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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Clinging to Your Chains is Not the Answer

By Anna Von Reitz

 [I provided this as a reply to a man worried about the impact of expatriation from federal corporation "citizenship" and what surrender of the federal PERSONS associated with his name might do to Social Security payments, etc., that are now owed to him. 

He expressed a fear that he might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire and might lose what little he had. 

In fact, doing what I suggest guarantees getting out of the fire for good, and back to the land jurisdiction and lawful government you are owed----so long as you get on your hind feet and take action to restore your lawful local county and state government. 

Toward that end--- attend the National Assembly Training Calls being hosted by the Michigan General Jural Assembly each Thursday evening, 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 1-712-770-4170, access code 226823#.  You can also contact them at:  

Every state in the union has a different history and to restore yours to full functioning will require that you get involved and take the steps to (1) declare your proper political status; (2) join your county jural assembly for the land jurisdiction state; (3) join your local militia, either as a member or a supporting member; (4) research your own state and county history and (5) get organized to operate the land jurisdiction county and state government owed to you.

If you want to be counted as an American and enjoy your property, your rights, and your guarantees---- the way has been prepared for you to do so.]


Since 1868 the "federal government" has been organized and operated as a corporation providing governmental services. 
government" has been organized and operated as a corporation providing governmental services. 

First we had "The United States of America, Inc." and that was bankrupted 1907.

Then we had "the United States of America, Inc." and that was bankrupted 1933.

Now we have the "UNITED STATES [INC.}" and that is being liquidated as of 2015.

As I described yesterday, none of these bankruptcies have been honest.  They have all involved false claims and hypothecation of debt against innocent people and their lawful states of the Union.

And it hasn't just been our country involved in this morass of fraud and similar names deceits and false claims of every possible kind. 

Precisely similar con games have taken place throughout the world since the 1800's. 

The original federal service provider was an unincorporated trading company called the "United States" (Trading Company)  This company was owned by Brits, Americans, Dutch, Spanish, French...... and it got started well-prior to the Revolutionary War.  George Washington was its eleventh "President" --- not its first.   This company won all the delegated services contracts mandated by the original Constitution ---- mutual defense, and all the other nineteen enumerated "powers" that the states enabled to federal organization to provide in common to the subscribing states.  

The original state-based government association was also an unincorporated trading company called "the united States of America".  This company was owned and operated by the state government organizations.  It started out having all powers of the member states in international jurisdiction and it contracted away nineteen of those powers. 

So you see that the original Constitution was an equity contract in which the united States of America delegated away nineteen of its native powers to the United States organization, which was to provide those services in common for all the member states. 

This was part of the settlement of the Revolutionary War.  The Brits and Europeans needed American raw materials, but the Americans had no navy to protect their commercial shipping, so a deal was made by which the British navy protected our merchant marine vessels "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways". 

So you are no doubt saying---- fine, dandy, what in the world does all this have to do with my situation and my question? 

You have been mistaken/mischaracterized as an employee and/or dependent of the UNITED STATES, INC.

You were never even eligible for "Social Security" unless you actually were a federal employee or dependent. 

You were signed up and enrolled by the United States, Inc. under false pretenses and purposeful self-interested disinformation.  They operated under color of law and told you that you "had to" sign up for Social Security in order to have a job---- which is only true if you happened to be signing up for a federal job. 

You enrolled under the false impression that you were required to do so by a mandate of your lawful government, but it was actually the foreign federal contractor dba "United States" acting under color of law and lying by omission. 

When you signed up for Social Security under this duress and disinformation a number of things happened.  First and foremost you innocently gave the Social Security Administration a general  Power of Attorney allowing them to control your affairs.  They set up a Masterfile ACCOUNT.  This ACCOUNT was held in your FIRST MIDDLE LAST name and assigned a number that you readily recognize in the form 123-45-6789.  This thing thus created out of thin air is a PERSON --- originally a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust -- and the Social Security Number was later used to identify you as a Taxpayer, also. 

Via this backdoor means, the rats endeavored to enslave both you and your actual employers and to enforce federal regulation and taxation on your PERSON and to use your ACCOUNT as a public trust account that they could plunder at will. 

When you signed your first 1040 Form and innocently agreed that you were operating as a "Withholding Agent" you were then assumed to be a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marines.  This brought your PERSON under Admiralty Law and totally ended any claim you had to any constitutional guarantees or protections.

All of this is complete, utter hokum---- but as a result, you have been "presumed" to be an employee of the federal corporation, held to account as an officer in the Merchant Marines, obligated to perform every whim of Congress, judged under Martial Law, forced to pay taxes as a federal corporation franchise, and worse of all----- everything you own including your children, your land, your businesses, your bank accounts----everything has been seized upon by the UNITED STATES, INC. as collateral belonging to their private, mostly foreign-owned corporation. 

