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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rogue Sabre --- Truth and Lies, Land and Sea

By Anna Von Reitz

In our present condition it is impossible for us to know the whole truth about anything.  That’s why nobody should ever take the oath to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.  We can’t know the whole truth, so we can’t speak the whole truth, either. 

And if we can’t speak it, forget writing it down.

Truth is absolute in that there is a total truth that is factual, and yet, the best we can do is subjectively experience it.  No two people see the truth exactly the same way, because we see it through our own unique lens of life and being.

At best, as more honest people experience the truth and share what they perceive, we can hope to get a closer approximation of it and a more informed opinion about it.

Our ancestors fully realized that all names are fictional. 

There is a woman we call “Anna”, but “Anna” is not the woman.  You could just as well call the same woman “Emily” or “Ruth”.   There is a piece of land called “Bavaria” but you could just as well call it “Schwarzwalderland”.
This is the eternal truth behind the famous line, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  It turns out that it really doesn’t matter what you call me, as long as it’s not Late for Supper.

This circumstantial dilemma of being compelled to represent actual fact--- a woman or a piece of land or a tree--- with a fictional name--- is a real pain in the logic sensors. And, as it turns out, it opens up endless conflicts and opportunities for fraud and graft.  

Names are intrinsically imprecise and arbitrary and dishonest.  At some level, we all know that, but we continue to use names because we need a means to identify and categorize things in the world around us. 

We couldn’t communicate about anything outside our immediate surroundings otherwise. It would be impossible to reference “Bob Johnston in Baltimore” or talk about something that happened “the day before yesterday” much less project our thoughts into the future.  

It would not be possible for me to convey the thought of a “cedar tree draped in snow” to you, except that we both accept a name for “cedar tree” and “snow” and have a common concept of what it means to “drape” something.

Are misunderstandings possible with such a system?  They are unavoidable.

What if “cedar tree” in my language means “maple sugar” in yours? 

What if I am talking about “Baltimore, Maryland” and you are talking about “Baltimore, Oregon”?

To improve upon this situation somewhat our ancestors took up the practice of using what are called “descriptive names” or “Lawful names” as opposed to “Legal names”. 

Instead of using a simple fiction like “Anna Maria Riezinger” to stand for me and my immediate patrilineal ancestors, you might say, “Anna Maria, the daughter of Emmett and LaVera, of the House Riezinger, born in the town of Black River Falls, in Adams Township, in Jackson County, in Wisconsin, one of the United States of America,  in the white two-story farmhouse standing on the north side of the confluence of Levis Creek and the Black River, two minutes before midnight on the 6th of June in the Anno Domini year of 1956. 

With each tidbit of descriptive information you hone in closer to the target, making it less and less likely that this “Anna Maria Riezinger” could be mistaken for any other “Anna Maria Riezinger”, but this is also very cumbersome and still imperfect.
There are 72 names of God in the Bible, each one describing a different attribute of our Father, and it still does not come close. 

So we are imperfect beings with imperfect means.

We should probably just let it go with that, but we don’t. 

Instead, we pretend to be able to know things we can’t know and do things we can’t do.

This in turn gives rise to much of the false pride, conflict, and confusion in our world.

It doesn’t matter if you call something “Unity States of the World” or “United States of America” or “Buckwheat Fields of Mars”.  It’s all equally fictitious.

If you try to describe what you mean by these names by saying, “the forty-eight contiguous land jurisdiction states plus the land jurisdiction states of Alaska and Hawaii” or “the fifty-seven inchoate Territorial states” or "all the Buckwheat fields on the planet Mars" ---- it is only nominally better.

Now Russell-Jay:Gould and David-Wynn:Miller have noticed the mathematical fact that three is an uneven number and that our grammar is not correct.  They have used this to overturn all sorts of contracts.  I say, bully for them. 

But then, they turn right around and try to make new contracts. They claim that if they just correct the grammar and get that right,  the new contracts they make will be valid and their meaning will be certain.

Not so. 

The discovery that all contracts are invalid is not new, and it’s not just because of faulty grammar.

Show me someone who knows for sure where he is going to be and what financial condition he is going to be in thirty years from now and I will show you someone competent to sign a mortgage contract. 
Poof!  There went the whole mortgage and foreclosure machine right out the door. 
There isn’t a competent mortgage signatory on planet Earth, and we all have cause to know it.   

Not only is our grammar fraudulent, we are incompetent to sign contracts, and whether we use legal names which are pure fiction or we use descriptions, we can’t actually identify parties to contracts, either.

We don’t even know where we are or what time it is.  Literally.

Naming a street or giving a house a numbered address is just as gratuitous and arbitrary as naming a stuffed doll “Polly” or a dog “Fido”.  What makes this “2390 South Park Road” and not “1637 Birch Street”?  

I’ll tell you that in the local case, it’s a middle-aged woman driving around in a cheap car arbitrarily assigning street names and addresses for a foreign corporation calling itself the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. 

So what?  It’s my land and house.  What if I want to call it “Spruce House 0606”?

Obviously, there is a misunderstanding about where I and my property are located, the name of the place, and the number associated with it.  

Who gave the “Matanuska-Susitna Borough” (which is who and what exactly?) any right to locate, identify, or put a name or a number on my house and land parcel? I didn’t. Did you? 

Come to that, what kind of a map are they using?  Old Mercator, New Mercator, GPS coordinates, Metes and Bounds or WTG or WTF? 

