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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Are We Idiots?

By Anna Von Reitz

Rod Class proved it with his decision from Judge Ridgeway. 

I proved it with no less than three cases--- one county, one state, and one State Supreme Court.

These courts have no jurisdiction related to you, the living man or woman.  None. 

They can only address either "United States Citizens" (Territorials) or "citizens of the United States" (Municipals).   That's it. 

They can't decide anything for you or against you or conduct any business related to you unless you consent to their jurisdiction, and when you do that, you give up all your constitutional rights and guarantees and are stuck relying upon the promises of crooks to provide you (at their discretion) with privileges known as "equal civil rights".

To make this all the more ridiculous, the judges and lawyers operating these courts are under obligation of their corporate employers to fleece you silly, so what it amounts to is that you are asking for mercy (in equity) from Bill Collectors whose real job is to collect money from you.  That's why they constantly abuse their discretion.

Hello?  Hello?  Please, God, Hello?

Tell me why anyone is putting any faith, trust, or hope in the so-called "judicial system" that is presently squatting on our shores, running private Bill Collection agencies under the guise of being public courts, and otherwise acting under color of law with respect to us in every respect?

Nearly every day I get calls and reams of paperwork and emails sharing the latest foolproof court processes and pleas and evidence proofs and that is all very fine, but after all that I have told you, after all that has been exposed---- does it make sense to even deal with these courts at all? 

They aren't your courts.  They aren't interested in the law or the facts----in fact, they are not allowed to hear the law or the facts concerning your PERSONS.  Your PERSONS are guilty by definition before you ever step foot in one of their court rooms, so why go there?  It's considerably worse than foxes in hen houses. 

Instead, folks, put your time, money, and energy into building your own jural assemblies and taking back the lawful courts you are owed.  The issues have already been decided---see Milligan Ex Parte.  When your American Common Law Courts are up and running, the martial law courts have to shut down. 

So shut them down, don't pay them money and beg them for mercy. 

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  1. All presentments are an offer to contract. Decline/reject the offered contract within seventy two hours of receipt. Use registered mail. Been served with a summons? Serve it back to them. If you return paperwork to the court clerk in person, be sure to have two witnesses with you. The court has no jurisdiction unless we grant it to them.

  2. No one wants anything to do with these criminals courts, and this non consent refused to attend results in lawless violence to attend.

    1. The court needs a contract to obtain jurisdiction. Acceptance of the paperwork will be deemed as acceptance of the offered contract. Silence is acquiescence. Sure, it's always possible that they will get power crazy and wage open warfare against the victim by deploying their private mercenary force to kidnap him and intimidate him into accepting their alleged authority. When the victim is dragged into the courtroom the administrative judge will try to trick the prisoner into a contract. If questions are only answered with another question (wait for an answer) and it is repeatedly stated "I do not consent to this proceeding", the judge cannot proceed without violating his oath of office and putting himself into treasonous rebellion,

  3. and so what is the case number for having done all this legal work to free us all? Why also, would we need to do that 12 step process if we've already been redeemed? thanks

  4. We are the bankers (creditors), they are all bankrupts since the beginning. How can the so-called white people owe a king (fiction) any money if he didn't pay for the trip and settling of America in real money (gold or silver). The bankers started the Federal Reserve with a promissory note (fraud). All rulers use funny money, so-called negotiable Instruments, which are not negotiable to us but they're bankers. We live in fraud from the beginning of America. They used people against people to conquer us all and that will continue unless all of us say no more. Expatriate now, we do not owe government any allegiance as they are indebted to us. They have no duty to protect, therefore we have no duty to serve. They represent themselves in the real world without America

  5. Just checked, a certified copy of birth certificate is now 85.00 dollars??? Plus need to send a state or some kind of ID now in addition to sending the payment. I thought in 2012 that 35 was steep and unlawful. Also has to be on the multi-colored security/ financial instrument paper so cannot be copied certified otherwise.