They and their deceptively named STATE OF STATE franchises have used you to underwrite all their debts and stolen title to all your assets and sold interest in all this to investors all over the world. 

And now the perverts are under liquidation.  The bankruptcy trustees (working for banks) are now liquidating the UNITED STATES and selling off all its franchises to the highest bidders at the equivalent of Fire Sales. 

So they are selling off the STATE OF OHIO franchise and the CLARK COUNTY, WISCONSIN franchise and they are also busily selling off your PERSON which is supposed to represent your "decedent estate"---- which includes everything you own including your body, your home, your land, your constitutional guarantees---- everything. 

These outrageous vermin are pretending that you knew about and consented to all this and that you have willingly and knowingly vacated your own estate and donated it all to them in exchange for welfare benefits and old age pensions that you paid for yourself. 

In order to make this "legal" though not "lawful" they have left you a remedy buried in thousands of pages of "government" gobbledygook.  You can "claim your exemption" from all this, though nobody tells you how, and you can "revoke your election" to pay federal taxes though nobody tells you how, and finally, you can return the federal PERSON and be done with the entire bunch of crap, reclaim your natural birthright estate and political status, and tell them to SHOVE IT-----but again, nobody tells you how. 


Well, all this criminal fraud and racketeering has taken place on our shores and has been done by a foreign corporation operating on our shores in criminal breach of trust and commercial contract.  We are the priority creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and we have shoved this bull crap down the throats of all those responsible--- the banks, the politicians, the lawyers.

Other than the bankrupt UNITED STATES, the most recent organization holding the federal contract was the United States of America, Inc. which was bankrupted in 1933.  When that bankruptcy settled in 1999, all debts of the Foreign Situs Trusts operating under Upper and Lower Case Names like this:  John Michael Doe ---- were stripped clean and released.  They didn't cease to exist, but like any bankrupt, were left as a derelict shell belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See. 

I came back and claimed all the land jurisdiction States owed to this formerly bankrupt corporation as a basis of operations with a chain of title going all the way back through The United States of America, Inc. to the United States of America, Inc. and thence to the united States of America Trading Company.  As a thing is bound, it is unbound.  As a result, you can now "return" to the United States of America, Inc. land jurisdiction states, which in turn will kick you right back to the original trading company, the united States of America.  You can no longer be presumed to be operating in "commerce" and no longer under US jurisdiction.  Because it is a pass-through already established, you can't be considered a possession of the United States of America, Inc. either. 

This is possible because it was all properly given Notice and Due Process and then placed under Lien and because I also placed the credit owed to Jesus on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court in payment of absolutely everything associated with this---- FRANCISCUS doesn't have a leg to stand on to object. 

You have states to come home to and you have all your debts paid and the vermin have no excuse to attach your bank accounts, your land, your businesses, your children, or anything else.  And instead of jumping from the frying pan into the fire, which is what you suggested in asking your question in the first place----- when you flip the switch and "surrender" the federal PERSONS operating in your NAME as I have instructed----you can no longer be "presumed" to be associated with the UNITED STATES, INC. in any way.   Your ACCOUNT will be transferred first to the land jurisdiction state dba Wisconsin State, Florida State, etc., of the United States of America, Inc. and from there passed back through to the "united States of America" which is an unincorporated Trading Company owned and operated by the actual states of the Union. 

What happens to all the "federal pension" and "welfare" and "SSI"-----?  Well, all that stuff being paid out of the Public Charitable Trust ("PCT") that was set up as a welfare trust to care for the needs of displaced plantation slaves in the wake of the so-called "Civil War" will be replaced.  All those "federal entitlement" programs will cease to exist, but all the money and assets that you are actually owed will be returned, so it won't matter two bits to you that you no longer have fifth rate welfare benefits to depend on in your old age.  You will be able to pay for your own first rate health insurance. 

[Not only is this far better than any government program and more adaptable to your needs, but as the UNITED STATES, INC. is insolvent and under liquidation and the entire affair is under criminal investigation, it is unlikely that any such "entitlements" will continue.]

So, the Kingdom of Heaven has redeemed the Kingdom of God (Gold, Order, and Dominion).  Satan has been bound--- literally---and the One Thousand Years of peace we are all owed has been declared. 

This is it, folks, and since the Holy See owns all these corporations, including the UNITED STATES and GERMANY and FRANCE and the Holy See's Unum Sanctum Trust has been acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed ----to the ownership and control of Jesus and his living Brothers and Sisters who are willing to abide by the Law of Heaven--- nothing remains but for you to decide which foot you are standing on and give back the federal PERSON that is enslaving you. 
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  1. Utterly indispensable and eminently critical information -- thanks, Judge Anna!

