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Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31, 2009 -- Take Note

By Anna Von Reitz

It is eight years ago today that the UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent. 

It wasn't widely advertised then and don't look to the Mainstream Media to mark the anniversary now.  

No, you will be kept in the dark as studiously as you were kept in the dark eight years ago.  

Please note that this is not the original United States that was subsequently represented by the united States of America and The United States of America and the United States of America..... no, this UNITED STATES, INC. is a different critter, spawned in France by FRANCE, that is, Jacob Rothschild.  

So what does it mean when a governmental services corporation goes bankrupt? 

It doesn't have to mean fraud and criminality, but in this case, it does.  

The UNITED STATES, INC., could have gone bankrupt like any other corporation operating in Good Faith goes bankrupt; it could have taken its licks, and quietly dissolved.  That happens all the time.  

But not in this case.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. was not operating in anything like Good Faith.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. made terrible and unsupportable claims against you in order to obtain access to your credit.  It then charged its debts and the debts of its STATE OF_______ and COUNTY franchises against you, your labor, your home, your land, your businesses, your kids and grandkids.  It named you a FRANCHISE belonging to their corporation as chattel, and now when they collapse their game, they fully intend to leave you holding the bag for this.  

So what happens when a corporation borrows itself ----and its purported franchisees--- into insurmountable debt like the UNITED STATES, INC., has done?   It can't qualify for bankruptcy protection, so it gets liquidated. 

The Bankruptcy Trustees operating in behalf of the creditors come in and hold a fire sale and they sell off the STATE OF OREGON and JACKSON COUNTY, WISCONSIN to the highest bidder.  

The new owners of the old governmental services corporation franchises come in and take over.  They are eager to recoup on the debts of the old "STATE OF_______" and "COUNTY OF__________" franchises they acquired, so what do they do?  

Why, they send out new tax bills, out of the blue.  And these aren't just ordinary tax bills.  They are gigantic tax bills.  

All last week I have been getting frantic calls from people--- "Judge Anna!  I had my property taxes all paid off, and now I have a tax bill for $27,080.00 and it says it is due now!  I have thirty days to pay this or they will evict me!  My neighbor got a similar bill, too---- what's going on?  What do we do?" 

The new COUNTY management is billing you for the old COUNTY management's debts.  

The UNITED STATES, INC. and its franchises stole your identity, your good name, your credit, the title to your land and home----and they borrowed heavily against you and your assets and your kids and grandkids.  Now you are getting the bill for it, and according the perps, you have thirty days to pay or else. 

Here's the kicker.  The banks all knew that this was going on.  They knew that you were never told about any of this.  They knew, and they let the rats borrow against you, your labor, and everything you own.  They allowed it and promoted it.  Why? Because it is a way to seize your assets for a song and a dance.  It was all gravy for the banks and no risk to them. 

Until someone calls them on it and shoves it back down their throats all the way to Dixie. 

You don't owe any of these huge "extra" tax bills.  You never owed any of the other property tax bills you've paid in your life, either.  You are the landlord.  You are exempt.  It's just that nobody ever told you that and nobody ever showed you how to claim your exemption.  The vermin continued to send you bills, which you innocently paid, and they pocketed all that unjust enrichment and called it "gifts" and "donations".  

They didn't even bother to pay the taxes they owed on these "gifts" and "donations".  Don't you think it is time the Internal Revenue Service knew what these cretins have been doing? 

If I were you, America, I'd be on my feet right about now.  I'd be tracking down those responsible.  I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, and no, I wouldn't pay a peso of this odious debt.  

These private, mostly foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations don't have a contract to provide services to you, much less do they have permission to send you fraudulent billing statements and equally fraudulent legal demands through the US Mail. (See 18 USC 1001 Fictitious Conveyance of Grammar and Title, 18 USC 1342, Mail Fraud). 

If any bogus corporate "sheriffs" show up trying to evict you, I suggest that you go straight to their masters and start banging your dish on the floor like an angry dog. The politicians and the lawyers and the judges and the Blue Ribbon Committees are the ones responsible.  Drive it home to them that this fraud scheme is not going down again. Take all your neighbors and friends with you.  

The rats passed off a fraudulent "national" bankruptcy in 1933 and once was more than enough.  

The banks encouraged this fraud with cunning and malice aforethought.  It's their turn to take it in the shorts. And the politicians and lawyers right along with them.  

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  1. There is zero proof of, "It is eight years ago today that the UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent.", ...and Anna von Reitz knows there is no proof, other than that she says so. She is the source of the report. The only source of the report. Fake News from anna von Reitz. Get real folks!

    1. The proof is all over the map and back again, Don. Wake up and open your eyes.

    2. 1 of about 5 or 6 reconstructions/bankruptcies

    3. From Anna:
      Don is one of those that still denies that the UNITED STATES is a corporation.....

    4. "Zero proof?" Then proof-check Anna, Don! Do your homework, moron.

    5. Don is probably sitting at a computer in a government agency combing posts like these to try and confuse people and make them fearful so they won't stand up!!! I'm so tired of the DEADLY GAME the elite has been playing for eons.

  2. Tell you one thing 1933 Roosevelt declared emergency powers act (marshal law) the bankers
    had pilfered all the gold and needs the citizens gold
    so the took it under penalty of 10 years in prison.

    1. The people that created these various governmental services corporations only had authority over themselves, not over us. As for "Property Tax" that is a tax on our "right to life," which violates the terms of their corporate charters (constitutions.) We must live on the land, we cannot live on the clouds. Extortion at its finest.

