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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Best Explanation of "The System" -- Right From the Horse's Mouth

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone please go to this link and spend five minutes to listen to this explanation of the "System"----- by the author of it's American version,  Colonel House. 

This explicitly and simply explains what has been done to you and how and why and by whom and when.  

Be sure to read the accompanying article which further details the history, meaning, make-up, and operations of the "Federal Reserve" and the banking system as a whole.  

This entire presentation is worthy of memorizing.  

And so is Melvin Stamper's book, Fruit From a Poisonous Tree.   He didn't get it all, but he came close--- and he explained what he did know very well.   

Those who are serious about getting to the root cause of what has gone wrong in America and in the world at large need to deeply contemplate the information presented in these brief resources.  

I am truly grateful to the authors/organizers of the Galactic Connection for doing such a bang-em-up job with this presentation of key information everyone in this country ought to have and know as well as they know the "Pledge of Allegiance" that Colonel House used to further indoctrinate and complete his system of feudal "pledging" and eternal debt. 


  1. The Medal House letter has been beating around for years unfortunately to my knowledge it has never been verified or proven in any way ?
    This is the quote directly from the book:
    "Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President, 1913-1921) From the private papers of Woodrow Wilson"
    So it was a private meeting as stated and also states "say" as in a verbal, so Wilson went and dictated everything verbatim into a written document later for his personal papers? So I assume there should be an authenticated original copy in this handwriting?
    Just saying it seems easily written in hindsight, these masonic shit bags do not detail their plans in clear decisive 1 time meetings, their is a reason why they are heavy into secret signs symbols and hand shakes.
    There was no need to ever disclose any diabolical plot when it was so simple to hatch considering the average individual of the millions migrating during those times barely spoke any English and would have agreed to and signed anything for a bowl of soup.

  2. Trusts exist in equity only -- or not. They are responsible for the debacle they have created with this forcible fraud -- not us. We thusly make them our instructees and make them clean it up, plus credit us reversionary interest, retroactive to the point of origin of the premeditated, malicious fraud. Write "lawful money and full discharge is demanded for all transactions, per 12 USC 411, 95a(2)" on all bills, deposit slips, and checks, and balance the books correctly and reduce the national debt, keeping the IRS away forever.

    1. chris you have personal knowledge with this and it works for you consistently? when was the last time you paid taxes? people you know do this and have evidence that it works anybody? for what exactly? all of your bills? mortgage? car? you pay nothing annually?

    2. Chris Robideaux, kindly reply to penny4yourthoughts inquiry!!

      What we NEED to know is does this work for all us "peons" out here ASAP!! HELP us, please.

    3. Specifically we NEED instructions HOW to untangle ourselves in easy format for duplication so that eventually thousands, then millions do the same. Up to the task? Or is this all just hopefull BULLSHIT?

    4. best way i have personally found is hitting debt collectors early and refute their claims with a targeted letter. it is actually illegal for them to contact you but if you dont know the FDCPA/FCRA, they get you by silent acquiescence. you could actually be suing them but they turn the tables on us.

      full satisfaction of claim. UCC 3-311 is legit and reproducable, you cant get into trouble, it is a counter offer. all that pie in the sky 12 USC 95(a) does nothing consistently. most of the patriot community has been pushing that for years. the best actionable info that i have received by any group with the most testimony's is from the hindsight radio team. they are spot on definitely with those 2 areas.

    5. LOL the Unicorn called Equity!
      "Trvth" over on My Private Audio specializes in Equity.
      Without exact proper Standing there is NO access to Equity, the Judge and courts are the class/status gatekeepers they allow you into equity - or not, it's multi degree masonry you are evaluated and standing tested.
      Just because a private group of people create a Trust and you have been brainwashed into believing you are part of it ("WE the People"... for instance) does not make it so. Your standing as citizen/employee/customer does not put you in a superior Trust status, you can't bitch about the fraud and then dictate how you want the fraud to work for you ??? It's their private Trust and their money , notes, bills, checks etc etc etc.... your the customer by free will either come out of Rome or pay your tax to Caesar and get over it... that's my standing.

      What I've personally heard about Equity the 1 single power move is to change your Legal name from the ALL CAPS to the Proper style and I have heard of cases switching into Equity mid stream simply because the Legal name was changed.

    6. penny4yerthoughts -- You're right, and there are many ways to say it, to own and verify the claim, etc. I'm not saying that 12 USC 411 is the ONLY way. And, it's definitely not pie in the sky, it's simply another way to put the screws to them for a change, and do your civic duty at the same time. darylluke -- No, it's not "just hopefull [sic] BULLSHIT". It works. has some salient info on this subject -- in addition to the wealth of info offered by Anna and Paul to state our claims and stand in Truth. Also look at, there's some great info there.

    7. penny4yerthoughts -- I rescinded from election to pay taxes in 2003 after we illegally invaded Iraq and have never looked back, nor have I received a single communication from the IRS ever since. Are you paying the Puerto Rican excise "gift" tax? If so, you are an aider and abettor of genocide. (Remember the Nazis called Zyklon B, the gas that killed innocent Jews, "gift-gas".)

