Most people run from this knowledge or pretend there is nothing wrong with the world as it is, especially if they are benifiting from it.

  4. Wow! My God those words ring so true Anna. That is beautifully said sister in light. Thank you. And so it is...

  5. After reading The Ruling Elite, records more than ample to provide evidence of torture, tricking people in to trusting them then once disarmed, and captive hacking, shooting, burning and laughing it up like having a good time. Selling scalps for 80 bucks a pop for instance among other horrors. Guillotines are the "kinder friendlier ways" Whoever these foul creatures are that are now exposed it is time we get off their dinner plate, stop being toys used in destructive wreck everything agendas and forget about them, let peace flow everywhere and the healing take place in full.

  6. I believe that I am a T.I.
    I understand all too well what happens to the body, once targeted.
    Example; I am growing elbow-like bones out of my kneecap now. UCLA & Stanford could offer ZERO assistance, though they happily took my money. But that's another story...

    I have learned much about energy, frequency, vibration...and focus.

    They will perish. Victory of the Light.

    And so it is...

  7. Just remember, even without guns, they(the global elite) have total control of the "food" and the "seeds" at all levels. When people get hungry enough, they will eventually give up fighting. They control the water too. And there will always be people willing to do anything just to keep their job and protect their own families.....I mean anything!!! Its not over till the fat lady sings. Be vigilant. No more sleeping at the wheel...

  8. Advice beautifully given, Anna. I use Enochian magic on a daily basis now to do this, plus do remote viewing and influencing to break and disintegrate chemtrails and scalar weapons...I will also focus on the evil green satellites as well!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Have all Americans been taken off the enemy of the state list though the Geneva and Hague convention?

  11. Tell Jesus What You Need Daily & write It Down, It's Like A Back Order.


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