  2. Is this was MOTU PROPRIO 2013 is all about? Did this set us free?

  3. Im sorry, but i want proof of it by going into one of their courts off contract law and come out with a remedy declaring you are not a citizen within in the UNITED STATES, INC..using a "diversity case" where the court will recognize your status as being "without" the UNITED STATES, having No NEXUS with the "FORUM STATE" or "STATE OF THE FORUM". Prove that, and ill believe you. And you dont need a jural assembly to give you that status. That can be acomplished in the "united states Distric Court" under a diversity case at 28USC1333 "Saving to Suiters clause and demanding an article 3 court of common law, from Distric Court, the court of Original Jurisdiction for diversity cases. You first. Once you get remedy, then ill follow you, but not before. No one but you has claimed to ne dealing with all these incredibly powerful people except you. It shouldnt be hard since you alteady layed the groundwork with all your paperwork. With that much evidence, how can you possibly lose...???

    1. If I understand you , you are insisting on going back to the very fraudsters who have enslaved and lied to us for remedy...Tell me you are not that thick skulled..

    2. If u want proof I have videos of putting my cus up n birth certificate number into fidelity n stocks and bonds came up I have the proof I'll share it with u so u can see it's legit find me on Facebook n let me know

    3. I meant to put cusip number which is the red number o the back of ur social security card and the the barcode number on the birth certificate but when u put them in u have to space each letter n number but I'll walk you through it if u want to see ur own for yourself

    4. Alright Angelia, ill bite. Lets talk or text me. I hate facebook. I would rather deal with you directly under contacts, so i can call or text you easily without emailing or using facebook. For now you can contact me using my email address I will give you my phone # and i can get yours so we can easily talk in private.

    5. For your information, there are many, many people with your name on facebook.I didnt know which one you are.

    6. How does one find u on Facebook... There is more than one. Thanks

  4. Easy to say this is what will happen when giving up SSpaymentsand it actually happening-is two different things since they have denied every move to prove sovereignity.We are not dealing with honest/honoring entities we all know this, don't we? Anyone here can step up to the plate show proof they did it? Please share.
    They totally ignore or never received notice[postal service doesn't get signature, go to po to correct they want all your original documentation to investigate quite a team scheme in place] then ok, go to the reversed christos agenda black robed priesthood ct system to prove who you are when absent of a republic gov, best not to give consent by acepting any paperwork from any cronies headed your way to serve you to start with, its all about contract.
    To heal anything have to come from dimensions above so protect your bio-energetic system with all virtues raising oscillations within & around you keeps the fraudsters at bay, become your christed self here now. Start creating the world you desire to be in we are co-creators.Transparency, re-awakening and healing times are here to stay.A done deal. Can Have a "Claim of Rights" written up on your behalf, signed with notary witness, carry it at all times.
    Not Legal Advice, take what serves you let the rest go.
    Our only authority is The Unutterable One of 1st Eternal Life Creation [called the absolute pure LUV Consciousness Field whatev you like to call it some call it "God", it really is nameless] We are members of the Eternal and this will never change.
    No acceptance of demi-gawds condeming us to hell in our existence, we do it to ourselves through thought, words & actions. Therefore The Unutterable One of 1st Eternal Life does have a preference- we make good choices so as not to bring pain & suffering upon the self.
    We are now on ascension earth since Jan13 & as earth & all who choose to raise their oscillations-the not so great pretenders-have to leave take a Cosmic Hike shall we say because they can not survive in the frequencies of absolute LUV.

  5. We Get It Paul you are not into the core essence of your beingness which is absolute LUV. Free Will Choice is always respected by the Eternal.

  6. Not when it is based on selfish disirers of the "self" only, having absoluty no corcern how your choice will affect you neighbors or brothers or sisters in christ, or whatever higher "SOURSE" you look up to for moral compus....RIGHT!!!

  7. Philosophies, every one got one... There was something written about having a commercial drivers license that ties you to the criminals... Please where would that info be located? In addition how does one on SSDI go from payments which are needed, over to the bright side and still be able to eat? I feel that was left out... Alot of this to people must feel like they have to commit suicide, to get to the promised land, but are trying to make sure they don't fall to a deeper level off hell.

  8. Some authors (Chris Hansen, et al
    ) have drafted letters to certain government employees regarding the immediate return of withheld payroll of ineligible people who never got employed internally.

    Letters found at under Path To Freedom.

    I have a multipage extremely accurate letter prepared for myself and is nearly ready to mail to IRS, SSA and Treasurer. According to their math, they are holding almost $150,000 of what had been withheld from me under [this hoodwink] illustrated so clearly by Anna.

    The author had claimed success in getting refunded, but shortly thereafter those recipient agency heads resigned their post.

    For what it's worth... That's my share.

  9. Anna you are on fire..๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ
    I just sent my birth certificate off to the secretary of state today
    Prior to that I've claimed my name..
    I'm work in progress for myself and 25 year old twins..
    Thank you so much for all your bravery and Godly information..
    You're an awesome woman..


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