You see, we don’t know where we are, we just pretend to know according to some system we dream up based on this or that organizational scheme---- and then we write up contracts based on things we don’t know and can’t know and pretend for the sake of argument that this process results in “valid and binding contracts” that don’t exist and can’t exist by definition.

Then we always date these things and pretend that we know what time it is, too.  Are you using the Hebrew calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Julian calendar, the Universal Time calendar, or the Eskimo Dog Fur calendar?

I rest my case. 

The fact is that our fundamental limitations render contracts of all kinds invalid.  It’s not just the grammar that is screw ball.  It’s the entire concept. 

The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can put a lot of scam artists and people who make fat livings off this bull poopy out of business.  Lord hasten the day.

I applaud Russell-Jay:Gould and David-Wynn:Miller for being awake and trying to introduce some standard of sanity and logic, but they haven’t followed the logic chain far enough. 

Rewriting the original Constitution in Parse Syntax after registering it (and giving up ownership interest in Parse Syntax to whatever entity registered it) and then copyrighting Parse Syntax (exactly who or what is competent to grant a copyright?) and then claiming that you have now created a valid Constitution by translating the document using Parse Syntax grammar--- is silly.   

It’s wonderful, but it is silly.

Well-intentioned as it is, it is just another process of enclosure, not that much different from what the lawyers did back in 1868 by “adopting” the Constitution as the basis of their articles of incorporation for The United States of America, Inc. and then the United States of America, Inc. and then the United States, Inc. and then the United States of America E Pluribus Unum, Inc. and then E Pluribus Unum the United States of America, Inc. and… infinitum.  

We’ve been there and done that and don’t need to go again.   

Whatever the governmental services corporation holding up the federal side of the services agreement calls itself is immaterial.  However it structures itself is immaterial.  Whether it uses Parse Syntax or speaks in Swahili or uses Esperante is immaterial, too. 

What matters is that it obeys its limitations and provides Good Faith service.

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  1. We need a pattern who are the biggest criminals ?what have they done to merit top rank not smallfish .this llawyer word play is bad however we need to out the big opinion you can follow the money trail back to top Goldman Sachs / Jewish federal Reserve banks massive
    campaign contributions .Ron Paul correctly said biggest thing we can do is close the fed!

  2. The morals of popular myths and legends for this group of people seems to depend on a certain level of denial and acceptance, a false god selling false hope should not have to work so hard I guess. However we have to have the affirmation of the truth and light are god is offering. God bless!

  3. How many times did jesus give parables about money. He was telling us that is has been and always will be the biggest illusion of all. Pieces of paper that actually represent wealth....poppcok..!!! Who is giving value to it...not me. How about you. Unless there is actual gold or silver in my hand, all i will ever have is just paper that someone (who people put faith in) says or convinces people to believe that they are holding money. Only God can detemine real wealth, which is usually based on faith...not works. As soon as we lose all those pieces of paper, we are brainwashed to think we are broke. Who taught us to think this way...!! It sure wasnt god or our savior. They taught us just the opposite. Until people give up the abstract concept of paper money, we are always going to be slaves of someones manmade illusional concept of slavery using "THEIR" concept of worth using the same two frauds of semantic deceit and barratry that has exsisted throughout history. Nothing new under the sun. The "FATHER" is still waiting for his children to Grow Up...!! If we truely believed in him,instead of the faulty concept of voting for other people, just as sinful and imperfect as us as honest and loyal trustees for us as benificiaries, then we still havent matured enough to understand that there is only one TRUTH....GOD made man in his image and therefore we are all rich in spirit but not the flesh. The flesh is weak and always trying to please itself selfishly. That always gives rise to Kings and Queens above us , which always results in our separation to "THE SOURSE" which Dr Wayne Dryer always called it, creating more and more frustrations as we distance ourselfs by mans illusional concept of money, which is the source of all fraudulently conceived contracts. I guarantee you the only way we will find not only true peace but advancement beyond our wildest dreams is to let go of the illusional concept of money. But peoples ego and pride will never allow that. Therefore , get ready for your coming dictator...its right around the corner....

    1. I think the only time I heard Jesus was angry, was when he threw the money-changers out of the Temple.

  4. Truth isn't subject to change, decay and death. All words are therefore a limitation on truth for the purpose of limited expression in a world appearing to be what can never be. "Freedom from the known"

  5. Revelation 14:11 (KJV 1611) - And the smoke of their torment ascendeth vp for euer. And they haue no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoeuer receyueth the marke of his name.

  6. And when you all get over believing in your religious fairy tales maybe we can make progress in uniting the world in peace and equity. But no, you have to insist upon maintaining division authored by religion while the deep state laughs at your stupidity and continues to steal your life from you while your dead religion chokes the life out of you.

    1. My Italian Grandfather said, " god was created by the priest"

  7. So if "..."it" obeys its limitations and provides Good Faith service." equitable exchange continues in so far as it can at the local level etc., etc., until.....? a problem occurs... someone gets sued... this is arduous... But I love it when things are brought down to basics. Are basics something it is possible to agree on? oh, dear

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So equitable exchange occurs, agreeably, until Smarter monkey, behind the scenes, changes agreement, by computer, or murder and trick etc...
      We are mortal so there must be a strategy or Call Down the Power of God..!
      In the mean time give me a strategy. or I guess you mean we all just try on our own, with various worded sentences, at the same time, and by mean force and majority the good outcome will prevail. cool!

    3. The " Hidden Hand" , like Santa, is everywhere.


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