  6. are exactly right. It is totally unrealistic in totdays complex reality to think we can always stay out of their :dens of inequity"(called courts) , especially when dealing with "private mall cops" who are all on steroids and built like the HULK, and convinced they know law or at least more than the average American, which isnt saying much at all(lol). So the smart thing to do is at least be prepared if you ever forced into one, or tricked by the court using language that implies if you dont, you'll be sorry. Isnt better to prepare for the worse and never need it, than to assume that you will never be in one and find yourself totally unprepared on how to proceed...Its common sense. If we all find ourselves totally afraid of their "Star Chambers" then they have already won, and there is no point in even trying to change anything, except to run and carry a gun and be ready to use it when they catch up to you, which we are seeing on a daily basis now on TV. Remember this always... when you factor out the law, the facts, and the charges, and most important of all...the MONEY. Court is really only about one thing....who has the TRUTH on their side and can stand in judgement without feeling guilty that you actually commited a crime, even if things go sideways and you have to do 30 to 90 days. It was nothing you did wrong, it was their fault because of all the intensional misrepresentation and semantic deceite, and "barrarty" they are using against you for only one purpose....unjust enrichment for the court and its officers to justify their need while lining their pockets with massive pensions. So i let them know whatever happens in this court, my consciouse is "clean". You can collect money from me, through me in jail, or even kill me. But you will never get my consciounce because i am "guilt free"... Can you say the same thing judge. Because as you judge me, so also will you be judged by the highest authority of all in the next life. Because they know what im talking about when everone else in the court is totally oblivious since they dont understand any of the words or definitions that attorneys use. So in fact, that court really belongs to no on. Its as much yours as his until you start a "controversy" by pleading like "NOT GUILTY" and answering every question the judge ask you without answering back with a question back to him. Remember hes trying to make you an "offer" , so you have to make a counteroffer back to him by getting him to answer first. And once he does, like i was finally able to do by staying calm and finally able to talk a friend just to come with me as simply a "witness" to the court events, which i could never do before, than i immediately "accepted all those charges for value" and told him to adjust the account to reflect full settlement and closure of this case and the only other thing i needed was a "finding of facts and conclusion of law" and we can both go home. But he just realized there were no facts to judge because i never started a controversy , so wjat conclusion of law could rule on....NONE. He was caught by such surprise that he was visably shaken and as a last minute resort handed me a "fretta wavier" and said all right but sign this first, then exited, stage right, where we could see him pacing back and forth nervousely behind the wall, hoping to god i would sign that waiver....thats how clever they are. But why in the hell would i ever sign a "fretta waiver" when the case was already adjuicated.

  7. I wasnt asking for a jury. I knew that form and what it was for. Judges are going to test your knowledge of law constantly or lack of it to find something he can legally take jurisdiction of. This time he couldnt do it, but because he was so visably disturbed by being outmanuvered , as well as some of the court officers i decided to let him off the hook for his liabilty for the "bid bond" he was now liable for instead of me. So when he returned back into court i simply handed him back his "fretta waiver" blank, the way he gave it too me and told him im returning with my attorney to resolve this case. You could see the relieve in his face. I just relieved him of his liability and by hiring my attorney i was also telling him i was willing going to take liability for this case, THIS ONE TIME only as a lesson to him and anyone else if they ever try this again on me im ready and wont be so nice. It worked, because after that case, i never saw that judge ever again. You see, these judges, no matter what anyone says, DO NOT have "immunity" either implied, judcial , or legislative.

  8. No one in an Admiralty court of 'EQUITY" can claim NO LIABILITY. EQUITY simply wont allow it....period. Even for a judge or prosecutor. I dint care what they say. Because they know it for sure....!!! That lesson taught him some of us do know what we are doing. Unfoetunately, it cost me 90 days in jail. But thats ok, because that side has to be learned to. It is unbelievable what thisbsystem is doing to people with nothing more than a ticket thatbwent to warrent either through negligence or just forgot to show up" to their court date. They litterally destroy peoples lives over avsimple traffic ticket....SICK!!! It used to be a joke about people claiming to be innocent in jail. Not anymore. There is alot of people in jail that dont belong there. On top of that, the court got them to believe it was their fault so also got them to believe or shift any guilt they might of have in their judgement by getting them to believe or let their own consciouse to accept the guilt(of their own actions that were brainwashed by our false corp govt.). Actually, "Acceptance" is just acmodern day version of an anceint remedy of law dating back centuries which was called.. "Confessiin and Avoidance". In other words, confess up front of your sins and avoid the consequencies of those actions by greatly reducing the penalties that you would have faced or eliminate completely if you didnt confess.

  9. The good news is it looks like Trump is working in stealth behind the scenes, to keep the "fake news"media a blackout about what he is really doing which is too boot out the "Federal Reserve" and make several arrest of the top players involved in their scheme....Hes focusing on our real enemy...the BANKS and not Russia. Here is the post...


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