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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Public Notice to the United States/UNITED STATES

By Anna Von Reitz

We, the American states and people, are not dead, not slaves, and not donating our estates, our names, our copyrights, our land, or anything else to you and your corporations.  We are not standing as sureties for the debts of the United States (Territorial United States) nor the UNITED STATES (Municipal United States) and we are giving full, fair, and public Notice of the facts. 

We are disgusted by and estranged from the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and the members of Congress representing these foreign entities which have encroached and usurped upon us by means of fraud, hypothecation of debt, and unlawful conversion of assets. 

With respect to us and as commercial corporations the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have no sovereignty, no immunity, no delegated authorization to seize upon the American states nor the American people nor any asset rightfully belonging to us.  

The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must cease and desist all presumptions against the American states and people and must observe and obey the limitations stated in the contracts and treaties allowing your existence on our shores.  

Failure to respect our paramount claim to our lives, souls, bodies, land, names, copyrights, trademarks, all other intellectual property and  material rights, free will and all else that rightfully and naturally belongs to us, will result in the international liquidation of your corporations, the removal of your officials from our shores, and the international prosecution of the offenders. 

The United States of America and all member land jurisdiction states are alive and well.  The people of this country have reclaimed the land jurisdiction and returned to their native domicile on the land.  This is your Notice that we have done so and that we first made this announcement and these claims in 1998. 

We are posting this Public Notice via email on Bulletin Boards, Blogs, Chat Rooms, News Services, and Cyber Publications worldwide.  

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  1. ok hold up, where is the document showing this was posted anywhere, or that the land etc has been reclaimed, is this in some court matter, if so where? thanks

    1. A document is a piece of paper that has no control over you.
      Do not consent!

  2. You do a public notice new paper, public square . It all out in the opean not treasonous secrets .

  3. Ya Craigslist is pretty damn public, and it has a political section both in the community postings and in the forums.

  4. Can someone tell me what RESIDENT means? This is how mail which came to my mail box from the US CENSUS was addressed.

    1. always look up any word you do not understand in a variety of dictionaries and time periods when it was established, you especially want to see their source and their definitions which you could google and they do have it somewhere. for example when the irs says individual or person, you need to look in the IRC code how they define it. it will tell you and you will be shocked to understand how you have been beguiled.

    2. Resident is short for "resident alien" , if you are a US citizen then you reside in a foreign State, your a citizen of D.C. and Uncle Sam is taking inventory of his property through the census.

  5. You tell 'em, Judge Anna! We're all with you.

  6. Love what your doing you are the new Joan of Arc of our century I am so grateful folks like you exist in this sick pathetic fraudulent Political Goon Squad riddled world...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This is so premature...
    This statement and notice has no physical force and affect(militia)nor are we even close to any critical mass..
    I am for the truth and especially for greater awareness..
    Any one see this..?

    1. Someone has got to put it together so we can see the problem.

  9. Pretty evident trump is on board the globalist train.he did it to him picking corrupt ppl and letting go his only good guys Bannon is kicked out of security briefing and kushner a radical semite.has virtually taken over and struck a huge deal with sorros..
    It's time for plan (B).
    Ann Colter has basically single handedly trumpeting anti war Syria shut down the neo cons.
    A lot of talk shows are opean to callers if you can digest information and condense it to digestible bytes feed it to hungry activest .

  10. Religion, Bible, Can you handle the Truth? (Read My Description Below)

  11. Judge Ana, I can't thank you enough for your bravery your honesty and continual posting of all remedies we can perform to properly stand as my significant other has coined "American Continental Civilians" not United States of America Inc Corporate Slaves!

    There are so many deviants and dis-informationists on the internet distracting us from the real truth regarding our political standing. Claiming they know how to properly stand and have the fools and ignorant follow them to stand inproperly, while they intentionally mislead so many honest hard working Americans back into the Dead Corps of USA Inc enslavement.

    You Anna and by proxy Paul by posting all Anna’s rich filled blogs are amongst a hand full of people that are putting forth the correct info on how to stand as true "North American Civilians". I thank you so much for your continual pouring out of accurate information in order to liberate us from ALL Oppressors DEAD CORPS: all alphabet soup so-called federal agencies; so-called senators; so-called house of representatives; all their dead crops Presidents from present moment and for over 200 years; their simulated courts of maritime law of piracy; their indoctrinated piracy law firms; as well as all lower and higher educational institutions; their universities which intentionally miss-educate everyone that go to these institutions and pay dearly for being completely misinformed. This colossal global fraud committed by primarily The Roman Catholic Church Bergoglio scumbag Murder self-proclaimed Pontiff, his UN, IMFS, FR banksters, Club of Rome, et al, all his Mobster cronies, England's fraudulent monarchy, all the banksters around the globe and all their cronies of their self-proclaimed USA Inc bankrupted Government and all of its federal agents committing acts of piracy upon this land!



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