    8. agreed, i as well revoked in 07. then satisified the claims for prior estate gift taxes.

      what about your USC process for mortgages, cars and utility bills etc?

    9. equity is legit you just have to know how to invoke it, they will not say anything in public and you have to be in the proper venue through appeal. You cannot get a judge in the public to admit anything he would be hoodwinked with a noose around his neck and his tongue cut out from ear to ear...masonic punishment...

      the only way i have ever heard of private rememdy was done privately in chambers...You cannot comingle with enemy belligerents you must exclude the public.

  3. Anyone bored ? this is the book mentioned on Librivox audio.
    LOL it's NO big secret every copy and re-print of the book for sale is clearly labelled "by Edward Mandell House", some re-prints I see dated from just 2 years ago.

    Philip Dru: Administrator
    by Edward M. House

  4. Does not matter who said it, everything said by whom ever has happened. Try to remain focused, Wow!

  5. That's it,,, a guardian, controld of public schools all books spit propaganda the tv you can shut off but school is mandatory and our fertil young minds subject to sophisticated mind controld .repeat repeat repeat embed so deep only a life or death incident can break the trance.

  6. This is not just financial, it's more it's control of the sheep! And some of the smart ones like in Poland communist assiniated2,500. Elite officers a decapitation were no resistance will come back.why only white countries are being ethically genocided according to the Geneva convention . Split in jewish ideology the trotskites.wanted international controld the stalinists. Wanted local.but they will kill trotsky said of the Ukrainian holodomor a mother is not hungry till she eats her children.
    All this have the same perpetrators ...
    Saudia Arabia is the most feared by moderate muslims brutal yet a Jewish
    Controld as is america.
    Europe has clamped down on innernet the global media is in full censorship .
    Email is a little more secure and conference calls harder to stop they fear nationalism .
    I am reaching out to the leaders of the fighting age carcasians red ice and trying to acquaint them to our people the legal minds accepted who got Richard Spencer his injunction are weak on common law and a returning lorri Anderson of freedom outpost came on with justice Michael Hamilton and exchanged strategy . But we need a merger the fighting is fine but we need brains young fertil minds cause the lawyers peculiarly jewish powerhouses jewish defence legue, SPLC , ADL billions in coffers attorneys the can shut down any decent . .....
    They can't beat common law or like the Lufkin case exposing the congress unlawfully breaching the article 5 changing oaths to say under the Constitution thair is no under the Constitution ! !! It's a back door.
    5 1/2 mouthsthe state attorney set silent to not let this get blown wide opean.

  7. Within the first hundred years of its inception the united States of America became the most prosperous nation on earth. The reason is because it had an honest monetary system. That free market economic system, however, was undermined by the Federal Reserve. By design, the only way money came into the economy was via loans – loans to individuals, companies, and the government. Tied to each loan is interest that is paid before the principal and the interest often exceeds the principal over the term of the loan. Yet the interest was never injected into the economy. Therefore, every dollar taken out of the economy to pay interest is one less available to pay the principal. The only possible outcomes of this fraudulent scheme are bankruptcies and foreclosures.
    The only way this system could survive is if an ever increasing amount is loaned out each year – enough to pay cover debt service and enable the economy to grow. Yet, with NAFTA and GATT companies left the U.S. taking with them their high paying jobs. Workers’ earnings decreased as they went from manufacturing to retail jobs. Demand for loans by companies to expand their operations and add equipment fell. Individuals, already saddled with debt, reduced borrowing thereby putting the economy in a steady decline. The true unemployment today is approximately 23%. In short, given the Federal Reserve System, there is no way to heal our economy.
    As an economist, I contend that there is a solution to our economy. It is a model, which if implemented, would restore full employment within a matter of a few months, eliminate the need for deficits, and propel us into an era of personal economic prosperity to levels beyond which we could even imagine possible. All that needs to be done is 1) terminate the Federal Reserve and have the Treasury, instead of lend, spend non-interest bearing, asset-based United States of America Treasury Certificates into the economy in amounts equal to the retail value of new production. This would keep the value of the dollar constant. 2) Eliminate the IRS and end all taxes at the national, state, and local levels including property taxes, cigarette taxes, and all hidden taxes. 3) Change the bank laws so that banks may only lend from monies they have and not create money out of thin air. To see the enormous benefits to be gained, see my thesis at Sadly, however, the Congress is not likely to implement this model because the Fed and IRS are the means by which they can control and enslave us. Therefore, all the model does is show that a solution to our economic woes does exist. The only way it could ever become a reality is if the model went viral and immense pressure was put on Congress to make the needed changes.

    1. it may be closer than you think, only WE can bring it about. we MUST organize as a group, self-govern and stop blaming "them" there is no "them" without "us"

      their corporations are only 2D paper. STATE OF Whatever, only persons can facilitate the process. starting with the secretary at the front door, we are ALL agents as long as we are plugged into the matrix system.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Fruit From a Poisonous Tree pdf


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