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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Big Job --- Reply to Arnie Rosner

By Anna Von Reitz

I have told you----and everyone else---- the circumstance and the mechanism.  So now the question is: what do we do about it?

They are occupying a foreign jurisdiction with respect to us, and that protects them in the same way that a national boundary would---say, the boundary between Canada and the states. 

If we cross that boundary and attack them, it can be interpreted as: (1) trespass; (2) insurrection; or (3) an act of war.   None of those options serves our best interest nor our ultimate purposes. 

It makes us into the wrong-doers and the bad guys instead of bringing the actual perpetrators to justice. 

That's why my motto is: "Keep Calm and Get Even" and that's why I disagree with you so vehemently when you get on your broomstick and advocate attacking them physically or engaging them inside their own box. 

We can't win that way.  We can only make ourselves look bad and give them an excuse to take action against us.

In a way, it's like the bully at school who is constantly stealing your lunch, tripping you, cuffing the back of your head, shoving you into your locker---but he never gets caught.  He keeps egging you on until you finally go for him, and then you get dragged into the Principal's Office and punished for starting the fight. 

The important thing for you to keep in mind, along with everyone else, is what I have told you until I am blue in the face: these are commercial crimes.

They are crimes in commerce, Arnie.  It has nothing to do with politics.  They are allowed to run their own internal "corporate government" and to use their own in-house corporate tribunals.  They can promote their Territorial "States of States" and if we are dumb enough to mistake those for our actual state governments, they are allowed to take us to the cleaners-----caveat emptor. 

The problem for them comes when they are caught red-handed committing active and constructive commercial fraud on our shores, resulting in unlawful conversion of our political status and assets to their ownership, in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract, and the only excuse they have for this is an illegal commercial mercenary conflict that they have tried to pass off as a "war" that was never declared and never ended.

If we stand on our flat feet and maintain our position the wheels of international justice grind slow but exceedingly fine.  They will get their come-uppance and we won't have to suffer and bleed and die for it, either. 

Their ill-gotten gains will come back to us, the rightful owners.  Their leaders will be deposed, because their corporations won't make money for their stockholders.  Their corporations will be liquidated, as they have to be, as international crime syndicates. 

And the Big Job for us, Arnie, is not to fight with them. 

The Big Job for us is to restore and rebuild the actual government we are owed---to call together our county jural assemblies for the land jurisdiction, to revive our actual states of the Union, to restore our own Common Law courts, to renew our own asset-backed monetary system. 

Other nations will join with us to make sure that these criminals are punished.  They will have no place left to run. 

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  1. "Over the past 60 years , nearly all
    Of our unalienable rights have been stripped from us through the sophistry and obfuscation of the courts and the debt-based money spending off the backs of americans.

    1. Well Anna, when they swore that oath to uphold the Constitution, and break that oath, they are in FACT considered Class D Felons, and they should be removed from office 5 USC 7311, so why hasnt anyone done it? They are traitors, and committing tyranny and treason upon the American people. Where are the MEN in this country, why dont those Constitutional Marshals do SOMETHING. Why doesnt our own military do SOMETHING to clear our house of the RATS.

  2. Time to crank up the learning and help those like Sherriffs under attack for obeying their oaths, search for constitutional sherriffs and see google returns with articles pitching warrantless windbag stories characterizing anyone not in allegiance with the news as a misfit, idiot etc. Why let some news editor fill your mind with their opinions? Help people wake up. Point out these stupid things like following news stories like a dumbed down parrot. People have the smarts to know just need some encouragement to use the head we are born with. Are you and less competent than someone who writes or works at a monopoly syndicate news business?


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