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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

By Anna Von Reitz

Did you get baptized in an incorporated church?

If so, you received a Baptismal Certificate --- just like you received a Birth Certificate,

And just like the Birth Certificate, your Baptismal Certificate was monetized and sold to investors.

Read that as: your new soul--- which was created the moment you rose up from the water of your baptism--- is being bought and sold by the "church" corporation that baptized you and interpreted your baptism as a commercial contract,

Obviously, they had a different "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" in mind than you did. Theirs was the Marduk, Satan, and Lucifer trinity.  They just didn't bother to tell you that.  

So, here we are, it's 2017 and your soul is literally being bought and sold by the bastards responsible for this.  And who are they?  

First and foremost, the Roman Curia of the Holy See and the Roman Pontiff. 

Secondly, all the dumb cluck church organizations that agreed to incorporate themselves as franchises of the United States in order to avoid taxes they never owed in the first place.  

It's like having thieves and demons at both elbows, ready to catch crumbs and attach adhesion contracts every moment of every day, so that they can feed off your life energy more efficiently--- and then justify their evil works by misrepresenting you and your intentions. 

Catholics---- your money and political strength is going to support the buying and selling of souls?  Really?  Are you aware of this profoundly dirty business going on under your noses?  

Lutherans--- you, too?  You think that this is the reasonable cost of doing business, that you should profit from selling souls?  Fleecing the flock, instead of caring for it? 

Methodists?  Church of Christ?  Jehovah's Witnesses?  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?  Pentecostals?  Baptists?  Episcopalians?  Anglicans?  ALL of you that incorporated your churches as franchises of the UNITED STATES and fell into the practice of issuing baptismal "certificates"?   

Can you imagine a greater betrayal of trust than this?  

I can't. 

Folks, if you are not flabbergasted, you ought to be.  If nothing else wakes you up to the evil in our midst, this must.  Get on your feet and start marching. Start talking, too.   It's not just your bodies and your homes and your businesses at risk, your immortal soul has been trespassed upon by these vermin, sold for profit and declared "dead".  

We must destroy these corporations and the nest of vipers giving rise to them without further ado and without apology, by all means political and practical. There can be no tolerance for this abomination, now or ever.  

Tell your priests and ministers and pastors to pull the plug and cancel all applications and articles of incorporation related to your churches.  Cease these repugnant practices or hear the giant sucking sound of millions of betrayed and defrauded Christians shaking the dust off their sandals and finding a new and honest and unincorporated church to attend.

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  1. What then has happened to it being NULL AND VOID when there was NEVER a meeting of the minds and no full disclosure Anna? So are we to contact them in writing and DEMAND those baptismal certificate back, and or write them via certified mail, that anything that was done, without full disclosure is null and void? Seems that would define ones intent, and the matter dealt with, what say you? thanks

    1. you should do that with ALL contracts you entered into without full disclosure. Revoke and rescind any signature done period to any registration as they are all abandoning your rights to "them" and they place it in a Trust i,e. voter registration, drivers license, mortgage and marriage license etc,.to "their" benefit.

      if you have unalienable God-given rights, in the Divine Estate, why would you need Satan's permission? anything you need to record you do it in your family bible or county recorder which is where all of those other things should have been done. even your day of nativity ;o)

  2. The majority, unfortunately...simply do not want to believe these Truths.

    These enemies of Humanity have burrowed within the very social fabric of most societies and they have turned virtually everything onto its head, as they operate & prey upon our ignorance.
    Finally though...due to the internet allowing the bulk of Humanities knowledge to be literally at our finders, people all across the world are Awakening to these Truth's.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

  3. I already knew as much all the 501c Churches , I believe you may be able to find Greek Orthodox churches that are not, they originally told the Vatican to shove-it back when then they did the Calender change and the Orthodox kept the Julian.

  4. I have been pondering this very avenue for some time now as well. It seems to me that this should be the bulwark of our efforts, for no republic can long stand if its people are without a moral compass upon which to rest their causes, and to test their hearts and motives at every turn wherever evil may encroach. The Church must herself safeguard freedom, and by Church I mean the entire body of Christendom. We must vette our leadership accordingly and seek recourse through every means granted us by nature and by God.

  5. So, this mean they are coming after us to kill us, can we change our names !!!

  6. I was baptized in a free flowing river by a Spirit filled man of God who walked away from a multi-million dollar business to answer God call.
    Don't today know if he bowed to the Senator-LBJ's sponsored 1954 501c3 IRS Bill for control of the churches- as he is 6 states distance away.
    Tho he was not about allowing Gubment intrusion then...

  7. Well..this my dear Anna will either rip your cause to shreds by the deeply religioys indoctrinated or it will move the masses who see only with their eyes.
    I think this card was revealed to soon..yet we will know as well as see..I only see all excercising their free will...
    And that my dear Anna is perfection...
    The physical world is transitory
    That which appears evil is only ones judgment reflecting back in the light..

  8. bill donahue very aprospos, breaks down church and easter/passover

  9. I think another reason why Christian churches incorporated was to get the "faith-based organization" block grants from the federal government. Churches were not to get tax payer money until George W. Bush made faith-based organizations (corporations) eliigible for federal money.

  10. South Africa the churches when they were strong the ppl were strong .
    A new tone of like Francis universal opean borders one world order lead to a slaughter and now the new president is calling for a white genoside .
    I don't trust ppl that take government bribe s .

  11. This thought pattern is total BS.
    We are not this flesh and blood body, do not identify with it.
    No piece of paper has any authority over YOU, for they are under the real you.
    They may be able to beat and bloody and torture you physical body but they have no ability to control your individual self.
    You do not have to obey any tyrantical psychopathic dictators called governments or so called royalty, slavery is not real!
    If no one ever picked up a weapon in this world, there would b e no war, EVER!


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