  3. anyone that needs 3rd party debt collector/tax assistance (which is what they all are) go to he has 3 good letters/webinars to watch immediately. full satisfaction and accord, 3rd party debt collection letter as well as and an irs tax letter that is the best i have seen and works...good luck.

    1. and if you need to consult with someone he does that too

  4. I Love your work, Anna! How may I make a donation towards your work?

  5. Contact your District Attorneys and State Attorney Generals, it may even be the Secretary of State in your home state. Ask them why the people registered as Public Charitable Organizations are being called U.S. Citizens (Fraud). Corporations do not have citizens, only employees (slaves) as they pay u with promises not gold or silver (extreme fraud). It's time to fight back people they must and will hear us, we are not dead. They're dead to us, if they keep refusing to comply. We don't petition, complain, or beg in their courts. We make the claims, orders and demands because they are our courts. Full scale Expatriation may be needed

  6. See what you are starting judge Anna. We are already starting to become adversarial against one another. Theres no surer way for them to declare another win against the patriot community. You give people hope and then "BAM" they just do what they want over and over again. You dont think i know how all these foreclosures took place and how they are fraudulently rubber stamped by the courts, and ultimately enforced criminally by the corp. Sherriffs office who come to your house with a "bogas" court order and armed with leathal force to carry out his marching orders. I know more about real estate law than the DA's specially formed task force in charge of focusing strictly on real estate fraud. I gave them a call, and before i even got into a long conversation about law and fraud i asked him if he could answer just one question before i waste my time educating you or your dept. on fraudulent foreclosures....I asked him what two things are needed for a valid foreclosure to take place....he stumbles with a few stabes at it before he says...i dont know, its beyond my pay grade.....just like i thought. I bet you guys dont even know, but its not hard to know after the crash in 2008. Before that i didnt even know and most judges just toik the word of the banks attorneys because they were supposed to be the experts, or assumed to be. But it took millions of foreclosures before the judges realized they were being lied to until a few good attorneys showed up to represent their clients foreclosure cases. Thats when everyone found out that the two things needed to have a lawful foreclosure is

    1) The "promissory note" which was the very first thing signed that started the whole process and the most important thing necessary to prove who the "Real Party of Interest " is (FRCP 17a) that has direct knowledge of, and in possession of the ORIGINAL NOTE(with a wet ink signiture, a copy only being allowed if there was a accidental loss or destruction of the original under the UCC), and all of them ,millions of them, proved not being lost, but unlawfully being securitized on wall street by separating the "NOTE" from the morgtage contract(a definate No No) and then cleverly bundled up into MBST(MORGTAGE BACKED SECURITY TRUST) , and eventually bundled up further into complex derivatives called CDO'(Colloralized Debt Obligations that even Alan Greenspan admitted he didnt understand) , and even conspired with the rating companies to give them a triple A rating so they could be easily unloaded on other nieve trusting countries like China, and Malasia, and others , fully knowing they were nothing but high risk worthless junk bonds, and being so greedy as to not even have the common sense to at least make a copy of the NOTE so it could be returned and coupled back with the morgtage contract in order to get away with it.

    and 2) by know you know that you also need morgtage contract too in order to have a lawful ownership as well as to legally foreclose.

    Im only touching on the tip of the iceburg. Theres twice the amount of players below the surface i havent even touched upon here. And now that every govt. agency from the comptroller of currency to every Attorneys generals offices, plus numerous private parties have cost the banks billions in compensatory(charitable) donations, they have finally had enough and threatened to collaspe the entire system if one more lawsuit goes through a court giving the injured party another win. I guess im just wasting my breath trying to convince you and everyone else on this site who look up to you for false hope, because you will not, or refuse to understand the extent of the FRAUD which litterally covers the entire globe. Thats what you are fighting. I dont blame you for not going to court. Its a death sentence....

    1. we do not have mortgages. we have investment contracts in trust as the people "in god we trust" which is why you cant touch them. another kicker is that they really are using patents, copyrights and intellectual property they developed regarding our NAMES based on our signatures... think about that for a minute. Which is why MERS has become so important, copy, copy, copy, copy. Nor could you have lawful ownership anyhow as your State Agency/Registered Organization owns everything, NOT YOU as the living soul and you signed it over to them at the closing process...

  7. We or at least I know it is all fraudulent. The Corp. Elitist have been gutted and fully exposed and yet there is still no remedy. Thats why i keep telling you to lay off other patriots, even if they arent doing things YOU think isnt a legal process of logical steps to complete before you can back them. Would you rather see him in jail, instead all of these reprehesable reprobates who have intentionally with forethought get away with their totally fradulent ill conceived and satanically carried out crimes against humanity. I told you before we dont have the time to form the legal process of forming a govt. from the ground up in every state like you are demanding. Trump is taking on the Corp. State all by himself and being backstabbed by everyone he thinks he can trust. He is finally "FIRING" COMEY, the FBI director and replacing him with Trey Goudy, the only other bitbull who doesnt appear to have any "fear" of them. I tried to go straight to the sherriffs dept. and explain that they were going to commit fraud if they acted on the courts order to foreclose on me, but they didnt even want to here it. He knew i was mad as i left the building, so before i exited the door he gives me one last piece of advice....dont do something other words we are going to follow the court order even if we have to use leathal force to do it. Our only hope is to step back and let Trump, who God has obviously protecting as his agent on earth to bring forth and expose all these liers as he brings them into the light where they cannot stand without being so transparent as to be readily exposed for the theives they are...!!!

  8. Amen. Let it be done on earth as it is in heaven...!!!


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